Jul 15, 2020
Postcards from the Edge
Posted by Carrie Fisher

When we first meet the extraordinary young actress Suzanne Vale, she s feeling like something on the bottom of someone s shoe, and not even someone interesting Suzanne is in the harrowing and hilarious throes of drug rehabilitation, trying to understand what happened to her life and how she managed to land in a drug hospital Just as Fisher s first film role the precoWhen we first meet the extraordinary young actress Suzanne Vale, she s feeling like something on the bottom of someone s shoe, and not even someone interesting Suzanne is in the harrowing and hilarious throes of drug rehabilitation, trying to understand what happened to her life and how she managed to land in a drug hospital Just as Fisher s first film role the precocious teenager in Shampoo echoed her own Beverly Hills upbringing, her first book is set within the world she knows better than anyone else Hollywood More of a fiction montage than a novel in the conventional sense, this stunning literary debut chronicles Suzanne s vivid, excruciatingly funny experiences from the clinic to her coming to terms with life in the outside world Conversations with her psychiatrist What worries me is, what if this guy is really the one for me and I haven t had enough therapy to be comfortable with having found him a high concept, eighties style affair The only way to become intimate for me is repeated exposure My route to intimacy is routine I establish a pattern with somebody and then I notice when they re not there Sparked by Suzanne s and Carrie Fisher s deliciously wry sense of the absurd, Postcards from the Edge is than a book about stardom and drugs It is a revealing look at the dangers and delights of all our addictions, from money and success to sex and insecurity.

  • Title: Postcards from the Edge
  • Author: Carrie Fisher
  • ISBN: 9785551598893
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Postcards from the Edge When we first meet the extraordinary young actress Suzanne Vale she s feeling like something on the bottom of someone s shoe and not even someone interesting Suzanne is in the harrowing and hilariou

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Carrie Fisher died today and now the interwebs are exploding with billions of fangirls who never watched a Star Wars movie until the Manic Pixies told them they should That sounds hateful, but I don t really give a shit mean it to be Confession I m not a ginormous Star Wars fan myself I am a huge Carrie Fisher fan, though, and it s mainly due to this book Postcards from the Edge is a semi autobiographical story about Carrie after coming out of a stint in rehab I read this book when I was basical [...]


    POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE is the semi autobiographical novel based on the turbulent life of Carrie Fisher.The first third of the story recounting 30 days of actress Suzanne Vale s life in rehab was pretty intense and nerve racking reading for me and if you can get through lives and stories of drug dealers, addicts and rather disgusting Hollywood types in those pages, the rest of the novel will be a breeze.While I loved the movie with its witty and sarcastic dark humor, the novel came across for me [...]


    I enjoyed Carrie s first novel It was witty and interesting Suzanne is obviously based loosely on her life from other stories I have read of hers I feel like this was one of the first behind the scenes of Hollywood I m sure there were things before this, but this was a big tell all basically.There was the rehab portion, the looking for love portion of the book and the part where she is trying to accept normal portion I felt the dialogue was snappy, there were funny moments I enjoy the story I wa [...]


    In her first piece of fiction, Fisher seeks to relay some sentiments through this quasi biographical story Suzanne Vale is an actress who has succumbed to the horrors of addiction and finds herself in a treatment facility While there, she recounts some of her views on fellow addicts and the trials of life on the inside Released back into her real world, Vale begins the slow process of re establishing herself, securing a new agent while trying to return to the life she knows so well However, as s [...]


    ok.you know that moment, at the party you didn t want to come to, filled with the important people from work who don t really like you, standing in the corner of the apartment marked specifically for losers and the apartment cat who is now drunk and stuffed on mini shrimp popper appetizers the moment where you realize that you didn t wear the right shoes, your dress is being worn as a shirt by the most beautiful woman in the room, and everyone in the entire WORLD is staring at you when they are [...]


    Motherfucking goddam shit Rest in peace Carrie, you were wonderful Get better soon Carrie, you wonderful nutbag Am listening to Hearts and Bones and sending thoughts and strength and health in your direction.


    Sometimes I feel like I ve got my nose pressed up against the window of a bakery, only I m the bread.In Postcards from the Edge, Carrie Fisher writes a part fiction, part memoirs account about the highs and lows of life in Hollywood And by that, I mean the highs of drug consumption followed by the lows of withdrawal during the inevitable stay in rehab.It is truly fascinating to listen to the her voice spewing the most intricate, absurdist, intellectual and insightful witticisms, trying to catch [...]


    I searched what became one of my favourite online bookstores for Carrie Fisher in the hope of finding a copy of Wishful Drinking Instead, I found myself staring at a list of available titles that included Postcards from the Edge And the question was, why not Postcards from the Edge mainly follows the story of an actress who found her way to a rehab clinic after losing almost for good her life to drugs Suzanne has reached her thirties and, after her drug scandal, is having a hard time finding wor [...]

    Rachel Ramirez

    This was Ms Carrie Fisher s debut novel and it s a good one It s honest, fun, and quite realistic of the struggles of being a recovering pills addict and famous actress who doesn t quite know what normal is but trying to find a sense of normalcy Like everyone in the world, Suzanne has doubts about herself, her life choices, and career as a movie star and I understood and connected with that I m a worrier and Suzanne is a worrier too The only thing I didn t quite like about the plot is how we hea [...]


    For someone who suffered from drug addiction and depression, Carrie Fisher was a force to be reckoned with when it came to being in touch with her feelings She really puts them out there in the embodiment of Suzanne Vale, the novel s main character Geez, she must have felt incredibly vulnerable doing so, too both as a big celebrity presence and as a former addict If anyone in Hollywood and America didn t know her story, they knew now And was she funny There are some truly memorable lines here I [...]


    I ll give it a 3.5 Not great literature, but entertaining, even if certain parts went on a bit too long Fisher s writing style was definitely funny I did laugh out loud several times, and not that many books make me do that.


    I know at the time I read this I just loved it and wouldn t stop reading parts of it to anyone who would let me Don t know if it would be the same now but at the time I thought it was just so funny and clever.

    Julie James

    Really enjoyed this one lots of wry, witty lines made all the better by Carrie Fisher s great narration.


    So good In the middle, I wondered how it was going to wrap up or touch back on how Suzanne progressed throughout the novel Very well done.


    This book only furthered my belief that Carrie Fisher is a genius The book is NOTHING like the movie, except for a small part in the middle, but since Carrie also wrote the screenplay it is all good A lot of what she says in this book rang oddly true to me which was a little confronting, but only made me love it Negative parts In the beginning when alex narrates the story, he was sooooo annoying, but then again, he was a cokehead and those are known for being annoying So point well made P I als [...]


    review to comeEDIT So Here is the deal, because there is not much to tell about this book because nothing seems to happen after the character gets out of rehab.This book has no plot for 2 3rds Sad, but true I think Carrie Fisher is a great writer She has a way of creating this characters that have a ton of flaws but are witty and real I think Suzanne is her this was her outlet, this was her way of writing out her feelings and not caring if a story came out of it Also, Alex why were we treated to [...]


    What an awful book Sheesh but an overly long series of ramblings yes, dear hearts, I realize the protagonist is a recovering addict addicts are supposedly prone to rambling sometimes , but I kept waiting for a point to be made until I realized the book had ended that possibly there wasn t going to be one Terrible.


    She s an excellent author, the subject matter just wasn t to my liking I just couldn t get into it I am interested in giving her other books a try, though.


    Most people dream big, you dream small It s just whatever you haven t got is what you want It isn t the life, it s what you do with it So, do something regular with your irregular life, rather than trying to get a regular one, cause you d just do something irregular with that Driven by my fondness of the film adaptation, I grabbed this book from an on sale bin from BookSale I m sure you re all aware of the all star cast movie and of Meryl Streep and Shirley McLaine s Golden Globe and Oscar s nom [...]


    Not really sure there was a plot in thereywhere I am planning to watch the movie I ll bet it s nothing like the book.And I was right Watched the movie just yesterday was amazed that the screenplay was written by the author almost unrecognizable Not that it was any good either


    maybe it s just me, but i didn t care about this book at all i had high hopes, which may have been the problem i found the characters and dialogue forgettable, and the action was limited not impressed.


    Oh, Carrie Fisher Such a terrible book It wasn t poorly written, just hard to care about any of the characters, the narrator in particular Thankfully, it s a short read so you don t have to suffer for long.

    Linda (Miss Greedybooks)

    do I have this did I read it Hmmm I think I bought it because I liked the movie check packed boxes someday.

    Janine Urban

    I picked this up to see what all the hype was about I should have left it It wasn t my cup of tea.


    Carrie Fisher s debut novel is a hoot The language is very fluid, seeping straight into my imagination with ease the scenes are sometimes hilarious and other times scary but masterfully written, very impressive for a first book For those who know anything about Carrie Fisher, they will see that the book is semi autobiographical sometimes truth is stranger than fiction I loved the myriad of original analogies and wonderful sentences, the book might be small and a fast read but fun and meaningful [...]


    Carrie Fisher is a trip, excuse the pun as it echoes of the first section of this novel, and I m super glad that I ve now read this and have experienced the easy, authentic, fiesty voice and the simultaneous criticality and sensitivity with which she, in and through her characters, sees and communicates the world two quotations that stood out to me in this series of postcards and snapshots of sortsgarding intimate relationships something to consider My route to intimacy is routine I establish a [...]

    Evelina Liliequist

    Jag har sedan barnsben varit ett fan av Carrie Fisher, d f r hennes rolltolkning av prinsessan Leia i Star Wars Efter hennes tragiska bortg ng nyligen ville jag l ra k nna Fisher som f rfattare, vem skulle jag m ta d r Efter vad jag har f rst tt baseras Vykort fr n dr mfabriken delvis p egna erfarenheter eller b r iaf drag fr n Fishers eget liv Jag vet inte exakt vad jag hade v ntat mig men Vykort k ndes lite som att l sa en dramakomedi fr n 80 talet, rappa replikutv xlingar, scener d r en skrat [...]

    Callum McAllister

    On the back of this book there s a quote which reads It makes Moby Dick seem like a big, fat, dumb book I mean, any competently executed, charmingly written, understated novel will make Moby Dick look big, fat and dumb but this one doubly so It has all the sense of urgency in writing that the best American novels and the best Mountain Goats songs have, and a confidence in style and voice that usually comes further down the line in a writing career.


    Wow I really disliked this book Luckily, it was a bathroom book, so I wasn t too upset If I d wasted actual free time reading this I would have been angry As it progressed it became a hate read I had to finish it The narrative was disjointed, there was next to no plot, and it was boring There was a little humor in it which I expected from Carrie Fisher but not enough to turn my opinion.


    It s really hard to review this in the wake of Carrie Fisher s death First off, it s startling that this is fiction because it reads so autobiographical I want to hunt down the sequels and read them too it wasn t the best book I ve read recently but it made me really think about each issue, knowing that these were the things that eventually ended a life Plus, she s a good narrator and there s some great zingers.

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