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When Soldier shows up to check on one of his properties, he s amazed to find the old house in disrepair and full of scared boys being cared for by a man who makes him believe in angels Dillon falls for this big bald man, so scarred inside and out, who comes to mean so much to all of them All of the boys have such heartbreaking stories and these two men s mission in lifeWhen Soldier shows up to check on one of his properties, he s amazed to find the old house in disrepair and full of scared boys being cared for by a man who makes him believe in angels Dillon falls for this big bald man, so scarred inside and out, who comes to mean so much to all of them All of the boys have such heartbreaking stories and these two men s mission in life now becomes to make life better, easier, and most of all, safer for the children in their care Love is all important in building their dream.This story has been previously published.

  • Title: Soldier
  • Author: A.K.M. Miles
  • ISBN: 9781608203376
  • Page: 461
  • Format: ebook
  • Soldier Definition of Soldier by Merriam Webster soldier noun one engaged in military service and especially in the army an enlisted man or woman a skilled warrior. Soldier Oct , Writer David Webb Peoples has said that Soldier is a side quel to Blade Runner which he also wrote because it takes place in the same universe, and in fact the vehicles used by the Blade Runners spinners are also used in Soldier. Soldier Soldier definition of soldier by The Free Dictionary soldier bombardier First denoted a soldier in charge of a bombard, an early form of cannon functional shift The process by which words change parts of speech without the addition of a prefix or suffix, as in soldier on, the verb, being created from soldier, the noun. Soldier Definition of Soldier at Dictionary Soldier definition, a person who serves in an army a person engaged in military service See . Soldier American film

    Soldier When Soldier shows up to check on one of his properties he s amazed to find the old house in disrepair and full of scared boys being cared for by a man who makes him believe in angels Dillon falls fo


    AKM Miles knows how to pull the heartstrings in her stories She is awesome at making you care about her characters, and her storylines are often sweet, and so addictive to read Soldier was no exception.I really should be ashamed of myself I ve had Soldier for some time For some reason I kept putting it off every time I thought about reading it I know this is going to sound crazy, but I think the cover is one of those reasons The cover turned me off BUT, I knew that I have really enjoyed the othe [...]


    Soldier is unabashedly a fantasy romance written with heavily feminine undertones that epitomizes an overly romantic, unrealistic view of two men in a gay relationship In order to read this story you must first suspend an incredible amount of disbelief to immerse yourself within the fantasy and escapist story that bares no resemblance to reality or believable conflict Unfortunately even once willing to go along with the author s created world, inherent problems with the writing, plot, and charac [...]


    Soldier is a disenfranchised loner, scarred on the outside after a firefight and scarred on the inside from the outcome of that event Dillon is a young man, scarred on the outside from a youthful gay bashing but compassionate despite his ordeal.Dillon is working on the very fringes of the social services system in a dilapadated old house taking care of 7 young boys that need security and safety than the shuffle of the foster system Soldier and Dillon find each other when Soldier s wanderings le [...]


    Well this was just completely HEARTWARMING There is really no other way to describe this book Please please please DO NOT judge this book by its cover I BEG YOU.Soldier is a man who has been so scarred by war, both mentally and physically, that all he can do is hide From people, from his name from everything One day he notices that in one of the properties he owns there is young man living with a group of boys He seems to care for them, even though he is obviously struggling to keep them fed and [...]

    Serena Yates

    This is such a brilliant story It s a book that really stands out for me, and even though I read it for the first time a very long time ago, the characters were still with me when I picked it up a few days ago to re read it.Much longer and richer than you d think a short novel of 158 pages can feel , it revolves around the story of a man who is utterly lost when he first returns home after fighting in a war Referring to himself only as Soldier , he starts out as an observer unable to join in He [...]

    ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee)

    It Warms My Little HeartI have read every novel that AKM Miles has written and this one is by far my favorite I fell in love with these characters and I ve read this story a million times.Soldier was injured while deployed and was honorably discharged from the military He s very badly scarred and has isolated himself.Dillon is a man who was gay bashed and is also very badly scarred He takes care of seven boys, foster children, in a dilapadated house These are boys who haven t done well in regula [...]


    I couldn t leave this book alone, it was behind my design programmes, it was behind Excel, and actually I got about 2% work done today This is a story that tugs on so many heartstrings The main guys, Soldier, an army man, injured and scarred, and Dillon, a man for whom purpose in life is to give a good home to seven boys who would have suffered in the system.Gom Jeez Gom has me by the ovaries, and TommyI want to adopt them both The characterisation of the guys and the kids was spot on and there [...]

    Brenda (b)

    I heard so many wonderful things about this story and they were all true I loved it The love story between Dillon and Soldier was so sweet and lovely, but at the same time I didn t feel it was sappy or overdone Gom and Tommy were wonderful kids in spite of what they d been through and I really enjoyed watching Soldier come to care for them and try to make their world right.


    This cover makes me want to cry

    Erotic Horizon

    Soldier has been on the outskirts of society for so long he has almost forgotten what the feel of human kindness and touch is like Battle scarred and bone weary he decides to investigate his properties he finds one of them in use and a whole lot of mystery surrounding the occupant of the house When he delves into who has been getting up to what on his property, he finds himself caught up in the lives of seven expectant faces and one man whom he wants to be with than anything else.Dillon is livi [...]


    This is the book to read if you are feeling very mushy, but not if you want hot sex I didn t like the cover It is a bit creepy and doesn t represent the story It is a novel about damaged men and boys helping one another and healing themselves in the process Soldier is not his real name but how he likes to be known I am not sure why he feels his own name is worthless as he has received an honourable discharge from the army after being badly burned by an bomb exploding while he was trying to rescu [...]


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    Nothing like an unexpected ride on an emotional roller coaster.Wow wow wow


    If you read this as a m m romance you will probably be extremely disappointed It lacks so much of what you usually get in this genre, it s almost ridiculous On the other hand it is completely unbelievable, so maybe it is like a lot of books in this genre after all But seriously I could not say that it was a terrible read, I did enjoy the fairytale story of Soldier who after returning from war lives his life alone, not interested in anyone until he sees Dillon Dillon is of less a Saint who took [...]

    Elizabeth H.

    Wonderful idea for this story that ultimately wasn t executed in such a way that it managed to satisfy me I had a few problems with it 1 A lot of telling and not showing, especially in the beginning.2 Lots of repetition A character might think I need to buy socks And then he d say to the other main character I need to buy socks And then they d go to buy socks That s a simplistic example, but it sort of went like that Plus the problem of how the house fit into the Social Services system was hamme [...]


    Oh man Yes, this was sweet, but there was so much sadness in it too that it evened out in my opinion.Gom and Tommy s stories broke my heart There just are no words I want to wrap them both up and give them hugs and kisses until they are adults Those sweet sweet babies.Now, back to Soldier Man, what a mighty turn around he did From being so distant and non communicative to being front and center and taking the lead I loved how he was worried about the logistics of the home How would it look to ha [...]


    So far, huge problem with this book The insta trust insta love thing is bothering me beyond belief For all the characters Oh yeah, there s a huge, scary strange man lurking in the backyard Let s hand him a traumatized 8 year old boy and totally trust him without knowing a thing about him The insta trust insta love thing happened essentially ON SIGHT with Soldier This defies my ability to suspend disbelief and just go with it.Nope can t keep reading this I just can t get into it and let it flow T [...]


    A really, really sweet and emotional love at first sight story of an ex military with both physical and emotional wounds and a foster parent with his own wounds trying to help 7 little boys heal The boys are beyond sweet The kids heal the adults and the adults heal the kids Really good story.


    Stayed up all night and read this book It s very sweet and heartwarming throughout I loved the MC s but I adored sweet little GOM I m reading the rest of the series this week I need to get some sleep first.

    Lexi Ander

    I melted, I cried and I laugh and then I melted again and I cried and I laughed This is a story about a young man, Dillon, who runs a house for abused boys just slightly under the radar of social service because the system couldn t help or had failed these children They are staying in a poor, dilapidated house that is falling down around them The boys do not come out of the house and Dillon only leaves long enough to go beg food because the money he gets from the shelter only pays the utilities. [...]


    I m unsure on my feelings on this one The writing wasn t great, the dialogue wasn t natural and was often used to set the scene as opposed to just having characters interact Some scenarios were just not believable, such as Soldier meeting Dill, kissing him and boom, we are life partners Everything just moved too quickly along and any problems were solved too easily I like substance in a story, angst, drama, mystery, action, suspense, etc This didn t contain any of that so it just fell flat for [...]


    Need to do a re read, before I review.After the third time of Re reading I still love this book as much as the first time.While the subject matter is such a hard one to read, the love and hope for the children shine through If only all kids got such a second chance.I do find the writing style in places a bit to sickly sweet, and things moved super fast, but no matter what niggles I have or how unrealistic the story line is, the voices of Gom and Tommy grab my heart everytime My biggest disapoint [...]


    It was a bit far fetched as far as realism, but I really enjoyed the book and will continue with the series where the boys have grownup and are older.The story was full of fluffiness and just what I was looking for to read I would have preferred to have learned about the other 5 kids, they just melted into nothingness, and the book focus on just the two kids and the MCs It almost became too much of just the two kids when you know there were 5 others After their introduction they didn t even see [...]


    Really amazing story I won t say much because there have been lots of beautiful reviews about Soldier but I liked it a lot.Special dedicace to Gom and Tommy these are characters i won t forget


    Now I m hooked on a new series and I honestly don t think I could adore AKM Prof that beauty is only skin deep and that some of the worst scars are the ones that you can t see


    Sappy and completely implausible.


    Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars Soldier was my first foray into the male male sub genre of romance, and I have to say it was a pretty good book with which to begin This was a very sweet story about two men who are terribly wounded in both body and mind but find love and acceptance in each others arms They in turn are able to pass that love and acceptance along to the seven abused little boys who are in their care and even a poor scruffy dog and a little puppy too The interactions between the [...]


    I had to drop this book I know that most of my flist was totally excited about it, in love with it, giving it four stars, even five, but for me, this book just didn t click, I guess The characters were cute, that s true But the setting It was so unrealistic that I just couldn t get over it I mean, I just can t see anybody letting Dill take care of seven boys in a run down house when he has to literally beg for food in restaurants, he has no income, the boys don t go to school, they don t receive [...]


    This was a very heart warming story What Dillon and Soldier were doing for those kids was simply beautiful I especially had a soft spot for Gom and Tommy As much pain and misery as their entire household had suffered in the past, I loved how they could lean on each other for strength and support The name Scarcity Sanctuary was very fitting for a place where boys with scars on the inside and out could come to heal And even though Soldier came off as a type of Daddy Warbucks with all his money, I [...]

    MsMiz (Tina)

    3.5 Aside from the bad cover, this was a great book on love, trust, loss, and really just finding your place in the world no matter the adversity This was a feel good book that will bring tears to your eyes I can even give you page numbers where if this was a paperback, those pages would be soaked I could have read on and on about this rag tag group of 9 boys and men So heartwarming

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