Apr 10, 2020
Not Fade Away
Posted by Jim Dodge

Not Fade Away is a rock n roll road novel with rhythm to burn, traveling in time from the Beat era to the dawn of the sixties George Gastin is a San Francisco tow truck operator who wrecks cars as part of an insurance scam One of the cars Gastin is hired to destroy is a snow white 1959 Cadillac that was supposed to be a present for the Big Bopper, who dies in a plane cNot Fade Away is a rock n roll road novel with rhythm to burn, traveling in time from the Beat era to the dawn of the sixties George Gastin is a San Francisco tow truck operator who wrecks cars as part of an insurance scam One of the cars Gastin is hired to destroy is a snow white 1959 Cadillac that was supposed to be a present for the Big Bopper, who dies in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens Instead, Gastin takes off in the car and heads for Texas, where the Big Bopper was buried Armed with a thousand hits of Benzedrine, Gastin navigates a road trip that will cover many miles and states of mind between the coffeehouses of San Francisco s North Beach and the open plains of the Midwest Along the way Gastin picks up some extraordinary hitchhikers the self proclaimed world s greatest salesman, the Reverend Double Gone Johnson, and a battered housewife with a box of old 45s As the miles and sleepless hours roll by, Gastin s trip becomes a blur of fantasy and reality fueled by a soundtrack of classic rock n roll.

  • Title: Not Fade Away
  • Author: Jim Dodge
  • ISBN: 9780802197641
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • Not Fade Away Not Fade Away is a rock n roll road novel with rhythm to burn traveling in time from the Beat era to the dawn of the sixties George Gastin is a San Francisco tow truck operator who wrecks cars as par

    El Biblionauta

    Soy un tipo con suerte Si mujer ve un objeto que le hace pensar en m , me lo regala S , lo s Doy envidia Gracias a este h bito disfruto de una r plica de un coche Bond en miniatura, de una Estrella de la Muerte que es una l mpara de mesita de noche, de figuras del Doc Doom o de una Telecaster roja S , ya Rabia y envidia de la fea.Ella sabe que Jim Dodge es uno de mis escritores favoritos Por eso el otro d a Marta lleg a casa con una media sonrisa de p cara, de madre de familia la ma ana del D a [...]

    Max Nemtsov

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    JIM DODGE entra en el c culo de culto formado por Vonnegut y compa a Uno de los mejores libros que he le do en mi vida UNA LOCURA, pero de las buenas, llena de vida, emotiva, excitante El final es un WTF, pero cuando termina s lo quiero reirme, reirme mucho, de esa risa cuando para colmo algo te sale mal y dices pss que hago me mato pues me r o y te lo pasas bien, porque bah qu m s da Una jugarreta de los Dioses.


    Jim Dodge se hace valer de referencias populares y musicales, y sobre un hecho ver dico, para narrar la radiograf a de una poca rica en sue os, drogas y personalidades aut nticas No se desvanece muestra la introspecci n de George en un momento en que ser sincero consigo mismo es incluso m s importante que cumplir con sus obligaciones Sin llegar a la meticulosidad de Stone Junction tenemos una novela llena de detalles que.


    Not Fade Away by Jim Dodge canongate Several years ago I read Jim Dodge s Stone Junction after my old friend Gurbs had recommended it and loved every word of it which is why it s strange that it took me so long to getting round to getting Jims other books, well this xmas just gone Santa delivered them to me.Damn Not Fade Away is a great read and like the books narrator Floorboard George it is soaked in Benzedrine and flashes by at great speed so you feel like your gobbling down the bennies as qu [...]

    Rebecca eley

    More jim dodge Love this too and I didn t expect the end It s like road trip with a twist It spoiled on the road for me couldn t even finish it all seemed a bit dull Even randomness than hunter s thompson


    Enjoyed most of the novel very much except when it went into a sorta hippie hallucination side track that is prevalent to certain US writers of a certain age and drug intake.


    3rd from dodge for mel recente other two his Stone Junction and Fupn t recall the stone junction pub datebut i think fup is from 1983p, from when dodge was 38this one, 1987 and there s a8 line dedicationm, brother bob, a whole slew of peopleew seems to fit followed by an acknowledgments pageother big long list of folkt enough he d need to buy obama insurancebut almostthe titlei take it the title comes from a buddy holly tune not fade away that the rolling stones must have also recorded.a quote.c [...]


    Spoiler It was alright but at the end of the book I asked myself why I d read it Sometimes the author had writer s diarrhea I guess he was trying to get across a point to the reader to help with the story Many of these times I heaved a mental sigh of boredom and wondered when it would be over In the end I didn t get the point of the book Why write about a road trip like this Who cares I didn t care when I began and it didn t change by the end of the book It wasn t a horrible book though It did c [...]


    Hellloooo Bayyy bee Being a rabid fan of Dodge s Stone Junction I was eager to slip my mind into another one of his works This book is a wild romp along the highways of the U.S of A set in an era where music along with the country it inspired were still trying to figure things out We are given another memorable character in George Gastin with whom the book rollicks along with at a feverish pace The novel is a speed fueled, beer guzzling, pursuit for the truth behind love, friendship and rock mus [...]


    I ve sometimes struggled slightly to relate to the whole road trip thing Maybe it s living in a pretty compact country I mean, a road trip in the UK generally consists of a couple of hours up the motorway, maybe stopping off at a service station for a cup of tea and a muffin if wanting to drag things out a bit.That said, this is largely pretty engaging stuff, picking up pace as it goes Floorboard George seems a likeable if somewhat drug addled character and narrates the main body of the story, o [...]

    Pistol Pete

    Another extremely fun book It s just so entertaining Much like Richard Farina s Been Down So Long it Looks Like Up to Me Like Farina s book, I really believe it s best appreciated by 16 23 year olds, who possess a restless curiosity and penchant for playful mischief making It s also a great read for those that enjoy a good bit of nostalgia every now and again I read it years ago, but it s easy for me to remember how much I enjoyed this lively little read I can still remember being 18, on my own, [...]

    José Gutiérrez

    Jack Kerouac eat your heart out This is the book On The Road wanted to be but lacked the hairy balls Flatboard George is just one of a dozen memorable maniacs you ll meet on this odyssey Dodge writes like a lysergic angel with two fistful of bennies Like the song of the title, this book delivers the laced goods with an arsenic wit and a whole lotta heart His asides on music, poetry and jazz are just a few of the treats along the way Also highly recommend Stone Junction and his excellent collecti [...]


    Great stuff, like Fear And Loathingbut spiritual Like watching Yosemite Sam run up into the rolling hills only to be exploded by a menacing trail of black powder.

    Nate Jordon

    For thesis researchFollows the archetypal road novel trajectory the tall tale yarning protagonist eventually picks up various hitchhikers and travelers with their own tales to tell, each with a philosophical bent, on his journey through the late fifties and sixties to reach the grave of the Big Bopper.


    Epic tale, apologies for using the unfortunate most suitable descriptive of finding yourself after helping others find what they are looking for Loved it and suggest it to anyone who should have been born in the 50 s or 60 s Great intertwining of actual history and painting a picture of a decade where all was lost and then found again.

    Leon Moore

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book After going through a rough patch in my life, this book helped me find my mojo, my confidence and helped me find my unique outlook on life again Its fast paced while being deeply profound and contemplative I chuckled gasped cried and at the end felt like i d read a book that ll stay with me for a longtime George Gastin is my new hero


    Ah, Americana, but not in an annoying Eagles type way endless highways, diners, the golden age of rock n roll Some guy trundling around in the Big Bopper s old car Not earth shattering, but entertaining enough Apparently that wee book Fup is meant to be quite good, but reckon I ll wait til I have a comfy seat in a bookshop rather than buying it.


    Great hitchiking adventure A bit aimless, but it moves like a leopard with the soul of Kilimanjaro Like a potato its got lots of good bits, but the whole is maybe a bit beige Reads like loads of short story ideas, so maybe its like crisps.


    I didn t like this one nearly as much as Stone Junction I skimmed a lot toward the end when I realized it was just the author blathering on in a non entertaining stream of consciousness method bleh.


    The best road book since On The Road Jim Dodge is one of the best story tellers ever Enjoy this, delight in this and as the story drives on you find yourself wishing that you were in THAT car tood d you know what you are.


    I would have liked this book when I was younger not much than a drug addled race across the country with less poetic notions or wisdom than keruac wrote 2 decades prior Zany story, but lacks the flair of Tom Robbins.


    Gran pepino literario, historia de roadtrip anfetam nico y rockero Poco m s puedo pedirle a la vida y a la lectura

    Tony Woods

    Best book written, ever.


    Slick pulp noir road novel about 50s rock and roll, redemption and something something maybe Unfortunately, I lost interest in the trip a little while before Mr Dodge did.


    It s like on the road but much better don t know why it never became as popular.

    Steven Hargreaves

    Loved this as a counter Beat book Mostly a page turner, things get naturally weirder as the book goes on Some dialogue is brilliant especially Double Gone.

    Dan McSweeney

    Good one Great dialogue.

    Clarity Jackson

    A vibrant tour of musical mindscapes and wild road trips with a big splash of history and laughter I loved this book

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