Mar 08, 2021
Address Unknown
Posted by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor

A rediscovered classic, originally published in 1938 and now an international bestseller.When it first appeared in Story magazine in 1938, Address Unknown became an immediate social phenomenon and literary sensation Published in book form a year later and banned in Nazi Germany, it garnered high praise in the United States and much of Europe.A series of fictional letterA rediscovered classic, originally published in 1938 and now an international bestseller.When it first appeared in Story magazine in 1938, Address Unknown became an immediate social phenomenon and literary sensation Published in book form a year later and banned in Nazi Germany, it garnered high praise in the United States and much of Europe.A series of fictional letters between a Jewish art dealer living in San Francisco and his former business partner, who has returned to Germany, Address Unknown is a haunting tale of enormous and enduring impact.

  • Title: Address Unknown
  • Author: Kathrine Kressmann Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780285636293
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Address Unknown A rediscovered classic originally published in and now an international bestseller When it first appeared in Story magazine in Address Unknown became an immediate social phenomenon and lit


    I am updating this because it referenced a review that is no longer available on GR the reader removed her profile a few years back Anyway, I was browsing back in 2012 and saw a review for this book from someone with amazing taste in books I d never heard of the book before but she rarely gave books five stars so I was intrigued I immediately put it on hold at my library and read it as soon as I got home I was skeptical about the claims made about the book, including the front cover quote from t [...]

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    Ahmad Sharabiani

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    Quasi amiciKathrine Kressmann Taylor, scrittrice americana di origini tedesche, pubblic , prima che fossero chiare a tutti le conseguenze del nazismo, questo brevissimo romanzo epistolare nel 1938 Con una sintesi efficacissima in poche lettere viene esposto il tema del romanzo Due amici e soci in affari, un americano ebreo che sta in California e un tedesco non ebreo, che torna con la sua famiglia in Germania nel 1933, si scrivono Capiamo rapidamente il cambio di attitudine del tedesco, che da l [...]


    Address Unknown by Kressman Taylor is an amazing little book The narrative consists of a series of letters exchanged between Max, a Jewish man living in California, and Martin, his German business partner and close family friend, recently returned to Germany and this correspondence takes place shortly before Hitler takes power I noted that I had added this book to my To Read list on Jan 01st 2012 and only got around to reading it on Dec 30th 2012 Boy did I leave the best wine until last This tin [...]

    Meredith Holley (Sparrow)

    One of my supervising attorneys is 88 years old He basically helped invent tort law in Oregon and has been influential in anything you can name The governor comes by to get his opinion on judicial appointments and whatnot, and in his prime, he was called the prince of torts In my first week of working for him, he called me into his office When he was 14 years old, he told me, the young men of military age had all gone off to war This left the boys like him and the old men to work in the logging [...]


    Words can be magical or fatal Englisch review following behind this Zwei beste Freunde , Max und Martin, betreiben in San Francisco eine Kunstgalerie Martin m chte 1932 mit Frau und Kindern zur ck nach Europa Max, der Jude, soll inzwischen die Galerie weiterf hren Die beiden wollen in brieflichem Kontakt bleiben und schw ren sich ewige Freundschaft.Martin erh lt einen guten Job in einer gro en Bank in M nchen, sein Sohn lernt einen linientreuen Freund kennen Nach und nach gehen immer mehr Nation [...]

    Homa Sharifmousavi



    Powerful short story Read it in half an hour, then went back to re read most of it Elegantly done as a series of short letters with a brutal twist for both writers It s the story of two friends in America, one Jewish, one German, who own a gallery together When the German returns home in 1933 things happen, relationships alter, and history overlays and rewrites friendships in unthinkable ways.When I questioned my mother about this time period she was born in 1923 she said they didn t think much [...]


    While I understand the significance of this story being published in late 1938, I found it hard to believe in the characters, so I never got invested in the story Perhaps if I hadn t predicted the ending or something similar to it , I might ve felt differently.

    Melika Khoshnezhad

    Lisa Vegan

    The edition I read has a wonderfully informative foreword by the author s son The foreword does give some information that gave me a clue as to what was coming in the story, but it didn t really contain any spoilers.A few of my friends have read this story recently and their reviews and comments definitely piqued me interest.So, wow This story was published first in 1938, and I can see why it s a classic.I can t remember the last time I so enjoyed a story, in this case told via letters, when I c [...]






    Pijnlijk om te lezen hoe een hechte vriendschap stuk getrokken wordt door toedoen van de waanzin van ideologie, in dit geval het Nationaalsocialisme Fictie, maar de kern huist in waargebeurde feiten Dat maakt dit veel te korte boekje zo intrigerend De boodschap van het verhaal overstijgt ruimte, plaats en tijd en is nog steeds angstaanjagend actueel.

    Diane S ☔

    Found this little book and was absolutely astonished at how much it accomplished in so few pages Friends and partners, one Jewish, one German and the letters they sent back and forth from Germany to the United States, show the rise of Hitler and the changing viewpoints of the Germans as they came to accept them as their leader and hope for the future Loved the way revenge was taken at the end of the book Heartfelt and poignant.



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    mytwostotinki p 2368Address Unknown is a short epistolary novella with a fascinating plot and a strong message it was first published in 1938 and its author, Kressmann Taylor, is today almost forgotten.Max and Martin own a successful art gallery in San Francisco They are not only business partners but best friends The bachelor Max is a frequent and welcome guest at Martin s home and quasi a member of the family the delicate situation that Max sister and Martin have an affair about which Max is a [...]

    A Girl Has No Name

    4 stars A short story that everybody should consider reading I read this book back in school and when I found a beautiful edition at the flea market last weekend, I just had to buy it I couldn t remember all the details of the story, but I definitely remembered the strong emotions this story managed to arouse in me Written in 1938, Undress Unknown was one of the first fictional books focusing on the raising Nazi Regime in Germany It consists of letters exchanged between Max Eisenstein, Jewish an [...]

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    Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly

    Originally published in 1938, The New York Times Book Review hailed it as the most effective indictment of Nazism to appear in fiction In 1995, a year before the author died, it was reissued and gained the status of an American classic After her death, it became a bestseller in Europe The novel is epistolary and roughly based on real life experiences of the author Two very close friends and business partners in San Francisco, California, a Jew and a German The latter, a kind, liberal minded man, [...]

    Ivonne Rovira

    I had never heard of either Address Unknown or its author, Kathrine Taylor, who published under the pseudonym Kressmann Taylor This short story first appeared in a magazine in 1938, revealing the brutality of the Nazis against the Jews and anyone who opposed them in the slightest But the heart of the story is how a heretofore tolerant, liberal German could gradually be seduced by omnipresent propaganda and the over the top promises of an authoritarian strongman.Address Unknown has been published [...]


    An utter masterpiece the kind of novel la that you just thank providence for putting in your path An epistolry tale of the correspondence between a German in Germany and a Jew in the US in the build up to World War II and indeed written prior to the outbreak That Ms Kressmann Taylor saw the writing on the wall is impressive but is not the reason for the book s greatness Rather the breathtaking skill by which the plot and characterisation creeps out through the interchange of letters like a devel [...]


    This is an extremely quick read, easily read in one sitting What is amazing about this book is that it came out so early in 1938, first in the magazine Story It is about the holocaust, the consequences of a few letters between a Jew in San Francisco and a friend in Germany How did it happen that the Germans believed in Hitler How can long term friendship be so quickly stamped out And what could be the consequences of just a few letters


    18 20Un roman pistolaire tr s court mais tr s fort qui est gla ant la lecture L auteur a r ussi, avant m me la seconde guerre mondiale, cerner les dangers du nazisme comme le prouve ce roman tr s r ussi Un livre lire, assur ment.Ma chronique myprettybooks.wordpress 2



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