Aug 13, 2020
The Overtaking
Posted by Victorine E. Lieske

Shayne believes he s living the ideal life.He attends a great school in the Midwest, gets along with his roommate, and has fallen for a girl who seems perfect for him.But it s all a lie And Shayne starts to figure it out.Danielle didn t mean to fall in love with one of the Maslonians She was only supposed to observe and report But now she must choose to help ShayneorShayne believes he s living the ideal life.He attends a great school in the Midwest, gets along with his roommate, and has fallen for a girl who seems perfect for him.But it s all a lie And Shayne starts to figure it out.Danielle didn t mean to fall in love with one of the Maslonians She was only supposed to observe and report But now she must choose to help Shayneor betray him This book is 59,000 words, 288 pages in paperback.From New York Times bestselling author of NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS.

  • Title: The Overtaking
  • Author: Victorine E. Lieske
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 131
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Overtaking Shayne believes he s living the ideal life He attends a great school in the Midwest gets along with his roommate and has fallen for a girl who seems perfect for him But it s all a lie And Shayne sta


    The Overtaking is a YA science fiction story about a world from which people are being abducted The story focuses on the teens that are abducted and placed in a false reality, and the teens that volunteered to do the abductions for altruistic reasons Though the writing was error free, I felt that there were far too many holes in the story and too many unbelievable events and motivations And, as is sometimes the case in YA stories, the teens are unrealistically given too many adult responsibiliti [...]

    Craig Hansen

    Victorine E Lieske, author of the romantic suspense novel NOT WHAT SHE SEEMS, changes gears in her sopho outing kind of While THE OVERTAKING features both romance and suspense, it shifts gears in two important ways she adopts a science fiction setting for this novel, and due to the age of her characters, the book is likely to attract of a young adult audienceE OVERTAKING is the first novel in a projected series which introduces us to the primary cast of characters Shayne Bartlett, our main prot [...]


    The Overtaking is a wonderful book that will make you think and keep you guessing the whole time There are several things that I loved One was the characters, and how they all came to know one another Second is the story line I would never be able to think up a place like this, with all of their powers and gadgets It was really incredible Third I loved how the author used great voice I could always tell who was talking, even when if it didn t say The ideas in this book combine our world with oth [...]

    Dawn Vanniman

    I received this ARC from the author and was very pleased I couldn t put it down and finished it in two days Ms Lieske had told me that it was a love story, I was taking a chance because I m not really a reader of love stories However, I don t think I would label it a love storyI would say that it s Sci Fi that happens to have a sweet little love story in it.My favorite quote Shayne Bartlet has been kidnapped, his powers disabled and his memory altered He s not having a good day And he doesn t ev [...]


    This is a good book The Overtaking is a light, fun read with excellent pacing I started and finished it in a single day Young adult books are not my primary reading genre, but I m glad I took the time to read this one.At the beginning of The Overtaking, the Maslonian people are disappearing one by one The Maslonian Council wants to get to the bottom of it After his mother s disappearance in the book s opening scene , Shayne joins the Council and is promptly thereafter kidnapped Then, he is in an [...]

    Lynn Mixon

    SPOILER ALERT Be advised I have included some minor spoilers below.Since I don t haunt the Young Adult romance aisle of the bookstore, I wasn t sure what to expect when I read this novel What I got was an enjoyable read and characters I truly cared for Shayne and Danielle are strong, likeable characters put into an interesting and twisty situation Danielle and her people have been kidnapping people from Shayne s world for a long time Now Danielle is hunting for Shayne while he is trying to stop [...]


    I have read so much fantasy lately that I really had to work to get my mind to switch gears for this book Once I grasped the storyline it was hard to put this book down.I like how the book delves into a bit of how our perception of the truth may not in fact be the truth Even as the book progresses it seems that the truth the characters perceive is still not the whole deal It was also interesting to see how the characters approached dealing with many layers of deception and confusion The romantic [...]


    Although I hate to say it, I was somewhat underwhelmed by this book I had high hopes because I ve heard good things about Lieske, but I just never connected with this book I read a lot of YA and enjoy fantasy and scifi, so I thought this book would be right up my alley, but I was never sucked into the story.r able to forget I was reading a book You know how when you re reading a book that you really connect with, you can lose yourself in the story I was never able to lose myself It wasn t a bad [...]


    I received this as a Review Copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.This was such a fun and clever little book I really loved how the plot unfolded its mysteries in sprinkles over the course of the story Definitely made me want to keep reading The characters were easy to sympathize with and I ended up really liking them Especially Shayne, the main character This is adult fiction although, the characters are in their late teens free of profanity and sexual situations, but does have [...]


    YA SFR A group of cloaked aliens is kidnapping people for their own good , during which a solider falls for her victim.The good I liked the characters I liked the premise There were twists and turns I didn t see coming The Romance was sweet and believable to me, particularly considering both main characters were teenagers.A sidenote I read the short story The Gathering first If I hadn t I don t know if I d have enjoyed this story as much since it really seems like it should have been the first c [...]


    The book is nice The way Victorine has easily changed the narrative with respect to to the characters is quite good and is done quite fluently Also, the perception of truth is written very well clearly It proves that what the truth is believed to be may not be the truth always but just a new and different side can be shown as per what is to be achieved.The romance part is quite shown in a light and effective way I especially love the way the two of them meet and way both of them fall for each ot [...]


    This is complicated all the bad guys hold all the power, knowledge, and resources Every time someone figures it out, the baddies just swoop in and erase their memories and the process starts all over again Well, except that the evil plot has furthered itself, making it even harder to the good guys to gain any momentum While I liked the plot, the story moved too slowly and I didn t really related to any of the characters Also the romance in the book is so superficial not necessarily based on look [...]


    The Overtaking is an inspired young adult novel in the realm of Hunger Games style It was easy to like the main character, Shayne, and after Danielle wised up, it became easy to like her too There was a decent story to this that left you wondering what will happen as you read it I found when I was finished I wanted to read the next one instantly, only to find it wasn t out yet Kudos to Lieske for the creativeness in this novel and boo for making us wait

    Rachelle Ayala

    Delightful sci fi romance and great start to an engaging series Victorine Lieske has gathered a personable cast of characters, Shayne, Danielle, Nolan, Celeste, Jennaya, Kellec, Asia, and Gita to fight an evil empire bent on mind controlling a peaceful planet and raiding it for their resources.I look forward to the next book and a continuing series as this fight will take many episodes to resolve.


    Talking heads, head hopping, and erratic pacing left me confused most of the time as I read this book Scene changes never left me feeling grounded and I found myself constantly having to go back and reread to try to sort through whose point of view I was supposed to be following and where we were The romantic elements were cheesy and poorly developed No true romantic tension at all between Danielle and Shayne, names that also didn t work for the genre.


    This was a good story and it sounded very good what i didn t like was how it just jumped all over the place, and introduced all this random characters who only turned out to be of any relevance at the end It got slightly confusing keeping track of who had what memories, but it was a good book and i did like it.

    Dawn Prather

    Even though I m not much into sci fi stories, I gave this one a chance because I know the author I was surprisingly enthralled The characters didn t seem out of the ordinary even though they had telepathic and telekinetic abilities Even though aspects of it were pretty technical, it was easy to follow and pleasant to read.Now I find myself anxiously awaiting the rest of the series.


    The Overtaking is another book with a great mix of sci fi dystopian genres The romance was great, with two likable characters of Shanye and Danielle The slight twist, revealed near the end of the book, makes you pause and think This is the 1st book in a series I will definitely be reading the next book in the series

    Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)

    4.5 Stars Review to come along with a giveaway and interview from the author on my blog later this week myguiltyobsession Don t miss it Link to contest myguiltyobsession


    I was given this book to read from a friend She enjoyed it and thought I would too She was right I did It s a bit of sci fi, dystopia, and romance rolled together I just wish it had been longer Hurry and write the sequel s Ms Lieske


    Really liked this one Clever and fast paced Ending page was a bit cheesy and the good guys took too many hits there at the end, but really enjoyed.

    Chelsea Malcolm

    I read this probably 2 1 2 years ago and I really liked it this author is one to read I think I have all her writing on Kindle.


    See my review on the other listing.

    Arlene Webb

    A fast paced, imaginative read, and I can t wait for book two.


    This author is a friend of my mom s.It was pretty good interesting concept, a little too much focus on the love story for my liking.


    I liked the first half quite well and became quite caught up in the story so, when my interest flagged a bit in the second half, I kept reading to the end I do not think I want to read book 2.


    character development is light for me relationship basis seemed rush and shallow considering what they had to give up

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