Apr 22, 2021
The Daemon Prism
Posted by Carol Berg

Dante the necromancer is the most reviled man in Sabria, indicted by the king, the Temple, and the Camarilla Magica for crimes against the living and the dead Blinded by his enemy s cruel vengeance, Dante salves pain and bitterness by preparing his student, Anne de Vernase, to heal the tear in the Veil between life and death When Anne abandons him to return to her familyDante the necromancer is the most reviled man in Sabria, indicted by the king, the Temple, and the Camarilla Magica for crimes against the living and the dead Blinded by his enemy s cruel vengeance, Dante salves pain and bitterness by preparing his student, Anne de Vernase, to heal the tear in the Veil between life and death When Anne abandons him to return to her family, Dante seeks refuge in a magical puzzle, a desperate soldier s dream of an imprisoned enchantress and a faceted glass that can fulfill one s uttermost desires But the dream is a seductive trap that threatens to unleash the very cataclysm Dante fears Haunted, desperate, the blind mage embarks on a journey into madness, ancient magic, and sacred mystery, only to confront the terrifying truth of his own destiny

  • Title: The Daemon Prism
  • Author: Carol Berg
  • ISBN: 9781101559604
  • Page: 477
  • Format: ebook
  • The Daemon Prism Dante the necromancer is the most reviled man in Sabria indicted by the king the Temple and the Camarilla Magica for crimes against the living and the dead Blinded by his enemy s cruel vengeance D


    The Daemon Prism was a slightly underwhelming finish to the Collegia Magica series It was always going to be tough for Berg to top the excellent The Soul Mirror, but this one was not even on par with The Spirit Lens I think the main problem I had was that the mystery and court intrigue of the first two books was gone to be replaced by a rather confusing plot that got bogged down in religious mythos and prophecy Dante was the main character for this installment and the story picks up 5 years afte [...]


    All in all, very disappointing For me, Dante was most interesting when viewed through the lens of other character s perspectives In this book, he is the narrator for the majority of the story and while it was fascinating to see how he coped with his blindness, I didn t enjoy his narrative as much as I thought I might have My biggest complaint with the book is that it s essentially plot and character wise a complete rehash of The Soul Mirror The veil between the living and the dead is torn and ba [...]


    I was so profoundly disappointed in this conclusion to a series I have loved After spending two books developing a rich political environment, the heroes are drawn in the slowest, most agonizing, roundabout, boring way possible to a neighboring land in the middle of nowhere The uninteresting antagonists dominate the plot while the main narrator, Dante, bides his time and bides his time and bides his time For about three quarters of the book, I was bored, slogging through the antagonists essentia [...]


    I ve been looking forward to reading THE DAEMON PRISM since reading THE SOUL MIRROR in May I had no clue what to expect, or where Carol Berg was going with the story After the stunning climax in MIRROR, what else could happen As it turns out, there s an even bigger plot we haven t discovered yet.At the end of book two, Anne and Dante retire to the country where he can teach Anne her new found magic skills Portier has gone into hiding to recover from the events on the mount, but also to study the [...]


    4 3 4 stars Daemon s Prism by Carol Berg continues the saga of Dante de Raghinne, the Master Mage who has been chronicled in the Collegia Magica series Blinded physically and emotionally, Dante has been living with Anne de Vernase and teaching her to use her magic but never allowing her to get past his tightly guarded barriers A series of events lead to the sorcerer reluctantly calling for the services of Ilario de Sylvae and his soldier, Captain de Santo, in order to start a journey that may ro [...]


    I will have a FBC rv probably around its Jan 4 publication date so again some points without major spoilers Dante narrates for the major part of the story, but there are interludes from Anne that eventually grow in length and we even read Portier s thoughts once again and Ilario for the first time, so all the main series characters narrate at least a little the transitions are handled well though there is this tiny lack of smoothness as opposed to the one narrator earlier books the novel has a l [...]


    Haunting Poignant.This concluding book to the Magica series has multiple narrative voices This allows the reader to have a greater emotional connection to the events taking place along with a broader view.This book has quite a different feel than the first book in the series While the first one was almost a strait forward mystery novel, this one is most defiantly a final chapter in an epic war Perhaps not the best simile, but the series was a bit like watching a natural disaster unfold It starts [...]

    Lynne Cantwell

    I tell you what, Carol Berg can write This is the third volume in her Collegia Magica series The protagonist through most of this book is Dante, a sort of outcast sorceror who is powerful than nearly all of the book learned sorcerors at the Collegia Magica He is also irascible, cantankerous, and unpredictable up to now Oh, his personality doesn t really change in this book It s just that now we see events through his eyes, and we finally get his back story, which explains much of why he is the [...]


    I can t tell you how disappointed I was with the third book in this series The first two were so good But Berg really reverted to her earlier style which I have found very turgid and stereotypical She debased the tortured hero as much as she possibly could and offered no surcease from his battering for most of the book She did it to set up the heroine, but that was only the last 10 percent of the book and by that time, I was wanting to throw my kindle across the room When an author is so unremit [...]

    Elizabeth Tai

    It s sad to say goodbye to a good series And I m especially sad to have to say goodbye to the characters whom I loved so much I wish, for one, Berg would give the Scarlet Pimpernal ish Chevalier an adventure of his own I do love his character so much That said, I think The Daemon Prism is the weakest of the three books, not that I m saying it s terrible I felt a little let down by the last few chapters as they seemed rushed and we didn t get to experience the adventure rather, we were told that [...]


    This book failed to deliver with the powerful storyline of the first 2 books in this series, which I thought stellar For me there are about 140 pages of torture bloat to the book I skipped several pages, which I RARELY do in a book It seemed torture and pain was used in the second half, instead of developing the story around the previous tension of science and magic This book seemed half formed to me I could easily have skipped this third book and enjoyed it as a 2 book series, guessing the endi [...]

    S.A. Bolich

    This review was posted first at Science Fiction and Other Oddyseys sciencefictionmusings The Collegia Magica series, of which The Daemon Prism is the third and final book, is one of the best fantasies I have encountered in years The first book was also my initial exposure to Carol Berg s work, after I got the chance to hear her read from it at a science fiction convention a couple of years ago Intrigued by the characters in the snippet she read, I bought the book and discovered a gem of an autho [...]

    (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick

    Favorite Quote You say you can see what lies within me, lady Tell me I am not going to destroy the light The Daemon Prism is the final installment of Berg s complex renaissance based character driven trilogy, The Collegia Magica It picks up not long after The Soul Mirror ends Each book in this trilogy has been presented from one character s viewpoint The Spirit Lens was from Portier de Savin Duplais, The Soul Mirror from Anne de Vernase, and our final journey is told from Dante, the catalyst in [...]

    Lee Dunning

    This story was a stormy ride After the events of the last book, it seemed like our heroes deserved some peace and happiness However, Ms Berg was not yet done dragging Dante, Anne, Portier and Ilario through hell and back The evil they thought they d put an end to isn t done with them No, not at all.The majority of the story is told from Dante s PoV, which provides quite a lot insight into his tumultuous personality To some extent that was interesting, getting to see what made him tick However, [...]


    Wizard and friends go off to deal with their religion, which has gone badly, badly wrong Not their church their religion The religion and church, and beliefs, and priests, and heresies, and all the other things that go along with religion is one of the better done examples of same in modern fantasy It s all believably complicated than made up religions usually are.Anyhow, we finally get Dante s point of view It s roughly two thirds him and one third Anne, from the previous book The transition t [...]

    Wendy Darling

    Much as I love Carol Berg, I have to say, this book is a muddled mess the last 200 pages in particular Berg seems to have fallen into the same trap she has with many of her other sagas, taking a plunge into an esoteric, incomprehensible battle that lasts far too long for the reader to keep caring I plunged through to the end just so I could reach reality again instead of the mists of bullshit the story had mired itself in And even that wasn t very satisfying, as the story ties itself up too quic [...]

    Althea Ann

    A worthy follow up to the first two in the series In this installment, the reader gets a fuller understanding of the prickly, difficult wizard Dante, and background on why he is the way he is Of course, his characteristics get him into the most untenable situations, and here, he finds himself in the position of being forced to hide his true motives once again.The bulk of the book is his POV, but we also get a good chunk of Anne s perspective, and a bit of Portier.I thought this was going to be t [...]


    Four stars because it s about 150 pages too long.but tis a terrific story that continues the plotline supposedly finished in SOUL MIRROR Once again everyone, especially Dante, takes a lot of physical and psychic torment along the way, so you couldn t exactly call this LIGHT reading Still, very high quality fantasy This one seems to finish things off too, but plainly the author might well have different ideas.She does kill off a character, but it s the very last one you d expect In a way she s be [...]

    Annette Gisby

    I ve bought every book by Carol Berg that I could get my hands on, but I hadn t got around to reading the whole Collegia Magica series until the past two weeks Once started, I wondered why I d let them languish on the bookshelf for so long They were great, imaginative fantasy books, something a bit different from the usual fare, although magic does still feature

    DeAnna Knippling

    Sorry, I like this series so much there s no room for rational thought about it Was it good What was good about it What did you like about it I have no idea I got the box at six p.m and read until 1 a.m and was glad of it, that s all


    What a gorgeous story.Book 3 is told primarily from Dante s POV with a little of Anne, Ilario and Poiters.The climax of Ancient evil defeated bu love and sacrifice was well done.I love Anne and Dante.

    旗鼓 真理

    A solid finish to a great trilogy, The Daemon Prism is written in the standard style and with the depth that one can expect from Carol Berg As with other books by Berg, the detail can be a bit heavy at times, however it creates vivid imagery needed to understand the complex or unintuitive aspects of magic and the world she has created The characters are rich and multifaceted, although aspects of some characters develop in easily foreseeable ways The only negative aspect I can call to mind is the [...]

    Sotiris Makrygiannis

    I dont want to rate this book bc didn t pay too much attention to it gave 3 stars anyway I do mark it as read so I can avoid reading again another necromancer books full of spells and magik Only one lady can write about magic and that Ursula L.G and Nina Simoneyoutube watch v ua2k5

    Wendy-ayn Coy

    I love this author Her stories are compelling and intriguing and this one is no different Wonderful characters that are nothing like her others.


    Each book in this series is better than the last with many surprising twists of plot The characters have depth and richness.

    Cherry Mischievous

    Audiobook Paperback Review This is my first audiobook where there are four readers involved and I find that I kinda liked it It s not a dramatization but the book is written in such a way that there is swapping of POVs as the story is told And the narrators take turns as their character s POV tells the story Really fun to listen to Specially that I ve listened to David deVries and Ang le Masters with Book 1 The Spirit Lens and Book 2 The Soul Mirror respectively already But even that got trumped [...]


    i was 100% correct to be worried about this book it s the weakest of all three, and not only because we re stuck with dante s pov for 89% of it and, okay, it accounts for a lot of problem, because dante is an inefficient, self pitying, wilfully ignorant jerk with anger management issues, and watching him isolate himself from everybody who could do him even a bit of good, chase every magical carrot thrust before his nose and make every damn mistake you just know he s going to make for two thirds [...]

    Verity Brown

    Okay, this cover sucks The person on it is not remotely close to being Dante You d think they would give the cover artist an actual description of the character But enough ranting about thatI didn t enjoy this book quite as much as I did the previous two The first was a mystery novel who is behind the plot to kill the king The second was a straightforward fantasy we have to stop the evil guys from destroying the world as we know it The Daemon Prism, though, has a esoteric plotline preventing a [...]


    The Daemon Prism is the third and final book in author Carol Berg s Collegia Magica series As in the previous two books, it is told from the view point of the characters In this case, Anne, Portier, and even Illario have a say but the story is told mainly by Dante, troubled magician and the most dangerous man in the kingdom.At the end of the previous book The Soul Mirror , Anne and Dante had retired to the country so that he can help her master her magical skills Prism opens as Anne is leaving t [...]


    The third book in Carol Berg s Collegia Magic trilogy is quite satisfying and a little sweeter than the first two Though Berg puts her characters through the wringer time and time again, she allows a kind of peaceful resolution at the end At first I had trouble warming up to this book I so loved the Spirit Lens and Portier s voice and the Soul Mirror as well that I had trouble adapting to Dante s alternately cerebral and extremely intense voice It seems like the right voice for Dante, but becaus [...]

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