Jan 28, 2021
The Future of Power
Posted by Joseph S. Nye Jr.

p.p1 margin 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px font 11.0px Calibri span.s1 font kerning none The Internet s ultimate impact on the nature of power is a concern shared by nations around the world The Future of Power examines what it means to be powerful in the twenty first century and illuminates the road ahead.Power evolves At the beginning of the twenty first century, unsurp.p1 margin 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px font 11.0px Calibri span.s1 font kerning none The Internet s ultimate impact on the nature of power is a concern shared by nations around the world The Future of Power examines what it means to be powerful in the twenty first century and illuminates the road ahead.Power evolves At the beginning of the twenty first century, unsurpassed in military strength and ownership of world resources, the United States was indisputably the most powerful nation in the world In The Future of Power, Joseph S Nye, Jr a longtime analyst of power and a hands on practitioner in government, delivers a new power narrative that considers the shifts, innovations, bold technologies, and new relationships that will define the twenty first century He shows how power resources are adapting to the digital age and how smart power strategies must include than a country s military strength Today, China, Brazil, India, and others are increasing their share of world power resources Information once reserved for the government is now available for mass consumption The Internet has literally put power at the fingertips of nonstate agents, allowing them to launch cyberattacks on governments from their homes and creating a security threat that is felt worldwide The cyberage is rendering traditional markers of power obsolete and has created a new power frontier among states, ripe with opportunity for developing co

  • Title: The Future of Power
  • Author: Joseph S. Nye Jr.
  • ISBN: 9781610390699
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Future of Power p p margin px px px px font px Calibri span s font kerning none The Internet s ultimate impact on the nature of power is a concern shared by nations around the world The Future of Po

    Ian Fleischmann

    Nye broke ground in the 80 s when he introduced the term soft power I say broke ground because he identified a theory attached to a phenomenon which diplomats had been invoking for generations Unfortunately, this book treads no such new ground Nye focuses on what he defines as smart power, which is to say, the optimal mix of hard power, soft power, and other fun powers like cyber power The concept seems tautological the best mix of power is the mix of power which is best Honestly, this book feel [...]


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    Ldrutman Drutman

    Special to the Los Angeles TimesIn January, Chinese President Hu Jintao was in Washington And while he and President Obama forged ahead on trade deals and wink to the press bromides of cooperation, many Americans are not so optimistic about what China s rise means In a recent poll, 61% view China as a threat to American jobs and economic security One increasingly hears the sotto voce warnings that our children will soon be learning Confucius at the feet of our new Chinese overlords.Then again, m [...]


    A fascinating book, full of suggestions for how the next century could go I ll definitely keep this book in mind when I think about geopolitics.

    Abdallah Moh

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    mohammad reza

    Fred Leland

    Great bookA great book that will help you understand smart power or the balance of persuasion and force in an effort to lead the United States into the future.


    As far as school reading goes, this has been one of the better books of the semester.After discussing various aspects of power economic, military, soft, and cyber , Nye then proceeded to explain America s decline in power , which he actually argues is not as apparent as pessimists might assume Nye takes a much different stance, stating that he does not believe that rising countries have the potential to surpass America in the next few decades, but he does concede that America has its own fair sh [...]

    Jason S

    Interesting account of how smart power is essential to American success in the 21st century A good set of responses to those who see inevitable American decline.

    Amir Soleimani


    Frits Brouwer

    Former Dean of the John F Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and co founder of neoliberalism within international relations theory in 1977 , Joseph S Nye, Jr 1937 is widely noted and highly acclaimed for his development of the field of political science Nye gained particular significance for coining the term soft power in his 1990 book The Power to Lead The concept suited demands of the current global power system so remarkably well that it was quoted by political leaders as disp [...]


    Nye postulates that as countries and states vie for influence a.k.a power they have turned to hard power military might and soft power persausion, cultural influence and that now than ever states will have to rely on balance of smart power hard and soft to get what they want.Why I started this book One of my many library downloads that is due next week.Why I finished it I m listening to books as fast as I can because all my holds came at the same time It s a race to the due date and so far I m [...]

    Sean McGuffin

    I feel it is worth reading, but just like many books that trys to introduce something new it was vauge at times, and spent a lot pages talking about the pro s and con s of hard and soft power rather than just Smart power One interesting facet is that Nye s recommendations for what US shouldn t be is irely similar to what it currently becoming.

    Andrew Barkett

    This book isn t bad as an overview of Nye s smart power ideas and the state of political science on geopolitics in general, but there are two things that frustrate 1 the systems for talking about power in geopolitics is annoyingly immature.2 the Smart Power idea didn t really work in the Obama administration, but one can t tell how much of that is that the theory is wrong and how much is that the practice was wrong.

    Howard Cincotta

    Adapted from a review in americandiplomacy Joseph Nye, now at Harvard s Kennedy School of Government, originated the term, if not the concept of soft power, and he has been writing extensively on the subject ever since In The Future of Power, however, he doesn t try to cross any new conceptual frontiers Instead, he offers a lucid summary of his thinking on the sources and trajectory of American power, including distinctions of between hard and soft power, the changing nature of power in the mode [...]


    Joseph Nye s timely and informative analysis addresses all the questions one may have asked about the ambiguous term Smart Power and contrasts the various forms of power, whether it is economic power, hard power, or soft power.Smart Power refers to a combination of all the above, with the addition that each is used prudently In the wake of the 2003 Iraq War, the 2008 Global Recession, and the ubiquitous speculation of so called American decline, Nye presents an analysis of the US strengths and f [...]

    Aaron Terrazas

    An insightful examination of how influence both people and institutions happens Nye popularized the idea of soft power during the 1990s and this unravels many of the myths than have emerged from popular usage He builds upon growing interest in the role of networks and non state actors in inter state relations and takes a critical although hardly nationalistic view of claims about an American decline in world affairs Rather, he argues, the tools the US had traditionally excelled at are fading in [...]


    This review refers to the audiobook version I am not a fan of the narrator, Erik Synnestvedt He ends every sentence with a weird dropping intonation that becomes fairly annoying almost from the outset and makes me wonder if talking that way makes his throat sore According to a search of Audible, he has narrated 60 audiobooks I will avoid his work in the future The book itself is fairly interesting It is basically an update of the author s previous work on power, the 2004 Soft Power The Means to [...]


    Very disappointed after reading this book It borders American propaganda It is far from scientific book, rather a policy prescription for revival of the charm of the U.S through soft power The author looks at the world as a no polar on p 113 only to say that it is unipolar, multipolar, nor chaotic, all three at the same time on p 213 Further, the degree of democratization of states is not taken in account Finally he argues that the underlining reason for the diffusion of power is the higher cost [...]


    Absolutely one of the WORST book I have ever read Joseph Nye is one of the worst neo liberalist who continue to pursue for exporting i US democratic system to other countries ii he, as an Harvard PhD, continue to spread and educate the young about the complete wrong concept of globalization is necessity and the tool is to use smart power iii Smart power, is not a modern term, but a political skill to help to push NWO Globalist to extract, leverage other countries resources to benefit USA only iv [...]


    Argues that the U.S will remain the pre eminent power through the mid 21st century America is not in absolute decline, but a failure to strengthen the economy could be a showstopper Three faces of relational power 1 Use of threats or rewards to change behavior commanding change 2 Controlling the agenda of actions in ways that limit the choices of strategy of others controlling agendas 3 Shape basic beliefs, perceptions, and or preferences establishing preferences Any smart power strategy should [...]

    Luís Gouveia

    Este livro uma excelente compila o de como o poder se transfere dos Estados para as cidades e as organiza es com capacidade de proje o global.Para isso, o recurso a infra estruturas e plataformas digitais e o envolvimento de recursos humanos com diversidade cultural e com elevada qualifica o uma necessidade absolutanfesso que muito do que dito, est alinhado com o meu pr prio pensamento e o lucro da leitura, vem precisamente do autor ser especialista em quest es diversas das minhas, pelo que acre [...]

    Scriptor Ignotus

    Thorough and logical, but also a monotonous, unenlightening and frankly unenjoyable read The dryness of Nye s language might have been rescued if the ideas and analysis presented were stimulating, but nothing in The Future of Power really lit my fire intellectually Instead we get the usage of hokey phrases like smart power the appropriate combination of hard power and soft power the distinction between which one could probably make a good guess at without being at all familiar with Nye , and tru [...]

    Brendan N.

    Perhaps the greatest public policy thinker of our time, Nye s latest book is both exceptional and timely Nye eruditely explains the increasingly complicated arena of foreign policy and the nuanced changes taking place within that arena, namely the addition of cyberpower, China, and 21st century conceptions of sovereign power Nye postulates that this century will be the century of smart power whereas all previous eras were defined by hard, military power Indeed, Nye s smart power has become the m [...]


    Terrifically measured, logical and well structured analysis of what power means in the modern world His writing style is elegantly mathematical, like a geometric proof, and I found myself consistently admiring the neatly laid out structure The ideas are interestingly mostly in how true they can be despite their casing in academia, and are well explored, succinctly accessible descriptions of power, its modalities, behavior and significance.The first nonfiction book I have read in so long and actu [...]


    Nye is on a hunt for new buzz words He tells us about hard power, soft power, cyber power, and economic power If they re all used effectively, that s smart power There aren t any revelations in this book, and if you ve take intro level international relations or simply followed world news, you re going to get bored quickly Two other annoying things 1 Nye s arrogance shines through in the tone of the book, despite the elementary level of the ideas conveyed and 2 in order to best sustain its natio [...]


    Overall an interesting read, although I thought the key points would have been clearer with graphics and visual elements The most interesting takeaways to me were The description of modern power as a three dimensional chess game made up of military power, economic power, and something else I tried to go back and find it but there was no graphic Being the pre eminent power of your time does not guarantee you preferred outcomes in international relations It is not a slam dunk that America will be [...]


    Some good discussion of nation state soft power, but poorly applied to real world examples and the prognostication is quite weak Does not address soft power via international or intergovernmental institutions Looks backward than it looks forward, and even gets some basic facts wrong like the date of the US invasion of Iraq.

    Neil Bhatiya

    A decent, extended argument for liberal realism a combination of the traditional balance of power through force projection and the soft power of diplomacy, development, and foreign aid Contrary to the argument of American declinists, Nye charts a course for the U.S to re husband its resources to slow a decline relative to the EU, Japan, and the BRICS.

    Alex Lennon

    A solid book for those who want to understand the limits, and abilities, of US power Readers familiar with Nye s work will easily recognize the chapters on soft power and US decline, but the chapters on the utility of military power and smart power strategy are worth reading even for those very familiar with the author s previous work.

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