Oct 22, 2021
The Master of Seacliff
Posted by Max Pierce

ó The Master of Seacliff ☆ Max Pierce - The Master of Seacliff, The Master of Seacliff A gothic mystery with a decidedly masculine point of view The year is and Andrew Wyndham is twenty years old no longer a boy but not yet the man he longs to become Brought up by a harsh and sti

  • Title: The Master of Seacliff
  • Author: Max Pierce
  • ISBN: 9781560236368
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • ó The Master of Seacliff ☆ Max Pierce - The Master of Seacliff, The Master of Seacliff A gothic mystery with a decidedly masculine point of view The year is and Andrew Wyndham is twenty years old no longer a boy but not yet the man he longs to become Brought up by a harsh and sti


    3,8 stars A gothic mystery with a decidedly masculine point of view.I m not sure I can classify it as a gothic mystery I expect scary stuff from a gothic mystery I see it rather as a historical mystery with a decidedly masculine point of view Apart from genre s discussion The Master of Seacliff is a very enjoyable and entertaining read A delicious mixture of a gay version of the Bront sisters novels let us imagine they were brothers and lived some decades later and a mystery a l Edgar Allan Poe [...]


    The greatest endorsement that I can give this book is that I stayed up all night to finish it No, really I m reading, like, 30 books simultaneously and I keep starting new ones because they fail to hold my attention But not this book, no sir This book was a mouthwatering mystery wrapped in a crispy layer of intrigue and dipped in the fondue of enigma I freaking loved it It s so lovely and atmospheric and the romance is deliciously drawn out and well worth the wait It reminded me a bit of P.L Nun [...]

    Nick Pageant

    This was pretty fun The Good The Gothic vibe was really well done and made me think of Wuthering Heights, The Turn of the Screw, etc It was also a bit silly, which I mean as a compliment The Bad There were too many mysteries for such a short book and the MC reminded me of Jane Eyre in that he didn t seem to have a penis I kept picturing him sighing and feeling faint in a high waisted dress while waiting for someone to brood at him seductively Sooo Recommended Thanks as always to Mish for the BR. [...]


    It s not going to be a surprise to anyone that I enjoyed this book First it s an American gay gothic with a fab innovative cover I was positively drooling when I got the book in my hands and excited when I opened it.If you are looking for an erotic romance, then you ll be dissapointed by TMOS, but if you want a solid, multi layered mystery chock full of quirky characters, death and over arching gothic D00M, red herrings and a surprise denouement, then you ll like this as much as I did Oh and a l [...]


    Another great American gothic romance which was thoroughly enjoyable I really can t get enough of these right now The Master of Seacliff was especially good and action packed right until the last page The story is about the budding romance that builds very slowly between young and inexperienced Andrew Wyndham, who takes a position as a tutor in a remote seaside manor, and dark and brooding and extremely hairy Duncan Steward There are sinister secrets at Seacliff and Andrew makes it his mission t [...]


    Except for having a male protagonist this was a completely traditional Gothic genre romance Innocent young thing travels to isolated, creepy manor house on cliff to tutor lonely, troubled child whose father harbors a dark secret and is ill tempered yet somehow irresistibly attractive to said young thing The only neighbors and the Danvers stand in butler are malicious and obsessively interested in the Master Will love true love save all


    3.5 starsA good Gothic romance with a nicely woven mystery and great atmosphere The romance was a very slow burn and I m than okay with that, but I thought the MCs a little lacking in chemistry snark,sizzle,banter or good old UST would have nudged this into a 4 or 5 star read for me.


    Very good, I would have like a bit sex in this one but It was a great story this book reminds me of Jane Eyre or Rebecca 1940 Film

    Gerry Burnie

    Gerry B s Book Reviews gerrycan.wordpressEvery once in a while I get a yen to read a gothic tale something like the compulsion for a decadent dessert so when I came across one in the gay genre I just had to order a serving.The Master of Seacliff by Max Pierce Lethe Press, 2012 is a gothic novel written in the classical style, with a quintessential brooding mansion atop a seaside cliff a cast of eccentric servants a young innocent male and a darkly handsome master with a slightly sinister reputat [...]


    The story starts with solid description of the time and place It is told in first person, and by the time our main character, Andrew, arrives to Seacliff, it is clear he is retelling this story in some future place When the story goes on, it is easy to forget that, though.Shady characters, suspense, odd comments, and secrets keep piling up along the way Theories, accusations, and possibilities keep throwing Andrew s and the readers thoughts from one side to another After all, what simply seems l [...]


    The Master of Seacliff by Max Pierce is an American gay gothic historical mystery with a romance We ve all read gothic historicals before, right Pierce reeled me with great atmosphere, a multi layered mystery and some excellent characters.Let s begin with the setting Our main character Andrew travels from New York City to an unnamed place up the Atlantic Coast to Seacliff, a doom and gloom estate that just reeks with atmosphere and a personality all of its own As soon as the place is described y [...]


    SlashReaders I thoroughly enjoyed this book much than the last two ones that I read For starters, the writing was ten times better, and the plot tried harder It was a typical gothic romance, so if you don t like that sort of thing well skip this.However, it was well written and the characters were typical though nicely done The author tried to twist things around though if you think like a writer it was rather obvious what happens But the author does a good job of keeping you guessing right up [...]


    I know this book would not be to the taste of many M M readers but if you like the Cambridge Fellows books then this is for you This is the first book I have read by Max Pierce but hopefully it will not be the last, his writing style, character development and settings in this book are so real you believe that you could actually visit I have to admit I am a sucker for period stories and this one is set at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in upstate New York The story involves a 20 year ol [...]


    Such a great read and a new author for me Very Jane Eyre ish, not better after all Jane Eyre is a classic, but similar and in my opinion nearly as good Duncan definitely has Mr Rochester s brooding down and Andrew certainly shares Jane s curiosity Did Duncan really kill his father Albert then make it look like murder suicide For that you ll have to read and you really won t know until near the end, I will say that my suspicions changed a few times Very rarely does a story come together where eve [...]


    What a nice surprise this book turned out to be This should teach me to pay closer attention to the recommended books I find on the right of my homepage, I usually ignore them completely.I really enjoy this kind of stories dark themed, gothic tales of mysterious estates and their intriguing masters although I don t read them often The Master of Seacliff is no masterpiece, to be honest, but I liked it a lot despite the tiny issues I found along the way It kept me on the edge of my seat sometimes [...]


    I absolutely loved the first half very atmospheric great play on the gothic themes interesting, sexy characters, and a good solid mystery.But then it all kind of unraveled It was just a bit too convenient that almost every character turned out to be gay, and the main protagonist went from innocent to unfazed without any real development There was also almost zero development from the first meeting to being madly in love.Also the way the characters talked about and to each of the murder mystery w [...]


    Delightful gothic mystery romance It s creepy, tense, a bit melodramatic, and very enjoyable The atmosphere of this book is excellent and the gloomy Seacliff mansion is so sinister in a wonderfully Manderley esque way The cast of interesting and suspicious secondary characters is great The mystery is intriguing and possibly interesting than the romance I really enjoyed this.

    Jarrod Scarbrough

    There is a first for everything In this case, it would be the first Gothic novel I have actually enjoyed To be honest, if the romance in the book were of a heterosexual nature, I probably wouldn t have enjoyed it, but that is from a place of wanting familiarity than anything I did find this story hard to put down.

    Talyseon Talyseon

    This is something new in the world a Gay Gothic Romance And it is considerably better written than most of it s heterosexual sisters Check my full review The Master of Seacliff

    Christy B

    Reminiscent of classic gothic historical romances, but with a gay twist Enjoyable.

    George Mcconnell

    Enjoyed it greatly Fine plot and good character development.


    Decidedly masculine point of What the fuck does that mean

    Neil Plakcy

    Great gothic romance lots of atmosphere and lovely writing.

    Martha H.

    I m not really sure what I thought of this It was very cold and clinical, which I believe it was meant to be, in order to reflect the house The characters did not seem to have very much depth to them, and there were a lot of them.The mystery was I think too big and complicated for its own good Something so complex could have unraveled over many books, each one dedicated to one of the murders with a final culmination There were clues and situations that were not given their spooky due, like the l [...]


    Andrew DuncanHistorical mystery, it was original and rich in characters as well as events I would have like a little bit chemistry between the MC because I didn t really feel the attachement growing A bit less creepy a bit romance would have made it better for me

    Sasha Ambroz

    There are moments in your life when you are in dire need of Gothic romance This book is an epitome of the latest You have everything here obscure castle covered with fog and overgrown forest, dark brooding love interest with closet full of skeletons, beautiful blonde woman with her own agenda, beautiful blonde brother of aforementioned woman with his own agenda Ethereal non speaking child, bloody double murder, mischievous bastard kid And tremulous naive hero who is looking for love and justice [...]

    Tex Reader

    4.0 of 5 stars One of the Better Gay Gothics Around.I ve been wanting to read this for a while, and it did not disappoint Of course, you have to approach it with a gothic romance, versus hi lit, mindset With that in mind, this was mostly what this genre should be an innocent but spirited young tutor newly employed by a brooding tormented master of a foreboding estate, haunted by mysterious deaths and disappearances and populated by peculiar servants and guests hiding dark secrets, as well as by [...]


    Review written for Love Bytes Reviews.Oh man, SO MUCH happened in this book and every bit of it was fantastic When I started reading, I knew I d be dealing with a mystery taking place in a darker setting but what I wasn t prepared for was how many twists and turns in the story there would be on the way towards the ending At the beginning of the book you have Andrew who has taken the position as tutor to Duncan Stewart s son only to learn of the murder that took place eight years ago AFTER he s a [...]


    This was written in the Gothic style and it does remind one of Jane Eyre, but everything that works marvelously well in that book just couldn t be recreated in The Master of Seacliffe The atmosphere doesn t quite work, but the mystery side of it was quite entertaining it isn t a story to give goosebumps, but it will make the reader want to know exactly what is going on As for the love story, Duncan Stewart is no Rochester plus, the chemistry is almost zero between the two guys that fall in love [...]

    Patrick Riedling

    I m not one for murder mysteries, but I wanted to see how these characters filled out the genre I enjoyed the first two thirds of the book a good deal, but the last third struggled and then seemed hurried I feel like the love scene was an addition with the notion of trying to sell the book to a different audience It seemed strained and well, hurried I like the main character, but he was too young to know so much Writers who straddle the fine line of believability, get away with it when the chara [...]

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