Apr 21, 2021
Considering Kate
Posted by Nora Roberts

The Stanislaskis an unforgettable family saga by 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Kate Stanislaski Kimball had turned her back on glamour and fame, and she d come home to begin a new life The only thing perfect than the beautiful dilapidated building she d bought for her new dance school was Brody O Connell, the frustrating and surprisingly fascinaThe Stanislaskis an unforgettable family saga by 1 New York Times bestselling author Nora RobertsKate Stanislaski Kimball had turned her back on glamour and fame, and she d come home to begin a new life The only thing perfect than the beautiful dilapidated building she d bought for her new dance school was Brody O Connell, the frustrating and surprisingly fascinating contractor she d hired for the renovation.But Brody was determined to resist Kate s effortless allure She was Natasha Stanislaski s pampered, perfect daughter, after all Still, every fiber of his being longed to make her his.

  • Title: Considering Kate
  • Author: Nora Roberts
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  • Page: 222
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Considering Kate The Stanislaskis an unforgettable family saga by New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts Kate Stanislaski Kimball had turned her back on glamour and fame and she d come home to begin a new l

    Marisa Sauco

    ADORABLE ltimo libro de la serie Los Stanislaski Seis historias PRECIOSAS Una gran familia, encantadora y entra able Y el sello inconfundible de Nora Roberts Un placer


    This is one of those awww type books sappy romance than anything else I wouldn t want to read that type of story all the time, but it s nice once in a while And I especially enjoyed it in this case because the book is a continuation of a series that I really enjoy.One of my favorite parts of this book is the parallel that is created between the romance of Kate and Brody, and romance of Kate s mother and father, Natasha and Spence Taming Natasha, Stanislaskis 1 The romances start off much the sa [...]


    Hated to see this wonderful series come to an end I loved the entire series so much Sweet, well written romance novel I LOVE Nora Roberts books She is one of the best writers I ve experienced reading I enjoy her writing style, and this book was so enjoyable from start to finish Made me warm and fuzzy all over The characters in all the Stanislaski books were so unique and made you want to be part of their family I look forward to reading of Nora Roberts because each one just keeps getting better [...]


    one of those books you buy at the airport and leave in the plane, but not too bad.


    li esta historia h j lagum tempo sem me ter apercebido que afinal fazia parte de uma serie Fam lia Stanislaski , ou seja comecei exactamente pela ultima historia Smas h parte de tudo isso, foi uma historia fofinha com alguma atitude dos personagens quero mas nao sei se quero Dmas a protagonista acaba por vencer e convencer e tudo acaba bem com um Happy Ending amoroso quando mete crian as ao barulho fica tudo t o mais docinho hehehehleitura bastante agrad vel e rapida, o que acaba por nos deixar [...]

    Kate Millin

    I am sad to see the last of the Stanislaski s ride into the sunset Kate is the youngest daughter of Spence and Natasha She has given up her life as a dancer as she wants to go back to her roots and start a dance school in her home town She buys a large building, but it needs a lot of work, so enter Brody a single widower with a young son, Jack, and a builder too I love the involvement of Jack in the story as it develops.


    This is one of my favorites of Nora Roberts old category romances I listened to it this time in audio The narration worked for me, appropriately capturing the characters feelings and gender Most particularly, the story still worked for me and I suspect I ll listen to it again in the future.


    Author Nora RobertsFirst published 2001Length 2700 kindle locationsSetting Contemporary Shepherds town, West Virginia.Sex Explicit Infrequent.Hero Single father Carpenter.Heroine Prima Ballerina opening dance studio.Easy read, nothing too dramatic Single father not looking for a relationship and an independent, intelligent heroine who does the chasing Nice character development Good appearances from characters in previous books letting us see how they ve gotten on Rachel s a judge Nice conclusio [...]

    Kristie (fabk)

    4.5 stars but I am being generous and giving 5 I was really kind of nervous to read this book I loved Nick and Freddies story so much, and Kate was really the only character we didn t get to know very well before hand So I was worried that this book wouldn t hold the candle to Nick and Freddie Boy was I worrying over nothing Right away I was in love with Kate and Brody and importantly, with Jack Nora Roberts does a fantastic job writing her Male and Female main characters, but she nails these s [...]


    I really loved this book, as i did Waiting for Nick, but i loved Brody s connection with his son, and how above everything he wanted to protect him and put him first and Brody realized that Kate wanted the same thing I loved how Kate pushed him, and then at the end they were both at the same place without even knowing it I think my favorite part was when Jack proposed to Kate and how he wanted her to live with them and marry his dad and give him a baby sibling I also loved how Kate proposed or B [...]


    I really enjoyed reading this book The setting for this book, is a Ballerina coming home to West Virginia Even though she could have Continued ballet, traveled all over the world sipping Champagne, and dancing the lead characters such as Giselle, Aurora, And Juliet, she was returning home to live out another dream She was going to open her very own Ballet studio Why not her family s name plus her Success as a respected top ballerina could not hurt Since she had been cautious with the money she w [...]


    This is the story of Natasha s youngest daughter Kate, an accomplished dancer who at the age of 25 has decided to retire and open a dance studio teaching ballet in her home town.She meets the hero in her mother s shop and starts hitting on him and then finds out later that he is a widower raising his six year old son Jack and does not want to get involved but Kate is a modern woman who knows what she wants and makes all the moves For, Brody his business and son is his priority and he doesn t nee [...]


    Bu kitab okumay unutmu um Spencer ve Natasha n n k k k zlar Kate in hikayesiydiKate nl bir balerin Ancak ailesine duydu u zlem sebebiyle bie bale okulu a p, ocuklara retmenlik yapmaya karar vererek do up b y d yere d n yor Ve okulu a aca binan n restorasyon i lerini yapacak olan Brody ve o lu Jack ile tan nca yeni bir hedefin pe inden ko uyorBu kad n daha ok b yle seri yazs n Her seferinde s yl yorum bunu Aile ili kilerini o kadar g zel anlat yor ki okumaya doyam yorum Bu seri de yine ok g zeldi [...]


    It s been quite a while since I ve read one of Nora Roberts category romances and now I seem to be on a Nora ride since I finished this book I d forgotten how good her small romances are and I want to read all the Stanislaski books this summer, if not this month There are times when I m not totally enad of her heroines but she does her men her heroes really, really well I m not sure why this is, but it s a nice change from the macho, overbearing, I want to smack them heroes in some books Her he [...]


    Great book I really want to be part of the Stanislaski family The best part of book was the marrige proposal from little Jack to Kate, it was so sweet and adorable I like Brody, he s meticulous, careful and put his son s welfare first, a very admirable man About Kate, she s a determinated woman and she knows what she wants but she s pushy and wants things to be on her own way, I think she should sit down and relax a little bit and have patience.But like I said before the star of the book is Jac [...]


    Kate Stanislaski Kimball came home to begin a new life The only thing perfect than the beautiful, dilapidated building she d bought for her new dance school is Brody O Connell, the frustrating and fascinating contractor she s hired for the renovation Brody knows Kate is the daughter of Natasha Stanislaski pampered, perfect, and not at all the right woman for him But he longs to make her his.

    abi rafon

    i thought it will bore the hell out of me for this is the first time i ever read a nora roberts that do not have a glimpse of suspense or mystery which im getting used to read from her but dear, it stole my heart especially jack and most importantly the will you marry us part.


    This was actually the first Stanislaskis book that I read and I thought it was wonderful Kate and Brody made a wonderful couple and I just loved Jack He was so precious A really great read that avidly kept my interest.

    Beth Cox

    I live to read Nora Roberts romances between really long novels because they re easy and always have a happy ending This book was wonderfully sweet, schmoopy and so good A single father raising his son after the mothers death learns to live again The little boy is so sweet


    3.5 enjoyed it probably because I enjoyed this serial family Baby Kate all grown up and moving back to her home town and finds herself repeating her mothers history book 1 of this series Not all of it, it had it s own unique moments More like she falls for man with a child she adores.


    Love this book, loved the series Borrowed the book as an ebook from my local library, only to realise by page 5 that I read this book before Remembered I love the book, so i decide to keep on going I ve read 3 books in the series, have 1 on hold and hopefully my library will get the last 2.

    ms bookjunkie

    Story Old favorite comfort read Makes me happy warm fuzzies happy heart 5 starsNarration Good basic narrative, acceptable to good to great voices female voices better , pretty good accents Only a couple of funny intonations 3.5 4 stars


    I ve really fallen for this entire series, it s lighthearted and less repetitive than some other series by NR This was just a cute, fun romantic read and sometimes, that s what you need.


    Seriye ok g zel bir final lk kitapta ya ananlara benzer eyler yazmak bence ok zekice, bu serisiyle yazara bir kere daha hayran oldum.


    GoodA typical read from Nora Roberts, a look into the lives of a not so typical family and as always with the hero s riding off into the sunset

    Titinha Scaeiro

    E mais 1 Gotei D

    Amy Hilliges

    Once upon a time, some 25 years ago, when I was a teen and read a lot of romance novels, I remember reading a few Nora Roberts books and enjoying them Although I love romantic stories, I rarely read genre romance novels now because I find them too sappy, predictable and unchallenging But as an author, I was researching the genre and decided who better to look at than one of the most prolific and successful romance novelist I also enjoy dancing and have been taking an adult beginner ballet class, [...]


    I ll give it 5 stars This is my FIRST Nora Roberts and this wouldn t be the last now Ever since I got hooked in reading, I am not into love story purely and I know from previous libraries I ve been, Nora Roberts is a knock out Another author to collect.I love the story, it was light and fun I adore Jack so much Especially when he proposed to Kate I was wondering Will you marry us way to go for a proposal FROM a 6 year old So adorably cute DAnd I like this quote as well Two people don t always ha [...]


    Kate Staislaski Kimball has decided to retire as a prima ballerina in NY and open a dance studio in her home town in WV She has an old building in mind and knows exactly what she wants Brody O Connell has also returned to WV with his young son and is hired to renovate Kate s building The sparks fly in than one way between them, much to his dismay All finally works out, some sex.

    Charlene Rowe

    Another great seriesYes I know this has been out awhile, but somehow I hadn t read it yet It was captivating as was the whole series Filled with characters that are so well written you can picture them a Nora Roberts specialty I just thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the whole family.

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