Dec 05, 2020
The Substitute
Posted by Lindsay Delagair

Life doesn t always go as planned When Andy can t get his wife pregnant, he needs a substitute But what happens when the substitute with the all the right equipment knows how to use it better than anyone she s ever had Warning Graphic Sexual Content

  • Title: The Substitute
  • Author: Lindsay Delagair
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Substitute Official TV Series Nickelodeon About The Substitute In this new hidden camera prank show, celebrities are transformed by a team of special effects artists to go undercover as substitute teachers to surprise a The Substitute The Substitute Rotten Tomatoes Oct , The Substitute is a surprisingly watchable film Trapped in its era and being one of many inner city school films, it was never a dull watch Tom Berenger has always been a likable actor and the The Substitute American TV series The Substitute The Wedding Pact, by Denise Grover Swank Jan , The Substitute is book one in the series, The Wedding Pact, by Denise Grover Swank Why was I shocked at the perfection of this book I have loved every single book by this author But this is a brand new series. Watch The Substitute Full Movie Free Online Undercover as a substitute teacher, en ex marine discovers a gang terrorizing the students and staff and sets out to clean up the crime infested school. The Substitute The Wedding Pact Kindle edition by Anyway, The Substitute sounded like a cute story with lots of promise and that s exactly what I got from reading this book Both main characters, Megan and Josh have problems that need dealing with Megan is afraid to tell her control freak mother that she s not getting married and Josh has to find a way to save his failing company. Substitute Teacher Key Peele YouTube Oct , While taking attendance, inner city substitute teacher Mr Garvey has trouble adjusting to a classroom full of middle class white students About Key Peele

    The Substitute Life doesn t always go as planned When Andy can t get his wife pregnant he needs a substitute But what happens when the substitute with the all the right equipment knows how to use it better than any

    Laura Carson

    Sweet short story free on Barnes Noble The characters were good enough I would have loved to read a full length novel about them I will be keeping an eye on this author


    This is a novella Interesting concept Not bad not great Warning this does contain some explicit sexual content


    2.5 starsI think this could have been a great idea for a full length novel It would have been interesting to see the downside and conflicts of this type of situation It was too easy everyone was happy with the situation and I doubt it would be that easy in real life.


    Wow a first for me from this author, and I was very much impressed For a short story, it was surprisingly well balanced view spoiler Jen s husband Andy can not give her the baby they so desperately want so he enlists the help of his best friend Gabe to be his substitute Of course Jen and Gabe have their reservations at first but with the chemistry between them.s heat up fast hide spoiler I love how the author gave somewhat of an Epilogue in the last pages, allowing us insight into future events [...]


    I would say this either had to be , or less but I think it had to be it was too disjointed, a lot crammed in even if you get beyond the massive suspension of disbelief needed for the premise oh no I want you to have a baby by my best friend because my cancer will make me impotent but I want you to have actual intercourse to get pregnant and bam pregnancy Plus extra bam He s loved her for forever Forever forever There were some good parts and points for trying D


    4.5 stars It s a good short story about love and the bumps life throws us Andy has cancer and can t give his wife Jen kids The solution to the problem is the best friend they ve had since they were kids Gabe steps in to father the child of the women he s been in love with since HS Gabe goes off to war but returns home after being injured Waiting for him at home is the strangle little family they have created.

    ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★

    I loved the writing, it was very quick read, but the story I just couldn t imagine having a baby and just handing it over to my best friend.


    ummm so you are married, are attracted to your husbands best friend, and when you sleep with him you realize you love him too uhhh no honey that s called lust, not love

    Ginny Rose

    Extremely short read, but very sweet It s amazing what a husband would do for his wife and for love.


    Sweet short story Worth the 0.99 on.


    Short readThis short story is about a couple who battles cancer and desire to have a baby, so they ask their best friend to help them get pregnant.


    I loved this bookort but a good read I would highly recommend this book to my friends.


    I m embarrassed to list this in my shelves I must have grabbed it a few yrs ago free from the nook store before I had hundreds purchased that are by authors I know and love waiting to be read I was perusing my books on my nook and looked to see what this was looked so but when I looked in here and saw its a short story I figured I d take a break from my current deeper reads and check it out oh my word.e words Cheesiest, cheap, rushed, immature come to mind I m sorry to the authord she may have c [...]


    What I enjoyed most was that the author wrote of a situation with three main characters, she covered each one of their feelings and emotions as they make difficult decisions Each faced the problem, had strong feelings about what they decided to do and came out in the end stronger for what they accomplished Andy had to face cancer loss of fertility and the prospect of freezing his sperm would pass his condition to his children This is three hard to accept life events and he was still able to be c [...]

    Alina Man

    This book was recommended to me by a friend and at 0.99 I thought, what the heck why not I ll give it a try I know what it feels like to get bad reviews and for that reason it s hard for me to write this review The story had lots of potential if given the chance You did not get the character development so it felt really rushed The whole idea of a husband asking his best friend to sleep with his wife also didn t sit well with me Fine, he s desperate and he wants his wife to be happy But really Y [...]

    Paper Crushes

    Reading the title and the first five pages of this story, I started to imagine a completely different story unraveling around Candy, but instead I was completely shocked a few pages later The Substitute is a very quick read that will have you astonished on what a person would be willing to endure for a loved one Andy and Jen had only been married for two short years when something occurred that would test any marriage and what would any man do for the happiness of his wife Andy showed strong cou [...]


    I found this book via researching the Untouchable series by the author The Substitute was an okay read, meaning that it was average enough to hold my interest during the few minutes I spent reading it There were several typos throughout the text and I guess some will say that those were okay since it was free but I just tend to notice those things.The premise of the story held a lot of promise but there was a part of me that felt it was trying a tad too hard to have a happy ending for all three [...]


    It was free and I read it a while ago Strange little short story about a woman who loves two best friends She dated the bad boy friend, Gabe first but it didn t work out so she ended up dating Andy who was of a straight laced type view spoiler Gabe, who dated her first pushed her away to his friend because he thought he wasn t good enough for her kinda lame really I hate that excuse hide spoiler Andy is sterile but they long for kids, so Andy suggests that Gabe does the deed But this brings up [...]

    Sharon Xuereb

    I quite enjoyed this steamy novella from Lindsay Delagair It has lots of emotion in it and a nice steamy love scene.There are very likeable characters in Jen, Andy and Gabe, that you can relate to in some way and sympathise with in regards to the situation they find themselves in.It s nicely written and the story feels finished once it wraps up It was also of those reads that left me with a smile on my face.It you re looking for a quick steamy read that has a bit depth to it than just your typi [...]


    I wish this could have been a full length novel but then again the idea that a man would let his wife sleep with his best friend no matter what the circumstances knowing they ve always secretly loved each othere on My husbands not the jealous type but even he wouldn t agree to this without there being major issues later on In any event the writing is good and the steamy scenes were steamy, but I m not sold in the idea I will probably take a chance at this authors full length novel, Heart of the [...]


    Wow This is honestly so much better than I thought, not what I expected at all This was a very sweet and sexy read It was actually so full of love in different degrees and what a way to express your love and friendship Then to try and help create a life if possible Even if you don t get to keep the girl in the end.What an absolutely amazing quick little story this was to read I m sure couples have actually gone this route, I wouldn t doubt it.


    This was a short, sweet story that brought an unconventional solution to one couple s painful problem the desire to have a family and the inability to do so I would have loved for this story to have been longer, though I think the dynamics of the relationship between husband, wife and best friend with a baby thrown in the mix would have been a compelling and entertaining read Maybe we will see of this trio in future stories by Ms Delagair.

    Laura Goff

    Its very short I wish their was story but in all reality yeah I could see this happening in life I actually know a couple that did something similar but not w anyone they personally knew but w strangers and they have 2 kids now nd are happy I know a lot of people can t seem to grasp the idea and give it low ratings because of it but it honestly just depends on the people and their situation To Each Their Own I recommend but if you ain t open minded then do not read it

    Shelly Pratt

    a great premise that I would have loved to have seen as a full novel I was unaware this was a short story so was left wanting in many ways There was no time for character development and there was a lot of telling rather than showing I m glad it was free or I would have felt short changed I will perhaps look into the author s other works to see if her writing is different when given the time to properly develop her craft.


    A very quick read Interesting premise Had it been a full length novel, I am sure the story would have had depth The writer seems to have the skills to flesh it out but with only 30 pages, seemed a bit rushed I have been reading lots of romances with a menage plot so I am not terribly bothered like others about the wife loving two men After all, it is fiction Well done and will read others by this author.


    Okere isn t a whole lot that I can say about this book It was a short read that was able to keep my interest However, I don t think the story was really believeable I just can t picture any husband letting his wife sleep with his best friend knowing they have had feelings for each other for a long time.


    I think this would be good as a full length novel The idea itself is good however it would be nice to see some conflict and all around details It seemed bit unbelievable how everyone was just ok with it alll, I don t forsee that happening in real life I will definitely look for from this author.


    I loved this book I read it quickly I loved the storyline, the events the characters It was sweet, cute but had some steamy scenes it was awesome It was great definitely looking forward to reading from this author I really really liked this I wished it was full length Maybes something of the sort will be brought about Ill be looking out for from this author

    Ashley Hedden

    The cover and title are what pulled me in but it was the author s words and story that kept me enthralled I loved this story and the fact that it is a love story with a twist This shows the measure of a man and the depths that he will love and show love I am so glad that I took a chance on this story and I suggest that everyone does the same.


    I actually really liked this book A new concept that I wouldn t have minded reading an entire novel about So relieved that the author didn t leave any details hanging in the balance Truly shows how far love can stretch.

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