Aug 09, 2020
Undone By Her Tender Touch
Posted by Maya Banks

Just one night Yeah, right.Pippa Laingley should have known better When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy, she s at a crossroads She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings What she s just discovered is that he s loved and lost before wife and child Tragically Now CJust one night Yeah, right.Pippa Laingley should have known better When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy, she s at a crossroads She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings What she s just discovered is that he s loved and lost before wife and child Tragically Now Cam stands to lose it all again If he lets Pippa get too close If he pushes her away with loveless arrangements of financial support Either way, he s doomed unless he can let himself love again.

  • Title: Undone By Her Tender Touch
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9781459227255
  • Page: 474
  • Format: ebook
  • Undone By Her Tender Touch Just one night Yeah right Pippa Laingley should have known better When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy she s at a crossroads She knew going


    This is the final installment in Ms Banks series of Pregnancy Passion Cam Pippa have known each other for a while through their friendship with Cam s business partners and their Fianc es wives who are Pippa s friends One night they decide to give into their desire for each other and have a one night stand Unfortunately one of the condoms failed which resulted in life long consequences.At first Cam was very upset and resistant and we learnt that he had been married before and both his wife and so [...]


    This is the last in Banks pregnancy and passion series about four friends and business partners who each accidentally knock someone up You have to wonder what brand of condoms they re using The last man standing is Cam, aka Mr Reclusive Cam has been eyeing Pippa a friend of his friend s wife for some time, and when he makes his move, he s brutally honest about the rules I don t do commitment I need you to understand that if we go to bed together, this is a one night stand I won t call you in a f [...]


    Cam and Pippa Some reviewers say that Pippa crossed a line telling Cam what was what But I thought she was great and Cam needed a kick in the pants to move on.Cam lost his family years ago The story never says how and you really never got to know much about them He doesn t want to ever feel like that again, yadda yadda yadda So even though he can t resist Pippa, he is determined to keep her at arms length Basically have his cake and eat it too Pippa is no doormat though I think that even though [...]


    As the last book in the series, I felt I needed to read it to get closure for all of the couples But I will state up front that I really dislike the dead ex storyline and would normally not read this book Especially when that ex was loved and is mourned Despite his tragic past, Cam to wallowing to a whole nutha level I wanted to feel empathy for him But he made it so damn hard by being so cruel and self centered The author did no favors by not really disclosing his past or thoughts He never real [...]


    Le do el 02 09 2012NO QUIERO QUERERTEProtagonistas Cameron Cam Hollingsworth y Pippa LaingleyArgumento Los unir a aquel embarazo Solo una noche S , seguro Pippa Laingley deber a haber sabido que no ser a as Cuando una noche de pasi n con Cameron Hollingsworth desemboc en un embarazo no planeado, Pippa se encontr en un atolladero Sab a que el enigm tico empresario hab a construido una fortaleza alrededor de su coraz n Hab a perdido a su familia en un tr gico accidente y ahora Cam tem a abrirse de [...]


    This series has been pretty good and I have been waiting for Cam s story since we know the least about him and in the last book he helped screw Devon s head straight when it came to Ashley, sadly this book has to be my least favorite book in the series.The theme is failed birth control Pippa is Ashley s friend and she is in the process of establishing her own store front cafe and catering business when she gives in to her attraction with Cam and spends one passion filled night with him, agreeing [...]


    Wow just wow I had a feeling Cam s story was going to be pretty incredible and I was right I could see in the previous books that he was pretty closed off cynical When this one started out with him lusting after Pippa I had a feeling it was going to be intense When he started out their night with the statement that it would be one night only, no contact after, etc, I could see he was setting himself up for the fall Pippa started out saying he should get over himself, that s all she wanted too, b [...]


    This is the forth and last installment in the Pregnancy Passion series The story of Cameron and Pippa is a very intense and emotional read.Cameron has known the worst possible pain He had lost his wife and son He swore never to put himself through this pain again Now he is Mr I dont do commitment, I dont do love sort of guy But when a one night stand with gorgeous Pippa results in a pregnancy, Cam is living the nightmare all over again Pippa refuses his offer of marriage She wants a husband who [...]


    SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST By far the best in this series A heroine that knows what she wants and is not afraid to claim her wants and, if need be, cut the father of her unborn child out of her life A woman that is not afraid to say I LOVE YOU even when the odds are not in her favor A woman that CAN KICK SERIOUS A E , without losing her femininity and identity as an independent woman And yese higher the expectations for this hero, the greater the surprise for his behaviour and his subsequent redempt [...]


    This was an average read,adored Pippa a lot,Cam was jerk almost till the end of the book,if he would have come out of his fears a little sooner and accepted his feelings for Pippa i would have loved it,also wanted grovelling .I loved this series


    I read this book not realizing that it was actually the fourth book in a series, oops Once a few other characters were mentioned I began to get the feeling that maybe I missed something but it didn t affect my understanding of the story It actually just made me want to go back and read the others in the series So while it won t hurt you to read this book as a stand alone, it would probably be beneficial to start the series from the beginning.Cam is adamant about not having any strings between hi [...]

    ♡PıNaR DeğiRmeNci ♡

    Ve serinin son kitab da bittiHayat n n a k n ve ocu unu kaybetmesi ile herseyi farkl g ren cam ve hayat dolu Pipa hikayesiH zl ba lad hatta ilk kitab es ge ti G zeldi anlaml yd ak c hemen olup biten bir kitapt Ama be endim seriyi Ba ka serilerle gelece im

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    Undone by her Tender TouchCameron Cam Hollingsworth and Pippa Laingley4.5 5 StarsUndone by her Tender Touch is the fourth book of Pregnancy Passion series by Maya Banks I really like this story, Pippa is my favorite heroine in the series, she is very independent, and she says what s on her mind Cam and Pippa has so much chemistry, I like the banter with sexual tension Cam is also very promising, he is a flirt, and also loving and supportive to Pippa Cam and Pippa had a one night stand, then Pipp [...]

    Amanda Sheila

    Aaaargh pacing back and forth Pippa s pregnant and Cam s not ready to built a commitment But what should they do So they try to be friend and face the reality together But day by day, inside Pippa s heart, love for Cam grew What will Cam do when he find out It s been a while since I read Maya Banks s pregnancy series and I just realized I missed it so much The angst, the heartbreak Argh Very typical of Banks that I love the most, the story s about wounded Hero who reject the heroine and regret i [...]


    This one and the second one were full of the most heartache The heroine was as strong as the hero, probably , making the story so much fun There was definitely an exchange of many funny words between the two I especially liked how the heroine was so adamant at the end regarding the hero but so full of love for him that he was able to breakthrough to her This was another great read by Maya Banks.

    Rain ~miss kinky knickers~

    Another nice, nothing special story, in this nice, nothing special series.What can I say I love Maya Banks style, so I ll read her book even knowing in advance it won t be something exactly new, challenging or brilliant.It s nice Cute That s all.Anyway, there are much worse ways to spend a couple of hours, I suppose.

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    It got four stars because I felt every emotion I cried That makes a great book


    wickedlilpixie 2012 03 26 Maya Banks is one of those authors I discovered in the last year or so, and have been hooked ever since Her stories, no matter how long or short, tend to be sexy stories full of emotion, heartbreak and happy ever afters, and, reallyn t that what every good romance should contain I don t know how she does it, either She has an astonishing list of books she has released, and I see no sign of her slowing her pace, and thank the gods.One thing you need to learn about Ms Ban [...]

    Kathy Davie

    Fourth and last in the Pregnancy Passion romance series revolving around four business partners who are also friends The couple focus is on Pippa Laingley and Cameron Hollingsworth.My TakeIt s okay A very typical Harlequin romance with loving, caring friends and an idiot man.I do like Banks premise in this story Never settle for less and don t be afraid to go after what you want If only she hadn t also thrown in the clich s in which Pippa changes her mind so easily and quickly Sure, anyone is en [...]


    Review originally posted here thebookpushers 2012 05 11 When I first read Pippa in Tempted by her Innocent Kiss, I was excited to get her full story While I absolutely loved Pippa to death, I was not a fan of her hero At all.Pippa is trying to get her business off the ground with the meager savings she has and the desire to success After she spends on very steamy night with Cam, she figured life would go back to normal That is until Cam calls to tell her that one of the condoms broke Now Pippa i [...]

    Christa Simpson

    This is my first review on and so I m excited to say that I tried a new author on for size and loved her After my sister insisted how much I would enjoy a Maya Banks romance I finally gave in and read this story I was unsure whether starting at the final book of the series was a smart idea, but I loved it and I m not sure that I would have felt the same after reading the first three in the series.So basically the story went as follows Boy meets girl Boy wants girl Boy tells girl he wants to scre [...]


    A pretty good Harlequin Desire book particularly if you like young struggling heroines rich tragic protective heroes and moral relationships with angst Maya Banks, who writes both romance and erotica, excels at writing sensual and romantic sex scenes and lovable characters that elicit reader emotions and pull at the heartstrings I have not read the prior 3 books in the series I may have appreciated this book had I done so though I felt this stood well enough on its own as a complete story In, U [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

    This review posted on Guilty Pleasures4.5 StarsUndone By Her Tender Touch is book four in Maya Banks Pregnancy and Passion series In the series all four guys are friends, who are for the most part arrogant, rich playboys At one point or another throughout the series I wanted to slap all of them except Cam Cam grabbed my attention in book one of the series because even though all four guys were jerks, there seemed to be to Cam s jerkiness than just being a conceited, I want it my way ass I shoul [...]


    I am not a fan of the pregnancy trope in romance novels I don t get all warm and fuzzy, and I m not big on pregnancy being the reason behind the one night stand continuing, etc I loved all the books in the series individually, but this one and Ashley s are my favorite That being said, I do think and this isn t just my anti pregnancy feelings that all the titles having a pregnancy felt like a bit too much of the same thing They re worth reading, but I would definitely split them up so you don t f [...]


    ABOUT THE BOOK Just one night Yeah, right Pippa Laingley should have known better When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy, she s at a crossroads She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings What she s just discovered is that he s loved and lost before wife and child Tragically.Now Cam stands to lose it all again If he lets Pippa get too close If he pushes her away with loveless arrangements of fi [...]


    The final installment of the series is my favorite, tied along with Rafael Bryony s story I LOVED both the heroine hero Pippa is a strong woman with fire, passion, intelligence, a smart mouth, and a complete girly side full of the mushy stuff She is my favorite in this series She was full of confidence unwilling to settle for less than she deserved from the very beginning and consistently throughout the story, unlike the other heroines in the series She was honest, blunt, and quick to call Cam o [...]

    Katherine 黄爱芬

    Bagaimana rasanya mendapatkan dirimu hamil dari percintaan semalam suntuk Inilah yg dialami Pippa Mimpi buruknya ini makin diperparah oleh sikap Cam yg selalu membingungkan Cam bersikap seperti ada Jekyll and Hyde dlm dirinya Cam bisa bersikap super protektif dan membantu Pippa tanpa diminta Tapi di sisi lain, Cam sering bersikap bajingan karena trauma masa lalunya terus menghantui dirinya Cam sangat menyukai Pippa, bahkan teramat suka sehingga dia tidak senang dgn pemikiran bhw dia akan waswas, [...]

    Sofia Lazaridou

    Note I am not seeing this book as a typical Harlquin but as a book that wants to give a message to readers.Her happiness or sadness has a direct bearing on my own.Undone by Her Tender Touch is a very nice story and it has a message for the readers.The message is Never leave the demons from your past to affect your future.The book proves that past might destroy the future and that people sometimes get a second chance to find happiness.Of course I might be a fool and think that s what Maya Banks w [...]


    I ve been waiting for this book, out of all the guys introduced in the series, I felt of a connection with Cam Although it doesn t give much background information, Cam was married before and had a newborn son Both Cam s wife and son died, leaving him alone and miserable until he meets Pip Although Cam doesn t embrace his feelings for Pippa because he is scared to lose her and his baby whom she is pregnant with Cam has a lot of issues he over comes in this novel, it was a really good read and I [...]

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