Jul 11, 2020
Dinotopia Lost
Posted by Alan Dean Foster

For countless centuries, the Land Apart from Time has been protected from intruders by the coral reefs surrounding the island But when a storm tossed ship finds its way to the shore, this lost world of humans and dinosaurs will be utterly exposed to a crew of pirates

  • Title: Dinotopia Lost
  • Author: Alan Dean Foster
  • ISBN: 9780441009213
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dinotopia Lost For countless centuries the Land Apart from Time has been protected from intruders by the coral reefs surrounding the island But when a storm tossed ship finds its way to the shore this lost world o

    Jonathan Anderson

    An enjoyable read Foster knows how to rock that alliteration garrulous Gallimimus was my personal favorite , and I enjoyed how he switched from human to dinosaur to human viewpoints within less than a sentence of each other He does a good job of making the language barriers clear while at the same time blending it together so we don t have to waste time trying to decipher things ourselves I did think it was a little odd that Arthur Denison is barely mentioned and then done away with completely, [...]


    This book was great bc I am a huge fan of dinosaurs and the book Dinotopia by Jame Gurney This book has the same characters as Dinotopia but there are also some new characters bc the book is not the same It s about how the dinosaurs interact with the humans and humans that have chosen to stay on Dinotopia have adapted to a different way of life that is particular to the dinosaurs There are mentions of a lot of the places that are in Dinotopia but my favourite was at the Tree Tops It was an elab [...]


    So cute in a scale y, tooth y, pirate y way I ve always loved dinosaurs so this book was right up my alley A good moral story filled with action and intricate attention to detail The Tyrannosaurs were magnificent, but Chaz the little Protoceratops was my favorite Sarcastically snarky, but loveable My favorite scene that made me snort was when Will, Keelk and Chaz were going onward without the T Rex parents and were discussing that they had actually given them T Rex names Chaz I am Slayswithwords [...]


    As a child, I loved Dinotopia stories All of them involved exploring and danger and adventure More often than not, I found myself attached to the saurian characters than the human I was first interested in Dinotopia when I saw the Hallmark mini series It wasn t until one of my friend s loaned me The World Beneath and A Land Apart from Time that I realized how much the TV series distorted James Gurney s original stories a fact that still irks me to no end I was sorry that James Gurney hadn t wri [...]


    I ve always had in interesting relationship with Dinotopia I love the James Gurney artwork and all the stories and novels, even the novel series On the other hand, I know that if it existed in real life, I would probably not believe that dinosaurs were sentient and on the same level as humans but I enjoy reading it all the same.Foster writes Dinotopia really well, staying true to the spirit that Gurney created of peace, friendship, respect, and benignity that was in the original stories He also [...]

    Matthew Kemp

    why i decided to read this book this book was recommended to me by a friend and i enjoy these types of booksBingo Board category this book goes into the sci fi fantasy book i like this category because these are the types of books that i usually read.Favorite quote in dinotopia people travel everywhere with flowers they re considered as essential to a long and happy life as food or drink something i learned i learned about a lot of different types of dinosaurs and their habits.a character that w [...]

    Travis Mueller

    It seems well enough written, but it just doesn t hook me for some reason Maybe part of the problem is that it is written, since the attractive part of the original Dinotopia is the art, and because narrative requires that things which could be ambiguous in a drawing the exact relationship between people both human and saurian interacting must be made explicit Also, it seems like there is too much emphasis on the inability to communicate because of non shared languages, which is dumb because pe [...]


    Writing style is a bit too verbose The story is fun to read, but the word choices usually end up being slightly exotic or obscure We are reading it aloud for our family book time Some sentences are difficult to speak out loud

    Meredith Miyake

    A wonderful adventure, and a worthy addition to the world of Dinotopia Full of humor, thought and suspense I have loved the Gurney books since I was very young and was absolutely thrilled to enjoy this one.A must read for Dinotopia fans.


    A wonderful, fantastic series The authors do a good job to keep their writing and voice congruous throughout the various books.


    so much detail so interesting a setting


    Loved it


    An awesome book with so many facets Probably my favorite Dinotopia book The writing is great and the plot of the story keeps moving along.


    I loved it I thought it had great characters, a thrilling storyline, and was a perfect addition to the original stories.

    Tyler D

    I don t know if it s really four stars, but I loved it as a kid and I loved it as a young adult Dinosaurs always and forever.


    I love dinosaurs Even better, talking ones Dinotopia sounds amazing I d like to live there I also seem to love exclamation marks


    I wish I could live in this world

    Iain Parkes

    I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 14286926

    Small Creek

    Somehow these things are never as great as I remember them to be That, or because this is written by the great ADF Hah I should revisit the original books one of these days.


    I m so much a fan of the movie and this, once I got caught up in it, was fantastic I never wanted to stop reading Love the characters, love the story.


    I ve never read any Dinotopia books before, but I have read a few of Foster s books which is why I picked this one up I found it quite enjoyable.


    Was always a fan of Alan Dean Foster, so when I saw this on I picked it up not disappointed fast good read about an odd subject.

    Ann Seeton

    I love Dinotopia so I enjoyed this adventure.

    Dan Stoner

    I almost put down the book when the author introduced the notion of sentient dinosaurs but I m glad I kept reading The dinosaurs were interesting characters and I really enjoyed the book.

    Emily Olson

    I loved it Great Story, couldn t put it down.

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