Feb 26, 2020
The Woman Who Had Two Navels
Posted by Nick Joaquín

This book is a fictional story of a Filipina woman who believes she has two navels It is widely considered as a classic in Philippine literature It is divided into 5 chapters Paco, Macho, La Vidal, The Chinese Moon, and Doctor Monson.This is a novel, not be confused with the short story collection of the same name.

  • Title: The Woman Who Had Two Navels
  • Author: Nick Joaquín
  • ISBN: 9789715690157
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The Woman Who Had Two Navels This book is a fictional story of a Filipina woman who believes she has two navels It is widely considered as a classic in Philippine literature It is divided into chapters Paco Macho La Vidal Th

    K.D. Absolutely

    The identity of a Filipino today is of a person asking what is his identity Nick JoaquinWhen I bought this book a couple of months ago, I immediately skimmed the first two pages I did think that this was a book about a female character with anatomical deformity and the book was about what caused the deformity and what should be done to correct it I thought that this book would make me endlessly laugh Having formed that ridiculous image in my mind, I set this book aside There were and there still [...]


    Past Engagements A Book Review of Nick Joaquin s The Woman Who Had Two Navels In 1955, Nick Joaquin left the Philippines on a Rockefeller creative writing grant taking him to countries such as Spain, the United States, and Mexico This two year sojourn gave birth to his first novel inspired by an earlier, shorter work, The Woman Who Had Two Navels, published in 1961 having won the very first Harry Stonehill award.A historic novel now considered a seminal work in Philippine Literature, it revolves [...]


    Over damp Hong Kong the day dawned drizzling, astonishing with sunshine the first passengers huddled inside the ferries, luring them out on deck to spread cold fingers in the blond air and to smile excitedly that night was full moon of the Chinese New Year at the great rock city coming up across the black water, rising so fat and spongy in the splashing light the waterfront s belt of buildings looked like a cake, with alleys cutting deep into the icing and hordes of rickshaws vanishing like ants [...]

    Aj the Ravenous Reader

    Nick Joaquin is known for his highly symbolic prose This novel is no exception.

    Maria Julieta

    Just the best book I ve read this year Sobrang galing Breathtaking as it is profound I m officially a fan, Sir.


    I was a kid when I read this book Probably, I was twelve or so I also saw the short story version the short story came first, then, upon a Rockefeller Grant, Joaquin expanded it into a novel.


    This book deals with the absurd The book is a complex story on individual choice as a step in living a fulfilling life and through the characters an allegory on how a developing country chooses democracy in its steps for self determination I understand how some people find this book a hard read because the character s engage in a sort of stream of consciousness montage that occasionally shifts from past to the present as well alternate scenerious that one can interpret as hallucinations Parts 3 [...]


    After glossing through hundreds of glowing four to five star ratings and insightful theme analyses of The Woman With Two Navels, you may be led to believe that I too will conduct this review in an appropriate, almost distant manner, praising Joaquin for such a glorious masterpiece.You have been sorely mistaken.There will be no detached observations There will be no compulsory censoring I will rant I will spoil It will be messy If you take exception to this, then find another reviewer, because I [...]


    As a Filipino, this book appeals to me on different levels Joaquin wrote this on a different time and yet its significance remains to be relevant I see the character of Connie as the embodiment of the Filipinos Having two navels, therefore, implying having two mothers, personifies the two nations that colonized the Philippines The culture, politics and other influences of these two nations have led the Filipinos in a state of being addle on their identity, similar to the state of Connie At some [...]

    cel de Jesus

    it s like watching a play

    John Rey

    I think that this book is than about the Philippines and its history as other reviews suggest Many allusions to events in the Philippine history was used but I guess they are there to contextualize some things in relation to one s personhood during those times There are other topics about personhood discussed like freedom, morality, etc and I think they are still relevant today as it was in the times when the plot is contextualized.I think that the plot presents in an intricate yet subtle way h [...]

    Jireh Lee

    I read this when I was 8 years old or so, so I didn t really understand what it actually meant Although, I thought it was rather excellent when I read it I should probably re read it sometime I hope I can get a copy when I go back to the Philippines, since the two copies I had left was destroyed by Ondoy.

    Maria Ella

    another high school compliance read this or else zero grade in report card Good read Concept of incepting an idea to a Filipino mind is not so great since the two navel idea is not a good comparison with a typical Pinoy with two or identities.Little did I know is that the navels served as metaphor.


    Considered as one of the best Philippine works of fiction in English, I found that I did not enjoy reading this work as much as I hoped to At some point, I kept reading in the hopes that the story would become interesting or that there would be some structure that would make sense out of the story.

    Camille Tolentino

    the words are really deep but it expresses such meaningwhop thought that two navels actually meant rebirths It took a lot of effort to make me realize that


    This book s plot really dragged, but it was the best Filipino literature that I have read Personally, I think it would be better if it was written as a short story with like, twenty or so pages.



    Arvyn Cerézo

    I do not have enough words Review to follow.

    William Baker

    Being one of a kind, how can this novel s genre determined Awesome, batshit crazy book devoured and regurgitated me Wonderful psychological moral insights.

    Branislav Ruman

    In many ways a confusing and an interesting book.

    Alyssa Grace

    I read this because I have to Waaaah How will I be able to teach this novel if I did not understand it fully while reading My head hurts as I think of it.I was in college when my professor in Literature gave us a major homework about the novel of Nick Joaquin titled May Day Eve Honestly, I really had a hard time understanding it because the author is so deep and known in his highly symbolic prose Despite my fondness of reading books, this one really challenged my familiarity of words, background [...]

    Ivan Labayne

    Maybe the novel is about Joaquin s lengthy, sometimes unwieldy, then occupying, hen mystifying, then heart purging sentences which could leave you wanting to be a single person, or wanting to see these words in Facebook posts, or wanting these words to be unclutered paintings in selfie photograpghs, btu maybe the novel is also about this we re all so involved in one another we can hardly drew a breath without making somebody suffer somewhere In the end we all have to be rather callous and ruthle [...]


    It gets a bit confusing The voice or the point of view being written with seems to change from time to time, seemingly without clear demarcation or purpose Nonetheless it was the first major piece of Philippine literature I read on my own without it being required in school The metaphor of the imagery was certainly astounding at times and I did find moments with the writing I especially liked reading about places that I actually pass by or go to being so different at that era I don t regret read [...]

    Lily C Fen

    It took a few chapters to get into the lyrical, florid language that Nick Joaquin uses But once you do, he takes you on a journey that leaves you entangled with the elite of Manila, a doctor s office in Hong Kong, vast and opulent plantations, and fast cars racing through highways At least, that s the way his novel made me feel.

    John Benedick


    Clement Mesa

    requirements lng sa project


    i want to learn

    Jun Jun


    Dana Marie


    Melijo Anthony Chan

    rambling symbolism superb characterization and conflict.

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