Oct 01, 2020
The Problem of Wineskins: Church Structure in a Technological Age
Posted by Howard A. Snyder


  • Title: The Problem of Wineskins: Church Structure in a Technological Age
  • Author: Howard A. Snyder
  • ISBN: 9780877847694
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Problem of Wineskins Church Structure in a Technological Age None


    Continues to amaze me how some problems and their solutions stand the test of time With a few glaring exceptions an ongoing concern with psychedelic drug use and the assumption of New Age hippies everywhere these are the same problems the church faces now and the solutions are the same That is reassuring to me because it seems the sky isn t falling, but we need to continue to focus on being communities of grace and hope and we need periodic reminders of this.


    This is a powerful examination of how church structures, both physical buildings and organizations can both help and hinder Jesus gospel This book makes the case for church baed on small groups which are able to grow organically and were everyone has an important role, rather than having a few super star paid staff and everyone else is a spectator Even though this book was written 40 years ago, it still very relevant.


    Regarding the entrenched, traditional religious practices of his own day, maintained without question for their own sake regardless of their relation to human needs, Jesus famously observed that old wineskins cannot contain new wine Snyder evokes that image in this serious, well thought out and biblically informed analysis of how little biblical warrant actually exists for much of our current traditional pattern of church organization and life, how miserably that pattern fails to fulfill the div [...]


    I read this book over thirty years ago, and it still affects me Snyder remains an active writer, thank goodness For Christians, about the church.


    Interesting reading, advocating less structure and community via small groups in the modern church Seeks to make church relevant but biblical.

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