Dec 05, 2020
Gus, the Dinosaur Bus
Posted by Julia Liu Bei Lynn

Gus is a very large, very special green dinosaur and he makes the perfect city schoolbus Or does he He causes traffic jams, gets tangled in telephone lines, knocks down traffic lights, and creates potholes with his big stomping feet If the principal fires Gus from schoolbus duty, how will the thirty ton dino find a new job Lynn s wonderful, sketchy watercolor and penciGus is a very large, very special green dinosaur and he makes the perfect city schoolbus Or does he He causes traffic jams, gets tangled in telephone lines, knocks down traffic lights, and creates potholes with his big stomping feet If the principal fires Gus from schoolbus duty, how will the thirty ton dino find a new job Lynn s wonderful, sketchy watercolor and pencil illustrations recall old classics, as does the pleasantly preposterous story of a dinosaur who just wants to be helpful.

  • Title: Gus, the Dinosaur Bus
  • Author: Julia Liu Bei Lynn
  • ISBN: 9780547905730
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gus the Dinosaur Bus Gus is a very large very special green dinosaur and he makes the perfect city schoolbus Or does he He causes traffic jams gets tangled in telephone lines knocks down traffic lights and creates pot


    This is a bit derivative of the superior Danny and the Dinosaur However, it lacks the emotional punch of that masterpiece I m not a fan of ridiculously simplistic art I suppose the purpose was to make old Gus seem friendly, since real dinosaurs would maul the children to death.If you think swimming in a pool of dinosaur tears would be fun, then perhaps this is the book for you I find the notion to be rather disgusting.


    I love the child logic this title reflects.

    Edward Sullivan

    This charming tale about a multi purpose supersaurus reminds a bit of some classics by Syd Hoff.

    Tracy Morton

    This book is a little on the long side so I would save it for kindergarten It will be too hard to follow for preschoolers.


    The illustrations for this book are atrocious Otherwise the story is dino centric enough to engage dino lovers.


    Gus is the best Even if he can t be a bus, the kids love him and friends matter So fun.


    It s ok because this dinosaur takes all these kids out of windows from apartments It seems totally unsafe Would you let your kids do that No way So why do they let their kids do that It seems weird Then he makes a giant pool and then there s a ton of kids from the neighborhood Then he s Gus the Dinosaur swing and slide and pool.


    What could be fun than a dinosaur bus Gus, the dinosaur bus, is loved by all the school children because he s fun to ride There is no waiting at a bus stop and no stairs to climb with Gus on the job Children love going to school But every positive also has a negative The city s infrastructure suffers because of Gus size and weight And when the school is presented with bills to pay for all of Gus damage, the principal puts an end to Gus the dinosaur bus He is shipped off to the auditorium and hi [...]

    Tara Kollman

    This charming tale is about a big green dinosaur, who takes the student to and from school The principle of the town had even built a road for him to travel on Being a dinosaur means that the students don t have to worry about traffic or gas The school loves him because he can get stuff from high places However, one day Gus gets caught in telephone lines and destroys some property Also, he can cause severe traffic jams The principle notices that Gus is causing too much trouble and decides to hid [...]


    The kids who go to one city school are lucky to have Gus, the dinosaur as their mode of transportation to school The kids who live in apartments don t even need to go to a bus stop, Gus picks them up right from their window Riding a dinosaur to school can be lots of fun But, when Gus ends up causing trouble and costing the school, the principal takes him off the road Feeling sad, Gus hides in the gym and begins to cry One tear alone is enough to fill a bathtub Soon a pool is formed because of a [...]


    Gus, a friendly, enormous green dinosaur, enjoys providing transportation to and from school for many of the school age children in his city Although the children and town citizens love him, his size causes traffic jams and broken traffic lights, and results in traffic tickets When the principal tells him that he can no longer travel on the city s streets, heartbroken Gus must find something else to do The watercolor and pencil illustrations are simple while showing the delights of having a dino [...]


    Age Preschool 1st gradeAnimals DinosaurPretty cute concept and some darling moments the children who live in apartments don t even need to walk downstairs They hop out their windows and slide down to their seats The flow of the book is rather child like with a logical progression of events that seem oddly pieced together, yet they totally make sense Gus is big and is hard to navigate through the city streets, he creates a lot of damage, the bills start piling up, the principal takes him off the [...]

    Amy Forrester

    Some kids walk to school, or ride in a car, or take an ordinary yellow bus, but not the kids in this book They get to ride to school on Gus, the dinosaur bus The whole town loves Gus, they even build a road just for him so he won t step on cars , but Gus is so tall he sometimes gets tangled in telephone wires and his tail is so long he puts holes in buildings Gus loves his job as a dinosaur bus, what will he do when the school tells him he has to stop Lynn s watercolor and ink illustrations mimi [...]

    Jessica Lane

    Gus, the Dinosaur Bus by Julia Liu is about a big green supersaurus named Gus to takes kids to school The kids love him But because he s so big, he causes lots of problems He s told he can t be a bus any and has to figure out another way to spend time with the students.This is such a great book The idea of a big, sweet dinosaur being a bus is so cute and children would love the idea of taking a dinosaur to school I also loved the illustrations They somewhat looked like kids had done them, which [...]


    I m too old, cranky, and cynical for this one A dinosaur loaded with kids roams through town causing massive craters that need to be filled at the taxpayers expense, and everyone is fine with this If this happened for real, I m pretty sure ole Gus would end up here I d like mine with extra sauce, please.


    Gus is a friendly dinosaur that loves picking up the children and taking them to school everyday Unfortunately when Gus starts causing some problems and costing the school money the Principal has to give Gus some new jobs Young readers will enjoy the fun watercolor and pencil illustrations that accompany the book.


    This is a silly story with elementary, but charming illustrations The story is cute, though the rules of the universe are a little baffling Is Gus the only dinosaur That seems lonely Kids who like dinosaurs or construction will probably enjoy being read this story.


    A strange tale of a dinosaur who is a bus until he has too many problems on the road Then his tears make a swimming pool for the kids at the school and all is solved Kids who like dinosaurs won t care that the storyline is a tad weird.

    Kristina Jean Lareau

    I like the style of the childlike watercolor illustrations, but the story is boring I truly lost interest about halfway through I know the dinosaurs are a popular topic for children, but this is one with which you shouldn t bother.


    Great concept Fabulous fresh and moving illustrations On first glance illustrations may seem naive but closer inspection will show how much she understands the gestures and organic energetic movements of children.


    I like the story and love the vintage feel to the illustrations Sure a dinosaur bus is awesome, but a dinosaur slide and pool is way cooler.

    Michelle Simpson

    Cute picture book for young children Find your voice book.

    Katie Ross

    I love the illustrations in this book It is a very cute story and when I read it to my little cousins, they absolutely loved it


    Very similar to Danny and the Dinosaur not a huge fan of the problem and ending, but the first half was cute.


    4 1 2 Cute, original idea.


    This big dinosaur enjoys taking children to school, but the townspeople worry he is too destructive.


    Kids love dinosaurs Asked the kids during storytelling whether they would like a dinosaur bus, and you can guess what the answer was.


    Who needs a regular school bus when you have a dino bus Dinosaur fans will love it One typo in the summary on the verso principle instead of principal, used correctly in text of book.


    Kids who like dinosaurs will probably like this, but I wasn t overly impressed Decent, but not worth library budget dollars Sorry, Julia Liu

    Lynn Kleinmeyer

    Loved the illustrations Very reminiscent of my childhood picture books The story was cute and will appeal to kids for its novelty.

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