Nov 30, 2021
Dancer's Luck
Posted by Lorna Hill

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  • Title: Dancer's Luck
  • Author: Lorna Hill
  • ISBN: 9780861638390
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Hardcover
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    LH Johnson

    The second of one of Lorna Hill s other series, Dancer s Luck is a fascinating read to somebody very much entrenched in the Well books You ll have to forgive me if I make any faux pas about this series as Dancer s Luck is my introduction and, well, it s a bit stretched, is it not Oh, I m leaping ahead and that is poor of me It is wrong to address the issues without acknowledging first the strengths, for no book is wholly one or the other They may be weak, or they may be strong, but they will alw [...]

    Louise Culmer

    the second book about diminutive ballet student Annete Dancey this one is set mainly in Skye, where Annete s friend Angus is staying with his friend Jamie Gordon, who struggles to maintain his crmbling ruin of a castle naturally Angus s beautiful, troublesome cousin Sheena turns up, and soon has her sights set on handsome enigmatic Jamie Gordon and who can blame her jamie is attracted to Sheena, but has no illusions about her character Maenwhile Annette comes north on a tour with her dancing sch [...]


    There s an awful lot of dashing about in this book principally to, from, and around Skye It s hard to keep up But Annette is slightly less annoying than in the first book, as is Sheena, so that s an improvement.I m not sure, though, that I care about the characters so much that I ll be hunting for the rest of the set It s fairly obvious what s going to happen and if the whole journey is going to dart about like this one trains, planes, automobiles, and horses, bikes and boats it could well be to [...]

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