Jun 04, 2020
The Art of Horsemanship
Posted by Xenophon Morris Hicky Morgan

This is a public domain work of Morris H Morgan s 1893 translation.

  • Title: The Art of Horsemanship
  • Author: Xenophon Morris Hicky Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780486447537
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
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    The Art of Horsemanship This is a public domain work of Morris H Morgan s translation

    Debbie Zapata

    I have loved horses and books about them all of my life.Years and years ago I would see Xenophon s name mentioned in magazine articles and non fiction books, always referring to this book, The Art Of Horsemanship I wanted to read it, but never did see a copy until about 10 or 12 years ago in a specialized horse book catalog that I happened upon I ordered it and when it came I had that wonderful Oh, finally feeling.but then I never read it I don t know why I picked it up many times, looked at the [...]


    This short book was fascinating to me, because of the topic of horsemanship, but so because this was written in 350BC by a Greek man Many parts of this book were interesting to me Xenophon describes some things that still apply today Just as a house would be of little use, however beautiful its upper stories, if the underlying foundations were not what they ought to be, so there is little use to be extracted from a horse, and particular a war horse, if unsound in his feet, however excellent his [...]

    Angela Wilde

    The trouble with these public domain books is that people tend to review the text not the actual edition Here I am reviewing the edition This book here is a public domain translation, and has been around for over a century The knowledge of classical Greek language has changed considerably in this time If you want Xenophon s Art of Horsemanship, I suggest getting Nyland s modern translation or the Loeb translation, rather than one of the dozens of public domain translations they are everywhere sa [...]

    Bill Ramsell

    Still good advice 2500 years later, though I think I ll not be vaulting onto my horse with my spear anytime soon.

    Ann Nyland

    I am the translator of this book Please do not confuse this book with the many public domain versions on the market, and please note that links this book to those versions Reviews of those versions show up linked to this book due to the system, and ratings of other versions are merged with this book.This book contains content additional to editions of Art of Horsemanship I hope this helps


    Short and sweetInteresting to read such a gentle approach to horsemanship from so long ago It surprised me to note the desire to train a horse without breaking him was lauded by the ancients, and I m curious at what point in history we lost that.

    Laura Verret

    The instructions were quite interesting I d never stopped to think how many details go into choosing the best horse.


    I didn t find anything here I haven t learned in other places but realizing that these concepts are actually ancient made it an enjoyable read.

    Paul Haspel

    On a horse, a cavalryman of ancient Athens must have felt on top of the world No slogging along in the dust and heat of the road instead, on horseback, one could gallop away from the main body of the army, and could engage in slashing, lightning quick attacks against the Spartan or Corinthian enemy Words like the English cavalier and the Spanish caballero speak to the idea that ownership of a horse made a man a gentleman, conveyed higher social status, in many societies now, as it was then, it i [...]


    A fascinating insight into a bygone era of equestrianism Xenophon was primarily concerned with raising and training the horse for war, yet his approach espouses a kindness very sadly lacking in many horsemanship experts of today.He offers an excellent guide to desirable conformation with emphasis on a good hoof, although modern ideals of hoof structure differ from ancient Greek ideals the principle of a quality foundation for your horses body is a sound one excuse the pun The commentary on stone [...]


    Interesting and a fun little read This copy is by Dover, with the translation by Morris H Morgan in 1893 Morgan used several references and translations to verify the agreement in terminology between other books and authors Basically Xenophon was one of the original, and best writers of the ideals of a horse, and basic horsemanship Understand that the ideal for the Greeks was a light horse, fast cavalry sort, and the heavy drafts were frowned upon, unlike later, the English with their heavy draf [...]


    Xenophon s The Art of Horsemanship is an often referenced but much less read book amongst horse people In this work Dr A Nyland has included selections from many other classical writers along with some observations drawn from her own considerable knowledge to help clarify what Xenophon is saying The Art of Horsemanship Xenophon and Other Classical Writers is drawn from people whose very lives depended on the quality, soundness and training of their horses Making it a fine book for horse people, [...]


    Good read Very short, obviously a bit archaic in areas, but actually contains some very good information.


    Great if you like a mix of ancient history and horses I m surprised I hadn t read this sooner The amount of text that comes from Xenophon is only a small portion of this book Most of it contains explanatory notes and further discussions on the horse in antiquity The translating scholarly author has done much research on the subject and shares both opinion and information in a balanced way It was very interesting to hear Xenophon s opinion on how the horse should be selected, treated and so on I [...]

    Carmel Keely

    Xenophon s Art of Horsemanship is cited so often in training and equine psychology texts and, having now read it, it s easy to see why This is a very quick read and I would recomend anyone with an interest in horses take a few moments and give it a read Xenophon s love for the horse clearly shows in his writing and it s truely amazing to see how the core values of horsemanship can bridge the gap of centuries.

    Caroline Thompson

    Some good wisdom here, although preparing a horse for battle or myself for that matter is not my prime concern, I was pleased to note that several times within the text, Xenophon encouraged trainers and riders to approach horses calmly and with thought for the horse s well being rather than using anger and force It makes me wonder what happened in the intervening years and why natural horsemanship is a relatively modern concept.

    Wilson Dolaghan

    A perfect resource for anyone researching the minutia of ancient life for historical fiction or fantasy writing This treatise is methodically detailed without being impenetrable and provides plenty of trivia that a writer could use to give their story realism I plan to read Hipparch next, a guide for Greek cavalry commanders.


    We often think that animal rights is a most recent issue and with a shiver think back to how animals were treated by humans for centuries.And then here is Xenophon, who wrote about horsemanship thousands of years ago And guess what treating horses with respect is the basis of the whole book An amazing read, both within and outside its historic context.

    Dr. Carl Ludwig Dorsch

    Dover republication of M H Morgan s 1893 Little, Brown edition, based on Dindorf s Oxford Greek text Illustrated Nine full page illustrations, and many in the text Thirty seven pages of notes, including an excellent six page discussion of the lack of evidence for curb chains on Greek bits.

    William Danes

    Certainly not the most readable of translations I will definitely be having a look at the Loeb edition at some point.

    Shannon Baas

    I found this book to be boring It would probably be of a lot interest to someone who is interested in horsemanship or military history as it is a combination of the two.


    Excellent resource if you ever need to train a warhorse.


    If only it were truly this easy to have your stallion perform Airs Above Ground.

    Goele Lousbergh

    Absolutely fascinating how much of it is similar to present day horsemanship Just a few things sounded outdated and that after 2300 years I am impressed.


    This is from someone who no doubt writes from experience about how to buy a horse, understand horse nature, train it, and go to war with the horse.


    The first book written about dressage.

    Emmanuel Wallart

    Les crit res pour avoir un bon cheval de guerre dans l antiquit

    Cathleen Carstens

    Serious horse people will want to read Xenophon The basics of horse care and riding have stood the test of time, and advice given thousands of years ago still rings true today This was made clear to me in the section on grooming the horse Xenophon goes on at some length on how to clean up the horse, then says that as soon as you get the horse out of the stable, he will be just as dirty as he was before Oh, how true this is

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