Sep 21, 2020
The Initiation of Ms. Holly
Posted by K.D. Grace

Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles deep within the heart of the organization.Rita learns that membership of the Mount Club is not for the sexually repressed During her initiation, sex with hSex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles deep within the heart of the organization.Rita learns that membership of the Mount Club is not for the sexually repressed During her initiation, sex with her new lover from the train, Edward, is forbidden but Alex the dance instructor is happy to take his place and Leo the zoo keeper is happy to encourage Rita s animal instincts With and titillating punishments in store and the club s sexy head Vivienne intent on her failing, will Holly succeed in her lengthy and lurid initiation

  • Title: The Initiation of Ms. Holly
  • Author: K.D. Grace
  • ISBN: 9781402289651
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Initiation of Ms Holly Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita as do the endless intrigues an


    I think it s a damn shame men don t get accosted on trains Ladies, you re missing out on one hell of an opportunity And fellas what the hell We need to rectify this situation immediately If you re a woman, you should strut like it s your birthday every single day Having confidence is the key, and that confidence just might lead to men being shoved into bathrooms and waylaid in sleeper cars There s a reason God created man first If God had started with Eve, he would have clapped his hands toget [...]

    Patti TheLoveJunkee

    Rita Holly is on a train when the power goes out She s feeling claustrophobic, but lucky for her, Edward, the gentleman who bumps into her in the dark aisle, wants to help her outa hot kiss to take her mind off things soon leads to mind blowing sex, on the train, and when they part, she realizes she never even saw his face.Once she s home, she wants to find him again Her roommate playfully texts him, pretending to be Rita, and he texts her back that he d like to see her again They arrange to mee [...]

    Kay Jaybee

    I have just finished this book for the second time it is totally amazing Every chapter delivers a new erotic hit top drawer sexy escapism, with a touch of romance tucked in, in the most unexpected way.If you haven t read KD s top novel, you re missing something a bit special


    I will probably end up dropping this rating down after I have read of this genre and realise that this is not erotica at its best, but for now this novel gets 5 stars because it astounded me When perusing and book depository for erotic romance after being introduced to it largely by Sylvia Day and of course Fifty Shades I often found myself wondering How can an erotic novel by dubbed a romance when there is menage group sex sharing I couldn t undertstand how love can be told between two people [...]

    Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~

    It took me out if my comfort zone just a little too much sharing for me but that isn t what gets it 2 stars The story felt really disjointed to me It felt like some things were never explained, and others should have been explained much earlier In the end I have no idea why Rita would go though all of this for a guy she barely knew I mean, it wasn t just sex with lots if people which to my knowledge was something way out of character for Rita, but the kinds of sex, humiliation and borderline abu [...]

    Aղցela W.

    This was a really hot as hell book The book starts off with two people having sex on a train it was the most erotic encounter Rita Holly has ever had Rita went from having sex with a stranger to wanting to be part of an elite sex group This book was hot this was my first time reading this author and I have had this box set on my kindle for awhile This book has threesomes, foursomes, woman on woman, and even man on man in just one part For me it was a little light on the story, but as I said the [...]

    Marte - Thunderella

    Definitely erotica this one, NOT fluffy romance Well, there is a romance between the MCs Rita and Edward, but you kinda need to strongly hold on to that thought and just go with the flow with the rest It s not for the faint of heart either, it s erotica.The reviews for this book were all over the place I thinking the reason why is those who rated it high knew what kind of book it was before reading it, and those who rated it low bad didn t quite know what they were getting them self into I hope [...]


    The Initiation of Ms Holly by K.D Grace was a book that surprised me This book is 95% sex and 5% connective storyline I m not even sure what the actual plot of the book is maybe it was About a couple who met on a train ride About finding out the truth about a prestigious, hip and trendy club and exposing it About advancing one journalistic career About having a man you know nothing about and have never seen About doing, seeing and experiencing things you would have never imagined you would or co [...]


    So.The story was really disjointed Rita meets Edward on a train and they have an, at least to me, pretty meh sexual encounter The encounter happens in the dark and Rita does not know what Edward looks like This becomes an annoyingly repetitive detail throughout the story and does not match the supposed deep seated lust love that Rita has for Edward Rita s experiences with the members of the high council was very hot and heavy the scene with the Harley and the cat suit Yowza and included multiple [...]

    Miz Love

    Whilst on the Eurostar, during a power failure, Rita Holly has a crazy, sexy encounter with the mysterious Edward in complete darkness From this very first, deliciously described scene, I knew I was going to love this book and I did.Once home, Rita becomes obsessed with finding Edward again It doesn t take long he s keen to find her too Once again it is a blind, sexy adventure in the mysterious Mount I shan t spoil any of the plot here because that would be unforgivable The story moves on at a g [...]


    Rita Holly, a journalist, has a chance encounter on a stalled train with Edward And so begins her initiation into a club called The Mount There were parts that felt sinister, parts that felt strange, and parts that made me squirm I admit the last third of the book gripped me and had me racing to finish, much to the dismay of my eyes It was almost too long for me to manage as an ebook and I would ve preferred paperback, but that s a physical limitation that has nothing to do with the book It had [...]


    This is KD Grace s debut novel.The Initiation of Ms Holly starts with an encounter with a stranger on a train Rita is drawn to this mysterious man we get to know him as Edward but is unable to see what he looks like and relies on her other senses to experience him and experience him she does Rita agrees to a date with Edward and meets him at the Mount an exclusive and private club that only the elite frequent Edward insists that she is blindfolded and they share an intimate dinner but Rita finds [...]

    CoffeeTimeRomance andMore

    Let me start off by stating that The Initiation of Ms Holly is so hot I am still tingling a day after I finished reading this novel Ms Grace gives us a tale that is so passionately raw that you will feel as if you have been stripped to the bone The way Rita kept going back to the initiations even though she promised herself time and again that she would not, gave us a real look into her head I saw how she seemed to struggle with her passionate side, and how the sex was almost like an addiction t [...]

    Christine Williams

    This is the first full length erotic novel I have read and I couldn t have asked for a better introduction The characters are real people, the description is beautiful and the story is satisfying Although I fell for a secondary character, Alex rather than one of the main characters Edward, still each to their own The story begins with a wonderfully erotic scene in the dark and then takes us on the journey that Ms Holly has to take for initiation into an old and secret sex cult The scenes she fin [...]

    Debi Hursh

    I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review Two strangers having sex is a great way to start off a book.Little did Rita know that this was only the beginning.Oh to be put thru so many trials that would involve sex of some sort with god knows who What is the price you would pay to be initiated in an exclusive club Well Rita was put to the test and I don t want to give it away but let s just say she had a wild ride KD Grace wrote a deliciously sex filled book and I enjoyed [...]


    This is one of those books that walks the line between completly terrible and brilliant The Initiation of Ms Holly had amazing sex, ok to good characters, and a silly plot The writing is good, which keeps the many of the annoying plot devices from becoming unbearable Tired tropes claustrophobia, the ridiculously evil bitchy woman, the parental deus ex machina The romance wasn t especially engaging But the main character never becomes too stupid to live, and she s never stupidly innocent She lack [...]


    In my journey of finding books with a fifty type feel to them I came across this book, this has so much of the strange, kinky BDSM type things going on I found I had to read this one in private due to the embarrassing thought of someone actually looking over my shoulder and reading any of the number of dirty things that s written on just about every page Despite that fact, I still enjoyed reading about all the naughty occurrences, it s not a life altering type of book or anything, but not a bad [...]

    Nina ~ Social Butterfly PR

    The Initiation of Ms Holly was a super erotic read that I enjoyed tremendously It is the story of Rita Holly and her initiation into a secret sex society.The Mount It is exclusive and she wants in and will do anything to get ind I mean anything Because getting in means something very important to herlly getting Edward.her lover.I would definitely recommend anyone who has an open mind to a very erotic read with a bit of mystery surrounding it

    Sommer Marsden

    Whew I ended my summer with a bang Hot sexy escapism at its finest If you take this to the beach for you last hurrah of the season you might have to stick your feet in some blazing hot sand just to cool off Better yet, just read it in the water.I read my copy whilst on the exercise bike so I just grabbed a cold shower after or best case scenario, the man when he got home from work.K.D Grace has a lovely voice I look forward to reading of her in the future.

    Lucy Felthouse

    This book is absolutely packed full of wild and steamy encounters The multitude of characters can be hard to keep track of at times, but it s definitely worth keeping your head as you follow the book through to its climactic ending and unearth the deepest, darkest secrets of The Mount and its members.


    This book is one of the hottest sexy books ever written From start to finish, each initiation task is so erotic it amazes me This is one of the first erotic books I read and nothing I have read since has matched it I give it 6 stars out of 5

    Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead

    book needs serious character development, story was ridiculous but fun, sex scenesmm review coming soon.

    Gale Stanley

    Sexy, sizzling and surprising Great erotic read

    Lisabet Sarai

    Ever since Fanny Hill, the lusty wench has been a stock character in erotic fiction Starting from a state of relative innocence, she dives with reckless abandon into the warm waters of sins of the flesh , eager to experience every variant of sexual pleasure No one can resist her erotic enthusiasm She attracts both men and women, less because of her physical attributes than because of her inexhaustible capacity for arousal It is her sexual curiosity, responsiveness and openness that set her apart [...]


    This review also appears on Reading with Analysis.I ll start with the obvious there is a lot of sex in this book Yes DUH, it s erotica but even knowing the genre, I was a little surprised at the sheer quantity of sexual encounters What was surprising, though, was how inventive all those encounters managed to be, and that helped avoid the Oh, my God, they re getting naked again fatigue.Before I get into the few things that bugged and confused me about this book, I want to talk about the two thin [...]


    Title The Initiation of Ms HollyAuthor KD GracePublisher Year Sourcebooks Inc 2 4 14Length 256 pagesOverviewShe had no idea membership would be this exclusive.Will she succeed in her lengthy and lusty initiation Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club Sophisticated and erotic rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles within the organization Rita learns that club membership is not for the [...]

    Angel Graham

    Book Review The Initiation of Ms Holly by K.D.GraceI must state at the beginning of this review that I had a very difficult time in both reading this book and in reviewing it Parts of the book completely went against things that I feel are safe sex practices I chose to continue to read and review the book after considerable thought I felt that I needed to continue even when the subject matter was something I was very uncomfortable with for my own reasons This review will almost assuredly have sp [...]


    After reading Body temperature and Rising and Surrogate I have found I love and enjoy the style KD Grace has with her books This was no exception, I was entrapped right from the first few pages.From the very first page I wanted to know about the main character Rita Holly, KD has a knack of making us love all the characters making them feel so real, making us feel emotionally connected to them, its written in such a way it feels it could become a reality for any one of us That is very erotic in [...]

    Rachel Webb

    I m still not sure exactly what I thought about this book I m a fan of erotica and have read pretty much every scenario under the sun and I don t consider myself a prude, but when you bring in all the multiple partners and jumping from partner to partner and still want it to be a love story, I have some issues Call it conservatism, call it whatever, but my mind just won t wrap around those types of situations While the description of the book touts that this is a love story, the majority of this [...]


    ARC received by NetGallery and the publisher for an honest review Rating 2.5 Stars Hot sex but story is lacking Sex is the depth of our animal nature and the highest mount of our divinity It is our inheritance, our birthright What I Loved About This Book First, let me say you must be open minded if you want to enjoy this book There are times where I had to stop and say to myself, come on really The plot is so outrageous at times Some parts I found captivating however a majority of the time, I fe [...]

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