Sep 21, 2020
William Golding, Lord of the flies Penguin Study Notes
Posted by Gillian E. Hanscombe


  • Title: William Golding, Lord of the flies Penguin Study Notes
  • Author: Gillian E. Hanscombe
  • ISBN: 9780140772869
  • Page: 424
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    Chermariya Barger

    What I think of lord of the flies is it s a good book when someone else is reading it too you but,when your reading by yourself it s difficult to understand.


    El Se or de las moscasEs una excelente e influyente novela de aventura con una historia interesante y entretenida, que es a la vez dram tica y emocional Esta se desarrolla en un lugar muy inusual en donde se explica y demuestra c mo podemos llegar a ser si no tenemos respeto, reglas y orden, las cu les podr an causar caos mortal e irreversible.El autor, William Golding, describe la novela en una forma profunda y detallada no queriendo dejar ning n insignificante detalle por lo que hace la histor [...]


    In William Golding s The Lord of the Flies, the conch shell holds the power of the boys who are on the island The conch shell either brings them together or forces them apart From the very beginning when Piggy finds the conch and when Ralph blows the shell, all the boys gather for a meeting There are several examples of the power of the conch shell throughout the story At one point, Ralph grasped the idea and hit the shell with air from his diaphragm Immediately the thing sounded A deep, harsh n [...]

    Kiley McCann

    Lord of the Flies is about a group of young boys who have crash landed on an island in the middle of the pacific These boys weren t just your regular everyday boys They were boys who were very polished and had manors They were from families that were from either the military or rich and wealthy family members As these young boys learn about how to be leaders and try to have control on their situation, they don t exactly do it as well as you might think Even though they have been raised to be ver [...]


    Every person has different styles of reading, and views on the types of books there are, and what they are interested in This why people have differences on what type of book that they prefer reading People may like action packed, love romantic, mysteries, or even others on the shelfs instead of one paticular type of book When trying to handle around 100 kids as a teenager is a very difficult tasks to handle for four young boys After the plane crash it was very odd to picture what Piggie and Ral [...]


    This is one of the books that all young men should read although young women would certainly learn something as well.After English schoolboys are plane wrecked, Golding tracks a degeneration of civilization with strong symbols and traceable events The characters reveal several aspects of our psychology which expresses why we do need society Golding adequately defines that the unknown is what we, as humans, fear And possibly the most interesting part of this book is the sobering ending in which t [...]

    Jessica Stover

    My teacher made me read this book the last couple weeks of school last year It was really boring in the beginning I thought this book was going to be so stupid I didn t like the title one bit I didn t understand why it was Lord Of The Flies to me that made no sense I hated it I did not want to open it after the first day But I sucked it up and kept reading It got better and better as I flipped page after page I could NOT put down this book Everyday I was so excited for school just because of thi [...]

    Turquoise Hall

    I respect that this is a good book, but I hate it Characters died that I believe had no business dying and one character didn t die who I personally think should have been killed Yeah I know they re only like 10 or 12 or something like that, but they still should have gotten rid of him Also, the ending was very strange to me I would have preferred a little just so I see how they end up when they get older.

    Mitra Nazem



    Lord of the flies was a very interesting book that ive read in my highschool life experence It was strange on how only so many boys could survive on their own without an adult even tho some never made it was still a thrill seeking type in my opinion.


    damn kids

    Tammy Chan

    Here is a book that is about the happens on a Island, If you would like to read books that travels around and characters solving the problems for traveling, this book can be one of you best choice Just for letting you know a little bit of the book I don t know if that is call spoil , for the first page, Piggy and Ralphl main characters , they meet on the Island, not kind of like meet juts like they saw each other eyes to eyes And they start to think of how can they survive on this danger Island, [...]


    It is a powerful description of an imaginary situation, yet linking reality in Science Fiction as a preview of future problems The prediction level on which the book was being rated at its time of publication is becoming a sad reality The story is breathtaking and in my opinion, one of those books one doesn t put aside until one has come to the revelation of the plot.


    Lord of the Flies is the story of a group of English schoolboys that are stranded on a deserted island These boys are all between six and twelve For a while the boys work together to have food , shelter ,and a signal fire.

    Susan Melnyk

    One of my favourite books of all time.

    Aunt_Cindy Wood Stott

    This was the first book I read that explained how power and politics works on a very basic level It is also laced with how consequences work This says study notes but I read the novel.


    Loved it but hated it at the same time.


    A lot of symbolism Lost but a really long time ago and with actual commentary on society and culture.

    Amber T.

    Loved it.

    celia ♥

    i like piggy rly hard to understand and not fun

    Laura Dalzell

    Don t read this It is an insanely boring book and if you study it in class there is nothing to write about in essays






    Difficult to read, but idea is great, not an idea but truth, truth is that what we have inside us is a great danger

    Bianca S.

    One of those books I could just read over and over and over again.

    Shaun White

    This book was ok Some parts were really unexpected like when the boys killed piggy.

    kofi Opoku

    Daddy is good

    Giorgio Maghradze


    A social commentary that still holds true today.

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