Nov 30, 2021
The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas
Posted by Debbie Macomber Linda Goodnight

[PDF] Read Ô The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas : by Debbie Macomber Linda Goodnight - The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas, The Gift of Christmas In the Spirit of Christmas PEACE ON EARTH And good will to men Especially one man Cooper Masters But Ashley Robbins would like to be the recipient of than good will from him This year Ashley has finished her education launched

  • Title: The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas
  • Author: Debbie Macomber Linda Goodnight
  • ISBN: 9780373180714
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] Read Ô The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas : by Debbie Macomber Linda Goodnight - The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas, The Gift of Christmas In the Spirit of Christmas PEACE ON EARTH And good will to men Especially one man Cooper Masters But Ashley Robbins would like to be the recipient of than good will from him This year Ashley has finished her education launched


    This book was just awful.The author admits she wrote it in 1984 and updated it for 2013 I guess that means she changed any phone conversation to take place on a cell phone The main character is still sporting a casual perm and a rhinestone encrusted sweatshirt for a date The author also changed that aerobics videotape to a DVD but she kept the main character in and I can t make this up purple satin shorts and pink legwarmers Yup Anyone out there doing a workout DVD in leg warmers in this century [...]


    I had high hopes for the Debbie Macomber story since she is a well known author and her series has been made into a tv show on the Hallmark Channel Her story was just ok Would have been better if the two main characters hadn t been so whiny And I had a hard time believing their love story The second story was a little better, especially the main characters.


    Another great Debbie Macomber Book


    Linda Goodnight s story though Debbie oh Debbie where were you here sure it was alright, but I was a little worried about how this was going to go, turns out I was sort of right Although please don t hesitate to note her the true meaning of Christmas Okay, but then there is also Miracle on 34th Street and the Drummer Boy, who bring us full circle to that meaning But cheesy love novel that if you have nothing to read this holiday season, and you liked Linda s story, read it Macomber has good book [...]


    my favorite Christmas read this season Great job to Debbie Macomber and Linda Goodnight for writing lighthearted stories that still portray the true message of Christmas the first six letters at the same time I liked Linda Goodnight s story best In the spirit of Christmas portrays Lindsey, a woman who owns a Christmas tree farm She is once bitten twice shy when it comes to love and doesn t find it easy to trust others Enter jesse Slater, a man widowed by a tragic accident and his young daughter [...]

    Laurajane Barber

    Christian Christmas Chicklit Loved it


    enjoyed the first story the second was nice but a bit predictable.


    I really don t care for romances where there is a such a wide gap in age and experience These characters had nothing in common and no chemistry It was awful.


    I can t review this book, because I m have been reading too many Christmas books, and I would confuse this one with other books I should have written a review as soon as I finished this book.


    2005ISBN 978 0 373 18071 4 pp Pages 193 440Now this was a good story.Review Lindsey Mitchell owns a Christmas tree farm in the mountains of Oklahoma Jesse Slater owns a life full of heartache and anger, and a six year old daughter who s known her share of pain and fear Jesse has ulterior motives when he goes to apply for a job on Lindsey s farm, but Lindsey manages to get in beneath his defenses and helps to heal both him and his daughter, Jade, from all the bitterness of their pasts and, in ret [...]


    This was Debbie Macomber s very first annual Christmas oriented novel published around 1985 She has written one every Christmas since.Cooper Masters, wealthy owner and entrepreneur of a rapidly growing and successful warehousing and shipping business, has paid for his long time housekeeper s daughter s education Ashley Robbins, has taken that gift and become a school teacher Off beat, unconventional, and popular with her students, she wants to pay Cooper back for his generous gift She has secret [...]

    Beth Cutwright

    Today s review is on the first of two Christmas stories contained in this reissued release of Debbie Macomber s, The Gift of Christmas and Linda Goodnight s, In the Spirit of Christmas.The Gift of Christmas, was a sweet, warm and fuzzy Christmas Romance Ashley Robbins knew Cooper Masters for many years as her mother cooked for him She had loved him since she was sixteen and he had assisted her in financing her education.When she is finally able to pay him back the education money, Cooper is awed [...]

    April Suter

    Two novels in one The Gift of Christmas by Debbie MacomberAshley has been in love with Cooper since she was 16 He is her best friend s uncle and a few years older than her Finally after she graduates from college and gets her teaching job she has enough money to pay back Cooper with the loan he gave her from college He then notices her and sees her in a new light but to keep protecting her he feels a relationship is a bad idea for her Christmas is coming and with mistletoe and children around th [...]

    Jessica Krall

    Thoroughly enjoyed this 2 in one book I love Ms Macomber s writing style and Ms Goodnight s was nice as well Both stories were set during the holidays and both were light hearted, quick reads The first was about Ashley, a young women who has just finished her education, who goes to repay a loan to her mother s rich employer who helped her go to school Discovering quite an attraction, she begins to deal with the chip on her shoulder and let love in read The second story was about Jesse, a young m [...]


    This review is for both The Gift of Christmas, and In the Spirit of Christmas The Gift of Christmas is a good, clean, Debbie Macomber Christmas romance Extra points thrown in because I liked that Macomber didn t shy away from including religion It lost a point because she updated the novel It would have been better left as a period piece of the 80 s, as not enough was updated to reflect the change in times These novels don t need to be timeless, they can be true to the time period they were writ [...]


    I agree with others that this book was awful I wanted to give it one star, but figured since I finished it I would at least give it 2 stars If I were to deduct a star for every time I rolled my eyes the book would have received negative stars The book definitely read as a bad 1980 s Harlequin romance subtract the removal of clothing, add plenty of references to religion It was bizarre I like this author I have read her before and will read her again but don t waste your time on this one, unless [...]

    Darlene Ferland

    Debbie Macomber captures the spirit of Christmas so well The Gift of Christmas follows Ashley and her relationship with her best friend s family including the Uncle Cooper Ashley has always been in love with Cooper Masters since she met him at the age of 16 Unrequited love took a turn during thee holidays beginning at Thanksgiving and going through Christmas The misunderstandings lend a poignant feel to their journey It is an enjoyable read.


    This paperback is filled with 2 stories about Christmas Debbie s story is written from the heart with a Christ centered women wanting a man several years her senior that has helped her start her career and always been there for her family Linda s story is about a young Christian women who has taken over her families tree farm and wonders if she will ever have a child and husband she so desires.


    What a refreshing change from a lot of supposed Christmas stories Both authors, Debbie Macomber and Linda Goodnight, were not afraid to basically witness in the telling of these stories in actually speaking of God s love for us and His sending of His son, Jesus Christ, and the TRUE meaning of the Christmas season


    The Gift of Christmas is a Christian Christmas book, It is a very cheesy love story, but that is just what I wanted to read at this time of year The book I got from Costco came with a bonus book by Linda Goodnight called In the Spirit ofChristmas I also liked this book, it is a very easy read and another sweetChristian Christmas love story.


    Debbie Macomber s book The gift Of Christmas was a very good book Cooper is very rich He dresses very rich looking Ashley teaches and works as a waitress part time She is like a country bumpkin Cowboys boots and all She loves Cooper A nice story line on how they work things out and get together A good read.


    I will give this book 3 stars due to Linda Goodnight s book that is included in this book I didn t care for the characters in The Gift of Christmas They seemed so cold and I didn t feel any holiday spirit reading this In the Spirit of Christmas has a wonderful story line with characters you can believe would fall in love.


    Debbie McComber Linda Goodnight This is the first book I ve read by Linda Goodnight I chose the book because it was a Debbie McComber Glad I decided to read the bonus book of Linda Goodnight too It had a mystery to go along with the clean romance I m going to look for Linda Goodnight


    Romantic story and fast read I prefer a longer story with little depth It was a Christian based story and ok, but different than her other books, Reading the second story in the same book nowcalled In the Spirit of CHRISTMAS by Linda Goodnight


    I could tell this was an earlier Christmas story written by Debbie Macomber I liked the two main characters Ashley and Cooper The fact they d been in love with each other for years made the story a hopeful romance.

    Sherry Holtrey

    So far not the best of Debbie s books The characters are very annoying to me for their ages Very immature acting.In The Spirit Of Christmas was the second of these stories and was very good Very spiritual I loved it


    Family friendly brain candy, cute but a bit too much religion for me.

    Melissa Hicks-Tesson

    Short and easy stories to quickly fall into I like these kind of stories but they always leave me wanting a little to the story.


    Really enjoyed this book and the bonus book that was included.


    Enjoyed the bonus book in the spirit ofChristmas by Linda Goodnight and will probably reread it each Christmas.

    • [PDF] Read Ô The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas : by Debbie Macomber Linda Goodnight
      455 Debbie Macomber Linda Goodnight
    The Gift of Christmas: In the Spirit of...Christmas