Jul 08, 2020
Little White Lies and Butterflies
Posted by Suzie Tullett

When you re digging yourself into a hole, stop digging.A child of the nineties, Lydia Livingston is different The last thing she s ever wanted is to be superwoman she knows first hand that having it all isn t everything it s cracked up to be As far as she s concerned, when it comes to job versus family, it s a definite case of one or the other And whilst most women hWhen you re digging yourself into a hole, stop digging.A child of the nineties, Lydia Livingston is different The last thing she s ever wanted is to be superwoman she knows first hand that having it all isn t everything it s cracked up to be As far as she s concerned, when it comes to job versus family, it s a definite case of one or the other And whilst most women her age have spent years climbing the corporate ladder, she s made a career out of bagging her perfect man At almost thirty and still single, Lydia wonders if she d made the right choice all those years ago And realising the time has come to take stock, she goes against her family s wishes and banishes herself off to a distant land all in the hope of finding a new direction.At least that s the plan.But Lydia Livingston isn t just different, she s misunderstood A fact she knows all too well So when the totally unsuitable Sam comes along, she decides to tell a little white lie, re inventing herself as a professional chef not exactly the best new identity to come up with for a woman who can t even cook Of course, the last thing she expects is for him to find out the truth and start blackmailing her Let alone find herself roped into catering for a local wedding But with things going from bad to worse, her madder than mad family also turn up in something of a surprise visit, intent on celebrating a birthday she s no intentions of celebrating

  • Title: Little White Lies and Butterflies
  • Author: Suzie Tullett
  • ISBN: 9781908208194
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Little White Lies and Butterflies When you re digging yourself into a hole stop digging A child of the nineties Lydia Livingston is different The last thing she s ever wanted is to be superwoman she knows first hand that having it a

    Donna Maguire

    donnasbookblog.wordpress Little White Lies and Butterflies is a heart warming comedy about finding your place in the world and I have to say that I loved it, I read it in one sitting and flew through the pages and before I knew it I was nearing the end, I d completely lost myself in the story This is exactly the kind of book you need to settle down with, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, get a warm drink and some cake or chocolate bliss I enjoyed everything about this book, the plot was great, ch [...]


    Despite this being only the second book that I ve read by this author, I definitely have a new name to add to the list of go to authors for when I need a book to pick me up or offer an escape, she s right there alongside Holly Martin, Darcie Boleyn, Rachel Griffiths and Jenny Colgan.I won t go into the ins and outs of the plot, that s something for you to discover on your own, preferably with a hot cuppa and a chocolate biscuit or two But I will say that I loved how the story flowed so easily in [...]


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    LITTLE WHITE LIES AND BUTTERFLIES by Suzie Tullett will make you laugh out loud and warm your heart from start to finish.Lydia is hitting thirty and knows exactly what she wants from life and it isn t having it all Determined to find Mister Right who ticks off all of her many boxes, Lydia yearns to be a homemaker, wife, and mother But sadly the dating pool just seems to be offering hundreds of frogs and not a prince in sight With her family exasperated with her constant dating woes and her inabi [...]

    Books n AllJill Burkinshaw

    My rating 4.5 out of 5 starsThis is a very readable story about a 30 year old woman who is looking for Mr Right She has a list of criteria that he is supposed to meet but she isn t making any progress.Lydia has a different perspective on life and wants something different to the life her mother has When her last meeting with a prospective husband goes awry she decides to go to Greece to rethink her future From then onwards life becomes increasingly difficult as a little white lie grows into a we [...]


    It s not often that I read a book in one sitting but I enjoyed Little White Lies and Butterflies so much that I read it in one evening From the beginning, Suzie Tullett paints totally realistic characters and I identified with Lydia and her crazy madcap family.Having lived in Greece I was immediately transported back there as the sounds and smells and sights are so well portrayed It s worth buying this book just for the descriptions of the food All in all a light read that is great for reading o [...]


    I wouldn t have read this if it wasn t for a work based review I did laugh but for the wrong reasons, mainly at the cliches and constant alliteration Take a Mills and Boon formula, throw in aspects of every successful rom com and you end up with this Only less successful and original Sorry.


    After reading and enjoying Suzie s last book I had no hesitation in jumping into Little White Lies and Butterflies Such a cute title As soon as I had read a few sentences I could tell it was going to be a while before I re surfaced and came up for air or food It s such an easy story to slide into, a super adorable romantic comedy Lydia our leading lady is approaching the big 30 and realises her life plan of finding her ideal prince charming hasn t quite materialised as she wanted Taking a long l [...]


    The setting was absolutely perfect and after a pretty miserable rainy day doing the usual school runs it really was a wonderful escape from every day life Greece was brought to life with gorgeous descriptions leaving me with even of an excuse to visit one day.Lydia is a lively and feisty character who always manages to be entertaining even though she isn t completely perfect Mistakes are made and I think it s definitely a problem of her not thinking before she speaks However as the book progres [...]

    Rosie Amber

    Little White Lies And Butterflies is a RomCom set on the Greek island of Kalymnos Fresh, fun and upbeat I LIKED IT Lydia Livingston is on the brink of her 30th birthday With a long list of requirements for the perfect husband, she despairs at ever finding The One Leaving behind a trail of dating disasters, she announces to her family that she s off to spend her wedding fund and make some serious decisions about her life.Kalymnos provides sun, sea, sand and escape from life as an eternally single [...]

    Melisa Broadbent

    I really enjoyed reading this crazy madcap story of 29 year old Lydia, soon to turn the dreaded 30 who after a lifetime of searching for Mr Right and getting nowhere, decides to just one day leave and go and discover herself and decide what she really wants to do in Greece She turns up on the beautiful sounding Greek island of Kalymnos with no idea of what she wants to do and is immediately befriended by the Fatolitis family who own the Taverna and apartment she is going to be staying in.When tr [...]


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    Sheryl Browne

    Little White Lies and Butterflies Lydia Livinston is flouting the modern day having it all norm She s going against the feminist grain and refusing to juggle career and family She s plumped for simply being a wife and mum preferably to five children, cue gasps of horror Ideally, she has to find Mr Right first And Mr Right has to be just right, ticking all the boxes on Lydia s list of criteria handsome, romantic into BW films and solvent enough to support five children to name but three Fast appr [...]

    Donna Trinder

    Lydia Livingston is rapidly approaching her 30th birthday with a bitter taste in her mouth She has modelled her life around searching for Mr Right and she has so far not come anywhere close Her family all tell her she s too picky which she takes as a huge insult but if she s totally realistic she knows it s the truth it still doesn t stop her from trying all she wants is to be a happy wife, caring for her children, keeping the home and most of all, loving her husband Not an ideal that most women [...]


    Lydia is a 29 year old soon to be the dreaded 3 0 singleton who is one insanely picky chick She has a list of all the attributes she s looking for in her Mr Right right down to his sperm count After another failed relationship, she decides to up and move to the Greek Islands to get away from it all it all being that nebulous thing called life There she decides to fib to a cute guy who she apparently judges as not her type from the get go which leads to all sorts of romantic comedy hi jinks and a [...]


    Lydia Livingstone is a child of the nineties with the mind of somebody born earlier, she knows society says women can have it all now a career, husband, family everything she wants but this isn t what Lydia wants from her life.Lydia has set her heart on being an older fashioned woman she wants nothing than to be a wife, mother, keeping her home nice for visitors, having her husbands meals on the table when he comes home from work so he can play with the children afterwards but sadly this hasn t [...]

    Carol W

    Lydia is one fussy woman Her eligible husband list is rather select and so when she is still single as she reaches her 30th birthday, she decides to take stock She books herself an escape from the Livingston family and men, in the beautiful setting of Greece.Sam, hunky and a little mysterious, does not tick the boxes on Lydia s husband list and she has no qualms about telling him so The pair become very close as the days pass and Lydia confides in Sam that she has mistakenly told her hosts a lit [...]

    Jo Barton

    Lydia Livingston is soon to turn thirty and whilst taking stock of her life she realises that she needs to get a grip on what she really wants for herself She is always searching for a Mr Right who never seems to come along and even though her family think she is over choosy, Lydia knows that there is someone worth waiting for When she decides to travel to Greece, her life is about to take on a whole new meaning.There was plenty about this romantic comedy which made me smile Not just the beautif [...]

    Angelo Marcos

    I bought this book as, even though I rarely read this genre, I had previously read Suzie Tullett s first book Going Underground and really enjoyed it.I found this to be a really entertaining and fun book, and I think it s testament to the author that even though at times the main character frustrated me as she was so particular about who the one is and discounted potential dates for the smallest of reasons , I was still rooting for her throughout the book.As with the author s first novel, I real [...]

    K.C. Sprayberry

    Lydia Livingston is on the hunt for the man of her dreams, and she has very exacting expectations Little does she know the hunky man she meets in Greece is far than she realizes.I downloaded this book during a giveaway, and after reading the reviews expected far than I got First person narrative is tricky to do right, and the author didn t quite hit the mark until after the mid point of the story The main character came off as narcissistic and the story line a bit contrived The pace of this bo [...]

    Linda Parkinson-Hardman

    If you ve ever been in a position where you felt you just had to seem than you are as a way of deflecting attention, then you ll probably have some sympathy for the scrape that the heroine of Little White Lies and Butterflies gets herself into After all, if you re never going to see the people again, what harm can it do This was a great read and I enjoyed every bit of it from the perfectly formed characters to the wonderful, laugh out loud, scrapes I could just imagine myself getting into Suzie [...]


    The story is mainly set on Kalymnos, one of the Greek islands and therefore would make an ideal holiday read Having said that it could easily be read anywhere and readers will find themselves transported to sunshine, warm seas and blue skies If you want escapism you ve got it It s fun, it will make you smile and raise a laugh That s what chick lit is all about and it contains the important ingredients Lydia is a bit annoying but you have to laugh or cringe at her predicament Sam is likeable but [...]


    This book was really funny and is a really feel good story The poor main character gets stuck in a pack of her own lies but none of them are bad lies and she has to deal with the consequences I really liked this book and would recommend it.

    J.B (Debbie)

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