Dec 05, 2020
Let Him Go
Posted by Larry Watson

With you or without you, Margaret insists, and at these words George knows his only choice is to follow her.It s September 1951 years since George and Margaret Blackledge lost their son James when he was thrown from a horse months since James s widow Lorna took off and remarried that thug Donnie Weboy Now Margaret is steadfast, resolved to find and retrieve her grands With you or without you, Margaret insists, and at these words George knows his only choice is to follow her.It s September 1951 years since George and Margaret Blackledge lost their son James when he was thrown from a horse months since James s widow Lorna took off and remarried that thug Donnie Weboy Now Margaret is steadfast, resolved to find and retrieve her grandson Jimmy the one person in this world keeping her son s memory alive while George, a retired sheriff, is none too eager to stir up trouble with Donnie Weboy Unable to sway his wife from her mission, George takes to the road with Margaret by his side, traveling through the Dakota badlands to Bentrock, Montana, in unstoppable pursuit When Margaret tries to convince Lorna to return home to North Dakota, bringing little Jimmy with her, the Blackledges find themselves mixed up with the entire Weboy clan, a fearsome family determined not to give the boy up without a fight.With gutsy characters and suspense filled prose, Bring Him Back speaks to the extraordinary measures we take for family and the overpowering instinct to protect those we love From the award winning author who gave us Montana 1948, Justice, and American Boy, Larry Watson is at his storytelling finest in this unforgettable return to the American West.

  • Title: Let Him Go
  • Author: Larry Watson
  • ISBN: 9781571311023
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Let Him Go Nov , Let Him Go must ve been a passion project for him because you can see the work put in He, the cast, and crew put in enough effort to make this an actual good movie The opening scene felt strange to me because of how well directed it is. Let Him Go Let Him Go Movie Official Website Trailers and Release Let Him Go is a suspense thriller starring Academy Award winner Kevin Costner and Academy Award nominee Diane Lane The film is written and directed by Thomas Bezucha and is based on the novel of the same name by Larry Watson. Let Him Go Rotten Tomatoes Let Him Go is both a period piece though set in the s, not the Old West and also a tale pregnant with grief. Let Him Go Fandango Nov , Let Him Go Synopsis A retired sheriff George Blackledge and his wife Margaret leave their Montana ranch to rescue their young grandson from the clutches of a dangerous family. Let Him Go movie review film summary Roger Ebert Nov , A scoop of ice cream falls from a little boy s cone onto the sidewalk Subtle moments, all, but they do so much to set the scene and establish the themes of regret and redemption in Let Him Go This is the kind of solid, grown up drama we don t see very often any. Let Him Go Review Diane Lane, Kevin Costner Power Well Nov , The new Diane Lane Kevin Costner movie Let Him Go is the kind of old fashioned entertainment that Hollywood rarely makes any, which Everything You Need to Know About Let Him Go Movie Let Him Go is coming out in on Friday, November , Nationwide release There are other movies coming out on the same date, including Black Widow, Stillwater and Kindred Questions Asked About Let Him Go Let Him Go A Novel Watson, Larry Let Him Go is as commanding as its title you will be immediately gripped by the narrow eyed, big hearted pursuit of a child in danger This is a literary thriller of the highest order on par with Daniel Woodrell s Winter s Bone an unrelenting quest through an

    Let Him Go With you or without you Margaret insists and at these words George knows his only choice is to follow her It s September years since George and Margaret Blackledge lost their son James when he

    Richard Derus

    Rating 4.875 of fiveThe Publisher Says With you or without you, Margaret insists, and at these words George knows his only choice is to follow her.It s September 1951 years since George and Margaret Blackledge lost their son James when he was thrown from a horse months since James s widow Lorna took off and remarried that thug Donnie Weboy Now Margaret is steadfast, resolved to find and retrieve her grandson Jimmy the one person in this world keeping her son s memory alive while George, a retire [...]


    I really am too much in awe of this novel to offer a coherent review so instead I offer a list of adjectives brilliant, desolate, violent, searing, linguistically perfect.1951 South Dakota is not my typical read but everything about this novel captured me Watson never wasted a single word but evokes these aching people in these lonely places with grace and integrity It s the kind of book that made me want to stop every few pages just to appreciate the language I will certainly read of Watson.Re [...]


    So well written At first it reminded me a little of Kent Haruf s fiction gripping, simply told, American West, etc but it really is even It is suspenseful, it is a wonder Diane S again Larry Watson is a MASTER of fiction Read it you won t be sorry

    Larry H

    Winter is approaching in rural Dalton, North Dakota in the early 1950s One day retired sheriff George Blackledge returns home from work to find his wife, the headstrong, stubborn Margaret, packing up the contents of their house and loading their car She is determined to track down Lorna, their former daughter in law, who remarried following George and Margaret s son s death in a freak accident, and moved away with her ne er do well husband, Donnie Weboy, and Margaret and George s young grandson, [...]


    Larry Watson s bare bones writing style tells a deceptively simple story Just as the pitch perfect title is packed with multiple meanings, the author s lean economy with words end up delivering surprising layers Clean and raw, yet magically lyrical.The characters are as striking as any you are likely to find within the pages of a book The Weboy clan the boys are pure D mean stupid, a dangerous combination Blanche, the mama, is not stupid, but meaner than a snake As another reviewer noted, this b [...]

    Diane S ☔

    The 1950 s and North Dakota, not exactly the days of the old west but much of the attitude and history is still present A hardy people, hardy stock and hard working like Margaret and George Unfortunately in places it is still the old west in that laws don t apply to everyone and fear can still have a huge impact They take a journey with the hope of retrieving someone that has the utmost of importance, to Margaret than George They find than they anticipated and will never be the same.This book [...]


    WOW The suspense begins in the very first chapter and keeps building as the story evolves subtly warning you that danger is on the way The relationship between George and Margaret is so full of deep emotion, and unconditional love which makes the view spoiler sorrowful ending even devastating to endure hide spoiler This is not a happy, feel good book, but definitely one of my 2013 favorites.

    Bonnie Brody

    Sometimes you read a book so good that it leaves you breathless and not wanting to come up for air That is the case with Larry Watson s, Let Him Go A Novel Written in language rich, poetic and spare like the land it takes place in, it is a story that will leave you wanting to read whatever else this author has written.The year is 1951 Margaret and George Blackledge have lost their son in a horse accident He was thrown off the horse and his neck was broken He left a wife, Lorna, and a son named J [...]


    I do not remember where I first heard of this book or why I added it to my list of books to be read, but whomever that messenger was all I can say is thank you This book is breathtakingly brilliant The author has picked up each word and placed it so precisely and perfectly that it reminds me of a typesetter setting type nothing is said that need not be and everything that needs to be said is expertly conveyed This book packs a wallop it hits you in the heart and in the gut Beautiful, smart prose [...]


    The simple plotting of Larry Watson s Let Him Go the quest of Margaret and George Blackridge to reclaim their young grandson, who lives with his mother and rotten to the core stepfather belies the strong emotional impact of this exquisitely powerful book.The power sneaks up on the reader when it is least expected in a snatch of dialogue, a perceptive insight, a small detail that turns everything around Larry Watson is a master of breathing life into his characters through ordinary conversations [...]

    Nicola Mansfield

    Exquisite literary country noir piece centering on poor families, clans and kin, what extent they will go to to keep kin with kin and the hierarchy such families have in place This is a devastating story and while short, a slow read, a piece that deserves to be lingered over rather than devoured This is not a happy story and if that is what you like to read it won t be for you Gritty, bleak and oppressing even, at times, this is the kind of story that makes me think and appreciate the good in li [...]

    JoAnne Pulcino

    LET HIM GOLarry WatsonMontana 1948 was my first encounter with the wonderful author, Larry Watson Now I am again quite in awe of his straight forward but masterful writing, characters that fly off the page, and creative everyday plots that become heroic and almost mystical LET HIM GO is the story of a grandmother who has lost her son and the mother of her grandson has remarried in haste to a despicable ne er do well and has taken her only grandson with them The grandmother is determined to get h [...]


    The novel is set in 1951 in North Dakota Margaret Blackridge convinces her husband George to take a road trip to rescue their grandson Jimmy After their son James was killed in an accident, their daughter in law married a ne er do well, Donnie Weboy, and moved to Montana, taking Jimmy with them Margaret fears that Donnie is not a good step father, and her fears seem justified when she and George are told by one person that the Weboys are nothing but trouble 34 and by another that I go careful th [...]


    Four stars for the writing, two stars for the plot line Of course I understand Margaret, grandmother to Jimmy, wanting to chase Jimmy s mother, Lorna, across North Dakota and into Montana when Lorna takes off with a new guy And a lazy, no good guy at that Hard to imagine a grandmother who could bear the idea of her precious grandson her only tie to her grown son who died too early disappearing into a questionable and perhaps unwholesome situation hundreds of miles away This I get What s hard to [...]


    I had not heard of Larry Watson until a friend sang his praises recently What a talent he is In 270 pages, he draws full pictures of a long married couple, other people in their sphere, and the very land on which they live in North Dakota, as well as the land they travel in search of their grandson In 1951, after 40 years together, George and Margaret Blackledge are each coping in their different ways with several losses the too early death of their beloved son, the physical and emotional loss o [...]


    On one hand, I really had some problems with this book, on the other hand, after finishing it I found myself thinking about it than I do most novels On the surface, it is a modern western set on the border of North Dakota Montana in 1951 Yet the setting just serves the atmosphere of isolated, lonely ccmmunites The real North Dakota badlands between states is symbolic of a divide between home and a quest to bring home what has been lost Margaret and George, seeming ordinary 60 year olds, are on [...]


    What would you give up for someone you love For George and Margaret Blackledge, that answer is everything Set in North Dakota in 1951, the Blackledges leave home, security and safety behind in order to retrieve their grandson from a situation which Margaret deems untenable George and Margaret s son, James, has died in an accident, leaving his widow to find another husband and then move away with her small son Margaret has meticulously planned this trip, and George can either stay or go, but Marg [...]


    Another fine novel by Watson in the tradition of Montana 1948 after the disappointment of American Boy This one is again set on the High Plains North Dakota Montana, on either side of the Badlands just slightly later, in the early 1950s Same spare but evocative prose similar earthy characters, an older 50s couple with an interesting relationship A couple of violent scenes left a bad taste for me, but otherwise a beautiful novel.

    Miriam Downey

    Read my full review here mimi cyberlibrarian.cLet Him Go by Larry Watson is a revelation Heartbreaking story, painstakingly plotted, every word meticulously chosen I couldn t stop until I had finished it and then I dreamed about it all night Probably the best recommendation of all.The year is 1951 George and Margaret Blackledge from Dalton North Dakota have lost their son, James, and now their daughter in law Lorna has remarried Donnie Weboy She has moved to Donnie s family in Montana and taken [...]

    Claudia Putnam

    I ve been thinking a lot about dialogue recently, and this is a good book to study for the way dialogue is handled No quotes, which in this case would be a distraction, because sometimes the characters talk in paragraphs would sound stilted in paragraphs, but this way it s just embedded in the story And these are two people with a long history of listening to one another one of whom doesn t speak all that much usually, but they are on a roadtrip and engaged in communicating so the reader is draw [...]


    The Badlands of North Dakota Autumn, 1951 George and Margaret Blackledge are an elderly couple, trying to find peace in their waning years but there is a family issue that continues to haunt They lost their only son James, in a horse riding accident and he left behind a pregnant wife The widow, young and restless, takes her baby and hitches up with a fellow from Gladstone Montana He belongs to the Weboy clan, a notorious and dangerous outfit, that most sane folks steer clear of.Margaret decides [...]

    Becky Loader

    I could hardly put this book down, even though the premise of taking off with the sole purpose of tracking down your grandson and bringing him back without his widowed mother is pretty far fetched The portrait of the North Dakota female rancher who is tough as nails is raw boned and realistic I have known women this purposeful and stubborn Her husband never has a chance to get away from such a powerful person She meets her match in the horrible new mother in law her grandson s mother has acquire [...]


    I ve read previous works of Larry Watson, and this book doesn t disappoint Intriguing characters, an edge of your seat book, that can only be written by someone born and raised in North Dakota The story takes place in the 50 s and involves a family, and a grandson That s all I m going to say The family dynamics are quite interesting, and I was left with questions about Janie that I don t think I was satisfied with, but some of the characters seemed to be ripped out ofJustified on FX lol Surprise [...]

    Larry Smith

    Larry Watson is turning out absolutely winning books of the West, and LET HIM GO is among the best Others include Montana 1948 and American Boy, Leaving Dakota His sense of place brings the Dakotas and Montana up close with its landscape and characters His style borders on poetry for detail and rhythm The story is compelling enough to make me late for church or beg off having dinner till later I haven t been so happy to find an American author in a good long time May the good books keep coming.


    I was impressed by Larry Watson s prose, as I expected to be I was not overly interested in the characters until the book took a dark twist about 3 4 of the way through Then I was hooked I m still not sure I ever really got the female protagonist I enjoyed it thoroughly but I save five stars for the books I think people just have to read And this wasn t one of them.

    Sonia Reppe

    This is about a couple in their late middle age The wife can t rest until she gets her grandson from her daughter in law and brings him home The husband, out of loyalty, supports her and helps her to do this not so easy task There is character development and a leisurely pace until half way through the book, and then there is a lot of action 3.5 stars

    Maureen Brennan

    To fellow snobs who distain a writing style that does not use quotation marks for dialogue put your dislikes aside This book is worth reading To quote from a review on the back cover this book evokes the deepest kind of suspense that based upon the fact that humans are unpredictable and perhaps ultimately unknowable even to their most intimate associates A short fast read.


    In 1951, George and Margaret lose their son in a horse accident Their desire to raise their grandchild takes them on an adventure which changes their lives The violence and the style of writing hampered me enjoying the book The dialogue is written in the narrative, not in quotes using he she said Sometimes it was difficult to know who said what.


    I read this for my book group The main plot of the book deals with a grandmother who will go to any length to get custody of her grandson with very dire consequences The writing is tight and riveting and the character development is very well done It is set in South Dakota and Montana Many of the characters bring to mind those as portrayed in the movie Nebraska.


    This novel was recommended to me by the author Peter Geye And it was well worth the read Though a very very sad tale, it is beautifully written with a lot of power and heart I am certainly interested in picking up another by Mr Watson.

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