Apr 21, 2021
Dark Recollections
Posted by Chris Philbrook

For the first time, the internet phenomenon is now in print Beheading a zombie isn t easy in a world where you re afraid of the living than the dead.Adrian Ring s simple life is thrown into chaos when the world is ripped apart by a plague of undead and legions of desperate survivors Retreating to Auburn Lake Preparatory Academy, Adrian attempts to rescue friends andFor the first time, the internet phenomenon is now in print Beheading a zombie isn t easy in a world where you re afraid of the living than the dead.Adrian Ring s simple life is thrown into chaos when the world is ripped apart by a plague of undead and legions of desperate survivors Retreating to Auburn Lake Preparatory Academy, Adrian attempts to rescue friends and family on the way while dancing around his impending insanity over who and what he left behind, and evading maniac survivors He saves his cat Otis, but shoots his mom Pretty successful, all things considered.Dark Recollections is the first part of Adrian s own story of how he survived after That Day Told through his eyes as he talks to his laptop, affectionately named Mr Journal, and through short stories that entwine with his tales that bring forth dark visions of a world being eaten alive by an unimaginable evil Adrian s Undead Diary is an eight part epic about a solitary, guilt stricken man that didn t think he deserved to live, but realizes very soon that he survived, and suffered for a reason.

  • Title: Dark Recollections
  • Author: Chris Philbrook
  • ISBN: 9781493568710
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Recollections For the first time the internet phenomenon is now in print Beheading a zombie isn t easy in a world where you re afraid of the living than the dead Adrian Ring s simple life is thrown into chaos when

    Chris Philbrook

    As the author, I m a big fan Most importantly, as someone who has read this story, I m constantly surprised by how entertained I am when I read it again, and how proud I am of the work I put into itD is something I ll be proud of for the rest of my life.


    Dark Recollections Adrian s Undead Diary by Chris Philbrook Began read, 4.23.2014 Completed, 4.25.2014I was looking through some books on and ran across this zombie apocalypse story I noticed it is a series and since 4 of the books have been released, I thought I d give it a change I absolutely fell in love with the protagonist, Adrian Ring He was former military and I love military or former military in these many zombie books After Adrian realizes the apocalypse has hit, he goes to several fr [...]

    Joshua Christensen

    I am so excited that this is finally going to print For those who do not know about this story, it is time for you to check it out The original format was entries being placed in Adrian s journal online every few days or sometimes a week or apart After my reading it for over a year and a half the story was completed It will now be printed in its entirety in 8 full length books The massive size of this story is unbelievable Congratulations Chris Philbrook for the finest literary contribution I h [...]

    Tony Hart

    I would love to have given this 1 star because it ENDED lol I have never been attached to a group of characters, the story was excellent I highly recommend this book for any zombie fan or book nut out there It will make you laugh, it will make you cry if you are a wuss because I totally didn t it will piss you off in places I started reading it again just because I missed the characters so much I generally don t read a lot so it takes an interesting story to suck me in much less 8 books worth T [...]

    Eric Loveless

    AUD Best zombie story out there Dark Recollections starts off one of the best zombie stories you will ever set your eyes on From believable characters to situations, this book sets the tone for an epic story that doesn t experience any breaks of engauging content.Chris does a phenominal job creating a main character in Adrian and story world that you often have to remind yourself that this didnt really happen, and Adrain doesn t actually exist Pick it up, you wont be disapointed


    Adrian s Undead Diary AUD was my first time reading zombie fiction it was and still remains my first love.Since AUD I have read World War Z900 MilesWhat Zombies FearZombie Fallout 1 7You will not find the humor, tension or raw emotion in those books as you will find with Dark Recollections You WILL be on the edge of your seat.You will worry along with Adrian, Abby and Gilbert.You will worry about zombies on fire.I still love Adrian like an ex boyfriend.I now know I need many guns and a lot of am [...]

    Shana Festa

    Originally released as an online serial, Adrian s Undead Diary is now available as an eight book series How this one slipped by me is baffling, as it fits perfectly with my preferences and meets all my needs in a piece of work Chris Philbrook, the very talented author of the series, originally submitted Dark recollections for review When it came up in my queue, I read it in one sitting The book was so entertaining, I managed to get through all 266 pages in under three hours there was no way I wa [...]


    I m not one to write reviews But I feel I must for AUD If you like reading comedy, drama, fiction, suspense it is ALL in here When this first popped up in my browser I thought to myself Hmm, this sounds kind of neat A post apocalyptic diary of a man and his adventures with zombies I then found myself going to the website and checking out the first few posts As soon as I finished reading I became a member of the site Vastly sucked into Adrian s world I would wait, very impatiently, for the next p [...]

    Hasna' Abdulmajid

    People Trust me on this Get this book The layers of drama, suspense, horror, survival, character development, and lets not forget zombies draw you in The writing is so good that you just wont be able to put it down Just like all the dead zombies that have to be made dead AGAIN reading Philbrook in book form is a no brainer When I first came across Chris Philbrooks writing I was on a site where he posted a few stories and I was hooked by his style and writing voice I quickly sought him out and fo [...]

    Nicki Hillgrove

    I am a long time fan of good zombie stories which are very few and far between I might add and I stumbled across Adrian s Undead Diary when it was a few hundred entries on the website I started to read it to see if it appealed and when I next looked at the clock it was past midnight and my eyes couldn t focus any It took me three days to catch up to the latest diary entry and then I would go back several times on the day the latest entry was due, impatiently waiting until it appeared and I could [...]

    Adrian Burt

    I started reading AUD almost 3 years ago near the beginning and have been hooked into the journey ever since I became addicted to reading AUD and waited for of the story, needing to know what happened next The other thing that hooked me about the story is the realism of the situation The main character isn t an all perfect hero, he s simply a human in this new world, making realistic mistakes and feeling the realistic emotions The author Chris has obviously put a huge amount of work into the st [...]

    Randy Harmelink

    Journal entry type books are always iffy Sometimes they work, other times they fail Miserably This one scored big for me It helps that Adrian is a likeable guy I WANTED him to succeed.One technique that really helped is that there are two chapters, actually short stories, of people that Adrian has mentioned crossing paths with in his Journal These short stories give us an outside perspective of Adrian I found it very effective in making me like Adrian, and it helped to explain why some other sit [...]

    William Mitchell

    As someone who has read all of Adrain s Undead Diary a multitude of times, I have never once found myself being bored when re reading From start to finish I am always hooked on what is placed in front of me Chris has a way of really bringing his characters to life so much so that you really feel for what they are doing and how hard they have it I for one am super excited about this coming to print, have been since I read the first entry to the Diary I want this work to come with me no matter whe [...]


    This was one of the best books I have read in quite awhile It s one of those stories that sucks you into the storyline, and leaves you unable to put the book down I have gone back and re read this several times, and each time I catch small bits of the story that I missed on previous views It just gets better and better While some readers may be put off by the idea of a story revolving about the zombie apocalypse personally, I love it there is so much to this book A must read for anyone who enjo [...]


    When I read AUD, I was expecting just another run of the mill zombie book A zombie book where no one has any idea whats going on, and there is no guy who says hey, maybe we should shoot them in the head I dont think I could have been wrong Not only did Chris have Adrian almost automatically realize whats going on, but he did it in such a way so that you are instantly glued to the book, and never want to set it down.Just a guy who wants to be loved forever,Tommy Fiebig

    Jamie Rogers

    Chris Philbrook manages to capture the reader s attention from the very beginning, and the intensity never slacks off I m one of the lucky ones who has already read, and reread, AUD and I can t even begin to describe how excited I am to finally be getting a printed version This isone of those stories that you fall in love with and want to read over and over again it never gets old His humor, style of writing, and fantastic characters make this easily one of my favorite reads of all time


    Awesome book, recommend it to any zombie fans

    Stephen Glasgow

    I m a pretty voracious reader, as much as being a full time dad allows anyway I manage to rip through a book or two a week I don t identify with any one genre, just well written stories In the past couple of years though I ve started reading and stories that are placed online Not because its cheap reading but because there is a community of authors that is not only maturing in quality, but in some I ve long felt that many of the finest authors out there today are the ones who have seen their h [...]


    I m not the type of person that reviews just any ol thing The only time I tend to sit down and write a review is when it s about something that I really love Let me just say that Adrian s Undead Diary AUD has been one of the most exciting and captivating stories that I may have ever read.I m an avid reader of books, but the ones that I hold near and dear to my heart are the ones where I feel like I could actually be friends with the characters You know those books The ones you sit down to read a [...]


    Regardless which facet of AUD it is that ultimately captivates you humor, drama, action, survivalism, horror, character studies I promise that you will be captivated Because Chris Philbrook hasn t just crafted us a story to read, he s presented us with a journey and an epic one at that Alongside a cast of inherently flawed, inherently human, and completely relatable characters I don t even think one needs to be a fan of zombie fiction to end up a fan of AUD because Chris s talent can t be pigeon [...]

    Nahuel La torre

    This book is by far the best zombie action drama journal story I ve read in many years The story has a lot of sense, there aren t black holes and the story sustains itself from the beggining until the end The characters are tremendous, every one of them has a story to tell, and in the end, you love them all as they are people you know in real life Adrian, Abigail, Gavin, Gilbert and Blake were my all times favourites all the ride long The story is depth and wide, the detail level is sometimes so [...]


    I loved this story So much so that I felt awful when I had read the last page This story leaves you with a true book hangover The characters are written so clearly and deeply that you feel absolute love and or loathing for them The story is mesmerizing I could not put it down and eagerly awaited each new chapter I laughed out loud at the humor, cringed at the scary parts, cheered when the bad guys got what was coming to them, and cried when my favorite characters died More than just a simple zom [...]

    Roz Stanley

    As someone who loves the zompoc genre i can be pretty hard to please but Chris Philbrook has managed to give me many sleepless nights with Adrian Ring and the world of AUD and honestly if you havent read any of his work yet all i can ask is why not get on it you dont know what your missing.Chris manages to bring his characters to life and make them people you care about and wait impatiently to see what happens to them next while having a refreshing twist to the usual zombie fare D is super cool [...]


    Great author, Amazing story This book is about Adrian, his fight for survival from the undead and living, his struggles within, and his own brand of humor You will become invested in this character and his story You will be horrified, shocked, and rally along with him In addition to becoming to know Adrian, you will get glimpses into the world around him by reading side stories about the day it started, or the people directly or indirectly involved with Adrian It was hard for me to write a revie [...]

    L Binks

    I have been a zombie novel fan since before the zombie fad came around This is hands down the best zombie novel I have ever read If this were to be turned into a television series it would rival The walking dead rget that would make walking dead look real bad Highly recommend this to anybody You will not be dissapointed I m about to begin the next book in the series and at the edge of my seat to see what happens.

    Jon Mosher

    Quite frankly, if you are a zombie fan, this is a must for your library Mr Philbrook has created the defining universe for zombie fiction Once you start reading Adrians Undead Diary, you won t be able to stop I ve read the entire series twice now, and have been blown away by how mind numbingly good this series is

    Lindsay Ffrench

    I ve been reading AUD for a long time and it never fails to captivate me, I think I m on my 4th read through The language and detail is awesome and the characters are human and believable I m so excited that it s finally made it to paper, where it will guide my steps during the zombie apocalypse Thanks for this piece of awesome literature, Chris


    I am seriously so incredibly excited for Dark Recollections to come out I ve been a follower of AUD since the very beginning, and I am elated to see Chris amazing work finally come to print If you re reading this series, you re in for one hell of a ride, so buckle up and get ready for some toe pushin Also, that jinx fairy is a real bitch

    Lynne Johnston

    I read A LOTbut this book is THE only book to have literally stopped my life while reading it else existed for me while reading it Because of the sheer number of books out there, i have a general rule that i never re read anything This book breaks that rule Seriously, just read it If you re a Walking Dead fan, or just a fan of fantastic writingad it Today.

    Dean Adams

    AUD absolutely ROCKS My only complaint is even at 1800 pages worth it s too short, there s soooo much that could be written about, many untold side stories and I m sure there s things I ve missed I ve read it online at least 4 5 times now, I want the hard copy

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