Mar 08, 2021
Tempest in Time
Posted by Eugenia Riley

Accidentally trading places and partners on their wedding day, Missy, an independent career girl of the 1990s, and her long ago namesake, Melissa, a timid Victorian virgin of the 1840s, each finds herself in a bewildering new time, married to a husband she doesn t know And each will have to discover for herself whether she is part of an odd couple or a match made in heaveAccidentally trading places and partners on their wedding day, Missy, an independent career girl of the 1990s, and her long ago namesake, Melissa, a timid Victorian virgin of the 1840s, each finds herself in a bewildering new time, married to a husband she doesn t know And each will have to discover for herself whether she is part of an odd couple or a match made in heaven.

  • Title: Tempest in Time
  • Author: Eugenia Riley
  • ISBN: 9780505521545
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tempest in Time Accidentally trading places and partners on their wedding day Missy an independent career girl of the s and her long ago namesake Melissa a timid Victorian virgin of the s each finds her

    Janice Aitkens

    A good book you can see how the two cousins fit in or not in their different time when they get switchedI have read this book am at present re reading it I do enjoy Eugenia Riley s books


    I liked Missy and Fabian much than Melissa and Jeff, who were so boring Melissa was too perfect and did absolutely no wrong Jeff didn t strike me as a realistic twentieth century man and looked down upon anyone who wasn t flawless I m thinking the reviewers who read this book grew up on 80 s Harlequin books where heroines are perfect, sweet, and innocent, Barbie doormats who don t speak up for themselves and let people walk all over them Missy is not a bad person, she s the average girl you see [...]

    Sharon Sherman

    Tempest in Time is a book you won t want to put down It takes place in the 1990 s and in the 1840 s.


    I still find Missy to be a right cow.


    I havent read a time switch in a while so I found this very enjoyable and a great way to take a break from what I normally read If you like time travel then I am sure this will be one that you can get into The only draw back was that Missy was a little whiny for me but it didnt stop me from finishing the book.


    I will admit that time travel stories are one of my favorite types of books Loved this book This one had things going on than some of the others I have read As you can see from the cover that two brides time travel Just imagine the problems the two brides have when everybody doesn t know that they switched places You may need tissues for this one I sure did.


    Objectively terrible writing and plot.

    Tracy T.

    I really enjoyed this time travel novel I like the back and forth between centuries There was a lot of dialogue between all the characters The passion and sex scenes were nice and Steamy.


    I receive a free e book from the author for an honest review on 3 march 2017.I liked the premise of 2 woman Missy and Melissa switching time lines and living each other s lives , one in 1992 and one in 1852 3 stars.

    Slytherin Rose

    Genre Romance Time TravelAuthor Eugenia RileyBook Tempest in TimeMy Star Rating 3 out of 5Will I read I read it again yesIntro MISMATCHED BRIDES In modern Memphis, Tennessee, beautiful, headstrong Missy Monroe has found the perfect fianc , gorgeous and genteel Jeff Dalton, a man she can control in every way and who bores her to tears Meanwhile back in antebellum Memphis, Missy s distant cousin, shy, demure Melissa Montgomery, has been promised from birth to virile, arrogant Fabian Fontenot, a ma [...]


    I forgot how 90 were Missy Monroe a business woman about to marry gentle Jeff Dalton.19th century shy girl, Melissa Montgomery about to marry the arrogant, domineering Fabian Fontenot Some Egyptian magic, wishful thinking and they both trade places and fiancees.I found Missy s strong words entertaining and at times not sure what they meant though English is not my 1st language some expressions puzzled me.She did well considering that she went back in time, but a bit forced, imposing the 90 menta [...]


    i laughed so much Here s a quote from both protagonists DMissy 1852 she cried.Missy began to hyperventilate.Certain she would quickly pass out, she began flinging open drawers and tearing through the oldfashioned lingerie and lace trimmed handkerchiefs Doesn t anyone have a paper bag in this asylum she panted Missy made a dive for the bed, yanked the pillow out of its pillowcase, threw the pillowcase over her head, and began choking violently on flecks of stray goosedown Melissa Melissa burst in [...]


    I absolutely loved this book I was not sure what to expect as I started reading it but I can easily say that my expectations were exceeded Ms Riley did a wonderful job She took us back in time to an era that most people don t even think about any, 1852 Her knowledge on the nineteenth century and the twentieth century are astounding When you read this book you are taken on a magnificent adventure Ms Riley writes so vividly that you actually become the charcters, you can feel what they feel, their [...]


    I both liked and disliked this book if possible I enjoyed the whole concept and I loved reading from both Missy and Melissa s POV s, but the one think that stops this book from being a five is that once Missy end s up back in time I have no Idea what she is saying half the time The Author has her saying just the weirdest things and Some of the phrases I get but others I ve never heard in my life and I m not sure that they aren t made up Both leading men in this book were pretty awesome It was wo [...]


    Cerita tentang 2 wanita yang memiliki nama yang sama, postur dan wajah yang sama namun berbeda kepribadian, situasi keluarga dan sama2 tidak cocok dengan calon suami masing2 Mereka berdua tertukar rohnya saat mereka sama2 jatuh dari tangga di hari pernikahan mereka berdua Setelah tertukar, mereka berdua jadi cocok dengan pasangan mereka yang tidak mereka kenal sama sekali Hanya masalah perbedaan sifat aja sih Yang satu begitu passionate sedang yang pasangan yang satu lagi begitu lembut Berhubung [...]


    Tempest in TimeMissy and Jeff are in 1992 while Melissa and Fabian are in 1852 Missy and Jeff are about to be we d as are Melissa and Fabian When both brides take a tumble and switch places, can they each be happy in the century they end up in Will Missy s stubbornness and independence be her undoing Will Melissa s shyness and vulnerability help her or hurt her Will they each find happiness or return to their respective lives Two wonderful time travel romances in one from Eugenia Riley.

    Helm Ehmy Ilarde

    Honestly, I had very high expectations that suddenly plunged down upon reading this book Though at first everything is funny but when it came to the relationship between Melissa and Jeff I felt so blah The story could have been weaved better, I think Reading Eugenia Riley s other works at least tell me that All in all, I give this work 3 stars at most for its hilarious beginning.

    「 Sunnie Rose 」

    Actual Rating 1.5 STARS Hmmmi almost hated it but there is a potential It could have been much better


    Liked it a lot it s an easy, fast paced, fun read.I love how Ms Riley hads all kind of funny parts in her books as usual there was laugh out loud and giggles as well as some heartfelt scenes.Missy did need a wake up call and Melissa needed a soft hand to open up.

    Jeanne Ruth-Doyle

    Great readA truly magical love story I am almost sorry I am finished two thumbs way up I look forward to books by this author.


    one of the better time travel reads in awhile

    Justin Kalu

    its good

    LeRay Mercado

    loved this book when I was a totally romantic teen

    Krissy (probably not a cylon...)

    This was hard to finish It really doesn t even deserve one star.


    A different kind of time travel romance, I enjoyed not knowing what was going to happen.

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