Sep 25, 2020
Saga of Wealth
Posted by Cassia Cassitas

Saga of Wealth is a historical fiction and the crisis of 2008 is the great story and enrichment is the big issue Like Brazilian people walked to and from there.The novel tells a story of people who live in the era of finance, fund implementation risk and absolute quest for money and power That, despite of real estate bubbles, subprime securities and unemployment, envisioSaga of Wealth is a historical fiction and the crisis of 2008 is the great story and enrichment is the big issue Like Brazilian people walked to and from there.The novel tells a story of people who live in the era of finance, fund implementation risk and absolute quest for money and power That, despite of real estate bubbles, subprime securities and unemployment, envisions and pursues paths of prosperity.The chapters ensnare the story that originated the facts, to current developments While the U.S real estate bubble burst in 2008, leaving many people homeless, jobless, the first generation of the saga left Europe in search of housing and employment insufficient in their country.The main character is Ricardo, a finance executive, living among their own economic strength and ethical conflict of endangering an entire segment of society towards the profitability of its investment agency In the wake of this character, the reader will know a little of the rules of the economy, the alternatives that governments have to play this game.Carolina, his wife, is the architect who decides to have her own company when she discovers that she is pregnant It s the woman of our time and her decision making process, her relationship with her husband, the international crisis, and the opportunities in the globalized environment.The fictional environment addresses several transformations occurred in the start of Brazilian republican society, the Estado Novo, the estate and economic expansion in Brazil The characters in this fiction live amid real facts When the U.S real estate bubble burst, the characters react according to their socio cultural characteristics.Saga of Wealth is a living book, a story that is not over She continues in countries that struggle with instability and unemployment, as well as in fiction.

  • Title: Saga of Wealth
  • Author: Cassia Cassitas
  • ISBN: 9781482345438
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Saga of Wealth by Cassia Cassitas Saga of Wealth is a meditation upon societies threatened by unsustainable greed, wrapped inside a well crafted narrative Whether or not one agrees with the author s Saga of Wealth Kindle edition by Cassitas, Cassia Apr , Saga of Wealth is a historical fiction novel set during the financial crisis of The novel tells a story of people who live in the era of finance, fund implementation risk and Saga of Wealth Cassitas Apr , Saga of Wealth is a meditation upon societies threatened by unsustainable greed, wrapped inside a well crafted narrative Whether or not one agrees with the author s A saga of wealth The rise of the Texas oilmen by James A saga of wealth book Read reviews from world s largest community for readers. Wealth SaGa YouTube Dear Viewers, Your Quest of learning Financial Management ends here We are a team of Management Graduates, with diversified workex We have taken it as a mi A saga of wealth The rise of the Texas oilmen Presley A saga of wealth The rise of the Texas oilmen Hardcover January , by James Presley Author Visit s James Presley Page Find all the books, read about the

    Saga of Wealth Saga of Wealth is a historical fiction and the crisis of is the great story and enrichment is the big issue Like Brazilian people walked to and from there The novel tells a story of people who li

    Archit Ojha

    First things first, every time I see the cover, I feel flabbergasted The journey I had with Saga of Wealth, is unforgettable.These days I am getting a hang of Economics books and what can be better to read a historical fiction based on USA economic breakdown It was an unique and courageous approach for writing in a theme like this I mean who does that nowadays Carolina and Ricardo are a very sweet and wealthy newly married couple Ricardo is a financial analyst and Carolina is an architect They a [...]


    An exceptional book about 2008 financial crisis in USA and its effect.Learning about different cultures and specially about economics was a great adventure I have already read Cassia s Riding and I really enjoyed it Reading her books is a pleasant feeling and with this historic fiction, she has done a very good job.The dialog, the plot and execution everything was lovable A family drama well weaved with good characters It was a new experience for me as well as informative Like her previous book, [...]

    Jaideep Khanduja

    pebbleinthestillwatersspoBook Review Saga Of Wealth Fortune Cassia Cassitas Story That Travels You Through Smiles and TearsSome books make you wealthy with lifetime enrichment while the others give short term pleasure While in former case the impression gets embossed on your heart and mind and stays alive in your subconscious mind In latter case it is pleasure gone, story gone and author forgotten Books are in fact very similar to the people that we meet in life Saga Of Wealth Fortune by Cassia [...]


    An unforgettable novel of how the US economic breakdown effected the rest of the worldCassia Cassitas has written an unique tale of the 2008 financial crisis that examines the ripple effect the United States has on the global economy We meet Ricardo, a financial executive who is dealing with some definite moral and ethical issues and Carolina, his wife, an architect in the midst of building her own firm she she learns that she is pregnant With the onset of the US breakdown, the Brazilian stock m [...]


    Thought provoking and brilliantly written You learn about different cultures, and how the economic breakdown effected them.I thought I wouldn t enjoy this, but turns out I did An easily flowing read, can easily settle down with it and just block out your inner monologue.I received a copy of Saga of Wealth thanks to First Reads thanks Cassia Cassitas


    It is difficult to understand the scope of a global financial crisis, and when we think about it, or even say the words, we talk about percentages and populations, countries and stock markets Putting a human face on it, particularly one that is self aware and honorable, is a difficult task, since most identification that people did with the crisis was point fingers of blame Cassitas exposes the impact of great ethical dilemmas and the tragedies that the whole world is experiencing through the ey [...]


    A Brazilian Family drama woven into a treatise on world economics circa 2008Cassia Cassitas is a technology expert and continues to teach at the college level, apparently focusing on philosophy, existence, information engineering and college didactics Her first book SUNDAY THE GAME described as a philosophy to live by While reading, developing tactics of self actualization, dilemmas and conflicts are faced and a final victory of understanding is achieved SAGA OF WEALTH is her second book, transl [...]

    Veritas Vincit

    I didn t study the financial crisis of 2008 particularly well, and part of me never wanted to, but this novel gave a really interesting perspective, not only because it came from characters living outside the US, but also because the storytelling was balanced between someone involved in the industry Ricardo and his wife, who was uninvolved in the financial sector, but still felt the emotional toll in a number of ways The author managed to personalize a global crisis and put it in a scope that se [...]


    A Saga of Wealth by Cassia Cassitas is a little different fare than what I had expected from Ms Cassitas, having read and enjoyed Sunday the Game.This is a historical novel following a family from their emigration from Italy to Brazil, and their journey from poverty to wealth.In 2008 Brazil, Ricardo and Carolina are very much in love, newly married, expecting their first child and live a lifestyle of comfort and wealth Carolina has her own business as an architect that she has built and managed [...]

    Inês Montenegro

    O enredo desenrola se em dois tempos distintos o presente da narrativa, no Brasil de 2008, onde se acompanha Ricardo e as suas preocupa es e dilemas, n o apenas familiares e econ micos, mas tamb m laborais, e o passado dif cil da sua fam lia, de origens italianas, quando se arriscou a uma emigra o para um pa s que lhes era desconhecido Esta narra o a dois tempos pareceu me ser uma boa escolha para melhor compreens o da ascens o e hist ria familiar de Ricardo e Carolina, sua prima e esposa Apesar [...]

    David Clarke

    Having purchased one or two libertarian novels inspired by recent events, I was interested to read a different kind of political fiction Saga of Wealth is a meditation upon societies threatened by unsustainable greed, wrapped inside a well crafted narrative Whether or not one agrees with the author s philosophical or economic beliefs, it s an excellent book.The main story is about a handful Brazilians of Italian descent, and the way in which their lives are impacted by the global financial crisi [...]

    Anita Kearney

    Cassia Cassitas has a distinctive point of view that is refreshing and insightful She addresses the financial crisis that has had the US in a state of turmoil since 2008 She shows us how each country today has lost its autonomy in so much as what happens in a given country affects all others in some way When the collapse of the market happened in America it was felt around the world.We meet Ricardo who is struggling to get ahead and take care of his family but he is having a problem justifying t [...]

    Anita D

    It is rare that you find a novel that can combine what could only be called educational socio economic information, history and a love story but Cassia Cassitas has managed to do that and set the bar very high indeed She tackles immigration, poverty, classism, and social conscious all within the framework of a beautiful love story Two families, one rich, one poor is showcased in this historical masterpiece.We get to watch as the wealthy businessman, Ricardo, develops a conscious and concern for [...]


    I was captivated instantly by this great book So often as Americans we don t see what is global, we see just how things affect us This book really shows us how the economic crisis has a cause and effect system that ripples through the entire world From an empty mcmansion in America to to Sao Palo area of Brazil.Also themed in this book was the struggle of gender identity and gender roles in times of hardship and how we fall back into the delicate balance of where we are comfortable when everythi [...]


    This book is a real eye opener to the real issues we face today It is written by Brazilian author Cassia Cassitas, in which this story takes place in Sao Paolo I like to say I pay attention to the issues in our economy, but as Cassita tells this story through 2 points of view I started to realize that I needed to pay attention to the world around us and how it affects everyone, not just my immediate family Up until recently I only thought about how our crisis affected our country the US , but r [...]

    Robin Perron

    Who would have thought that economics and data could be an engaging story Not me, but with Cassia Cassitas as the helm, Saga of Wealth is just that The story begins in the middle of the financial crisis that is so fresh in or memories We enter the apartment of Ricardo and Carolina Ricardo is at the end of his rope from all of the worry his job as a financial analyst has placed on him He understands better than anyone the trouble the American people are in and can t seem to find a way to rectify [...]

    Adina Luca

    The guilt of wealth and the breakdown of an investment brokerI was mesmerised by the saga of three generations of Italian immigrants the colonists in Brazil from the end of the 19th Century to today It was all new to me and if you don t know much about the history of Brazil, this is one good book to pick It gives enough to get the picture without being too detailed.Through intermarriages and ambitions equal to the power of Italians resembling the first generations in North America, the family s [...]

    Michelle Gonzales

    This fictional novel named the Saga of Wealth was fantastic and insightful One of the biggest problems in society is explained in this book in such an interesting compassionate way Cassia Cassitas hit the nail on the head describing the economic crisis in the year 2008 and bringing this well written book to life in my mind I felt deeply for both of the main characters First, Ricardo a sweet caring man who feels for his clients during this crisis Second, Carolina an architect whose expecting thei [...]

    Jed Tales

    Cassia Cassitas s novel is a pleasant read, and its philosophical aspects provoke interesting thoughts The story begins with the depiction of an Brazilian man s despair Confronted by evidence of financial collapse and grotesque mismanagement of risk, Ricardo, who works for an investment agency, seeks to overturn the strategies used by his management This goal is both personal and deeply moral, because his firm s malpractice has inevitable ramifications for the national and global economy.Whilst [...]


    With a mind for math and numbers this book was right up my alley Our story begins at the top of America s financial crisis in 2008 We observe Ricardo in emotional turmoil surrounding his role in the collapse because of his job as a financial analyst His architect wife Carolina is 6 months pregnant and doing what she can to help him cope and get them both financially and emotionally ready for this baby She struggles with her desires for a family and a career and how gender roles create that confl [...]

    Kristina Reading

    I really enjoyed Cassia s point of view of the economic collapse of 2008 It was a refreshing way to learn of the effects our economy had around the world This book was by far the easiest way to learn about how economics work between countries No matter which country you live in you can relate to this book due to how the relationship between countries is explained I m glad that the gender stereotypes were addressed in this novel, it is a great addition to the already amazing economic information [...]


    Working in financial services and living through the Great Recession in the United States after the financial crisis of the events of 2008, I read Saga of Wealth with enthusiasm because the storyline interests me greatly It s the story of 2 Brazilians, Ricardo and Carolina, both with business ambition and striving for financial success.Ricardo, an executive, has a crisis of conscience, as the success of his firm comes at a societal cost The story of Carolina is impactful as well Her story is a l [...]

    European Douglas

    I have to admit that this book left me feeling guilty at times As someone living in the comfort of the Western World, this book is a sort of wake up call It shows the greed and selfishness of the era of finance we are part of, where money is king It also raises doubts if this can go on with the real estate crisis of 2008 , the consequent subprime security scandal, and unemployment reaching all time highs I also liked the way the story is put together, with the reader following Ricardo who has fi [...]


    Saga of Wealth is the story of a Brazilian couple, Ricardo and Carolina Both are business savvy and tops in their professions The author does a great job of capturing their struggles of maintaining that edge that took each of them to the pinnacle of their careers.Ricardo encounters ethical dilemmas as his investment firm grows and Carolina s tale is one of a contemporary career woman and the struggles she faces in the business world Cassitas did a phenomenal job of taking me inside the minds of [...]

    Tj Lawson

    This novel from Cassitas is a welcome change to all the political and economic dry books you find on the bookshelves The praise for free market capitalism and laissez faire capitalism is under threat due to intervention of governments and banks pumping trillions into a crippled economy.An unregulated market is a destructive force, a sort of nuclear bomb that s about to go off.Although the author does not make this analogy, there is no doubt she questions the way financial markets work today espe [...]

    Evie Chia

    I got this book from the giveaways and I entered because I wished to know about different perspectives with regards to the 2008 recession I m not so used to writing reviews, so forgive me if the review s too short or insignificant.I ve always had in mind that the 2008 recession was not as bad as the media described when I read this book The storyline was a little disappointing I guess I would like to know about the relationship between the past and the present of Ricardo and Carolina s life Ho [...]


    ar to often, I find books which comment on social economics to be either well liked or disliked based on whether the reader agrees or disagrees with the author s views and comment I m neutral on this subject, and I was interested in the new ideas and writing style used by the author In this Cassitas scores well It focuses on the two subjects of the book, Ricardo and Carolina, looking aback at their immediate family s past, and to the present when we witness the unfolding of the crisis as seen t [...]


    I received an e book version of this novel in exchange for an honest review Thank you so much for the opportunity.Who would have thought economy could be so interesting This book follows the life of a Brazilian couple, Ricardo and Carolina, and the effects the economical crisis of 2008 had on their life I learned so much with this book, and about things I never thought would be interesting I haven t much to say about this book besides praising it It was insightful, it gives a new perspective to [...]

    Zachary Harshaw

    Set during the economic meltdown of 2008, Cassia Cassita s Saga of Wealth is one part social commentary, one part tragic love story, and every bit engaging throughout Sharing two stories from two very different set of circumstances, Cassita writes engrossingly about passion, destiny, and poverty as experienced by a wealthy businessman and his wife, and a young immigrant struggling to better her family s fortunes in Brazil The narrative covers both time and distance, weaving a compelling tale of [...]

    Carolina Pontes

    This book is such a economic lesson, it shows you that wealth is not always about money, and how we should manage to deal with it Is also a history class, which I liked a lot, but her reflections on all this are to extended, there is too much come and go , too many metaphors The book is rich in information, and well written, but the plot just didn t catch me I totally recognize this as a great book, just not what I expected.

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