Jul 05, 2020
Back in Her Husband's Bed
Posted by Andrea Laurence

She can finally have the one thing she wants All she has to do is play the happy wife and not fall in love with her husband It s been three years since Annie Baracas left her husband, Vegas casino owner Nathan Reed, and he still hasn t signed the divorce papers So when Nate finally offers to set her free, Annie will agree to any terms Even if that means temporarily resShe can finally have the one thing she wants All she has to do is play the happy wife and not fall in love with her husband It s been three years since Annie Baracas left her husband, Vegas casino owner Nathan Reed, and he still hasn t signed the divorce papers So when Nate finally offers to set her free, Annie will agree to any terms Even if that means temporarily resuming her role as his wife to help him catch a thief But what starts as a public display quickly turns very private And Annie can t help wondering what it might be like to stay in Nate s bed for as long as they both shall live.

  • Title: Back in Her Husband's Bed
  • Author: Andrea Laurence
  • ISBN: 9780373732975
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Back in Her Husband s Bed She can finally have the one thing she wants All she has to do is play the happy wife and not fall in love with her husband It s been three years since Annie Baracas left her husband Vegas casino own

    Alexis-Morgan Roark

    What an enjoyable read A second chance romance set against Vegas and the professional Poker circuit oh, the worlds we enter when we open a book I cheered and jeered for this couple along the way I was a little fuzzy on the issue of fidelity during the three year separation I felt we could have used a bit detail on those years.That aside, you do find yourself hoping our heroine overcomes her upbringing and outgrows her nomadic gypsy existence Why Cause this hero truly LOVES this woman He s torn [...]

    Fiona Marsden

    A reunion romance will suck me in every time This is the story of Annie the Barracuda, a seemingly cold, unemotional professional poker player, and Nate, a Casino owner in Las Vegas who has been working hard to rebuild his families legacy after a bad run.Three years ago, these two met and fell hard Nate, terrified of losing her, married her out of hand, as you can do in Las Vegas Annie comes from a long line of commitment phobic women and when Nate squeezes tight, she runs.Now he ll give her the [...]


    Good book Annie has returned to Vegas to participate in a poker tournament in Nathan s hotel She knows that she ll have to see him again sometime When she does, he offers to finally sign the divorce papers if she ll help him catch some cheaters that will be at the tournament All she has to do is play the part of loving wife and watch the players she competes against She also has to resist falling for him all over again.Annie knew she was tempting fate by entering that tournament, but playing pok [...]


    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.Annie Baracas is known as the Barracuda in the card world Card s is her life and she makes a great living doing it There is only one thing in her life that she wished she could change and that is marrying Vegas casino owner Nathan Reed She has to see him again when his casino is hosting the championship game He knows that Annie wants a divorce and he gets her to agree to help him find the cheaters and he will give her the [...]


    Fantastic, just fantastic I absolutely love the whole pretend wife trope and Andrea Laurence just completely nails it I was enticed from the first page and didn t want to put this one down for a moment.I loved both Annie and Nate and boy are there some steamy scenes between the pair of them Back in Her Husband s Bed is easily one of the best romances I have read lately I loved both the tension between Annie and Nate and the subplot surrounding their relationship.I haven t read anything else by A [...]


    Every person has their own set of relationship demons Be it from your parents own relationships not working out, or seeing what a in too deep relationship did to a best friend or a secret you might be hiding No matter the reason there is always something that to the outside world seems can easily be fixed, but until you find yourself in that person s shoes you really cannot judge.In this read from Andrea Laurence she tells of the magical and entrancing world of Annie Annie has what most woman wa [...]

    MelodyMay (What I"m Reading)

    Posted on What I m ReadingI finished Back in Her Husband s Bed by Andrea Laurence I do love Andrea s books and I look forward for to her releases I did like the premise of this story, but I just didn t fall in love with the story You have Annie Baracas who s a professional poker player who married Nathan Reed However, she freaked out and left Now there s a tourney being held at his casino and he wants continue having this tourney at his casino So, he enlists Annie s help him catch the cheats tha [...]


    this book was a great read by the end the intrigue the plot not the plot about the two main protagonists but the one that got involved with the casino it was excited and full of suspense but the main plot, about that couple, was just an okay read It felt cold and lack of feeling certainly this book contained quite a few steamy scenes but that wasn t my purpose of reading it I expected grudge, antsy and love they loved each other sure it was showed or written but what I read just bored me a lit [...]

    Book Reading Gals

    This wasn t a very well researched book It s against the Nevada Gaming Commission for the family member a casino owner, or an employee of a casino or his her immediate family to gamble in a casino they own or are employed by Huge fines and a loss of a gaming license would result if a casino owners wife played in a poker tournament in his casino Because of this I couldn t read much past the third chapter.

    Sheila Schwartz

    Romance is never quite as good until a second chance Ms Laurence writes romances with such honesty and emotion that every page is a reward The experience and excitement Annie and Nate bring to the table makes for scorching intimacy both in bed and out and catching the baddies the cherry on the cake Love Ms.Laurence s talent with the written word

    Diah Didi

    As expected from Andrea Laurence Can t wait to have mine arrived in 4 5 months AaaarghI wonder if there s a story about Tessa I wonder if she d be paired to Gabe D More detailed review will be published around the publication date.

    Monica Cardoza

    Can a second chance at romance be taken advantage of when it seems both people are head over heels over each other This is my first read by Ms Laurence and I have to say that I truly enjoyed it Annie was a strong willed woman that didn t want to be told what she could do and not do Nathan is a powerful alpha male that needed to see through Annie s eyes why she had to leave I know that he was hurt, he wanted revenge but come on he was still in love with her no matter what happened that day three [...]

    Joyfully Reviewed

    Nate Reed needs his estranged wife s help in catching a thief Dangling signed divorce papers before Annie Barracuda Baracas face is just the ticket to get her help as well as closure for their relationship Annie had committed the ultimate betrayal when she left Nate with no explanations shortly after their whirlwind marriage began Now he means to have some answers and get the beauty out of his system so that he can move on Annie had her reasons for walking away from the dynamic casino owner, but [...]


    Nathan owns the Desert Sapphire, a luxury casino in Vegas, and is holding a Texas Hold em Tournament partially for the money but also to gain a long term contract by once and for all eliminating the cheaters who have been scamming various tournaments To do so, Nathan or less blackmails his estranged wife, Annie, into spying for him If she ll play in the tournament and ferret out the cheaters, he ll finally give her the divorce she s been asking for But they ll have to pretend to be a devoted ma [...]


    Annie is a poker player, to everyone she may seem cold and unemotional, while Nate a casino owner is trying to work hard to bring his family s legacy back after a bad run Three years before they met and fell hard for one another, making Nate afraid of losing her and marrying her in haste Vegas style Only Annie comes from a family of commitment phobic women which makes her run fast after Nate asks for a little than she thinks she can give Now Annie is back wanting a divorce and Nate will give it [...]

    Hsiau Wei

    Annie left Nathan three years ago and now she is back at his hotel for a poker tournament She is a well known professional poker player She knows that she will have to see him again She have been trying to get Nathan to sign the divorce papers ever since she left him but each time, its turned futile because he doesn t want to cooperate Nathan have his own agenda when he met her again He wanted her to help him catch some cheaters that will be in the poker tournament and as a prize for her coopera [...]

    Susan Parkes

    Back In Her Husband s Bed is a book I started and I have not been able to put down till The End, and even then I did not want it to end This is a thoroughly enjoyable romance book about a Casino, it s owner and a card shark Three years ago, Nate Casino owner and Annie card shark have a whirlwind affair and end up marrying Nate is grounded but Annie is like a gypsy and can not seem to settle in one place, so one night Annie is frightened by her feelings for her husband and leaves him in the middl [...]


    Back in Her Husband s Bed by Andrea Laurence was a fabulous book that I couldn t put down I love these types of books where a marriage doesn t work out yet, the couple who has yet to divorce, finds love after all Annie Baracas is a poker player who has arrived in Vegas to play in a poker tournament at her husband, Nathan Reed s, casino He immediately seeks her out as he s trying to expose a cheat and needs her help He makes a deal with her that if she helps him identify the thief he will release [...]

    Wednesday Stanley

    I was honestly a little worried about this book when I first read the description I was afraid that it would be the typical wife leaves husband, husband and wife are reunited, blah blah blah But no this one a little bit different This book gives an interesting look at the operations of a casino in the middle of one of those big poker tournaments that they show on television Nate finds himself needing help from Annie In return he ll give Annie the divorce she wants Only if she ll help figure out [...]


    Annie and Nate both want something He wants her help to break up a poker tournament cheating ring and she wants a divorce He agrees to give her a divorce if she ll help him catch the cheaters But, to do so, she has to agree to acknowledge she s his wife Is she ready for all that will entail Over the course of the big poker tournament being held at Nate s Vegas casino, they end discovering about one another than they did when they first married three years ago They both are forced to face some t [...]


    I really enjoyed this story and book a great romance story beautifully written loved the character s of Annie Baracas who was parted from her husband for the past three year s vegas casino owner Nathan Reed He offer s to set her free but it must be on his term s not her s but will she agree to his term s, she must return has his wife and if all goes to plan then he will give her the divorce that she want s, But it isn t going to be that easy not to fall in love with her husband again has the che [...]

    Alexis Sky

    I was given a copy of this book by NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review.Annie left her husband 3 years ago and has tried to never look back A poker tournament brings her back to his casino and into his life because Nathan needs help Someone is cheating and Nathan will use any means necessary, including his wife, to catch them A bit of a mystery surrounds the whole story and the characters were well developed There was just something missing Annie s gypsy spirit, Nathan s trust issues [...]


    Shhh I finished this book at workWarning Do not start this book if you have something to do or somewhere to be I could not put it down In fact I sneaked the book in to work, hid it behind the counter and read while customers were browsing This book has a bit of everything revenge, mystery, romance I didn t expect the twist at the end Awesome book.I hope there will be a book about the secondary characters Tessa Annie s Sister and Gabe Nathan s Friend.

    Andrea Lovette

    Very good book set around Nathan and Annie who although married, know nothing about each other Annie is the free spirit, Nathan the grounded one Hot love scenes but also tender moments Ms Laurence throws in a bit of mystery surrounding a poker tournament and just when you think you know who it is, she totally tells you that you were wrong Great story set in Las Vegas that will keep you turning the pages to see how it all ends.


    A nice cozy romance to get through this long cold winter Annie holds her own on the highly male dominated poke tables Things are even complex as she married the sexy and handsome casino owner Nathan Reed three year prior, only to run out on him before the honeymoon bed was cold Things really get steamy when she finds herself working for her Ex in exchange for a long awaited divorce Is this what Annie really wants though


    received for free through First ReadsLight and easy read, finished it in a day I enjoyed the reconciliation between the characters and found the plot to move quickly and with enough action to keep me interested.

    Allana Kellett

    I won this book in a giveaway.I enjoyed this book It had a good storyline and made me feel like I was the main characters I could feel what they felt and understood both sides of the problem.


    Sizzling romance set in the exciting world of Las Vegas.Unfortunately it loses a star as realistically surely the hotel owner s wife wouldn t be allowed to play in a poker tournament at his hotel

    Sharon Redfern

    Professional poker player and lifetime commitmentphobe Annie finds herself back in the marital bed and helping her estranged husband Nate foil a ring of cheaters at his casino It is an interesting mix of romance and suspense with a look at the world of professional poker A fun weekend read.

    Tina White

    As with all of Andrea s book this is a winner Annie is another strong female character and gets what she wants in the end Andrea s contemporary writing and in depth character building is the new in for romance Realistic writing for today s woman.

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