Oct 01, 2020
ハイキュー!! 3
Posted by Haruichi Furudate 古舘 春一


  • Title: ハイキュー!! 3
  • Author: Haruichi Furudate 古舘 春一
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Danielle

    Things we learnt from this volume even though I knew all of this already Nishinoya is completely crazy but everyone loves him, duh ,Asahi is an precious angel,Suga is in mom mode 24 7 whilst Daichi is Karasuno s full time dad ,Kenma is an actual kitten,And Kageyama Hinata can t survive without each other on the court and it s absolutely beautiful Next volume please

    Dazz Ross

    The Nekoma practice game will proceed next volume Can t wait for it But in the meantime, I m content with another lovely volume of this series.I m quite simply TRASH for Haikyuu frankly, and I m not ashamed to admit it.


    So funny

    Cintya Larasinta

    Perlahan2 aku mulai mengenal tokoh2 pemain Karasuno itu semuanya lucu dan menarik skl buatku.

    Elizabeth (Elzburg)

    I don t want to say this But I m going to So prepare yourselfThis volume Was kind of Boring Ack That was me getting shot for blasphemy.But actually A big bulk of the volume was introducing Asahi Ace chan and his problems, so it was suuuuppper bogged down with flashbacks New and old alike It kept repeating pannels that we ve already seen but in flashback form, and it was annoying because flashbacks would literally take up almost a whole page sometimes, and often they were during a game so it just [...]


    V n Teprve t et volumko a u mi chce p ivodit infarkt, Furudate Moje srdce Do pr ic, v dy je to jenom volejbal


    Wihiy Udah nongol semuanya di volume 3 ini ____Nishinoya, si libero yang lebih pendek dari Hinata dan Asahi si ace yang serem kayak om om preman tapi hatinya lembut kayak anak perawan Suka deh sama semuanya dari Karasuno ini Paling seneng kalau mereka udah saling berantem ceng cengan XDD Nggak ada yang ngalahin Tsukishima kalau soal bikin orang lain kesel dan marah Jadi inget Frankenstein sama M 21nya Noblesse Hwahahaa Si Kageyama juga kocak banget waktu nggak sengaja kepukul kepalanya pake serv [...]


    Series Review Volleyball some great explanations in here too , team spirit, a cast of loveable quirky characters that only gets bigger and amazing each volume, scenes that make me laugh, games that I m invested in and have I mentioned the colourful cast that makes me squee, jump and fall in love again and again Oh, I haven t mentioned the artwork yet From super cute to extremely cool you can find everything here The volleyball games have a great dynamic to them, and really, the dorky facial exp [...]


    AAYYYYYY SWEET VOLLEYBALL CHILDSthis reading was so sweet and loveable that i didnt want to actually finish it Suga is such a cutie i love him so much pls dont make him sad he needs protection AlsO HINATA AND AZUMANE HELP MEthis volume was so ridiculously cute and i couldnt stop smiling the whole way through im still smiling.PD IM SHORT TOO AND ILL FUCK U UP

    ✿ cassandra ✿

    I m binge reading this series Shit.

    Eli Johnson

    The book I read is the 3rd book of the Shonen Jump manga, Haikyu Haikyu is the story of two rivals in the aspect of volleyball, Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio, coincidentally end up attending the same high school, Karasuno High School which is located in Japan, and must come together as they are now allies on the school s volleyball club As from previous years, the volleyball club has been called the fallen crows due to the fact that their team has progressively gotten worse and that they are l [...]


    This volume was about the team coming together Noya supporting Asahi Suga knowing that Asahi is the backbone but not to add pressure Noya having Asahi s back Hinata being jealous of Asahi and Kageyama supporting Hinata in his own angry way ahhh Then Hinata and Asahi talking about how awesome each of them are Noya all upset because Asahi wouldn t return and storms out But Hinata runs after him asking him to teach him how to receive The real winner if when Noya gets called senpai 3 He really hype [...]

    Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

    3 starsThis volume of Haikyu didn t hold my attention as well as previous ones I m not sure if it s because the volleyball match wasn t as high energy, or if Hinata and Kageyama trying to convince two reluctant upper classmen to rejoin the team just didn t keep me on the edge of my seat The theme of this volume would be Please join the team Takeda has his work cut out trying to convince Ukai, the grandson of the successful former coach, to step up and help the team work on the basics that they l [...]


    Karasuno continues to grow with the guardian deity finally back on the court and his partner showing up behind the scenes Its probably no surprise that they manage to get him to finally commit to the team, leading us to having the fully assembled Karasuno The best part of this volume is that we get a full game with the all the Karasuno key players, all that s needed now though is a coach and a high level opponent V3 managed to be just as strong as the previous ones and this time not driven on th [...]


    i got to the point where the flashbacks happen and noya and asahi interact and i cried a lot then i watched episode 9 of the anime and cried some then i watched the extra that was in the movie where they fix the broom also made me cry i just ASAHI AND NOYA ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME who knew a manga about boys playing ball would get me so emotional and can i just say that i absolutely looooove the fact that noya and tanaka are absolute bff s but tanaka like reaaaally looks up to noya and im dead [...]

    Sandra Girard-Demontigny

    I really enjoy this series of manga I love volleyball and everything about this sport With the return of Karasuno, the team s libero, this team is beginning to take shape I can t wait to see what happens next.J appr cie vraiment cette s rie de manga J adore le volley ball et tout ce qui concerne ce sport Avec le retour de Karasuno, le lib ro de l quipe, cette quipe commence grandement prendre forme J ai h te de lire la suite et de voir les matchs venir.


    THE GOOD Hinata and Kageyama This tag team duo are still kicking butt and taking names somewhat More often then not they re arguing with each other But they continue to make me root for them.Asahi and Suga I m a sucker for characters that don t believe in themselves Asahi the gentle yet scary looking giant and Suga the soft heart really drew me in THE BAD Nishinoya He s interesting, I ll give him that but sometimes he can get a little annoying.


    The mystery of the broken broom is revealed We get to meet Nishinoya and Asahi as they get sucked into the crazy that is the volleyball team And guess what We ve got a new temporary coach This team is really coming together But can they defeat their long time rivals Nekoma, the Cats And lets give a hand to head shots


    I still love the series as an ex player of volleyball Even though it s greatly dramatized as it should be in order for these series to be entertaining, it does contain a lot of what s really going down in matches, training sessions and teams It s fun to read even though I ve already seen the anime season first Can t wait to reach the point where the anime ends and the manga continues.


    Hier lernen wir das Ass Asahi kennen, der erst seine Angst berwinden muss, bevor er wieder spielt Dazu haben wir den Libero, der auch gute Arbeit leistet Hinata und Kageyama k nnen nur zusammen auf dem Spielfeld spielen Und die haben echt eine gute Freundschaft aufgebaut


    Aaaand that s the last book of the BooktubeAThon, just little over half an hour before the week ends I didn t think I would actually manage to read seven books in just seven days, but I m super happy I did

    Meli Agüero

    Amooooo a Noya.

    Cate (The Professional Fangirl)

    Toss to the ACE One of my favorite S1 episodes While I read in English, I was hearing the Japanese voices in my head.

    Elias Alexander

    This was definitely my favorite volume so far So many good characters been introduced I m really excited to continue with the new volume.


    A cute story with fun illustrations So much intense volleyball action

    Brittany Walker (NekosBooks)

    Just as good as Volumes 1 2 can t wait to read the next volume Truthfully I really can t get enough of Hinata he is just to cute for words.

    Gabriela Paige

    The team is finally all together and ready to start working together


    Man I love what we learned about the characters Can t wait to see how the game is gonna end in the next volume.


    What makes this serious so engaging is the passion each character has for the sport, and that each passion is different but similar I appreciate the volleyball facts since I would ve been lost other wise, and the fast pace keeps your attention It s mixed well with drama and humor, and the characters are interesting, learning and acting on what they ve learn Definitely a series I can get behind.


    Memang ga ada yang ngalahin tankubon Ada komik spesialnya kan XD

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