Aug 11, 2020
Blood Mate
Posted by Kitty Thomas

Blood Mate, a dark fairy tale Nicole has been happily married to big shot attorney, Dominic Rose for ten years, but soon after their anniversary he grows cold as if she doesn t exist Meanwhile, another man has been pursuing her far too intently for comfort August Corinth is a six hundred year old vampire, cursed to kill and suffer the pain of his victims each night unBlood Mate, a dark fairy tale Nicole has been happily married to big shot attorney, Dominic Rose for ten years, but soon after their anniversary he grows cold as if she doesn t exist Meanwhile, another man has been pursuing her far too intently for comfort August Corinth is a six hundred year old vampire, cursed to kill and suffer the pain of his victims each night until he can find the one woman who can resist his thrall, his blood mate Once he s found her, there are no lines he won t cross to claim the promised salvation even if it means taking away everything and everyone she loves Disclaimer This is a work of fiction, and the author does not endorse or condone any of this book s content in a real world setting This work is intended for an emotionally mature, adult audience.

  • Title: Blood Mate
  • Author: Kitty Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781938639135
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood Mate by Kitty Thomas Jan , Blood Mate is the newest release from Kitty Thomas, who is my favorite author, so if I sound biased and not totally objective, there you have it Blood Mate is the story of a vampire, cursed to a pretty miserable existence, unless he can find the one woman who can complete him, and becomehis Blood Mate. Blood Mate Mina Carter Mar , The vampire female is his mate Allowing her to bring him in is his only choice and possibly the last mistake of his life Enemies or lovers, it doesn t matter When they discover that the Project is hiding yet secrets, they must work together to bring it down or die in the attempt. Blood Mate Project Rebellion Book Kindle edition by Apr , Blood Mate Project Rebellion Book Kindle edition by Carter, Mina Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Blood Mate Project Rebellion Book . Blood Mate Project Rebellion, by Mina Carter Blood Mate is the second book in Mina Carter s The Project Rebellion series Each book can be read as a standalone book but the series does feature recurring characters I actually read Blood Mate before Perfect Mate first book in the series and had no problem Blood Mate eBook Thomas, Kitty Kindle Store Jan , Blood Mate is Ms Thomas newest book As are all of Ms Thomas books, there is no black and white when it comes to the characters and their motivations I won t use the words hero or heroine to describe August or Nicole because that description is too simple to adequately portray them. Blood Mate Thomas, Kitty Books Feb , Warning Blood Mate is a story about love, betrayal, redemption, sacrifice, and sanity This is a dark emotional psychological journey This is not a vampire romance or vampire erotica It

    Blood Mate Blood Mate a dark fairy tale Nicole has been happily married to big shot attorney Dominic Rose for ten years but soon after their anniversary he grows cold as if she doesn t exist Meanwhile anothe


    Nicolette is happily married to Dominic, until she has a chance meeting with a 600 year old vampire, August August recognizes her as the one woman that can save him from the curse of vampirism by willingly consenting to become his blood mate Of course, Nicolette has no interest in giving him her consent initially.August sets a plan in motion to woo Nicolette and obtain her consent one way or another In time, Nicolette and August develop feelings for one another, leaving Nicolette feeling torn be [...]


    3.5 I just can t bare the ending star I love August and he didn t done anything wrong Okay well honestly he did something bad but he was doing it for a reason and also he was the victim until the end and it s just sad I hate Dominic and Nicole so unfair sobs I think what s compelling about the story was that even though August did something wrong he felt sorry for it after all he s a good guy forced to do wrong he s like Ty from the book Stolen and I think its powerful and easy to sympathize ch [...]

    ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme

    Ripping apart soul mates is so wrong I don t even know where to being Ms Thomas does another mind fuckery on me in this story I come to expect a little bit of twisting things the wrong way yet making it kind of right Ms Thomas doesn t disappoint in this one Nicole and Dominic have a marriage most would kill to have Even after ten years, they are still frolicking in a honeymoon phase When Nicole catches the eye of August, it s all over She s the one who can break his curse of killing every night [...]

    Kira Simion

    Uhhh.This was not worth 5 dollars This was not a bad book, it just could ve been better And five dollars is a lot for me so I mainly go to the library.That ending thoughat did not appease me It didn t fulfill what it could have been It s potential was not reached I m not sure if the ending counts as a HEA so if you want to know, feel free to PM me I did like the idea of a blood mate though Now that was what peaked my interest A vampire needs to feed until death every night and use his power of t [...]


    I hated this book No, hate does not describe what I feel for it I slogged through it, hoping for something redemptive to happen, but it only went from bad to worse I get that this was supposed to be a dark romance, but there was nothing romantic about it.The writing wasn t horrible, I ll give it that, but I hated the story so much that I couldn t even enjoy the author s style Obviously, this story isn t for everyone, but I felt that even some of the explanations were hastily thrown together, imp [...]


    Blood Mate is the newest release from Kitty Thomas, who is my favorite author, so if I sound biased and not totally objective, there you have it Blood Mate is the story of a vampire, cursed to a pretty miserable existence, unless he can find the one woman who can complete him, and becomehis Blood Mate.He never finds her, so the book isI kid, I kid Suffice it to say, they meet, there are complications, and is everything as it seems Blood Mate threw me for a loop and gave me something unexpected a [...]

    Heather *Awkward Queen and Unicorn Twin*

    He s temporary I m eternal I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one, considering the other Kitty Thomas book I read, Comfort Food, was just so so for me Her writing has really improved since then, making for a much better reading experience Plus, I love vampires.Nicolette was a pretty likeable heroine, and not so easily swayed by the vampire s wealth and good looks And she wasn t annoying, or pointlessly innocent Her husband, Dominic, actually seemed like a dick until a certain point in th [...]


    3.5 STARS I wanted a different ending.

    Eda** # Dax Lahn"s Golden Tigress#

    Here we are yet again, with a new kind of fucked up ness that Kitty Thomas generously presents to us As usual, I loved it Which is disturbing and may suggest that something is terribly wrong with me, but let s not dwell on that, shall we Our story starts off with the introduction of August Corinth, a tormented and terribly lonely vampire, who was changed 600 years ago, against his will There is a myth that says there is one individual out there for every vampire ever to live, who can resist thei [...]


    This review also appears on Reading with Analysis.When I started reading Blood Mate, I had no idea what to expect Was it paranormal Yeah, I guess I mean, it s about a vampire, so I guess it qualifies Was it a romance No, not really Was it erotica Ish Was it dark erotica Sort of, but it s not actually as dark as you d expect So what is it It s exactly what it says it is a dark fairy tale.I found, reading it, that when I took it at literal face value, I didn t really get what was going on, and I d [...]


    I love Kitty Thomas.I usually don t write reviews I have a difficult time ordering my thoughts enough to write cohesively, and so much of what is said on the internet can be misconstrued and misunderstood.ButI love Kitty Thomas And I have to say something Not one book of hers has ever let me down It s than the fact that I enjoy this genre though I don t think KT books fit in a genre they should have their own genre of pure incredibleness It s her extraordinary writing, the amazing way she expre [...]


    3 stars Dark Vampire Paranormal


    This book was about a vampire named August who had given up hope that he would ever find a mate that would take away the pain of the kills he had to do when he would suck his victims dry He was apparently a monk before he was turned into a vampire Not much else is known about him besides those facts, and the reality of what he becomes after a few days without drinking blood a dry husk It had a lot of premise, and it was interesting the way the author chose to take this overly used trope in most [...]


    I am going to start by asking you if you have ever read any of Ms Thomas work If you have, then you know the intensity she will make you feel, you know the gnawing feeling in your soul as you read the words that she has written, you will know the emotion she will ring out of you while the story unfolds on the pages you so quickly turn just to see what will happen next Her writing will make you think, make you feel but most of all, it will make you dig deep into places in your mind soul you might [...]


    2,5 starsSo, this had really intriguing premise August is 600y old vampire He has to feed every day and every time he feeds he kills a person and that left a terrible burden on his soul and it torments him Conflict 1 hero who is a monster, but you sympathize with him.His only hope is finding a blood mate Blood mate is a person he can t mindcontrol and a person he can feed from forever without needing to kill other people And after so many years, he found her It s just that she is happily married [...]


    2,5 stars Another attempt to read another book from Kitty Thomas.Yes, i want darker story and erotic kind of romance.Unfortunately, It didn t work for me.August, the 600 ish years old vampire still in pursue to search his Blood Mate to undo his curse Nicole is a happy housewife and satisfied woman with her husband, Dominic Turns out Nicole destined to be his blood mate and August has to find his way to get her agreed to be his.Damn, for a while Kitty Thomas almost caught me in madness Is it rea [...]


    This is a dark paranormal vampire read that features an ancient vampire meeting up with his mate who happens to be happily married to a mortal man The story encompasses the morality of whether Nicolette will agree to complete the mating ritual with a vampire thus saving her fellow mankind or keep her marriage vows made to her one true love I m a big time fan of Kitty Thomas and usually love her works She s the type of author who can push my comfort zones to the breaking point but in such a maste [...]

    The Romance Evangelist

    Kitty Thomas is one of the few authors who can release a new book and I will immediately buy it without a second thought This trust has been rewarded by her time and again, but never thoroughly than now with Blood Mate It made me question what is real and what is delusion, and what love can mean in the face of eternal suffering.If I sound like I m wallowing in purple prose, it s because this book has done such a thorough job of f cking with my head in the best way possible Only Kitty Thomas cou [...]


    I enjoyed this I really did and I wanted to give it 5 stars but by the end I was disappointed I really felt for August, existing alone for centuries, the guilt he suffered to not harm others and driven by blood lust As a reader I could forgive him a lot He was certainly the standout character To my mind he overshadowed Nicole and put Dominic in the shade.As with the author s other works, uncomfortable themes aren t shied away from and that is the author s strength The other stories as with this [...]


    I ve been a big fan of Kitty s work but Nicole s character has aggravated the hell out of me 80% through and were I August, I d have killed her myself halfway through it, and said curse be damned I ll finish the story out of my respect for the author, but this has been the first time that I ve struggled to continue reading a book due to completely hating a character s personality.Update I finally finished the book but my rating doesn t change and the ending left me confused If anyone can shed so [...]


    I truly love paranormal books that describe possession, mates and the need for that mate Though this possession was towards the darker uncomfortable side as the mate was already married and the vampire was not going to be denied this scenario had potential, though the author, for me, felt incomplete and forced I had hopes for this to have a naughtier outcome and my mind while reading said, oh I can see where this is going When in the end did not go there at all and was somewhat disappointing.

    Amber Rose

    Copy provided by author exchange for honest review.


    The story had so much potential but it just fell flat.

    Tina Williams

    Dark and Intense Fairy Tale This is another mind blowing, intense and deeply psychlogical read from Kitty Thomas Readers of this author will be familiar with her imaginative literary erotica For my part, I am still working my way through her backlist, having read Tender Mercies, Submissive Fairy Tales and Big Sky At times I like a dark read that blurs the boundaries between wrong and right, moral and immoral and good and evil and few can equal this author Kitty Thomas books always provoke a mora [...]


    I m a big Kitty fan, so I always wait very eagerly for her releases I knew that with this book I had to expect something quite different from what I m used to with her titles, however, this particular read disappointed me on many levels.For starters, I didn t connect with any of the characters and I think Dominic was the one I couldn t stand the most I didn t like the way he was behaving with his wife, and I m not talking about when he was under August s spell I ve read many erotica novels to un [...]


    I have truly enjoyed Kitty Thomas s previous books I was looking forward to Blood Mate and purchased it the day it become available on Firstly, I did like the basic story and characters Where it fell down a bit for me was the build up, how things were described, details I felt that the book started very suddenly and some important details were left out or touched on only briefly The book felt hurried, like Kitty was anxious to finish and move on I felt I was cheated out of the full Kitty charact [...]

    ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★

    4 MESSED UP STARS This book fucked up my head real good I m not sure if I even liked it I m still reeling from the mindfuck I guess that s just the thing with Kitty Thomas books They don t end up the way you want For starters, they always leave unsatisfied andsad Just sad But I cannot help getting addicted to her writings you got sucked in her world anyway You just can t help it I know it ll be a long time before I get over this.Miss Kitty, you got me good.P.S LOVE LOVE THE COVER.


    I have to say I m disappointed I was expecting this book for a long time But, while I was reading it, I found myself getting a little bored The 3 stars are mostly because I hope to read in the future something with the writing and the emotional impact of Big Sky or Comfort Food


    3.5 stars The ending I didn t like how Kitty ended this book Just from reading her blogs where she made it very clear to her readers that she was frustrated writing this book and she had plenty of days where she just wasn t feeling it Well There were moments in the book that I could tell Especially the ending.


    I am quite surprised by reading this one.i didnt expect this to be a very good book The total credit goes to the style of writing of the author.If it is written any other way then it would have become one of those many ones out there.The timing to write each and every scene is perfect.This is a very Goodread.

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