Jan 24, 2021
Dark Detectives: An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries
Posted by Stephen Jones

Eighteen stories of supernatural detective fiction, featuring sleuths who investigate fantastic and horrific cases, protecting the world from the forces of darkness Each writer offers a tale of a great fictional detective, including Neil Gaiman s Lawrence Talbot, Clive Barker s Harry D Amour, and the eight part Seven Stars adventure by Kim Newman Anno Dracula.

  • Title: Dark Detectives: An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries
  • Author: Stephen Jones
  • ISBN: 9781783291281
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Detectives An Anthology of Supernatural Mysteries Eighteen stories of supernatural detective fiction featuring sleuths who investigate fantastic and horrific cases protecting the world from the forces of darkness Each writer offers a tale of a grea


    Five stars all around for this one And follow the rules set down by the editor Read all the stories in order.


    This was an BN impulse buy It s making me question impulse buys.That s a bit harsh, but this collection was mostly just ok 500 pages and not that many stories I really enjoyed The editor, Stephen Jones, organized this collection chronologically, and suggests you read it that way I say you can skip around, other than reading Kim Newman s novella segments in order And despite the back cover description promising tales of supernatural investigators, there are too many stories in the front half that [...]


    some stories stood out so than others when I m not on my phone I ll update this with the stories I liked

    Blodeuedd Finland

    Ok, a short words about every storylonger than that and it would be looooong.In Egypt s land by Kim NewmanJust a short intro Will be interesting to see how it turns out.Our lady of death by Peter TremayneA ghost is haunting an inn I liked this one as it was set long ago in Ireland, it had a nice smart heroine too.The mummy s heart by Kim NewmanThe ruby from the first story is now in England and causing deaths.The horse of the invisible by William Hope HodgsonA horse is haunting a woman I still w [...]

    Patrick Kiernan

    These are good stories some are not what I expected but still are good.


    Meh Even the authors that I knew and loved didn t really deliver here I guess everyone has off days, and then sometimes they get published.

    Patrick Scattergood

    Titan Books has long had a great reputation for releasing some really interesting and varied anthologies in their time and rightfully so There have been some absolutely brilliant ones from their publishing house, especially their Sherlock Holmes collections, that have really shown the sheer depth of talent out there.With this Dark Detectives collection that reputation will surely grow because what we have here is a well thought out, well paced and incredibly varied collection of stories that all [...]


    YAWWWWWWWWNA collection of Sherlock Holmes fanfictions Half of them are Scooby Doo adventures The other half remember that movie, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Remember how it was so cringingly awful, it cut you to the core It s like that, only with the addition of mummies.I ll be honest, I didn t make it all the way through I am retracing my steps to read Clive Barker s and Big Daddy Neil G s stories out of ancient, soul deep loyalty It was cute for the first ten pages or so.EDIT Neil Gaima [...]


    This is a really good collection that offers selections from many earlier writers in the field, many of whom are probably not available elsewhere, including Manley Wade Wellman, Clive Barker, William Hope Hodgeson, Peter Tremayne and Neil Gaimen, and Brian Lumley It was edited by kim Newman, author of Anno Dracula and includes a series of linked stories based on Bram Stoker s Jewel of The Seven Stars and featuring characters from his own novels and those of others.

    Kevin Whiteneir

    I found all of the stories just weren t compelling I have been reading Clive Barker s latest, and this short story of Harry D Amour was really disappointing in comparison.

    Peter Bradley

    Please give my review a helpful vote on review R3P8RB4This is an extremely good collection of stories bound together by the theme of a detective dealing with something that appears to be supernatural I particularly liked the historical angle to the collection The editor, Stephen Jones, opens the collection with an overview of the history of stories dealing with the detective and demons or detective and ghosts trope The essay starts with an acknowledgment of Edgar Allen Poe s detective C Auguste [...]

    Heather Rohrer

    I was impressed with this collection of stories I enjoyed many of the stories and the drastically different detectives I especially enjoyed the seven stars stories Overall, a wonderful anthology to read.


    Too many Scooby Doo mysteries, not enough magic.

    Michelle Cox

    Really enjoyed this a bit uneven in places but overall a good bit of easy to read fun


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    Edward Richmond

    This was a fun little anthology of short fiction, mostly horror tinged fantasy Fans of old pulp fiction by Robert Howard, H P Lovecraft, or Raymond Chandler will enjoy this So will people who are used to modern fantasy, horror, or detective yarns, but want a gradual introduction to the old pulp standards The authors featured here are all relatively recent, but they re also very clearly channelling the spirits of the old masters Most of the contents were published elsewhere before being gathered [...]


    Dark Detectives is a collection of short stories mostly inspired by the private investigator tropes of the 1890s to the 1950s think Sherlock to Noir , alternated with the episodes of a eight part serial by Kim Newman featuring different detectives encounters with a powerful Egyptian artifact The paranormal horror element here is like Hound of the Baskervilles or Indiana Jones than it is in line with the current urban fantasy conventions The stories have no tough chicks in leather or Harry Dresd [...]

    Amy Shuman

    I enjoyed this book as much as a resource as an enjoyable collection of stories Some of the authors it cites and reprints are from earlier in the last century and may gone unknown by me at least if not their inclusion in this anthology Many of the authors mentioned I had never heard of before and I m looking forward to digging some of them up at a later time I often feel that much is lost chasing after the new authors while not digging through the old The thought seems to be that if they re any [...]

    Chris Bauer

    To be perfectly blunt, this book was not what I expected it to be I was surprised to find the format and contents of this anthology to be focused on a single collaborative novella The Seven Stars with other, non related short stories sandwiched between the chapters of the novella.The writers in the anthology are top notch with the likes of Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Brian Lumley and Manly Wade Wellman and their works are very entertaining And I found the shared novella to be good as well.Severa [...]

    Riju Ganguly

    Seven Stars from Kim Newman, broken up into smaller components, act as the adhesive of the different stories in this volume, involving various occult detectives Unfortunately, that novel, and the short but sublime piece from Neil Gaiman are the high points of this volume, while other vaunted names produce mostly mediocre, and occasionally boring stuff In retrospect, procuring the hardcover version was a mistake, and those who would be going for the paperback being brought out by Titan, would be [...]


    A pretty good collection of occult or supernatural themed detective stories The standout is the seven part Seven Stars novella which spans the whole of the book, interrupted by the other tales In this one, Kim Newman basically does a roll call of all his famous characters as they encounter the same evil artifact throughout the years, starting with Charles Beauregard and Kate Reed in Victorian England, and following Edwin Winthorpe and Catriona Kaye, Richard Jasperson, Dr Shade and even the vampi [...]

    K A Lewis

    I really enjoyed Dark Detectives , and it has introduced me to new authors, always the rich secondary perhaps primary benefit of any anthology A highlight of this book is the seven part story cycle by Kim Newman, written for this volume and based on the classic Bram Stoker novel The Jewel of the Seven Stars I already have my first Kim Newman novel in hand Happy reading

    Dale Donovan

    A wonderful survey of the occult detective subgenre, worth it for the history section alone Alas, many of the modern stories herein do not measure up to the classic tales.


    OK, but nothing I truly enjoyed

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