Sep 23, 2020
Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter
Posted by Breeana Puttroff

My father says there are three sides to every story yours, mine, and the truth The first time Raya Trinklus hears the story of a goblin who could spin straw into gold and once tried to steal the queen s child, she believes it s only that an impossible story But as she learns about the fabled royal family of Auria, her own family s past, and is drawn in to a budd My father says there are three sides to every story yours, mine, and the truth The first time Raya Trinklus hears the story of a goblin who could spin straw into gold and once tried to steal the queen s child, she believes it s only that an impossible story But as she learns about the fabled royal family of Auria, her own family s past, and is drawn in to a budding rebellion, Raya discovers that the truth in a story depends upon the storyteller, and that history is never as simple as it seems.

  • Title: Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter
  • Author: Breeana Puttroff
  • ISBN: 9781940481159
  • Page: 313
  • Format: ebook
  • Rumpelstiltskin s Daughter My father says there are three sides to every story yours mine and the truth The first time Raya Trinklus hears the story of a goblin who could spin straw into gold and once tried to steal the queen

    Cindy Martin

    I LOVE Breeana s Dusk Gate series And I love the idea behind this book I love the idea of turning a well known fable on its head and giving us the other side of the story, which was very compelling However, I felt that the book was about one third too short We needed much character development, scenes between all of the characters, especially the budding romance The ending was VERY anticlimactic Also, I was taken out of the book quite often because of the various grammatical errors In comparis [...]


    I was given a partial beta version of this book.I remember the first time I read the opening two paragraphs of this story I thought it was one of the most honest and true statements about life I d ever read I couldn t wait for the rest of the story and was only slightly disappointed when I finally got to the end.This story takes the idea of a well known fairy tale and gives it all the twists and drama that anyone who s read the Dust Gate Chronicles has come to expect Raya is a typical teenager o [...]


    Wow When a writer writes any story usually you are in awe and drawn in by what they write You enjoy the story and tell others and move on, etc Well, let me tell you Breeana outdid herself in her rendition of Rumpelstiltskin s Daughter, Raya From the beginning you are led into somewhat of a maze wondering, speculating, second guessing who and what and when, all the way to the end of the story There is deceit, intrigue, familial love, heartfelt love, a rebellion, and anger due to selfishness on th [...]

    Verity Brown

    The concept behind this take on the Rumpelstiltskin story is extremely clever Why would Rumpelstiltskin want to take away the queen s child To do harm to the child Or to protect it Unfortunately, as brilliant as the plot is, the execution is lacking something The characters are not quite sufficiently developed to be really interesting The characters reasons for some of their actions don t quite make sense The world building never quite gives a substantial picture of the story s universe The only [...]

    Cindy Dupree

    Only a great writer can take a traditional fable and make it come to life with an angle no one ever thought of No spoilers from me but Raya, Caleb and Seth were characters that were unbelievably wonderful You should also read the Dusk Gate Chronicles from Breeana Puttroff


    I ll admit the synopsis of the book never called to me and if I hadn t been offered this book to read in exchange for an honest review, I wouldn t have done so Shame on me Like all of the other books by this author, it was an excellent read There were minor grammatical errors and editing flaws, but nothing glaring and probably not obvious to all but the most discerning eye This book is 100% acceptable as a YA read It hints at romantic feelings, but nothing that isn t already occurring in adolesc [...]


    An interesting story This book was ok, however not nearly as enjoyable as the Dusk Gate Chronicles, by the same author This story was rather strange and none of it ever totally sorted itself out It talked of facts and truths and stories and lies, all of which wove a rather confusing tale The main character, Raya, was a self centered, self serving young woman you just wanted to slap some sense into, and I don t really think that is what the author intended In many ways, she was as irritating as h [...]

    Lita Acevedo

    I read this 346 page book in one day because it was so good It s well written but there are quite a few typos of the missing word variety Not enough to make the book unreadable, but enough to be distracting Having said that, this was a wonderfully, unexpected jewel of a story.The characters are well developed and very likeable with the exception of the ones who aren t supposed to be Most notably the spoiled rich girl who always gets whatever she wants and looks down on everyone below her and the [...]


    I enjoyed reading this book It was faced paced and kept you hooked throughout the entire story I felt like the ending was a bit abrupt but still enjoyed it The characters were very relatable and I loved Raya and Caleb and Cara It was a very interesting story line and twist and turn on the old story.

    Jennie Lindstrom

    I have read all of the other books by Breeana Puttroff and loved them all This was just as good as all of her other books Once I started reading I didn t want to put the book down My only complaint is that I want another book to continue on with all of the characters I have grown to love I would definitely recommend this book


    HmmmmYa know, i felt like the end was kind of abrupt to be honest, but i admire her courage for actually doing the thing instead of thinking about it too long All in all 4 5

    Shauna Salley

    I really enjoyed reading this book

    Makenna Matos

    Overall it was a very good book I did have an issue with the occasional grammatical error though She really should have had someone proofread her book.

    Amanda Fogle

    This was a fun beautifully written adventure from the beginning to the end.

    Maureen O"Danu

    Unexpected jewel This was a free book, and I didn t expect much, but got a charming and unusual fairy tale that is well told.


    Sobald ich den Newsletter von Breena Puttroff erhielt, in dem das Buch als erh ltlich angek ndigt wurde, war das Buch schon auf meinem E reader Auch wenn ich den Titel merkw rdig fand.Wie der Name schon sagt, geht es hier um Rumpelstilzchen Wirklich nicht mein Lieblingsm rchen Ich glaube, als Kind fand ich es seltsam Welcher Idiot erz hlt, das seine Tochter aus Stroh Gold spinnen kann Und dann muss die arme Tochter den K nig heiraten Und wieso will der K nig nach der ganzen Geschichte kein neues [...]

    Bonnie Ferrante

    I ve always loved fairy tales and am especially interested in remakes of traditional stories Rumpelstiltskin has always fascinated me I imagined diverse, both good and evil, reasons why Rumpelstiltskin might want the Queen s baby I recently wrote a picture book on this subject, titled Rumpelstiltskin s Child so I was particularly intrigued to come across Puttroff s novel, Rumpelstiltskin s Daughter.The cover is beautiful and suits the story perfectly, once you have reached that point in the narr [...]


    DNFBeing a huge fan of the author s Dusk Gate Chronicles, I was very excited to read this book I love her idea of taking a well known fairy tale, and telling it from the other side of the story The opening page starts out very enticingly, with a line about how there are three sides to every story yours, mine, and the truth It just draws you in, leaving you ready for what is to come.However, after quite a few chapters, I could not get myself to continue reading There is hardly any connection felt [...]


    The heroine is a sheltered teenager who controls her mouth only half the time Her behavior in the the city made me anxious, especially as she just goes along with a stranger she just met but trusts Her nosiness and childlike antics were tiring She spends so much time angry it s exhausting At least she realizes herself that she is being unreasonable If I read this as a teenager I may have liked it The heroine was too much like Lois Lane in her dogged attempts to gather information But it wasn t [...]

    Stefanie Kline

    This is a very creative re telling of the Rumpelstiltskin story Very unique I have never seen another book about that story I really liked the author s version of who Rumpelstiltskin actually is There were a few times while reading that I stopped and went Oh, I know what is coming or I know who that actually is yet the story didn t feel predictable I enjoyed those moments when it occurred to me where she was taking the story I was a bit disappointed in the ending Not enough to make me dislike th [...]

    Deon Cantrell

    They say there are two sides to every story My father says there are three yours, mine, and the truth Rumpelstiltskin s Daughter is Raya s side of the story of her life.If you were a fan of The Dusk Gate Chronicles you will enjoy it as well It is different from Dusk Gate, but has thematic similarities such as a strong heroine who decides her own fate, romance, and a setting in an old kingdom far away I loved Raya s story, it was a great retelling of a fairy tale sans magic You easily fall into t [...]


    This review is from Rumpelstiltskin s Daughter Kindle Edition One of the stronger fairytale adaptations I ve read The plot kept me intrigued for the first eighth or so the characters and the story telling, the world building and the colourful descriptions of that world, and what little was left to wonder about because of its huge impact on the story kept me hooked on the rest Are many thing fairly predictable Yes But everything else is good enough to make reading it worthwhile.I particularly enj [...]

    Cherry (_forevermint)

    I always enjoy a good spin off of old fairytales and this was interesting though not spectacular I enjoyed the unraveling of Raya s true birthright and the other secrets her father was keeping from her though I did not particularly enjoy Raya s character She was hot blooded, impulsive, rash and a bit inconsiderate at times But at least I could support her and was just as eager to discover the truth behind the secrets as she was I did like how she realized what she was doing and was conscious of [...]


    The true story of Rumpelstiltskin Finding it hard to write a review of this book without spoilers I found it to be a delightful read and absolutely great entertainment If you ever read heard the original story of Rumpelstiltskin as I did and were frightened by the horrible goblin as I was then you must read this A whole different perspective I promise I decided to give it five stars after checking back all the points I susual mark on what was wrong with it Nothing Well written yes great characte [...]


    I enjoyed the new twist on a classic fairy tale, but it was silly It was set in some faraway land with castles and princes complete with all the cliches , but the customs and culture were decidedly modern and just didn t fit The story moved along mostly with dialog rather than action when something needed to be known, someone was able to tell the story, and when something needed to be hidden, why then suddenly and conveniently it wasn t safe to talk The main character spent most of her time bein [...]


    I couldn t wait to start this book once she started posting about it online I have all of her other books Dusk Gate Chronicles which are just amazing and must reads so I knew this would be one as well It was a stand alone that closes everything up at the end, but of course with all of Breeana s books left you wanting her to write I wouldn t have minded if she made this into a series as well I feel like we would follow her right back to see what happens to them next, because this was a new twist [...]


    Yours, theirs, and the truthA great take on an old story Raya had no idea why her father doesn t want her going to the royal city, but what the King wants the King gets and the King wants every eligible girl in the kingdom to be presented before his Prince Despite her father s desire to run, Raya and her friend farther their things and go to the castle From there it s everything but normal.If you are familiar with the Rumple story, this book is quite a different spin Good character development a [...]


    Was this a short story Maybe I missed something.This book pulled me in from the start, and I really enjoyed the angst, voice, and protagonist The characters were easy to love, and the story was attention holding as well There were some cliche moments, but I kind of just took them into stride as I kept reading.Towards the end, it began to feel a bit rushed and underdeveloped so expect some disappointment there Overall, a great read

    Deborah Andreasen

    Rumpelstiltskin like you ve never heard.This was a great retelling of the classic tale, told from the perspective of the daughter It s a story of intrigue, battle, rebellion, and love Both romantic and family love Raya sometimes confused and frustrated me with her emotional reactions, but it proves she wasn t perfect.I stayed up late to finish the last 45% of the book and I m glad I did Definitely worth reading.

    Alis Stevens

    I really enjoyed this book I got it for free from and just the title made me want to read it I ve always enjoyed reading modern day fairy tales and this was no exception Raya Tripklis is the daughter of Miles Tripklis and little does she know that she is the adopted daughter of the evil goblin Rumpelstiltskin It was a wonderful take on that story I have never before read any books by this author but it definitely won t be the last.

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