Sep 23, 2020
Captive Hearts, Vol. 1
Posted by Matsuri Hino Andria Cheng

Carefree Megumi Kuroishi was living a life of luxury until the day a girl named Suzuka Kogami walked into his life All of a sudden, Megumi finds himself kneeling at Suzuka s feet and prostrating himself like a servant What Megumi doesn t know until that very moment anyway is that his family is cursed to follow the orders of the Kogami family.

  • Title: Captive Hearts, Vol. 1
  • Author: Matsuri Hino Andria Cheng
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captive Hearts Vol Carefree Megumi Kuroishi was living a life of luxury until the day a girl named Suzuka Kogami walked into his life All of a sudden Megumi finds himself kneeling at Suzuka s feet and prostrating himse


    Man, I thought this one was terrible I can handle a ridiculous plot like this one has, but the execution of it isally not great It s like the equivalent of all those teen paranormal romances I ve quit reading less than halfway through lately practically zero actual character development, just a bunch of stuff happening for little to no believable reason, and with no transitions between events And the bonus story about the teacher Ew Meh No thanks.

    Amy Norris

    DNF halfway This was unbearable even by shoujo standards.

    Megan M

    Meh Just an incredibly meh volume The art is beautiful and the concept seemed interesting, but story just didn t work for me.


    Overall Series Rating 2.5 StarsI like the artwork and this sounded cute so I kept at it I have a stubbornness about finishing stories I should let this go but the characters in Captive Heart feel flat I read MeruPuri by the same author and had real problem with the relationship dynamics, I ve got similar problem in Captive Hearts Both Megumi and Suzuka are entirely too accepting of the curse Once you get past volume 1 everybody just seems to go along with the fact that the two of them are in lov [...]


    I love Matsuri Hino s art but man this story was a mess Not only did it barely make sense, the art was off and way too dramatic Quick read, but easily forgettable and you won t miss much if you pass over it in general.


    Love this Manga already And the two bonus stories in the back, Real Storm and Let Time Freeze, are great too I love the way Matsuri Hino draws and her sense of humor I m reading 3 of her series right now and I really like all of them


    It was hilarious and cute 100% of it can only happen in a manga.


    I wanted to like this than I did.

    Em Mirra



    3.5 StarsThe last third of the book was two different filler stories that had nothing to do with the main story Not bad but they are just fillers which took away from the main story.


    It was so great I want to read


    Review for entire series Here in Captive Hearts we have the very first serialized manga by the author of the esteemed Vampire Knight And yeah, it s pretty obvious that this is a first manga It s relatively unplanned feeling, and the art goes through some pretty massive changes improvements over the course of the series Having said that, it s also pretty obviously the work of Hino sensei, and if you like her work, there really is a lot to appreciate here The art, while still developing, is still [...]

    Sara Thompson

    This book was a collection of 3 romantic mangas A Manga is an asian style graphic novel for those who didn t know They are not as seriously drawn as American graphic novels and this one was super over the top but it worked.The stories are interesting tales of love but in the early stages of the relationship The relationships are very innocent I am not even certain there was any kissing The first story is great about a young man cursed to be the servant of a young girl and some times he has manse [...]

    Ebster Davis

    This story is a really cute little romance It s not too complicated Even with the supernatural curse and the main character s best friend ending up as a transexual I thought it was interesting that the manservent boy was raised in wealth and luxury he s actually pretty spoiled at the start The long lost heiress was raised in a hard working middle class family, she who knows how to do things for herself They re really sweet to each other from the start, so of course you re rooting for them to get [...]


    I have to say that honestly I don t think I m going to like reading this book I wasn t sure why though Maybe it s the art a bit different than vk, maybe or the clich story line I don t know why I think it s clich , but I just thought that it was But since it is Hino sensei s work, I thought maybe I should give it a try The starting of the story doesn t seem too promising to me and I don t expect to be mind blown by it as well, but even so I continued on reading hoping that the effort is worthwhi [...]


    I love this manga ka s art style, but I can t get past the story and pacing The plot was interesting until the execution, which was so slapstick comedy that the tension of the relationship fizzled The story tries way too hard to be funny and ends up falling flat with too many chibis, too much tiny print like seriously, I have glasses, but this made me desire a magnifying glass , and just too much nonsense I can understand a desire to make it apparent that the guy can t help himself, but there ar [...]


    I picked up this series when I was starving for manga It s okay but not something that really pulls me in A really bizarre premise Megumi Kuroishi finds out that his family is cursed into serving the Kogami Family members Megumi discovers the curse when the young Suzuka returns to her ancestral home and Megumi finds himself prostrating and fawning over his master In a complicated turn of events, Megumi and Suzuka start to have true feelings for each other feelings that are confused by the force [...]

    Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson

    Hmmmm As an avid manga reader, I confess that this manga didn t strike my fancy I enjoyed Vampire Knight, when I read it a few years ago, and had put off reading this other series by the same mangaka author due to lack of time Then while perusing my recommendations I came across it, and it peaked my interest again I was seriously let down plot wise The art was the same quality, but it felt really slap dashed together.Loosely the story is about a guy that has a family curse to serve another speci [...]


    Megumi Kuroishi was living a life of luxury until because of the will left behind, until a member of the family was found Her name was Susuka kogami When they first meet he starts to at all strange and not like himself He didn t know what was wrong until his father tells him about the curse of the kuroishi clan No one knows how to break the curse and he doesn t know what to think of Suzuka until he starts to feel feelings for her But is it the curse or him.This book reminds me of a movie I saw I [...]


    At first I was interested with the whole servitude without will that the character portray It would be refreshing seeing a guy being naive instead Unfortunately, I think that he is too willing to sacrifice his feeling for her Sometimes, I think he is unworthy of her because he himself thinks that There s already two new characters who are ready to take her away from him If he s not serious, they ll take her away.It s not that he doesn t love her, but I think that amount of devotion is a bit illo [...]

    Reader17 Der

    New series enjoyed reading This volume had me laughing at the antics of both the son and the father This is a new series about a family that is cursed to work for the other family It is an old curse from generations before Whenever the person makes eye contact with the other family they start acting like the butler manservant and doing everything for them That is what the curse is about In this series it is Megumi the son of the butler who is introduced to the daughter Suzuka that has recently r [...]

    Lady Entropy

    Japanese authors have the strangest concepts that turn around to be awesome The main character s ancestor stole a valuable item from the girl s family, and got cursed to the 100th generation to have to serve the family and their descendants.Of course, the downside to that is that they get into this Must Serve Master zombie mode that makes up for hilarious scenes.That being said, the execution is just meh The main character is the saving grace of the book, with him being ambitious and not very ni [...]

    Solace Winter

    What in the honest to goodness living daylights did I just read The first chapter alone was what I would have expected out of a series Then she for no reason had to have been raised in China and there is a language barrier, which is gone completely by chapter 2 My biggest regret is I own the whole series and will likely read it all, but this is contrived beyond anything I ve read before No character development, no real emotion to the characters that isn t told to you instead of shown I ve read [...]


    This review is for the entire series Captured Hearts is a pretty run of the mill shojo series that stands out from the rest via giving most of the page time to the male character It has a bit of a personality problem, as if the artist Matsuri Hino couldn t decide exactly what type of story she wanted to create There are chapters where it s straight up rom com before veering into serious drama while taking a turn through comedy and fantasy It s not ground breaking or one of a kind, but it lends i [...]


    This series is hilarious and adorable Equal parts romantic comedy and fairy tale, it winds the two genres together to create a very interesting and enjoyable whole The series had me laughing constantly, while still allowing me to enjoy the touching sides.On another note, I really enjoyed and admired the trans side character her inclusion was interesting and I thought she was handled well.Overall, I m VERY glad this went beyond being just a one shot, as it was originally meant to be

    Rachel H

    I was so excited to read this book for the longest, and it seem like a good story plot because it written by the same author of Vampire Knight my new favorite manga , because our library doesn t have that much manga thank god for free manga online But I have to admit that I wasn t totally into to the book at first, because it took a few chapters to get my attention I have high hopes for this to get better throughout the series

    Amanda [Novel Addiction]

    2.5 stars While the book description just mentions one story, Captive Hearts actually features three stories, which surprised me I was mildly entertained by the advertised story of a curse and servitude, but the other stories just fell flat I do have the next volume requested to see if it follows the same pattern, or no If so, I think I ll be dropping this series and moving on to something else.


    Awesome book Can t quite tell which character to feel sorry for Megumi or Suzuka Megumi who is cursed and may be doomed to see Suzuka as his master forever or Suzuka who is in love with Megumi and can t tell if his feelings for her is true or if it s the curse.Can t wait to see what happens in the nxt books to come.


    Maybe I m too old for this kind of manga though I usually love to read shoujo but the manga was quite random, even for me who is personally quite random at times plot twists came as a surprise first the girl is reading books, then she s trying to jump from the roof WHAT It was okay but I don t think I ll finish reading the series.


    The other stories in the manga threw me off I didn t know it was from the author of vampire knight I found Megumi overly dramatic thank goodness Hino sensei clarified not to take the manga too seriously

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