Feb 26, 2020
De hoeder van het paradijs
Posted by Wayne Johnston Marianne Gossije

Het karakter van de 40 jarige columniste Sheilagh Fielding is stekelig als een artisjok bitter op het diepgelegen hart na en meer ongenietbare stukken dan delicate Nadat ze ooit van school werd gestuurd, ging ze columns schrijven voor de lokale krant onder de titel Fielding de Vervalser Met haar scherpe tong, haar n meter negentig en haar kreupele been ten gevolge vHet karakter van de 40 jarige columniste Sheilagh Fielding is stekelig als een artisjok bitter op het diepgelegen hart na en meer ongenietbare stukken dan delicate Nadat ze ooit van school werd gestuurd, ging ze columns schrijven voor de lokale krant onder de titel Fielding de Vervalser Met haar scherpe tong, haar n meter negentig en haar kreupele been ten gevolge van tbc werd ze algauw een beschimpte en gevreesde figuur.Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog trekt ze zich met haar notities, dagboeken, brieven en liters whisky terug op een onbewoond eilandje voor de kust van Newfoundland Terwijl ze al lezend en schrijvend in het reine tracht te komen met haar verleden, verschijnen alle demonen, oude vetes en verloren liefdes weer op het toneel en krijgt ook de broze Sheilagh Fielding een gezicht.

  • Title: De hoeder van het paradijs
  • Author: Wayne Johnston Marianne Gossije
  • ISBN: 9789044510706
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • De hoeder van het paradijs Het karakter van de jarige columniste Sheilagh Fielding is stekelig als een artisjok bitter op het diepgelegen hart na en meer ongenietbare stukken dan delicate Nadat ze ooit van school werd gestuu


    And that s how it started, Miss Fielding, the very serious but entertaining game of inventing synonyms for God and imagining what it was like after he cast out his fraternal twins and paradise was deserted but for him The hermit of paradise we called him The recluse of paradise Even the charlatan of paradise, because we could not shake the notion that the fall was fixed My favourite was the custodian of paradise We are all three of us, you and I and Miss Fielding, custodians, I said, withdrawn f [...]

    Jennifer (aka EM)

    Wayne Johnston is a national Canadian treasure He creates characters both real and fictional who can come from only one place Newfoundland Even when he transplants them to New York temporarily or permanently, as he seems to do frequently not sure why , they still retain their quirky idiosyncrasies that mark them as Newfoundlanders That his tales are tall even when dealing with historical figures such as Joey Smallwood is irrelevant, when the characters are this appealing and this richly rendered [...]


    I think it would have been better to have read The Colony of Unrequited Dreams before reading this novel Apparently readers were introduced to the main character, Sheilagh Feilding, in that book and were left wanting to learn about her As a stand alone character I found her to be a character who was so difficult to like, hard to sympathize with and even harder to truly understand She is so self destructive and pushes away everyone who likes and or tries to help or befriend her She is brilliant [...]

    Rebecca McNutt

    The Custodian of Paradise is a great book, sometimes repetitive, but overall very well written I loved the Newfoundland setting, too.


    Surely, a wish that a fictional character be something other than the person portrayed by its author, tells us about a reader than it reveals anything about the book Just as surely, if an author has any at all understanding of his story, he has the right to birth his characters in the image of his choosing And yet, I can t refrain from feeling disappointment at Wayson Johnston s disfigurement of Sheilagh Fielding in his sequel sequel is a stretch for much of the novel reiteration, though less k [...]


    When I m travelling I like to read fiction set in that part of the world In this case, I was in Newfoundland and wanted something Newfunese I particularly enjoyed Balti s Mansion by Johnston and thought Colony of Unrequited Dreams was pretty good so I chose another by him I was very pleased to discover that they study the former in highschool there To say that the protagonist, Sheilagh Feilding, has had a hard life is like saying Newfoundland is a bit rocky In fact her life has been so awful for [...]


    I read this book after I saw the play Colony of Unrequited Dreams at Neptune Theatre in Halifax It helped me understand some of where Sheilagh Fielding was coming from in the play It is an interesting story and she is probably one of the most unique characters I have seen in a novel I enjoy her witty and most often sarcastic comments and responses to other characters I brought the book with me on vacation and wanted to keep reading it on the beach There are some interesting relationships Sadly t [...]


    A beautifully crafted story of one of the most memorable characters in Canadian literature Wayne Johnston writes about the estranged life of Sheilagh Fielding, who readers met in The Colony of Unrequited Dreams Sheilagh s heart and soul laid bare, the past that she continues to be haunted by lead her to choose a remote island off the coast of Newfoundland to confront her demons and yet it is not as the reclusive Sheilagh had thought Will she find the answers she is looking for or continue to go [...]


    This was a book club selection and perhaps the fact that I had a lot going on while I was reading coloured my opinion, however, I did not enjoy this book It was way too long a comment that most of the rest of the book club made and I really didn t care about the characters, the mystery or why the characters did what they did The writing was very good, however, and we had a very good discussion about the book.

    Karen S.

    It drug on in a few places Overall a good story.

    Belinda Waters

    This book took me forever to read It was good writing but not an easy one to read.


    A gripping book that once you settle into it demands you keep reading Johnston s prose makes you thoughtful and the story is a heartbreaking mystery, not quite a tragedy but the musings of reality Beautiful descriptions and a cast of characters you both feel sad for and are amused by feed the plot in what feels like it could be a dream, or some memory one tries hard to forget but must eventually reconcile.


    I adore Wayne Johnston I think that few writers have had his mastery of language since Charles Dickens, and those of you who know the depths of my mad crazy Dickens love know that that s the biggest compliment I can give to a writer.I loved The Colony of Unrequited Dreams and the mysterious character of Fielding that kept popping up throughout it, so I was excited to read this book, knowing it was from Fielding s POV and would fill in a lot of the gaps and answer a lot of the questions in TCoUD [...]

    Gail Amendt

    WARNING if you have not yet read The Colony Of Unrequited Dreams, and think you might like to do so, read it before you read The Custodian of Paradise While both books are said to stand alone, The Custodian of Paradise is a sequel, and I think would serve as quite a spoiler if one read the two books in the wrong order I am so glad that I got to know the delightfully unconventional, tragically damaged and hilariously witty Sheilagh Fielding in The Colony of Unrequited Dreams before I got to know [...]


    I read this one very quickly and found it quite absorbing like I was engaged in something illicit myself as Sheilaugh feels she is in much of the book I really enjoyed the setting far way place I have never visited, different time seems like that is a theme with me and now would love to visit St John, Newfoundland, even looking up information about the city The characters were all very strong figures, unique, and flawed, yet somehow unrealistic I never understood the motives behind actions taken [...]

    Ruth Seeley

    Johnston is a master storyteller, and The Custodian of Paradise is no exception This novel focuses on Sheilagh Fielding s odd life readers of The Colony of Unrequited Dreams will remember her from that novel Long, but worthwhile This novel may be challenging for young readers it may be difficult for them to believe how damaging something as commonplace as divorce was a century ago, how scandalous it was for a woman to smoke and drink, how an illegitimate birth could ruin not only her life but al [...]

    Mary Jo

    This book was haunting There is a type of mystery, as I guessed and wondered about the identity of the prime people in the life of the main character But it was such a portrayal of deep cultural biases and prejudices It is a tragic story of deep wounds from early relationships The story pulled me along I could not put it down.


    Language That is this book for me All about the choice and placement of the words Homiletic Shibboleth Philippic.And the 1st person account with lettersd the puns oh my I was in awe of Mr Johnston The story was the background to the words but I stayed with the mystery to the end.


    Easily the most elegant book I ve read this year With brilliant dialogue, exquisite wordsmithing, and an intriguing and cohesive plot line, it tells the story of a woman author who seeks solace on an insulated Newfoundland island This is a winner please read.


    First of all, you must read The Colony of Unrequited Dreams before this one The two books are set in tandem, but knowing what goes on in the first book helps a great deal when reading the second one Here we again encounter Sheilagh Fielding, and The Custodian of Paradise is all about Fielding, her troubled life, and her painful journey to discover both the truth of her parentage and grieve for her son Again, Johnston uses multiple narratives, such as journal entries, letters, articles, and memor [...]

    Paula Dembeck

    This is the story of Sheilagh Fielding, the character we all loved from Johnson s former novel, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams Many of us were captivated by this complex woman and interested to know her story Having read the former novel, we know the broad outline of the plot in this tale, but there is a new character in this story we have not met before As the story opens, Sheilagh for the most part known as just Fielding is on her way by boat to Loreburn, a deserted Newfoundland island inhabi [...]

    Peter B

    This novel has an absolutely tremendous first 100 pages The female protagonist finds a small deserted island to live on She is trying to deal with her past and presumably her present The island off the coast of Newfoundland is an abandoned townsite with a pack of dogs and a herd of horses And then it goes into a series of letters and a series of conversations set up by the author to show just how clever at repartee he could be In short, the novel seems to be Johnson entertaining himself I am not [...]

    Connie Cook

    This book seemed long, it was very wordy so I skimmed some of it Shaleigh is a very tall over six feet girl who s mother deserts her and her father when she is six Her father, Dr Fielding, always suspects that he is not the father She is so witty and the things she writes are amazing Her pen is very sharp and she is self confident She ends up pregnant at 14 and is secrety shipped off to deliver the twins in her mother s home with her doctor husband The twins will be her mother s children Shaleig [...]


    I like Johnston s writing and Sheilagh Fielding is my favourite of his characters After reading First Snow, Last Light, I realized that I had missed the story of Fielding s earlier life, except what was told in The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, so I looked for this book She is a tortured soul, as is shown in all stages of her life, and the people who should have looked after her were emotionally incompetent Even her Provider did not help her in the way she needed and lied about the most important [...]


    What a long book It felt like it could have used some editing A lot of stream of consciousness in the writing I liked parts of it and really felt bored with other parts of it I liked some of the characters , yet loathed others I am having difficulty trying to figure out how to rate the book I think this is the case of at another time I would have put the book down and picked it up at a convenient time , I had other books I wanted to get to, and so this one dragged a lot than it should have fo [...]

    Kristin Maillard

    Possibly my favourite Wayne Johnston to date A stark, flawed, beautiful and haunting character who meets lifes heartaches with the defense of sarcasm and a rapier like wit I love the drawings of the landscapes of Newfoundland I feel myself borne down by the same futility and buoyed up by the same defiance as our main character, Fielding, who is neither as resilient nor as cavalier as she pretends Not a happy story yet, still, one I couldn t put down and that will stay with me for many days.


    Very clever writing but hard to really get into the characters, I thought seems very unlikely that a woman in Newfoundland during WW 2 could get away with that behaviour or that her Provider could have done all the things he did, including remaining out of sight on the Bonavista without being detected, particularly as he seemed to be of limited means Seemed REALLY long a times but I did feel it was worth persevering to find out the answers to the questions that Fielding was struggling with.

    Briar Ransberry

    Wayne Johnston repeatedly succeeds in making unlikeable characters sympathetic and petty realities larger than life There s something mythical about the geography and the people in his novels, as though they speak of deeper mysteries than are revealed The writing is at times layered so thick in irony as to be almost opaque and at other times I found myself looking up from the page to let the beauty of his words steep in my brain for a while before I moved on I was weirdly drawn into this book It [...]

    Daniel Kukwa

    An operatic, dark masterpiece that I can only describe as putting a distorting mirror Newfoundland version of Dorothy Parker through hell Fielding is a character for the ages, and her story will take your soul and twist it into achingly sad shapes Unlike David Adams Richards novels, however, there is a copious amount of black as oil humourd ultimately, glorious redemption Exhausting breathtaking from start to finish.


    A very strange book I enjoyed it a lot but what a story Sheilagh Fielding a great character from Colony of Unrequited Dreams about Joey Smallwood is the main character The story flips back and forth between her early years and her midlife Near the end of WWII and there are many puzzling ccircumstances in her life, most of which do eventually get explained but are puzzling anyway A bit long but engrossing.

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