Oct 01, 2020
We Are All Made of Molecules
Posted by Susin Nielsen

Meet Stewart He s geeky, gifted and sees things a bit differently to most people His mum has died and he misses her all the now he and Dad have moved in with Ashley and her mum.Meet Ashley She s popular, cool and sees things very differently to her new family Her dad has come out and moved out but not far enough And now she has to live with a freakazoid step brMeet Stewart He s geeky, gifted and sees things a bit differently to most people His mum has died and he misses her all the now he and Dad have moved in with Ashley and her mum.Meet Ashley She s popular, cool and sees things very differently to her new family Her dad has come out and moved out but not far enough And now she has to live with a freakazoid step brother.Stewart can t quite fit in at his new school, and Ashley can t quite get used to her totally awkward home, which is now filled with some rather questionable decor And things are about to get a whole lot mixed up when these two very different people attract the attention of school hunk Jared.

  • Title: We Are All Made of Molecules
  • Author: Susin Nielsen
  • ISBN: 9781783442324
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
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    We Are All Made of Molecules Meet Stewart He s geeky gifted and sees things a bit differently to most people His mum has died and he misses her all the now he and Dad have moved in with Ashley and her mum Meet Ashley She s popul


    First thing you need to know about this book It s not funny, let alone hilarious It didn t make me laugh or smile repeatedly, though it is an insightful, meaningful and, at some point, cute read.Second thing you need to know about this book It s not middle grade, or young adult It s something between the two, so I d call it a tween book.Stewart has, indeed, a young voice He doesn t feel thirteen But there s an explanation for that After all, it is clearly mentioned that he s socially clueless an [...]

    Emily May

    We Are All Made of Molecules is a quick read with some interesting themes bringing families together, grief and loss, Dads coming out and children having to deal with thatBut, sadly, it never quite lives up to its interesting premise The blurb on the hardcover copy promises a book that is hilarious but it is an incredibly immature humour like calling Stewart Spewart that I m fairly sure most people won t find funny And, on top of that, it s very hard to sell this book to anyone There are some ad [...]

    Wendy Darling

    2.5 stars Love the narrative voice, and the idea of a book about blending a family including the girl s recently out father and his new boyfriend There are a few sweet moments, and some touching, if brief, memories of a mom who has passed away But Stewart seems really young so much so that this reads almost like middle grade, except that there are some unpleasant things that happen later on which would make this inappropriate for a younger age group He s nerdy and endearing, but he feels very m [...]

    Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)

    A finished unsolicited copy was provided by the publisher for review.Stewart and Ashley are step siblings and each one has to learn how to accept one another in their life Stewart is intelligent and loves school while Ashley is the most popular girl of grade nine When times are tough, they end up realizing how important family really is and they realize how much they need each other in their lives.I had no idea how funny this book would be because when you start it, it s not the happiest of star [...]

    Simona Stoica

    Recenzie bit 2zmAAnaA vrea s g sesc un termen potrivit pentru a descrie ce am sim it citind Cu to ii suntem f cu i din molecule , ns nu cred c exist Mi a amintit de i voi d rui soarele , un alt roman pe care l am adorat.La prima vedere, pare doar un roman pentru adolescen i, dar nu este o lectur obi nuit Susin Nielsen mplete te armonios o serie dificil de teme, de la h r uire i abuz, p n la discriminare sexual , relat nd o poveste emo ionant , minunat scris , prin ochii a doi copii, cople i i i [...]

    Erin Bow

    I got the ARC of this at OLA today and read the entire thing on a packed commuter train home to Kitchener It made me both snort laugh loudly, like an elephant seal and tear up People grown up people, Muggles probably stared I will get the hardcover of this when it comes out to support Susin in the writing of Many More Excellent Books I m becoming such a fan Joie de beaver.


    Really great, quick read Absolutely loved Stewart And I loved reading a story that took place in Vancouver, and in my neighbourhood So incredibly cool.

    Bee (Heart Full of Books)

    It took a while for me to get into this book, because I didn t really like Ashely, but Stewart was wonderful If you liked Wonder by R.J Palacio, then this funny and complicated blended family will warm your heart


    I decided to pick this book up mainly because an author friend of mine whom I respect and adore wrote this on her Facebook page I think tearing up on PAGE 2 of a book has to be a record for me Seriously, from a smile to a gasp in like 200 or so words is not what normally happens to me at the beginning of reading a book But yeah, these last 24 or so hours have been filled with those moments And because I am a sucker for emotionally gutting stories and I always trust Joanne Levy s opinions, I imme [...]

    Paul Bryant

    PRODUCT PLACEMENT QUESTION IS THIS NOW A THING Now I was innocently thinking that the concept of product placement would not really apply to books I mean I can t see Givenchy calling up Sarah Waters agent with a great deal although I can see a nice comedy sketch you could write but anyway, I found a genuine product placement thing right here in this very book page 194 It s the summer holidays and Georgia my daughter has finished her exams and can now read novels again so she was reading this one [...]

    Laurence R.

    What an emotional ride I would be lying if I said this book didn t make me shed a tear or two although I did have to look as composed as I could because I read it in the school bus It was truly amazing.While I cried, or really wanted to, of sadness, I was also really touched, especially at the end I had a huge smile on my face and watery eyes, but by then I didn t care what everyone else thought of me It was just too beautiful for me not to cry This is by far my favourite part of the book, becau [...]


    It s a great feel good novel Most of new YA novels are about romance and finding the one etc This one is all about family and it s GREAT I loved it from start to finish, I like that we get two points of view I loved the innocence I had to laugh a bit for myself sometimes just because it was a bit cute adorable.

    Krista Regester

    This book was so sweet it s perfect for someone about to go into high school The characters weren t so lovable at first but somewhere throughout the book you start to feel like you really know them I also appreciated the subtle lgbt parts.

    Ms. Yingling

    Stewart is the very definition of a nerd loves academics, socially awkward, eccentric His father is a bit that way as well, but after the death of Stewart s mother, meets Caroline, a newswoman who works at the same station he does, and the two decide to combine their families Caroline s daughter, Ashley, is an obnoxious, not very bright fashionista who refers to Stewart as Leonard s midget egghead freakazoid of a son Part of Ashley s trauma is dure to the fact that her much loved father has left [...]


    3.75 His mom died of cancer her dad turned out to be gay His dad and him moved in with her and her mom forced to put up with each other Ashley doesn t know what to do and Stewart he always wanted a sister both of the worlds have been flipped upside down I have to deal with this they have to adjust to a new everything new life without their parent a life with a new parent a new sibling Facebook was very real to say the least she talked about different food shows and sitcom his school friends work [...]

    Maria (Big City Bookworm)

    Actual rating 4.5 Stars I m not sure what I was expecting from this novel, but I got way than I had hoped for We Are All Made Of Molecules teaches so many important lessons all packed into one short, but sweet, novel It deals with bullying, homophobia, sexual assault on top of so many other things This is one of those books that every young teen should be reading.

    Lucija The Reader

    Thanks to Penguin UK for providing me a physical copy for a review.This book is amazing It is so fast pace and fun I loved the story and I couldn t put this book down But, I didn t like Ashley in the beggining at all, and Jared was clearly just using Stewart to get Ashley The writing was very good Stewart was weird, but in a good way I like this book a lot, it is so heartwarming, and I recommend it to anyone.


    We Are All Made of Molecules is a heart warming tale of unsuspected friendships and the true meaning of family.This book is told in two different perspectives The first is of Ashley a typical fashion diva and a school wide popular girl and the second is of Stewart a gifted A student with a large flaw for people These two teens have but 1 thing alike, they are both made of molecules After Stewart s mom dies of cancer and Ashley s dad announces that he s gay, both Stewart s dad and Ashley s mom ar [...]


    4.5Bu okudu um en iyi ocuk kitaplar ndan biriydi ncelikle kitap ocuk kitab kli elerini i ermiyor Yani herkesin m kemmel oldu u, herkesin su suz oldu u bir d nya yok Ve bunun daha retici oldu unu d n yorum.Kitap daha ok 12 13 14 ya gruplar na hitap ediyor Ama ben bu kitaba BA YIL DIM

    Megan G

    Ashley and Stewart are nothing alike Ashley is a social genius She is at the top rung of the Social Ladder and is good at everything when it comes to popularity Her only flaw she s just stupid She doesn t know the difference between the words emancipated and unconstipated and doesn t seem to care Stewart, on the other hand, is a genius He can take everyday problems and turn them into math easily Although he s so smart, something he s not so good at is being social He gets teased all the time, an [...]


    I actually went into We Are All Made of Molecules without any expectations, and blindly I read maybe one review for it when it was being published, and I thought Well if it s good then I ll add it to the TBR So in conclusion, this wasn t on my highly anticipated list or anything However, even with saying that, I felt that the novel fell short a little for me.Stewart was by far my favorite character Even though it s 13, he s intelligent than the others in his grade, which is why he was attending [...]

    Cameron S.

    We are all Made of Molecules is about a girl named Ashley, who s father turns out to be gay, and he leaves Ashley and her mom alone to fend for themselves Ashley is the most popular girl in school, and cares way about clothes than about her grades She is hating her dad from the very first second he said that he was gay Stewart is a boy very small for his age, but that doesn t let things get to him He is the smartest person in his grade, maybe even his school His mom died of cancer, and scince t [...]

    A Canadian Girl

    Using the themes of death and divorce, Susin Nielsen s We Are All Made of Molecules explores how families can change and adapt Unfortunately, my enjoyment of the book was tempered by 1 the character of Ashley and 2 the use of rape as a plot device.Told from the alternating points of Stewart and Ashley, We Are All Made of Molecules chronicles what happens when two families decide to merge Although I thought both Stewart and Ashley seemed very stereotypical, Stewart was at least a pretty decent ch [...]

    Rachel Watkins

    This story of a blended family tackles heavy issues in such healthy ways the death of a parent, bullying, and a parent realizing they are gay The narrators are two very different teenagers a gifted, socially awkward boy and a shallow self centered girl This is a perfect book club book as the discussion is guaranteed to be rich I loved this book


    Quickly picked this one up to try and catch up on my reading challenge which I m still behind oops Full review here


    Ik vond dit verhaal zo mooi Ik vond het vooral heel mooi om de band te zien opgroeien tussen Ashley en Stuwart Geweldig boek


    When this book arrived in the mail for me for possible review, I had no idea what it was about I hadn t ever heard of it before, but it looked cute and quick, so I decided to give it a try Stewart and Ashley couldn t be different Stewart is brilliant but socially awkward 13 year old while Ashley is the 14 year old queen bee at school but not so smart academically When Stewart s dad decides it s time to move in with his girlfriend, who just so happens to be Ashley s mom, Ashley is anything but t [...]

    Maddie (Heart Full Of Books)

    It would be so easy to say that Stewart was adorable and Ashley was horrible, but it s not as black and white as that Although Ashley is unlikeable because of her reaction to Stewart and his dad, Stewart isn t perfect in comparison I really liked that this was dual perspective first person, and the family dynamic was so unique and fun I m so pleased that story all about family are out there, and this has definitely encouraged me to find of them

    Taylor B

    We are All Made of Molecules is about a teenage girl named Ashley and a teenage boy named Stewart Ashley s dad left Ashley and her mom, Caroline, when he realized he was gay Stewart s mom died of cancer a few years ago When Caroline and Stewart s dad, Leonard, find that they are both single, they start dating They both decided they should move in with each other For Stewart, this is awesome news because he has always wanted a sister Ashley is a different story She, being on the top of the social [...]


    Another one of the Costa finalists , this time dealing with difficult things death of a parent, homophobia, bullying, divorce, merging two three families together, adolescence, etc.I usually don t read contemporary stuff because I find life depressing enough as it is, but I tried this one because I thought I might like Stewart s gifted viewpoint And I did I enjoyed his reflections on his mother bravely done , and his propensity for making quite clever jokes But his voice came over younger than h [...]

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