Apr 21, 2021
Coração Selvagem
Posted by Elizabeth Hoyt

Ir ela conseguir derrubar as defesas dele Reynaud St Aubyn passou os ltimos sete anos num cativeiro infernal Agora meio louco com febre, surge de repente no seu lar ancestral e exige o que lhe devido Pode este homem de apar ncia selvagem ser realmente o ltimo herdeiro do conde, julgado morto por ndios anos atr s Beatrice Corning, sobrinha do atual conde, uma boaIr ela conseguir derrubar as defesas dele Reynaud St Aubyn passou os ltimos sete anos num cativeiro infernal Agora meio louco com febre, surge de repente no seu lar ancestral e exige o que lhe devido Pode este homem de apar ncia selvagem ser realmente o ltimo herdeiro do conde, julgado morto por ndios anos atr s Beatrice Corning, sobrinha do atual conde, uma boa jovem inglesa Mas tem um segredo nenhum homem em carne e osso a excitou mais do que o belo jovem do quadro pendurado em casa do tio De repente, esse mesmo homem est ali, em carne e osso e a atra la para a sua cama.Apenas Beatrice consegue ver o homem nobre dentro do aspeto selvagem de Reynaud Reynaud sente se atra do por aquela jovem encantadora, embora desconfie da lealdade dela Mas poder o amor de Beatrice domar um homem que n o se deter diante de nada para recuperar o seu t tulo mesmo que isso signifique sacrificar a inoc ncia dela

  • Title: Coração Selvagem
  • Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
  • ISBN: 9789897261664
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cora o Selvagem Ir ela conseguir derrubar as defesas dele Reynaud St Aubyn passou os ltimos sete anos num cativeiro infernal Agora meio louco com febre surge de repente no seu lar ancestral e exige o que lhe devido


    After seven years of captivity Reynaud St.Aubyn finally makes it home, but to a home much different then the one he left, now to reclaim all that is rightfully his, he ll need to prove not only his he not mad, but to have a woman marry him and quickly, as he s drawn to the gentle and calm Beatrice Corning He feels a deep pull toward Beatrice as Reynaud must fight off his demons to claim then his wealth back but love I ve looked forward to this book for sometime and was disappointed in the overa [...]


    This was hard to rate, because my feelings for it went all over the place One chapter I d be admiring an interesting secondary character or enjoying a hot love scene, the next I d be going, huh So this is one of those darn, it could have been so much better three star ratings, rather than one of those It was good, I liked it three star ratings Uneven plotting is the book s biggest flaw I hate when a great deal of narrative attention is paid to something that turns out to be unimportant to paraph [...]


    Darn, I really hate to say this but I will TDAD may be the least sexy romantic book featuring the most unappealing hero EH s penned to date There s a plethora of unlikeable aspects here The male model on the inside cover buff fuller face hero looks nuthin like the thin Viscount Hope inky black hair, sooty eyelashes, gaunt cheeks, iron cross dangling from 1 ear, tattooed right eye Ok so I don t expect the model to look skeletal like Christian Bale in The Machinist where he remarkably transformed [...]


    Reynaud St Aubyn has been traveling for months trying to get home to England after seven years in Indian captivity during the French and Indian war Fevered and confused, he bursts into what was his father s London townhome and demands in angry French to see his father before collapsing.Beatrice Corning, the niece of and hostess for the current earl of Blanchard, was presiding over a dull political tea for her uncle when Reynaud unceremoniously crashed the party Despite the disheveled clothing, r [...]

    Duchess Nicole

    A somewhat disappointing ending to such a great series For the most part, I just felt like the story itself and the characters were very blah Nothing really exciting about them, nothing much exciting happened, other than a nice little gathering of all of the characters from the previous three books I did have a few minor points to make about Reynaud and Beatrice.I felt like Reynaud was on the attack for the entirety of the story He never lets up He lets his captivity define him, and comes back t [...]

    Milica's Bookshelf

    5 Definitivno moj omiljeni deo serijala Legenda o etiri vojnika Rejnod Sv Aubin se borio u kolonijama i verovalo se da je mrtav sedam godina Tokom tih sedam godina njegov otac je umro, daleki ro ak je preuzeo titulu i preselio se u njegovu ku u U ku i tako e ivi i Beatris Koning, ro aka novog grofa Beatris je tokom godina svog ivota u ku i, komunicirala sa Rejnovim portetom.Jednog dana, dezorjentisan, ludi Rejno pri aju i na francuskom, upada u ku u Beatris ga prepoznaje i insistira da se brine [...]


    To Desire a Devil is the final book in Elizabeth Hoyt s Legend of the Four Soldiers Series I ve really enjoyed the series as a whole and I really recommend her books for readers who are looking for wonderfully romantic historical romances I was anticipating this final book because it s about a character who has been mentioned since the very beginning of the series Reynaud St Aubyn has had a big presence and now his own story has been told in To Desire a Devil.Beatrice Corning is an orphan spinst [...]


    I m sorry to see all the negative reviews for this book because I really enjoyed it Then again, I listened to the audiobook and the narrator, Anne Flosnik, is one of the best in the business, so maybe I had an edge there But I did warm up to the hero, Reynaud St Abryn, right away as soon as he shaved, lol Seriously, I felt so sorry for him if fighting in the war wasn t enough, he s held in captivity for seven years All he could think about was going home, which gave him the reason he needed to [...]

    Wicked Incognito Now

    I think that Elizabeth Hoyt tops the list of really good emotional angsty type historical romance authors I LOVED The Raven Prince and the following books in that series Hoyt became an instant auto buy author for me after that series.This series, the four soldiers series, has not been my favorite The other three books in the series were pretty goodjust not memorable.However, I really did not like this book It started out well with the return of a war hero thought dead for the last four years Not [...]


    This is the lowest rating I have ever given to a Elizabeth Hoyt book And I gave it with a heavy heart First of all it took me 2 months to read the book I read all the 3 previous books in the series and thought they were fine books Nothing that blew me away but good stuff This book, while written in the Hoyt style fluid proses, dragged on The below comments are my personal opinions and the difficulties I experienced in reading this book may be exist for other people Please read the review with a [...]


    This is the last book in the series and again another very good read Beatrice Corning is having her own little political tea party when a wild looking man bursts in and claims that he is Reynaud St Aubyn, Lord Hope Reynaurd was thought to be killed in an ambush 7 years ago But instead he had been a captive and slave until he escaped and made his way back to England He has been advised that he wouldn t look like such a crazy man if he would take a wife So when Reynaud starts making advances to Be [...]

    Maureen Feeney

    Reynaud St Aubyn has spent the last 7 years in captivity by indians He has arrived home to find that he was thought dead and his title passed on to a distant relation Reynaud is determined to reclaim his lands and title but he is wild and savage and the only one to aid him is the present earls niece Beatrice Corning Beatrice has been attracted to Reynaud from his portrait for years but while she helps Reynaud there is a traitor who will kill to keep his treason hidden.I expected it to be better, [...]


    Ya ne desem bilemedim Ben hala serinin 4tab n okumama tak lm durumday m DTabi ki yine ok g zeldi nk o Hoyt 3 Reynaud ve ku d vmeleriHe bir de k pesiAdam inan lmazd ya yorum yapamiyciiim DBeatrice i de sevdim Kad n karakterleri sevme konusunda genelde s k nt ya ayan bir insan m ama son birka kitapt r bu konuda iyi gidiyorum bakal m nereye kadar DHikaye, kurgu, diyaloglar hepsi ahaneydi zaten Genelde Pegasus kitaplar nda eviri ve redaksiyonda s k nt olmaz zaten bunda da yoktu Ne diyebilirim aradan [...]


    This was something of a disappointment to me I enjoyed the others in the series to varying degrees, and I loved the overall premise of the series and this one, in particular The hero is also fabulous suffering to an awful extreme for 7 years, and deprived of everything he holds dear, scarred both physically and mentally He returns a bitter, unpleasant, vicious, savage man, determined to regain what was taken, regardless of whom he walks over to get it Great stuff.I had two problems really First [...]


    I actually liked the plot.of your a means to an end your a means to an end I am really in lust with I am madly in love with you.I actually understood the hero and his struggles very well.his behavior is consistent with his traumatic experiences you cannot expect a human being to go through so much and still behavepolitelyor know social etiquettes or even care about itspite the rawness of the love scenes I loved the possessiveness of the hero.his absolute certainty that he wanted the heroined the [...]

    Esra Nazenin

    Tahmin edilebilirdi ama keyifliydi.


    Since there was no courting and no romance, and the protagonists jumped straight into bed unbelievable considing her social status, the time they live in, and the fact that she had never done it before , this book seemed Iike a series of erotic scenes, interspersed with he loves me he loves me nots , torture scenes, and clumsy PTSD incidents I got this as an audioook and actually had to laugh out loud at when he suddenly sees everyone as soldiers and Indians I never felt like Reynaud deserved or [...]


    Reynaud St Aubyn has just returned home after 7 long years of being held captive Tortured and half crazy, he can t comprehend why there are strangers in his home and with his title But then he meets Beatrice the niece of the new Earl and he is drawn to her like no other.All through the first three books it s known at least at the time and assumed that Reynaud St Aubyn died in the American Colonies Tortured and killed by Indians This event was witnessed by his friend and fellow soldiers So, it s [...]


    The fourth and final installment to the Legend of the Four Soldiers series by Elizabeth Hoyt After believed dead for the last seven years, Reynaud St Aubyn finally makes it home There he meets Beatrice Corning, the niece of the present Earl of Blanchard, a title that actually belongs to Reynard Wonderful ending to the Four Soldier series But I was slightly disappointed that there wasn t a little action suspense towards the end It was wrapped up a little too easy and quietly to me But overall, t [...]

    Ƥʋиʏα [Punya Reviews...]

    My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This one s got 2 parts.Well, Reynaud is alive gasps gasps Huh Hmmm Really Sadly, from the blurb I already knew that he s alive but what I was interested most was to know how he survived and was he the betrayer of the Spinner s Falls the question did arise in the last book And No, he isn t But, his survival is another matter entirely and I won t comment on them.So, Reynaud comes back to find eveything s changed in [...]

    Katie Michaels

    This is easily my least favorite Elizabeth Hoyt book They can t all curl my toes, I know, but I had a hard time rousing any excitement for this romance It s the last book in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series, so it had some good things going in wrapping up the larger arc But, frankly, the hero did absolutely nothing for me and the relationship development felt virtually nonexistent.Hoyt has been telling us about Reynaud St Aubyn since book 1 He was supposed to be dead, but his memory was a [...]

    Ana Luisa

    viv omundoencantadodoslivros.bFinalmente chegamos a fim desta s rie e com muita pena minha que isso acontece.Elizabeth Hoyt trouxe nos uma s rie fant stica, uma s rie que vejo acabar e que me deixa j com um pouco de saudades Foram horas que preenchi com hist rias lind ssimos e que me puseram sempre com os nervos acima da pele, na expectativa do que iria acontecer Neste ultimo livro, voltei a ter as mesmas sensa es Mesmo seguindo a mesma linha de ac o dos livros anteriores, fiquei sempre curiosa [...]


    Reynaud St Aubyn, Viscount Hope, Earl of Blanchard, Blah Blah Blah, is back from the dead He stumbles into his father s house and collapses, raving in French Will the innocent, beautiful Beatrice Corning be able to soothe this horrible beast, especially in light of the blatant racism 1 Going back to read an earlier Hoyt while waiting for my library holds to come in was a mistake.2 This was emphatically NOT GOOD Rushed, sloppy, horribly developed, racist those Natives just murdering and torturing [...]

    Brooke Springer

    Disappointedgood story but I was hoping for from the male character, he wasn t even likeable

    IsabelAlmeida (Os Livros Nossos)

    Devorado num dia Adorei e recomendo Cr tica completa em breve


    Pesta di rumah Earl of Blanchard di kejutkan oleh kedatangan orang asing yang tiba2 masuk dan oleh Reggie, sang earl di kenali sebagai Lord Hope, Reynaud St.Aubyn yang sudah di anggap meninggal 7 tahun yang lalu saat perang di Amerika bersama Indian, di Spinner Falls, mati terbakar atas kesaksian 3 sahabat nya sendiri, Samuel, Jasper dan Alistair Munroe image error Beatrice sang keponakan Earl, berkeras untuk merawat Lord Hope yang ternyata sudah lama di impikannya cuma gara2 melihat lukisan Rey [...]


    Honestly, i think that the series could have done without this storyLets say that i disliked this one, as much as i liked the previous two books FYI, i loved them I m not going to say that there s anything wrong with the writing of this story Because there wasn t But as a reader i ve reached a point where reading about thick headed, aka alpha males bullies just makes me want to smash their heads with a very heavy object There, i ve admitted it.And reading about idiotic females also doesn t work [...]


    The flashback Reynaud has of his capture in America is crazy, you feel so bad for him Reynaud is turning out to be a crazy complex interesting character Seether song Broken really fits the character of Reynaud I keep hearing it in the background Oh sad, the character of Jeremy is heartbreaking There were some great secondary characters, like Beatrice s friend Lottie At the beginning I liked the extra storyline of Lottie and the problems she was having with her hubby but the author didn t flush i [...]


    To Desire a Devil5 StarsHeld captive in the Colonies for seven years, Reynaud St Aubyn finally escapes and makes his way home to England only to learn that his title, home and money have been bestowed on a distant relative in his absence Scarred and tortured, Reynaud will do everything and anything in his power to regain his birthright but the traitor responsible for the attack on his regiment has other plans An excellent resolution to the series Beatrice and Reynaud relationship is physically a [...]


    I don t knowElizabeth Hoyt just doesn t do it for me I SHOULD like it This trope usually works for me Our hero, Reynaud LOL at the name Reynaud I think of Reynaud s Syndrome just be the nurse in me coming out is a scarred mentally and physically war veteran and major ass hat Our virginal spinster heroine Beatrice is kind and lovely The ton thinks hero is crazy, therefore to make him seem less crazy, he decides to take a wife Murder, intrigue, and of course the questioning of earldom ensue Why di [...]

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