May 27, 2020
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In the Bone there is a house.In the house there is a girl.In the girl there is a darkness.Margo is not like other girls She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone, in a cursed house, with her cursed mother, who hasn t spoken to her in over two years She lives her days feeling invisible It s not until she develops a friendship with her wheelchair bound neighborIn the Bone there is a house.In the house there is a girl.In the girl there is a darkness.Margo is not like other girls She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone, in a cursed house, with her cursed mother, who hasn t spoken to her in over two years She lives her days feeling invisible It s not until she develops a friendship with her wheelchair bound neighbor, Judah Grant, that things begin to change When neighborhood girl, seven year old Neveah Anthony, goes missing, Judah sets out to help Margo uncover what happened to her.

  • Title: Marrow
  • Author: Tarryn Fisher
  • ISBN: 9781310973284
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
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    Marrow In the Bone there is a house In the house there is a girl In the girl there is a darkness Margo is not like other girls She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone in a cursed house with he


    Most of my life, I ve hated the news Honestly I avoided it like the plague Every station, every minute, seemed to be inundated with murder, abuse, injustice I couldn t stand it So I refused to watch I stuck my head in the sand, and chose to pretend that terrible things weren t happening every day I have a complex, sure But it s of an I hate humans thing Disappointed I am so disappointed in people It s like they live without souls.Reading Tarryn s post about what drove her to write this story, w [...]


    Tarryn Fisher s Marrow is like no other Market saturated with romance formula books Marrow will completely rock your world and make you question the very reason why you became a reader Absolutely bone chilling Tarryn s precise, spare prose cuts you like a knife, breaking you open, shattering you, and making you all sorts of uncomfortable with the dark truths of the world and Margo s quest for righteousness There is nothing comfortable and settling about Marrow, if you are looking for the predict [...]

    Jennifer Kyle

    3.5 Stars Not sure how to star First Half 4 Stars Second Half 2 Stars Writing 5 Stars The Bone is in our marrow It s complacency and fear handed down from generation to generation Tarryn Fisher delivered a well written and graphically dark tale that has a likable heroine, Margo who lives in the Bone Harbor The Bone and all its inhabitants are expertly written and depicted These characters are very poor while embracing their addictions and all the while their children grow to be adults themselves [...]


    3.5 4 Stars The Bone is in our marrow It s complacency and fear handed down from generation to generation If you re looking for a sweet romance you will not find it reading this book This is definitely not a love story A story about love YesybeI don t know Depends how you see certain aspects of the story For me it was a dark, twisted and confusing psychological thriller that messed up a little with my head Marrow is a story about life, love, vengeance, justice and so much It s a very graphic st [...]

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    There is a psychotic intelligence to Tarryn Fisher s writing It s infectious It s intrusive It s folie deux, contagious insanity It s manipulative in a way that reflects genius That is what I loved most about Marrow Even her descriptives give life to the most mundane things Noises Objects It s described in a way that gives any, and everything, a soul Marrow is a living, breathing thing that will invade your mind, rearrange the furniture, then blow it up Parts of me craved a bit character intera [...]

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum People will ignore every warning sign when blinded by their thirst for something It s better to not be thirsty Well, this was an unexpected little surprise Tarryn Fisher went on my radar with Mud Vein , a book that promised to be ber dark and disturbing and yada yada yada It didn t work for me, but I enjoyed the writing style and thought she definitely had the potential with the doom and gloom She also didn t seem to be an a hole when I saw her posting on [...]

    Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview)

    Rating 3.5 pink Zippo StarsPlease note that this review is solely my opinion, you may or may not agree with what is being said.My Views I liked this book but was a littledisappointed.I really loved Mud Vein by this author and despite the depth that we get in Marrow, this book didn t enthrall me like a Tarryn Fisher s book normally does After reading her Facebook status about how she began reading this book, I wasintrigued and stopped everything to read this one but it just didn t feel right What [...]

    Hulya Kara Yuksel

    Oh my God I need a minute I need a cold drink And I have to get my shit together But Wow that was so fucking good My God, I FUCKING LOVED IT DTarryn, thank you so much for the mind fuck baby D Full review to come Later Maybe I don t know Not sure yet But right now my mind is so fucked up D


    Genre Dark ThrillerType StandalonePOV First Person FemaleRating Margo Moon grew up in the derelict town called Bone Harbor where poverty and social issues was just a way of life She lived a mundane life until the day she struck up friendship with her handsome cripple neighbor, Judah Grant Their friendship gave her purpose and meaning in everything she did.One day, tragedy descended upon their small town when her young friend went missing The event awakened something dark inside her and she found [...]

    Maxine (Booklover Catlady)

    This is a very emotional moment of the only books to render me speechless and unable to formulate a detailed review.I actually read and finished this book back in early November, it s now nearly the end of 2015 and I have simply been unable to write a review of this book as it s just so darn emotional I have never been that impacted before by a book This book moved my entire book reading experience for LIFE.I am going to keep this simple therefore as I can t get the words outIt sant.It sdisturbi [...]

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    4 STARS Honestly at the beginning I didn t know how to rate this book and this is why I didn t post a review immediately I wanted to think a little.It was really brilliant,unique,captivate and weird This is my first book from Tarryn Fisher but so far I have heard only good things about this author My opinion after finishing this book Yes she is definitely a very talented author I loved the writing so much and this giving the book extra points And the fact that she managed to feel like I am a par [...]


    This is a good book.No Actually, it s an exceptional story told by an author who is well known for her ability to seep into the reader s psyche via prose, imagery and pure unadulterated mind f.I absolutely understand every subliminal message embedded in this book and I am quite happy it is not a romantic book as such I like that Margo gave college a middle finger and stepped up to her destiny with open arms I like the uncertainty of Judah Was he or wasn t he I love that we the readers were left [...]

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    NEW TARRYN FISHER BOOK Sounds intriguing In the Bone there is a house In the house there is a girl In the girl there is a darkness.Margo is not like other girls She lives in a derelict neighborhood called the Bone, in a cursed house, with her cursed mother, who hasn t spoken to her in over two years She lives her days feeling invisible It s not until she develops a friendship with her wheelchair bound neighbor, Judah Grant, that things begin to change When neighborhood girl, seven year old Nevea [...]

    Jennifer Masterson

    First half of this book was a complete 5 Star for me I loved Margo in the beginning The second half took a dive to a 3 Star I m giving it a 4 Star rating in total Ms Fisher sure can write I wish I had time This book should be read in a few sittings but it s Christmas time and I read like a snail already so it took me a little while If you like first person thriller type books give this one a try I will definitely be looking out for books by this very talented writer

    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞

    3.5 s Abandon all logic ye who read this bookThe Basics Margo is raised in a rundown area of town where the gangbangers, meth dealers, addicts and whores live She only knows this too well as her mother is a whore and addict Margo will do anything not to turn out that waycluding making herself fat and unattractive Margo s mother has all but abandoned her She doesn t care for her and she hardly ever speaks to her instead writing down what she wants Margo to do for her Margo is so desperate to hear [...]

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    Long ago I decided that whatever Tarryn writes I will read it That happened when I read Dirty Red I thought, Anyone who can make me sympathize for Leah is a magician, and I will forever read whatever she writes, even her grocery lists This book is incredible to put it simply The writing is sharp, and the characters are soal They are flawed, and rough, and broken, and damaged, and y know what They re characters that are so often never written about, which makes me appreciate them even Some chara [...]

    Zemira (Kylo Ren fangirl) Warner

    before reading Um, excuse me How come I didn t know this book even existed People we been adding it to their to read lists since May and I m over here like O.O Tarryn Fisher is a mastermind Her writing is justain food I d gladly eat until my head exploded after reading Tarryn s books are a great weakness of mine I usually read them the day they are released and then I wait for her new book which obviously doesn t have a release date It could come out tomorrow, in a week from now or next year She [...]


    EDIT 4 HE LEIDO EL LIBRO Y NO SE QUE PENSAR Leer Marrow fue una locura No se puede esperar menos que eso de mi diosa Tarryn 3 Aun no he ordenado mis pensamientos lo suficiente para escribir una opinion sobre l pero s les puedo decir que si les gust Mud Vein, Marrow es un must read.EDIT 3 HAN PUBLICADO MARROW REPITO, HAN PUBLICADO MARROW EDIT 2 CREO QUE MA ANA PUBLICARAN MARROW ARGHHH EDIT 1 OTRO LIBRO DE TARRYN FISHER 3 3 3


    Wow, by its cover and story line, No one could judge how lightly but impressively the whole story would surpassed you Sickness Grief Practically Life Sort of psycho thriller.But exciting story,I d liked the way, it takes turns and turning of words too.

    Cranky - The Book Curmudgeon

    5 Cranky stars If Mud Vein signaled Fisher s departure from the romance genre, Marrow reinforces it A psychological thriller, narrated through the first person point of view of Margo Moon, one of the fascinating characters in contemporary works Margo Moon an empathetic serial killer stands in contrast to fundamental tenets in the popular, sociological imagination Her motivation is not primal cruelty, but empathy for the victims.Born and raised in a place called The Bone , a section of society w [...]


    Tarryn Fisher is so talented and every single story she writes is unique and beautiful When you pick up one of her novels, you know that she is going to give you her all, make you think, and ache for in the process Her characters are real and complex Although Mud Vein was my top read of 2014, Marrow will easily slide into that current spot for 2015 When you meet Margo, you will see why Margo is someone we all want to be like You root for her because she is doing what we sometimes think I absolu [...]


    5 AND SHIT STARS The moon is wicked, jealous of the sun People do bad things in the dark, under the hollow gaze of the moon It s smiling at me now, proud of my sin I am the essence of evilPrimer libro que leo de Tarryn Fisher y lo ame por completo Es curioso que leyera este libro la semana que se celebra el d a de las madres cuando la historia nos muestra de una manera muy cruda y real que no todas las madres merecen ser celebradas Es lo nico que dir sobre la historia, todo lo dem s ser solo los [...]


    Too tough to rate By no means does my non rating mean negativity If you were to make me rate this book, it would be on the upper end However, I think my head is just such a mess after not only reading this, butMud Vein recently, that at least for now I am unable to settle for a solid representation.As you can tell by the collage it seems like I put in a bunch of totally random pictures and just stuck them all together Believe me, I had , but when I finished, it looked cluttered and there was jus [...]

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    Recent Post Reading Feelings I literally HAVE NO IDEA and if I SHOULD HAVE AN IDEA I literally don t know WHAT is REAL or NOT.I know this was on purpose.This is Tarryn playing with your head in the most fucked up way you can ever imagine and guess what I literally have NO IDEA is that s a good thing or a bad thing RATING for now._________________________Now that I m calm enough When I start reading this book I was really excited I loved all the quotes, every piece of it I was feeling Margo I ide [...]


    This book is beautifully written So beautiful it hurts and makes you feel very real things This is probably why I hold Tarryn Fisher s novels in such high regards She has an indisputable talent I collapsed into Mud Vein s words while it healed some of my own broken pieces It s my favorite book to date This is a wonderful story that perfectly describes love and how we all want it no matter how many times we tell ourselves we don t The story does show the love between two perfectly imperfect stran [...]

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    I can t stay the way I am I don t remember what it s like to be free To be wide open without fear I need something to break me Just enough so that I have new pieces to work with make them into something else.Tarryn Fisher takes readers to a dark, moldy, dreary place deep in the recesses of the human condition in Marrow Fisher s beautifully dark writing style is on full display in this psychological thriller about an emotionally disturbed and deeply unsettled girl and her transformation into a vi [...]


    Wow This was a dark, psychological thriller, so unlike anything that I ve ever read before That was a crazy ride and my head is still spinning I think I need to sit back and try to process everything now.


    I didn t think it would be possible for me to love any other Tarryn s Fisher s book as much as I loved The opportunist I was so wrong Marrow now is my favorite work of hers and it really is spectacular The writing, the characters and the storyline all together was perfection Loved it times 100, and it, definitely, trumps any other book I have read in 2015

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest I read this for the Yule Bingo Challenge, for the category of Snape morally grey character For info on this challenge, click here Lots of authors want to write dark and gritty, but few have the muscle to pull it off Not Tarryn Fisher Ever since reading MUD VEIN, I ve found myself pleasantly surprised by her wide cast of flawed characters and intricately plotted stories MUD VEIN had some weaknesses, in that it was trying too hard to be twisty and suspenseful [...]

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