Oct 01, 2020
Like Fine Wine: A Head-to-Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty
Posted by JuliaBlack

A fifty year old woman can easily look anywhere from thirty five to sixty five And these days, ever looking old at all has become optional Like Fine Wine is loaded with tips and tricks for every income and interest level Get rid of wrinkles and age spots Get hair and a safe tan Fix the backs of your hands, your forehead, neck, and teeth Plump your lips, get moA fifty year old woman can easily look anywhere from thirty five to sixty five And these days, ever looking old at all has become optional Like Fine Wine is loaded with tips and tricks for every income and interest level Get rid of wrinkles and age spots Get hair and a safe tan Fix the backs of your hands, your forehead, neck, and teeth Plump your lips, get brows and lashes Lift your bust, get thin and toned, revamp your makeup, clothes, accessories, shoes and jewelry Improve your poise and your mind And This book packs a punch to glam up every fine wine lady s look, head to toe, from inexpensive quick fixes to major undertakings, plus a few exotic secrets

  • Title: Like Fine Wine: A Head-to-Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty
  • Author: JuliaBlack
  • ISBN: 9780996254700
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
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    Like Fine Wine A Head to Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty A fifty year old woman can easily look anywhere from thirty five to sixty five And these days ever looking old at all has become optional Like Fine Wine is loaded with tips and tricks for every incom

    W.R. Gingell

    For the record, I am not like fine wine wine tastes like off fruit to me, so nor am I over forty With that disclaimer, read on at your own judgement This review is mostly my impressions as I read, because I kept finding things that made me nod, giggle, or say an internal Yes Page one of the introduction of Like Fine Wine, and I like it already This caught me straight away We don t want to be younger The ladies over forty I know have no interest in turning back time and repeating all those earlie [...]


    This little book is a gem If you re middle aged or and need a quick tune up, here it is It s beyond the usual trite stuff we all already know and has quite a few that I ve never heard before, even being someone who keeps up on herself fairly well Cheap, quick Kamikaze tricks for covering grey eyebrows rather than plucking them and who can afford to lose any of them , pulling your sagging jowls back for the evening, and even fashioning temporary fake teeth So, this guide is not the usual thinly [...]

    Catherine Herzog

    Julia Black s book piqued my interest because I am a lady over 40 So I sat down to read it Usually beauty books are not my thing Color Me Beautiful being the exception to that rule, but I ve got to say Like Fine Wine was a pleasant surprise I enjoyed reading about beauty for women like me imperfect with my own set of issues Julia had a way of reminding me that it was alright to decide to work on only what I wanted to and when I wanted to She talked a lot about doing small things that came easy, [...]


    One quote I especially liked from this book was, We don t follow We lead This book was not just chock full of good advice from underwear to purses from facial exercises to tretinoin look it up , from exercise to eating right, it also was a nice, healthy kick in the pants, reminding us that life isn t over once you hit forty I thought this book was great Being over forty myself, I thought it was very good advice, and pertinent to myself I still have my teeth, so I chuckled about the section that [...]

    Smita Bhattacharya

    Like Fine Wine is akin to a miniature flute of white wine nothing extremely poignant or research intensive but a handy set of helpful suggestions to help women navigate through their 40s, look and feel good I usually have a problem when books tout that they can make women look younger and prettier which the author counters with the lines We don t want to be younger The ladies over forty I know have no interest in turning back time and repeating all those earlier stages of life again We re ready [...]

    Manish Grover

    Authentic, warm, full of common sense.Julia Black has written a very charming little book on the things that matter in our everyday lives Think of it as an excellent checklist of things sprinkled with humor, advice from the heart, and practical tips that are easy to implement Julia took a very well rounded approach by touching on some of the most important aspects of our life fashion, beauty, health, social, and emotional Take fad diets for example I was half expecting her to follow the beaten t [...]

    Lisa Picard

    I was given a free copy of this book for review.As a 40 something woman, I am squarely in the target market for this book And I loved it Women s magazines and other make over type books and programmes often leave me feeling intimidated and overwhelmed and, dare I say it a little bit hopeless The images presented are always just so unrealistic and seemingly impossible to attain But this book was the exact opposite The book is positive and affirming of women and made me feel energised and enthusia [...]

    Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

    Julia Black has this unique style of coming straight to the point without being judgemental Her book Like Fine Wine is not a beauty book, its a book for beautiful people, the women who are forty.I have heard people say that the older the wine in years, the better is it in taste Age and experience adds on to the charm of a woman At forty, she has everything it takes to ensure being the centre of attention However, she gets so into things during preceding years, that she hardly knows where to begi [...]

    Margaret Standafer

    Like Fine Wine is a guide for any woman over forty who is looking for practical advice on aging gracefully Julia Black covers a wide range of topics including cosmetics, clothing, diet, hair, and poise Dozens of useful suggestions are presented, ranging from almost free quick fixes to expensive cosmetic procedures with many of the pros and cons explained I found the book to be well written, very organized, and easy to follow with each section dedicated to one targeted area Especially helpful, in [...]

    K.S. Ferguson

    This book gives a lengthy list of tips and tricks to help slow or mask the appearance of aging I found the advice about clothing to be a bit vague and generic, but it s the nature of fashion to change rapidly over time Any work that covers attire would become dated almost before it s published.The sections on other aspects of anti aging strategies ran the gamit from skin to hair to diet to teeth I had a good laugh at the antecdote about the woman who made her own wax teeth The section on skin di [...]

    Gillian Felix

    My Review Like Fine Wine A Head to Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty by Julia BlackI was given a review copy of this novel for my unbiased opinion Like Fine Wine A Head to Toe Youth Restoring Makeover for Ladies Over Forty by Julia Black is a quick guide for as the title said for women over 40 The chapters are short and it gives great advice on maintaining your fine selves when you get to a certain age from care for your hair to your nails and skin It covers every aspect of beau [...]

    Dermot Davis

    This is about as comprehensive as you can get in terms of make over heaven for women over forty Covering pretty much all aspects of what you would need to know about looking your best, the author details all the tips, trends and secrets to keep you informed and up to date Detailing make up and clothing choices, of course, it also has a comprehensive section on hair and even a section for those who are losing or have thinning hair I also liked the chapter on posture or poise to be precise which y [...]


    Pretty well researched bookThat the author has done her homework is evident from the very start The book is pretty objectively written, keeping women in their 40s in mind but I believe even younger women can get help from this book My favorite chapters include Stopping the Damage , Permanent Lipstick Cosmetic Tattooing never even heard of it so read it due to curiosity and Happiness is Attractive Indeed, nothing could be truer as the author says Stay away from negatives There is also a resource [...]

    Mehreen Ahmed

    Mehreen Ahmed s reviewsLike Fine Wine, ladies can remain fine too as they age only if they take proper care This book by Julia Black tells you how to The tips of restoring oneself are all here doable and easy If one is willing to put in a little bit of effort as laid out in this book, a fifty year old can easily look thirty five Follow her advice by buying this book and you will not regret it It is a great handbook about how to look pretty, poised, and proper and to continue to look so One doesn [...]

    Emma Jaye

    I was initially confused about the emphatic declaration in the introduction that claimed women over 40 don t want to be young again, and then the rest of the book focuses on turning the clock back, to being youthful and attractive The two don t necessarily go together I thought the book would focus on entirely changes to make someone appear classy, elegant and refined, like fine wine Although those tips are there, such as don t swear, have bare midriffs, wear miniskirts, or garish clothes, th [...]

    G.J. Griffiths

    This makeover book for women over 40 covers a very wide range of ideas from D I Y tips to the use of chemicals and even surgery The author invites people not to be overwhelmed by the very comprehensive Table of Contents, but to pick one change and then come back for if and when necessary So the individual can choose the level of body transformation that they are in interested in She suggests starting small, doing things that the reader likes to do and not to wait until the ideal time for changi [...]


    A friend gave me both this book, and Julia Black s other book This book points fine wine ladies in the right direction toward making the most of their inner and outer beauty, and is a good read for women who would like to take control and re assert their sense of youthfulness and approach to aging The book is short and concise, and provides a useful summary of the key approaches and services products which can be used to enhance one s youthfulness It is divided into helpful chapters which focus [...]

    Tony Hynes

    Like Fine Wine, is an enlightening book As a 26 year old male, I didn t know how much I would be into reading a book about tips on staying young for Fine Wine Ladies However, throughout the book I was pleasantly surprised by how much information was universally helpful to all ages and sexes The sentence It is notelegant to strive to be twenty one again As if anyone would wantto be twenty one again is filled with truth and humor, two things that the author combines aptly throughout the book Even [...]

    Damian Maher

    For every womanI received this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is not a 500 pages boring in depth guide to beauty and happiness that will make you curse too many details while desperately trying to discover the essence.The main premise here is as we go through life, losses and disappointments accumulate and we do age But the fact is that today s state of knowledge offers many possibilities to enhance our resilience and to make the best of our lives In life, many of those theories [...]


    Like Fine Wine is a quick guide to a better look It s an easy read with short, simple chapters While it s not a detailed instruction, I think it s very good in its own way It s a book that you can use to refresh your knowledge, pick up a few things, and research them further if you re interested That s what I did at first, I was just reading it then the list of the things on my mind became too big, and I wrote them down.This book has all those little things that many people overlook, like detail [...]

    J.D.R. Hawkins

    I love how Like Fine Wine compares women to wine in that they get better with age and refinement Simple, timeless elegance is the goal for today s fine wine women This book offers great tips and advice, and covers many topics From jewelry and accessories to face yoga and lip plumping, Like Fine Wine explains the best looks and results for fine wine ladies The book also includes excellent tips on how to wear makeup, hair, and clothes to get the best appearance, and is explained according to compl [...]

    Danielle Urban

    Julia Black s latest book is just as spectacular as the rest Inside this one, readers are taken along on a journey A journey that not only tells them but shows them how to makes themselves look and feel like their younger dazzling selves By changing your style and many brilliant tricks, women can feel good about themselves as well as look it Like Fine Wine is the perfect little guide for all women There are some of us younger women who look like we have aged much further than we really are and [...]


    Reading Like Fine Wine is like sitting on a comfy sofa, listening to the author tell you the latest beauty tips I enjoyed the experience.Ms Black s writing style is accessible and chatty without being overly descriptive or flowery She appears to have done her research The information sounds current.I m not a person who would have fat or Botox injected into my face, but I know others that would If this doesn t interest you, then there is plenty else that will The topics cover hair, nails, teeth, [...]

    T.K. Lukas

    It delivers what it promisesLike Fine Wine is a short, easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to follow advice book for women over 40 who seek to reinvigorate or revamp their style What I like about the book, and why I gave it five stars, is that it delivers what is promised in the opening pages truthfully, gracefully, and with a big dose of tongue in cheek humor The author shares up to date information as well as reminds us of things we ve probably heard before but forgot somewhere along ou [...]

    Ann Girdharry

    Like Fine Wine is a mixture of advice, friendly tips and information articles on how to look good as we women move into our forties and older and away from the trends which we followed or maybe didn t follow when we were younger I liked the conversational style, the easy, chatty nature of the various sections and the wealth of information that the author has pulled together into one place though a little bit organisation of the various sections would have made this book easier to navigate I fel [...]


    I bought this book for my mother She was in some kind of depression I did not know why I taught that in the state she was the book will fend her, like buying her and anti wrinkle cream So I started reading it and started proposing some of the tips there At some point she started asking where I was getting all this great ideas from, so I gave her the book She love it It helped her become herself again Now she looks great and most importantly she feels great She recently came to me and told me tha [...]

    Ellie Crowe

    I liked this book The author has a fresh, fun way of writing and I agreed with most of her comments about the desirability of looking good She covers many topics thoroughly Some of her tips were ones I d never heard of and they would be fun to try I particularly liked it when she had personally tried something and recommended it from experience Some were really creative and humorous like sticking a band aid behind your neck to tighten neck skin I guess you d have to be really sure no one was goi [...]

    Diana Febry

    A brief summary of a range of tips for women over 40 to look their best It covers a wide spectrum from frame of mind and simple cheap changes in routine and dress to commercial products and surgical options Smoothly and clearly written I would describe this as of a handy check list based on common sense rather than revealing any great secrets It should be noted terminology, availability and the price range of products surgical interventions is in American Canadian dollars only.

    Zee Monodee

    Very good tips for getting back in the beauty saddle after life has taken its toll on you Felt a bit like a springboard for what can and should be done to get a makeover, but it all points in the right direction and it s now up to you after reading this to find what avenue works best for you Recommended to get a grip on the whole ocean of possibilities available out there once a woman hits her fine wine years.

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