Apr 22, 2021
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I watch him watching us, imagining how he would take me.I send him the message with my eyes.This is who I am I am Veronica Franco I am a COURTESAN.I court the cultural elite for fame and fortune, giving my body to many And I m good So very good After all, I was taught by my mother, and mother always knows best How else to please the future King of France than with thI watch him watching us, imagining how he would take me.I send him the message with my eyes.This is who I am I am Veronica Franco I am a COURTESAN.I court the cultural elite for fame and fortune, giving my body to many And I m good So very good After all, I was taught by my mother, and mother always knows best How else to please the future King of France than with the imaginative use of Murano glass How else to fulfil the desires of all yet keep my sense of self worth But when disaster strikes and my life begins to unravel, I ll have to ask myself one question Is it too late to give my heart to just one man Set in Venice 16th Century.Advisory sensuously erotic 18

  • Title: Veronica COURTESAN
  • Author: Siobhan Daiko
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  • Page: 136
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  • Veronica COURTESAN I watch him watching us imagining how he would take me I send him the message with my eyes This is who I am I am Veronica Franco I am a COURTESAN I court the cultural elite for fame and fortune givi


    Veronica Fragrant Courtesans Book One, is set in 16th century Venice, and is about a young woman who decides to escape an unhappy marriage and follow in her mother s footsteps by becoming a courtesan.There is a lot of sex in this novella, but there is also a strong storyline throughout, that not only intrigued me, but also enlightened me in ways I had not expected I enjoyed the interesting mix of characters, adored the strength and determination within Veronica, loved the respect some of the cha [...]


    As they say, there is a first time for everything This was my first erotica novel recommended to me by a GR friend I ve never had the desire to read the 50 shades of Grey series but this sounded a little different so I figured why not It is actually the first in a series of e novellas by the author about different famous courtesans from around the world This first novella is based on Veronica Franco, a courtesan and poet, born in 1546 in Venice As the author states, the story is not a biography [...]

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    I would like to thank the author for sending me an ARC of this book to read and review.Venice late 16th century Set free from the binds of an arranged, unhappy marriage, 18 year old Veronica Franco follows her mother s footsteps and learns the art of love and seduction Soon she becomes the most beautiful, sought after courtesan in Venice Using her body and wits, she courts the elite of the city for fame and fortune, without embarrassment or emotion She s a strong woman who sets her own rules in [...]


    Erotica is not a genre that I read very much of but after seeing a couple of other fellow readers give it good reviews I thought I would give this book a go.I have read all 4 books of the Fifty Shades series and have got to say they are pretty tame compared to Veronica COURTESAN You certainly don t need to let your imagination do the work for you in this book as the author goes into great detail when it comes to the action parts Certainly leaves you feeling a bit hot under the collar as the sayi [...]

    Hilary Mortz

    Tis a noble and celebrated thing to be a courtesan in 16th Century Venice and no one could be better suited to this calling than the beautiful Veronica Franco Trapped in an arranged marriage to an abusive and elderly husband, with only Murano glass to comfort her, the sensual and cultured Veronica soon realises that her talents and inclinations lie elsewhere and she takes to the role of high class courtesan like a duck to water She is truly a happy hooker I don t really read erotic fiction the m [...]

    Jo Bartlett

    This novella really demonstrates the author s breadth of talent, creating a credible heroine who becomes a courtesan after escaping a loveless marriage and has the reader rooting for her despite this unconventional decision It is clearly also very well researched, creating a strong sense of place and historical accuracy Erotic novellas aren t something I would usually read, but the sensual scenes in Veronica are expertly written and, having already read and loved both The Orchid Tree and The Lad [...]

    Nolene Driscoll

    As a general rule I am not an erotic fiction reader but I was given this book to read in exchange for an honest review.This is the story about Veronica, married a 17 to an elderly gentleman who abused her but by the time she reaches 18 she had decided that married life was not for her, she was suited to the life of a courtesan.My first reaction after reading this was oh my , Murano glass does have other uses apart from being decorative Not only is this the story of Veronica and the joy she find [...]


    Wow this book blew me away Beautiful setting and a very informative look at the life of a courtesan in 16th century Venice My heart was touch by all that Veronica endured to rise to be at the top of her trade, by giving her all to men by sating their lust for her skills as a lover She was a very strong woman her knew her own mind but i felt that she gave so much than she got in return from her patrons Siobhan Daiko has written an impressive story based on her exploits so much so that i couldn t [...]

    Muffy Wilson

    Veronica Courtesan is one of the most sumptuously, sensuously erotic and delicious books I have ever read When Siobhan Daiko sat in the diffused Venetian light to write Veronica Courtesan, she was awash in the same light that inspired the great works on canvas or marble of the masters, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Corregio and Gaspari Her words flow through her pen with the same long, elegant, yet eloquent, strokes in her book as the masters used with paint and chisel This is a book of words as a [...]

    Claire Ingram

    This book was fantastic , the characters felt realistic and 3 dimensional, to the point were I wasn t overly fond of the main character The plot was believable and interesting and the secondary characters were intriguing This historical stuck closely to the feel of the era and transported the reader to Venice in the 1500s The only thing I had an issue with was the use of the word figa and culo which is definitely unique to me and the lack of Italian in the poetry otherwise a fantastic read

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    Review to come.I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

    Shweta Choudhary

    Loved it

    Kathy Wideman

    This book is very steamy and I enjoyed reading it Veronica was given few choices in life and then married off to a man than twice her age He beat her every day until she finally made a choice for herself She decided to become a courtesan like her mother once was Her mother helped her and her husband tried to interfere at first but quickly came to see reason Veronica s first client, Jamcomo wanted exclusivity and she granted it to him She quickly realized it wasn t that different from being marr [...]

    Jodie Scott

    Reviewed on behalf of 2 girls who love books blog.Veronica courtesan by Siobhan Daiko.As I started this book I was interested to learn of ladies in this profession in the 16th century The story is set in Venice and is of a young woman struggling with her sexual desires in a time when women were just objects and possessions I love reading historical novels but when you read about something like this it really opens your eyes as to just what women went through in this century.The main character Ve [...]

    Kat Loves

    Oh my What an amazing and titilating erotic story this was As the title suggests, Veronica is a Courtesan in 16th century Venice when it was considered by many as acceptable to be such a lady.When we start the story, Veronica is 17 summers old and is married to an abusive man many years her senior but due to his own sexual issues, he is unable to consumate their marriage Veronica decides that she wants her freedom and with the help of her mother, she leaves her husband and becomes a Courtesan Sh [...]

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    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review I cannot stop my mouth from falling open A man dressing like a woman Never before have I come across such a thing So slight and small is he that we are the same size I shall have to agree Of course, your Majesty, if such is your pleasure 5 super sexy, historical stars Although this isn t my usual genre, I will gladly admit it was a hot read I watch him watching us, imagining how he would take me.I send him the message with my eyes.This is who I am [...]

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    I wanted to read Veronica COURTESAN as soon as I saw one of the teasers for it It was super hot and I couldn t wait to read it It turned out to be a lot different than what I expected or have gotten used to with historical romances, but it was a very good surprise I have to say that this book is definitely one of the most unique and one of the hottest historical romances that I have ever read and I absolutely loved it Veronica Franco is a very strong, independent, intelligent woman She s creativ [...]

    Dana Busenbark

    The book is set in the Medieval Renaissance Era in 1563 in Venice Hooked already This is a book unlike no other It takes you back to the Renaissance and how women s choices were limited Victoria COURTESAN is just what it says she is, it is the story of her life and her choices, those who she receives and those who love her It shows a fictional account of how things were in Venice at the time Knowing about the religious laws and the civil laws that were in place at the time, makes some of what Ve [...]


    Such an absolutely beautiful book Daiko is masterful in her delivery, her writing is eloquent, poetic and so in tune to the powerhouse that is Veronica Veronica is a woman ahead of her time Married at a young age to an abusive, impotent older man, her spirit and soul suffer under his fist Veronica makes the decision to become a courtesan like her mother before her She proclaims that she will never be owned by another man, and throughout her life she hold true to this promise Even when she loves [...]


    The author graciously sent me a copy for an honest review Well, I honestly loved it I have read erotica in the past and some I ve enjoyed and others I ve found just tooVeronica is definitely at the top of my list of enjoyed beating out Anne Rice s Beauty Trilogy sorry, Anne as much as I love fairy tales, historical fiction is higher up on my preferred reading list The character of Veronica Franco is very well developed in all ways from her marriage to a sadistic man and having the courage in the [...]

    Tracy Comerford

    great book for what I could understand of it historic is not usually my genre and I had to Google a fair amount of words and history is not my strong suit , but the hot sex and romance I could totally get behind Fans self great read well done, there were too many lovers to choose from for a book boyfriend and since the leading was in fact a lady and a really awesome one would veronica be my book girlfriend yes I think she would be a great one

    Jessica Maddox

    A must read This book is an amazing insight into history While the dialect is difficult for me at times, the story is amazing It provides a beautiful insight into the life of a courtesan I definitely would recommend it to anyone who enjoys romance and erotica in a historical setting.

    MaryJane Rings

    I have read other books from this author I like her style and her way of expressing the erotic in a very tasteful way This also contains a story and is actually fiction which is based on the life of a historical courtesan The descriptions of Venice in the 16th century are beautiful and the reader can almost feel the gondola floating in the canal.

    Fiona Phillips

    A well written and erotic story based on the life of the 16th century Venetian courtesan Veronica Franco The myriad of characters are well drawn and the sex scenes frequent and in complete context with the story It is a lively and surprising warm hot in many places read and I thoroughly enjoyed it It is a stand alone but part of a series of novellas based on courtesans through the ages.

    M.A. McRae

    Not just erotica, but erotica against a colourful background Venice in the age of courtesans Sumptuous, descriptive, and as far as my knowledge extends, historically accurate.

    Mary Woodruff

    Very good Was not disappointed.


    Review of Veronica COURTESAN by Siobhan DaikoVeronica is the first book in the Fragrant Courtesans series I don t think it can be considered as a standalone since it bears the promise of a continuation of Veronica s story However, I can assure you haters of cliffhangers, you won t be disappointed First of all, I must say I love historical novels There is something so romantic about returning in the past and feel all the romancing with the characters However, there are some things about historica [...]

    Harriet Steel

    This book tells of two courtesans, a Venetian, Veronica Franco, and the Empress Theodora I found the story of Theodora by far the most interesting part of this book There was a lot of explicit sex which isn t my usual reading matter but as she was a courtesan, I feel it would be unfair to describe it as gratuitous and she does come over as a sympathetic and real character She was one of the most remarkable women of the Byzantine world, rising from obscurity to become the wife of the Emperor Just [...]

    Wendy Livingstone

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This story is set in 16th century Venice Veronica escapes a very abusive and unhappy marriage, and decides to follow in her mother s footsteps and become a courtesan She becomes a very beautiful and successful woman, who has made it in a man s world I enjoyed the explicit descriptions of Veronica s exploits Her poetry skills are amazing This is so much that the usual historical novels This is a beautifully written story about [...]


    Loved the imagery in this story, from glorious Venice and sumptuous gowns to the Italian countryside Beautiful Along with the imagery invoked in Veronica s poetry, it is a fest for the imagination Of course, besides being a treat for the imagination and beyond unveiling a small part of Venice s past, it is also an intriguing and erotic tale, one woman s quest for freedom in a severe society How she does it is, well.An enjoyable read indeed

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