Jan 24, 2021
Prince of Eden
Posted by Marilyn Harris

HE WAS THE POWER AND THE FURY OF A DYNASTY SHE WAS THE LOVE THAT COULD DESTROY HIMEdward Eden, a noble and passionate man of the people pursued a course decreed by his bastard heritage.Heir to the vast wealth but not the title of Lord Thomas Eden s estate, he rose to become the most splendid libertine in all Londond fell into the iron grip of a sinister addiction.DasHE WAS THE POWER AND THE FURY OF A DYNASTY SHE WAS THE LOVE THAT COULD DESTROY HIMEdward Eden, a noble and passionate man of the people pursued a course decreed by his bastard heritage.Heir to the vast wealth but not the title of Lord Thomas Eden s estate, he rose to become the most splendid libertine in all Londond fell into the iron grip of a sinister addiction.Dashing conqueror of hearts , willing then wise, he drank freely, recklessly from the waters of passiony to lose himself body and soul to the one woman whose intoxicating thirst he was and forbidden to quench.Her world was forgotten, his destiny sealed, a dynasty dammed, in one silent hour of lose.

  • Title: Prince of Eden
  • Author: Marilyn Harris
  • ISBN: 9780399120596
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prince of Eden HE WAS THE POWER AND THE FURY OF A DYNASTY SHE WAS THE LOVE THAT COULD DESTROY HIMEdward Eden a noble and passionate man of the people pursued a course decreed by his bastard heritage Heir to the vas

    Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestLadies and gentlemen, I present to you the Victorian Era Starks vs Lannisters edition If you ve been following my reviews, you ll know I love bodice rippers I encourage all my friends to read them and even managed to trick my entire romance group into doing a buddy read of an especially terrible one spoiler alert everyone hated it Bodice rippers have a bad reputation When people think bodice ripper, they tend to picture a Technicolor book cover featuring a bux [...]


    Marilyn Harris continues to amaze me with her ability to weave a compelling story with a cast of very flawed characters I know it s clich d to use words like enthrall etc but really, that s how I can best describe it This second novel in the Eden series is very different from the first in structure, but I enjoyed it just as much.Opening over 35 years after This Other Eden ends, the reader is tossed into the mid life of Edward Eden, first born and illegitimate son of Thomas Eden and Marianne Lock [...]


    Edward Eden is the eldest son but unable to inherit the title since he s illegitimate, but instead his father Thomas left him everything else the lands, the castle and all that money Edward lives what appears to be a dissipated life in London, but to the poorer residents of London he s known as The Prince of Eden for all he s done to help them Edward pours much of his great fortune into a Ragged School in his London home, much to the ire of younger brother James who would like nothing better tha [...]


    II m done Have no idea how to review thisAfter some thought I thought I could let things sit for a few days before I tackled a review, but any kind of coherent thoughts refuse to form So it ll be slightly messy and without bunnies like the first book.One of the best books I ve ever read So different from the first, which had some rather ludicrous moments interlaced with the gloomy doomy death and carnage This one was all seriousness, and a long, dense seriousness it was So many times I wondered [...]


    Wow Just wow I m exhilarated and exhausted, emotionally wrung out but enthralled Edward A magnificently tormented soul with a heart as big as his demons, tainted by his birth, his dysfunctional family and his scheming servants, with twists, turns, treachery and tragedy around every corner What a man What a mess And what a set up for book 3 I ve never used this word before, but it s the only one that fits bravo

    Sarah Mac

    4.5 stars.Although this was a very good book, it has several differences from THIS OTHER EDEN The latter is a claustrophobic gothic style romance It has very few characters centers around three points of interest foremost being Eden Castle its grounds Despite a gut wrenching web of plots counterplots, there is a HEA though it comes with great consequence, the aspects of which are known to the reader than the characters.Or so the reader assumesINCE OF EDEN has a few gothic elements, but it s pri [...]


    This is my first Bodice Ripper or Romance series I never thought sequels would hold firm, or be worthy of reading for the follow up, and could merely stand alone if necessary This is the sort of series that, thus far, I recommend to be read after the other Each living dying character is compelling and relevant to the sequel, they weren t filler roles, that propped up the story or put a former book s name in, to tie them together, in order to boost sales or encourage the reader I m really incapab [...]


    My copy just arrived after a big research work in order to find an affordable price.This is the second book of the Eden series.In the first book, This Other Eden, we are introduced to the first members of the Eden family, namely Lord Thomas Eden and Marianne Locke.In this second volume of this saga, their son, Edward Eden, starts this saga as The Prince of Eden As the formal heir of Eden s fortune, even being a bastard , he uses his money in order to create a school for poor and abandoned childr [...]

    Rebecca Huston

    A dark, deliciously Gothicky historical novel here, full of memorable characters and sinister secrets Lots of family drama and quite a few surprises kept me on my toes, and wanting when the book ended One big surprise was the reintroduction of Jane Locke into the series, and finding her very sympathetic this time around As to Edward and James, the two brothers in this story, I could have smacked them both at times Plenty of set up for the next book in the series, and lots of little historical d [...]


    4 1 2 stars I just finished this book and feel emotionally wrung out This book which had a dark and gothic feel to it, was even so than the first book in the series imo The first 150 pages were slightly slow and takes you into the lives of each of the three Eden children along with their mother and life at Eden castle, dwelling mostly on the main character of the book, Edward the oldest son and bastard After that, the story picked up and kept me reading Things I liked about this story How Harri [...]


    Wow A fantastic sequel that had me weeping at the end.


    I was not prepared for that


    The entire series 7 is a great look at way things were in these period pieces starting in 1890 and ending with WWW I Takes place mostly in England and a little in India and America.


    This is the second book in a series of seven, published in 1978 I read it last year, in 2009 In the second book, The Prince of Eden , it begins about 36 years AFTER the first book ended Edward is about 42 He ends up getting addicted to laudanum in the novel.In the beginning of the book, Edward meets a girl at Newgate prison named Elizabeth He d go there to bring the inmates treats and stuff Elizabeth is a teenager, I think, and helps Edward and his friend run a school for poor kids Edward and El [...]


    If you re looking for a little light reading, this is not for you If you re looking for a romance, this is not for you there is a five page hookup that ends in predictable misery that s it If you are looking for a a heavy, depressing orgy of self centered angst in all its varied manifestations, maybe you ll like this It s, well written, historically insightful, but unrelenting in its gloom The only reason I may read on to the next book is that I kind of want to see Harriet take it in the teeth P [...]


    Read in 2014 WOW What a beautiful, yet sad and strange book Why haven t I read this book before and why didn t I discover Marilyn Harris in the past This is my 1st read in the Eden series, I have yet to find This Other Eden which I have been searching all over for but to no avail As I m reading I realised the 1st book must have been very rich in descriptions plots the storyline itself Reading the sequel first is usually confusing with any series, but somehow I was able to comprehend fully and pu [...]

    Linda Rice

    Took me longer to get through this one compared to book 1, but ready to read the next sequel.


    the prince of eden by marilyn harris 1978


    I liked the first book of the series About this I had serious doubts especially by reading several reviews It is true that it is not a romance and it is not kind to the heroes No HEA I am not continuing with the series


    Second in the series that I am reading for the second time Love historical and she writes well Can t put these books down.

    Amanda Ellison

    THIS IS NOT A CHEESY ROMANCE NOVEL I had my doubts as well, just from looking at the cover, as well as seeing what other books it was placed w It s historical fiction, w a little romance Not romancy gonna make u puke Main character is Edward Eden Even very rich, wears the title of bastard throughout 18th century England Very honest, kind hearted man whom helps set up schools homes throughout London w his vast fortune Of course, their must be a villain And there are several villains in this novel [...]


    On hold while I find a copy that is not coming unglued.


    Loved this whole series A must read

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