Jan 24, 2021
Rachel's Secret
Posted by B.J. Hoff

Bestselling author BJ Hoff promises to delight her many faithful readers with her compelling new series, The Riverhaven Years With the first book, Rachel s Secret, Hoff introduces a new community of unforgettable characters and adds the elements readers have come to expect from her novels a tender love story, the faith journeys of people we grow to know and love, and enoBestselling author BJ Hoff promises to delight her many faithful readers with her compelling new series, The Riverhaven Years With the first book, Rachel s Secret, Hoff introduces a new community of unforgettable characters and adds the elements readers have come to expect from her novels a tender love story, the faith journeys of people we grow to know and love, and enough suspense to keep the pages turning quickly.When the wounded Irish American riverboat captain, Jeremiah Gant, bursts into the rural Amish setting of Riverhaven, he brings chaos and conflict to the community especially for young widow, Rachel Brenneman The unwelcome outsider needs a safe place to recuperate before continuing his secret role as an Underground Railroad conductor Neither he nor Rachel is prepared for the forbidden love that threatens to endanger a man s mission, a woman s heart, and a way of life for an entire people.

  • Title: Rachel's Secret
  • Author: B.J. Hoff
  • ISBN: 9780736924184
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • Rachel s Secret Bestselling author BJ Hoff promises to delight her many faithful readers with her compelling new series The Riverhaven Years With the first book Rachel s Secret Hoff introduces a new community of u

    Andrea Guy

    This is the first Amish historical I ve read It definitely was a different style of story from what I m used to with Amish fiction romance, and I have to say, it was a really enjoyable read.Like most Amish stories there s a lot of drama involving the characters and the Englischers In this case, an Irishman is shot and seeks the help of Rachel and her family Jeremiah Gant is a conductor on the underground railroad, that in itself brings a whole new spin one what to expect in Amish fiction.A lot o [...]


    This is an historical novel, set in the time of the Underground Railroad It was the first time I read an Amish fiction novel that was not set within the past 75 years, and to be honest, it was hard to remember for the most part that this was set in the 1850s I did enjoy reading the parts about Asa and Gant s work on the Underground Railroad, and that helped me remember when this novel is set.I enjoyed the story for the most part, but it didn t grab me like other novels I ve recently read Maybe I [...]


    I really enjoyed this book Although it did seem to me to be about Susan and Dr Sebastian There were was details about slavery and the underground railroad Many beautiful passages about healing hearts and forgiveness It seemed to me that Rachel and Gant fell in love rather soon which I didnt feel convinced of The author does address it, which I appreciated it At some point the storyline with Asa trails off and I am wondering if she will address it it the next book in the series Another great rom [...]


    This is the first bvook in the Riverhaven years trilogy In book one an wounded Irish American riverboat captain shows up at Rachel s house Rachel is Amish and has to contend with the Amish community being upset by a widow having a man at her house The captain brings danger because he is part of the underground railroad The book just stops leaving several loose ends so you will read the next in the series.

    Brooke Barenfanger

    I have always found forbidden love desperately romantic Hoff has sketched the characters of Rachel Brenneman and Jeremiah Gant with a finesse I have come to expect from her She is always colorful in her language and excellent in her storytelling ability She deals with serious themes and always shows them in a realistic manner However, almost always at the end of her books I have found that she gives a hint of hope She has become one of my favorite authors.


    This book is a story about an Amish family living in Ohio in 1855 It addresses the challenges they face due to their traditions and beliefs They struggle with what would be God s will when they are faced with caring for an injured outsider The book ends keeping you wondering about what happens next It is part of a series and I may need to read the next book.This was one of my book club reads and very easy to read.


    This was the first book I ve read by B.J.Hoff a historical, Amish, with a mix of suspense,and romance I really enjoyed her writing It had great characters the character of Fannie was my favorite The Underground Railroad subplot really interests me, and I appreciated learning about it in this story This was a wonderful story with the theme of forgiveness and healing woven through the story I highly recommend this book


    Rachel s Secret book 1 of series The Riverhaven Years by B J HoffI read book 2 first and then had to go find 1 3 at library to finish the story This is a great series and you won t want to miss any of the books.I enjoyed the characters and wanted to hear the whole story.

    Rachel Kenny

    i really enjoyed this book but if you are not a christian i suggest you do not read this n because this is a strong christian story

    Tina Guffey

    Beautiful story of captive hearts in a historical setting.

    Linda Klager

    I really enjoyed this story about a young Amish woman who gets a surprise visit from 2 strangers She had to make a quick decision whether or not to help them Normally a young Amish woman who lives alone and is widowed would not take in Englishers It is not acceptable behavior for them These 2 strangers were not a threat to her and really needed her help I m so glad that she chose to be like Jesus in showing compassion to them I liked the inclusion of the story of the Underground Railroad in this [...]


    Loved this delightful and interesting Amish novel I look forward to reading 2 in this series.


    From the back of the book Rachel Brenneman has a secret But when wounded Irish American riverboat captain Jeremiah Gant bursts into the rural Amish setting of Riverhaven, her secret must come out The suspicious Englischer brings chaos and conflict to the community especially for Rachel The unwelcome outsider needs a safe place to recuperate before continuing his role as an Underground Railroad conductor Neither he nor Rachel is prepared for the forbidden love that threatens a man s mission, a wo [...]

    Sarah Udall

    I like the book Rachel is a widow in an amish community Her house is mistaken one night to be on the underground railroad Captain Jeremiah Gant is wounded, his friend Asa a freeman helps him get there Rachel has the Doctor Sebastian come along with her mother Susan Kanagy, sister Fannie and bother Gideon Rachel takes care of Gant and develops feelings for him and he for her but not much can happen since he is not amish Since Gant recovers but not fully he can t continue being a conductor on the [...]


    Mooi boek over een amish vrouwdie verliefd word op een buitenstaander.het verhaal speelt zich al in 1850.op een avond staat er een slaaf met zn zwaar gewonden kapitein voor haar deurze besluit de kapitein te helpen ondanks haar angst voor de amish gemeenschapmen met haar moeder broer en zus helpen ze de gewonde kapitein.het is een verwarden tijd voor rachel ze wil het geloof trouw blijven maar ze worden verliefd.ondertussen gebeuren er allemaal aanslagen op de amish gemeenschapn geloof zegt dat [...]


    Rachel s Secret has a good plot but the author threw away a the ending As in the book just stops It doesn t truly end.Two key parts of the book are answered but only in throwaway lines within a paragraph One does not sense closure.The book would have read better if I had all of the series and was reading them one after the other BUT I rarely have that Like many people, I read a book because it appeals to me now Sometimes I m reading in a series sometimes not It s availability of the book and tim [...]


    The first book in The Riverhaven Years, this is an Amish romance that takes place in 1855 Tow Amish women fall for an outsider I have read Amish romances set in the present day and this is not so very different There have been changes in Amish life but their basic way of living appears not to have changed all that much from 1855.In the beginning, Widowed Rachel finds a black man and a wounded man on her doorstep She cannot turn them away even though her community is being harassed by those who s [...]


    I was really disappointed with the ending of this book I realize that it s part of a series, so the story doesn t actually end with the last chapter, but it was soooooo frustrating to read 265 pages and NOT find out what happens to certain characters Talk about a cliff hanger I now feel that I HAVE to read the second book and I m not sure I like that feeling.The writing was lovely, though BJ Hoff has a very simple, sweet style to telling a story and I really enjoyed the book as I was reading thr [...]


    This book was OK, but not very outstanding The problem of auslander Jeremiah and Rachel is easy solved at the end of the book, but it didn t satisfy me Also we don t hear a lot about Asa, where is he Dead Alive At the end of the book I discovered this is just the first part of a serie I don t know if I m going to read the sequel, the only thing I wonder is of Asa survived Probably he did.This book is good, but you can miss it It s interesting to read about the Amish.

    Tasha enderby

    I love amish tales and I hate rating this one so poorly but it wasn t really written by an Author that writes Amish stories and you can tell The facts about the faith and culture are not correct and that was turn off to me They don t really say that poor Fannie was abused by those English boys on the road but I get the feeling it was then a bump on the head and kicks that had her so upset The book ends with no real resolve but a lot of hoping it all ended for the best.

    Barbara Labbe

    Another Great Story I love BJ s books Her characters come alive on the pages and I fall in love with all of them The intertwining the Amish community and the prejudices towards them with the Underground Railroad gives the story an interesting twist I know she does research because I know exactly where the county that she mentions in this story Can t wait to start book 2 to learn what happens to the Amish community in Riverhaven.


    Once again, a clean fluffy Amish book in which the characters fall in love as the hero is mostly unconscious This one weaves in a subplot about the underground railroad and possible conversion to the Amish religion, but it is mostly poofy I will probably read the next book in the series, but after I ve read something with a little bite.


    This is the story of an Amish girl who suddenly becomes affiliated with an unwelcome outsider and what she does to stay true to her religion, but also grow in a relationship with that outsider Some parts of the book dragged on a little long, but I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next book due out in September.

    Ashley Daviau

    I always find forbidden love appealing and this story was no different That element mixed with the Amish way of living, and the Underground Railroad made for a wonderfully compelling novel Although I would have liked to see about the Underground Railroad can t wait to dive into the next in the series


    I really liked this book and would highly recommend it There are elements of danger, mystery and romance that make a great story The historcal parts of the underground railroad and slavery added dimension There were also difficult circumstances in the romances since Amish and Englishers are forbidden to fall in love.


    Even though there is an English twist to this story it is still one of my all time favorite series The story did not falter from Amish love and loyalty that I come to expect in this genre This series ended beautifully and everyone found their way I also discovered what an amazing author B.J Hoff is to.


    My first foray into Christian fiction and I really liked it I especially love historical fiction, and this one the first in a trilogy surrounds characters in an Ohio Amish community during pre Civil War times The underground railroad was also highlighted and I appreciated learning about it A nice feel good read without the yuck so often found in books today.


    This was similar to Beverly Lewis books, yet from a different time period and with the touch of Irish that B J Hoff always incorporates into her books I didn t like it as much as most of B J Hoff s other books, but still enjoyed it quite well and read it quickly There was a bit too much romance, but not as overblown as in some novels.

    Linda Branich

    IF YOU ENJOY READING ABOUT THE PLAIN PEOPLE Amish or the Underground Railroad, this book will be right up your alley, as it is about both It is the first of a trilogy, and I am looking forward to reading the other two books in the series This was my first taste of this author s work I plan to sample than just the trilogy.


    I did really like it, but also felt like there were many things that were left unfinished Whatever happens to Asa That is the biggest part of the story that is left hanging I was already planning on reading the rest of the series, but I definitely will have too now to find out if some of those loose ends are tied up.

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