Jun 22, 2021
The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports
Posted by Jeff Passan Tbd

Yahoo s lead baseball columnist offers an in depth look at the most valuable commodity in sports the pitching arm and how its vulnerability to injury is hurting players and the game, from Little League to the majors.Every year, Major League Baseball spends than 1.5 billion on pitchers five times than the salary of every NFL quarterback combined Pitchers are theYahoo s lead baseball columnist offers an in depth look at the most valuable commodity in sports the pitching arm and how its vulnerability to injury is hurting players and the game, from Little League to the majors.Every year, Major League Baseball spends than 1.5 billion on pitchers five times than the salary of every NFL quarterback combined Pitchers are the game s lifeblood Their import is exceeded only by their fragility One tiny band of tissue in the elbow, the ulnar collateral ligament, is snapping at unprecedented rates, leaving current big league players vulnerable and the coming generation of baseball playing children dreading the three scariest words in the sport Tommy John surgery.Jeff Passan traveled the world for three years to explore in depth the past, present, and future of the arm, and how its evolution left baseball struggling to wrangle its Tommy John surgery epidemic He examined what compelled the Chicago Cubs to spend 155 million on one arm He snagged a rare interview with Sandy Koufax, whose career was cut short by injury at thirty, and visited Japan to understand how another baseball mad country treats its prized arms And he followed two major league pitchers, Daniel Hudson and Todd Coffey, throughout their returns from Tommy John surgery He exposes how the baseball establishment long ignored the rise in arm injuries and reveals how misplaced incentives across the sport stifle potential cha

  • Title: The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports
  • Author: Jeff Passan Tbd
  • ISBN: 9780062445636
  • Page: 497
  • Format: Audiobook
  • The Arm Inside the Billion Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports Yahoo s lead baseball columnist offers an in depth look at the most valuable commodity in sports the pitching arm and how its vulnerability to injury is hurting players and the game from Little Leagu

    Will Byrnes

    For 130 years, pitchers have thrown a baseball overhand, and for 130 years, doing so has hurt them Starter or reliever, left handed or right handed, short or tall, skinny or fat, soft tossing or hard throwing, old or young it matters not who you are, what color your skin is, what country you re from The ulnar collateral ligament UCL , a stretchy, triangular band in the elbow that holds together the upper and lower arms, plays no favorites If you throw a baseball, it can ruin you When the UCL bre [...]

    ♥ Sandi ❣

    This book written by a sports journalist was one large stage to drop names Names of professional players, names of expected teenage players, names of coaches, names of trainers, names of agents, names of every man woman or child that has ever been anybody in the corporate game of baseball Very confusing and as the book goes on very unappealing I did read and learn many things I was unaware of in the game of baseball Especially about the injury called UCL ulnar collateral ligament and the aptly n [...]


    An excellent book about the game of baseball in general and its most valued commodity in particular I do have a personal interest in the subject but even without that I believe I would have found this a most enjoyable book It does focus on just one current aspect of this game but it is an aspect central to so much that concerns who wins and who loses both the players and management and primarily where the money goes and why Ask any fan who the most important player on any team is and the star pi [...]


    The funny thing about this book is that I knew there was an epidemic of elbow injuries around pitchers, but I really didn t have the idea that young teen pitchers had failing arms because of things like overuse and or parents coaches pushing them too hard I really enjoyed the parts of this about baseball Japan, and Jeff Passan really does a good job including extra history along with following along the main pitchers in the book, Todd Coffey and Daniel Hudson Multiple times I had to stop myself [...]


    4.5 starsLoved it To my way of thinking it s sorta the counterpart to Mark Fainaru Wada s book LEAGUE OF DENIAL All fans of baseball and or good nonfiction should check it out.

    Glen Krisch

    Intriguing analysis of the problem of the arm in baseball The most valuable commodity in the sport is also its most fragile The most shocking thing I learned is that MRIs cost 70 in Japan, compared to 1000 in the U.S.

    Chris Jaffe

    This was a very good book It covers one of the biggest issues in baseball how the hell do you keep a pitcher s arm healthy As a hook, Passan focuses on two pitchers trying to make it back from Tommy John surgery Daniel Hudson and Todd Coffey By the end, Hudson is back with the Diamondbacks, while Coffey is trying to restart his career in the Mexican League The stories of those two pitchers and their ups and downs provide the human element what it s like to be a pitcher with all the uncertainties [...]


    This book gives some of the history of Tommy John surgery, the common elbow surgery often performed on pro baseball pitchers It describes the history of the surgery itself, how pitching and baseball has changed over time especially how it has changed relative to the training, maintenance, use, and recovery of pitchers Passan gives some personal stories of doctors, trainers, and pitchers retired, current, and hopeful.Passan does a good job of telling the history of the surgery and giving context [...]

    Danny Cerullo

    It s rare that this level of journalism occurs in the sports world or anywhere else really so it s refreshing to see Jeff Passan turn a truthful and angry eye towards the neglect on the part of Major League Baseball and organized youth baseball organizations regarding pitching arms One of the key takeaways of this book is how little we still know about the elbow The epidemic of Tommy John surgeries throughout professional baseball is well known if you re into such things, but kids as young as 13 [...]


    Jeff Passan has written an in depth look at one of the biggest failures in baseball the pitcher s arm He follows personal stories of several who have had Tommy John surgeries which is an epidemic in itself , chides youth elite baseball for damaging arms as early as year 9 and 10, and scouts all over the world to see if anyone is close to solving this problem While he finds some solutions, the beauty in this book is the realization that not everything can be fixed Most interesting in this book ar [...]

    Alexis Corini

    This book was a great analysis of the problem with young pitchers blowing out their arms Daniel Hudson and Todd Coffey were two major league pitchers who had two Tommy John surgeries and while Hudson handled his injury well and I enjoyed following his story, I couldn t help but hate Coffey A former MLB pitcher who cheated on his wife and taped it on his phone, who did nothing but whine about not being signed when clearly there were younger pitchers who were much better than him but he was too bl [...]

    Rob Neyer

    THE ARM will stand as one of the few essential baseball books of this year in fact, it might wind up being the only one If you want to know why so many pitchers, especially young ones, are missing whole seasons because of elbow injuries, and what s being done to heal them, or to keep them from getting hurt in the first place, this is simply something you must read If I have a serious quibble, it s that as it turns out maybe following the rehab process of a pitcher after Tommy John surgery actual [...]


    This is an extremely well researched look into the history of Tommy John surgery and the injury epidemic that is currently ravaging MLB pitchers Jeff Passan blends personal stories from the major leagues and little league, and even dives into Japanese baseball He develops a close relationship with Todd Coffey and Daniel Hudson, two MLB pitchers attempting to return from devastating elbow surgery He chronicles their feelings, their struggles, and really takes you into the mind of a pitcher whose [...]


    Audio this consideration of the travails of a ligament just a couple of inches long is an interesting peek into the stresses physical and emotional of baseball pitchers I enjoyed the author s use of personal stories to illustrate the process from injury to rehabilitation to eventual recovery or not I was surprised to learn how slow Major League Baseball has been to launch investigations into causes and remedies for the arms of their most valuable commodity It is reminiscent of how the National F [...]


    Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in advance of the publication date in order to review it on the baseball blog that I run You can read my thoughts on it for that audience here camdenchat 2016 3 29 1A blurb on the cover of The Arm from Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz describes it as, The most important baseball book in years If you read a lot of books about any topic you re probably numb to cover blurbs even underwhelming ones can be dressed up to sound interesting In this case, [...]

    A.J. Richard

    A must read for parents of baseball players, baseball players, youth coaches, anyone involved in youth baseball especially We can stop the cycle of abuse of pitching arms and injuries.


    An outstanding analysis of how baseball pitchers arms are being misused in all levels of baseball in the US Excellent discussion of the Tommy John elbow surgery.


    This book is a long series of articles interspersed with a bit too much Todd Coffey and Daniel Hudson, and doesn t live up to it s subtitle Let me explain.Many chapters are along the lines of articles from a journal popular mechanics for instance These are often interesting, though they draw few conclusions For an article, that s fine, but I found it a bit frustrating as a chapter In this book, we learn about kids that require surgery, over and under use among kids and adults, and a history of t [...]


    Simply a must read for every baseball fan, every baseball player, and perhaps most importantly every young baseball player s parent To be honest, there wasn t a lot here medically that I didn t already know, although I did not know that 40% of people do not have a palmaris longis I have two excellent looking ones, and after reading this book, I know exactly what I want done with them when I die My long time dream of pitching in the major leagues is not yet dead But the faces and stories behind t [...]


    This book is pretty fascinating Pitching in baseball always looks unnatural so me completely opposite to cricket bowling, for example although Jeff Passan tells me that it actually isn t I wouldn t know enough to argue I like the structure of this book following two pitchers through Tommy John surgery and what happens after the news is a lot better for one than the other as well as a wee bit of following Jon Lester a paragon of durability through free agency I think it s cool that Tommy John sur [...]


    In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of surgeries to replace Ulnar Collateral Ligaments in major league baseball pitchers What may be less well known is the startling increase in the number of the surgeries commonly called Tommy John surgery in children Jeff Passan explores the phenomenon through interviews with doctors, players, former players, and team executives Along the way, Jeff follows the attempted comebacks from Tommy John surgery of two former MLB players Da [...]

    Michael Grace

    The arm is a book of passion It seeks to solve an unsolvable problem, one that is the most expensive in professional sports.The main context of the book follows Todd Coffey and Daniel Hudson, and subsequently their families Each man is attempting to come back from a second Tommy John surgery, a procedure that repairs the UCL in the elbow by replacing the tendon entirely.The Arm uses insight, interviews, and boundless research to tell the history of the procedure and why it is common today than [...]


    A fascinating look at the epidemic of elbow injuries that currently plagues MLB Passan followed Daniel Hudson and Todd Coffey as they attempted to come back from second Tommy John surgeries, and talks with so called arm gurus along the way Coffey is the classic example of the athlete who doesn t know when it s time to walk away, but I never felt bad for him because he comes off as completely unlikable Hudson on the other hand is a much sympathetic as you follow his struggles to make it back The [...]


    Cool book I consider myself a reasonably attentive baseball fan, but I hadn t noticed the rash of elbow injuries as a trend The science of the surgery mixed with the highly personal rehab stories mixed with the investigations into baseball culture worked well.

    Syd Polk

    An honest appraisal at one of sports biggest mysteries The author tracks two pitchers with horrible arm injuries as they attempt to get back to the major leagues He takes us into the sordid world of youth travel ball, Japanese youth baseball, the operating room during a Tommy John surgery, and many other places He mentioned one of my favorite baseball books, The Diamond Appraised Wright House , the seminal work in discussing pitcher injuries I am admittedly a total baseball geek, but I was rivet [...]


    For diehard baseball fans, this book is worth reading If nothing else, the chapter recounting how the Cubs landed Jon Lester makes for a fun story However, I did find the medical details that permeate the book laborious to wade through Also, the two main case studies Coffey and Hudson were sometimes compelling and other times a slough A tighter narrative would have helped Overall, though, the author does a good job of exploring a very important problem in baseball and in youth sports In the end, [...]


    Interesting, informative though with no solid answers to any of the questions , probably terrifying if you re the parent of a kid who pitches, and also surprisingly up to date I didn t realize it would cover Matt Harvey s innings scandal from September 2015 It does begin with what I found to be pretty graphic description of Tommy John surgery, but I also don t have the stomach for that sort of thing.

    Joe Loncarich

    If you like baseball stuff, this book is for you, as it has lots of baseball stuff It s a little clinical early on, but then it gets into stories The most important lesson I learned is that Todd Coffey seems like a miserable person to hang out with An extreme couponing republican who video taped himself cheating on his wife and got caught because of it, I m not sure if I could engineer a person I would like less But the book does have some interesting stories about other people.


    Excellent must read for any baseball fan Jeff Passan who actually wrote for the Fresno Bee at one time spent three years following two players rehabbing from the infamous Tommy John surgery and interspersing their stories with his research about the epidemic of the elbow blowing up on pitchers, the history of how we learned to fix it, and the reason why we aren t as concerned as we should be with preventing it rather than fixing it Great read.

    Kristin R

    This is an in depth look at baseball pitchers and how many adults and now even kids need Tommy John surgery because of a blown out arm Frightening to think this is happening to teenagers, because they are playing hard year round Great read for a baseball fan The author followed to major leaguers as they recovered from their second surgery and looked at their chances at making it back to the big leagues.

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