May 13, 2021
عندما بكى نيتشه
Posted by Irvin D. Yalom خالد الجبيلي إرفين د. يالوم


  • Title: عندما بكى نيتشه
  • Author: Irvin D. Yalom خالد الجبيلي إرفين د. يالوم
  • ISBN: 9789933351182
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
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    Saleh MoonWalker




    Ahmad Sharabiani

    When Nietzsche wept, Irvin D Yalom 1994 1381 453 9643126161 1392 20 1385 476 9648497435 1387 1389 9789647522236 1391 1391 1393 9786001192029 1395 1394 423 9786007364147 1392 424 9786001760952

    Saman Kashi



    Wow Simply fantastic If you spend half as much time in your own head as I do mine, this might be the book for you If you analyze yourself and your actions, enjoy the process of self discovery, or simply love psychology then I suggest you hit your nearest used book shop ASAP This book makes no effort to hide its loftier aspects I was not in the least surprised to learn that its author is a professor of psychology at Stanford and has written several text books on the subject Yalom, however, approa [...]




    C questo tizio che va dal medico e non una barzelletta Caro professore di Filosofia del Liceo, questo libro per te Se mi avessi insegnato Nietzsche in questo modo, forse nella tua materia sarei andata un pelino meglio Caro Medico di famiglia cambiato da poco solo perch ci sembrava utile averti al piano di sotto.agliando ovviamente , questo libro per te Se lo leggessi, forse il giuramento di Ippocrate ti suonerebbe di nuovo familiare Forse il rapporto col paziente ti farebbe suonare qualche campa [...]


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    Soheil Eshragh



    Hastal k d nyan n l m Ben hastal m Ben d nyan n l m y m nermesiyle hayat ma giren Nietzsche yi rvin D Yalom kaleminden ke fetmek harikayd


    The Doctor of DespairThe fin de siecle Viennese satirist, Karl Kraus, took a dim view of the emerging field of psychiatry Psychoanalysis is that mental illness for which it regards itself as therapy Yet this is the main theme of this novel by an eminent psychotherapist Psychiatry is a field of Byzantine relationships Perhaps that is Yalom s point.Friedrich Nietzsche and Josef Breuer never met but Yalom puts them in an intense relationship of mutual therapy, each believing that the other is the p [...]

    Mohammad Hanifeh


    Ahmed Ibrahim



    Reading this and looking at some of the other titles Yalom has published the suspicion grew that he might like to write a series of adventures about an enigmatic doctor who travels through time and space solving complex mysteries Of course ideally this doctor would need some kind of charming but hapless companion, in this case the young Freud whose suggestions nearly lead Dr Breuer into disaster but who eventually turns good thanks to his handy use of a watch to hypnotise the good Doctor into ex [...]



    Talia Carner

    I am not in the habit of trashing a book However, since this novel had been published as a Perennial Classic, there is no danger that I might destroy a writer s career However, the choice of this book as a classic left me perplexed why this book is held in such a high regard The premise of Yalom s novel is interesting Get two of the most innovative thinkers of modern times to meet And then what Friederich Nietzsche and Josef Breuer the father of modern philosophy and the father of modern psychoa [...]


    Beach reading for the brainy set Keeping in mind that this is one of Yalom s teaching novels, envisioned not to entertain, or even to achieve artistically, but to serve as a type of literary experiential learning tool for therapists and therapists to be, really helps with tolerating the expository nature of much of the book Also, Yalom s nerdy and passionate enthusiasm is infectious, and if one surrenders to it, it allows the reader to join in with the fun he clearly was having writing this imag [...]

    Niloofar Masoomi



    Mohamed Shady

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    Hoda Elsayed



    In this amazing novel Yalom blends philosophy, psychoanalysis and history and imagines what would have happened had Nietzsche gone into therapy with Breuer The plot thrives on the tensions that arise between Nietzsche s nihilistic philosophy and Freud s belief in the fundamental role of relationships on human life and development This book is an emotional and intellectual tour de force and brings to life two of the most magnificent thinkers of the 20th century Yalom at his best

    Ahmed Oraby

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