May 05, 2021
Saint Nicholas
Posted by Jamie Deschain

Our love may have been forbidden, but that didn t stop me from giving him my heart When I was born I met the man who would destroy my life When I was sixteen I met the boy who would help me put it all back together Nicholas Rossi was the best thing that ever happened to me He protected me, loved me, and in the face of all my life had become at home, he gave me hope t Our love may have been forbidden, but that didn t stop me from giving him my heart When I was born I met the man who would destroy my life When I was sixteen I met the boy who would help me put it all back together Nicholas Rossi was the best thing that ever happened to me He protected me, loved me, and in the face of all my life had become at home, he gave me hope that maybe someday hell would turn to heaven and everything would be okay Then one day he was gone, sending my life into a tailspin I never thought I d be able to pull out of Now, seven years later he s returned, and he s definitely no longer a boy The kid everyone used to refer to as Saint Nicholas is all grown up, and only one thing stands in the way of us being together again Me Saint Nicholas is a standalone novel.

  • Title: Saint Nicholas
  • Author: Jamie Deschain
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Saint Nicholas Our love may have been forbidden but that didn t stop me from giving him my heart When I was born I met the man who would destroy my life When I was sixteen I met the boy who would help me put it all

    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★

    Saint Nicholas stand alone A heart tugging tale of first loves, youth s regrets second chances I fell hard for the girl who d become my everything Saint Nicholas stand alone is a captivating, beautifully depicted coming of age tale of first loves and second chances.High school students Sarah Danniels and Nicholas Rossi, Nick aka Saint Nicholas met as teenagers She was the quiet girl no one noticed until Nick They called him Saint Nicholas for his noble ways Raised in a one parent home he had ste [...]


    Meet me on the roof St Nicholas is the tender romance of Sarah and Nicholas It s a story of what happens when the roadblocks of life try to tear love apart Sarah is a young woman from Hells Kitchen While overcoming the awkwardness of managing school, making friends, and finding her purpose in life, she faces abuse daily from her father Simply surviving the day is her only focus And then, she meets Nicholas.Nicholas is a spunky teenager who loves his mom and his little sister He aspires to become [...]


    I loved how crazy the H was for the h from the start but I can t say I enjoyed the direction the book went in I hate separations in my books and we have a 7 year separation in this one I also didn t like the decisions the h made and just wish things had been a little different That was super vague and if you want spoilers view spoiler The h has a very abusive father and he beats her up weekly and once she ends up in the hospital and soon after that she gets addicted to heroin and loses the H in [...]


    Original Review Naomi s Reading Palace3.5 StarsI picked up Saint Nicholas when it was on sale during the month of its release I must admit, the cover drew me in and I thought it sounded ok in the description, so I 1 clicked it The story was pretty fast paced and was a bit of a difficult adventure It touches on some difficult issues like abuse and drug use and how it can tear families and relationships apart.The story was told in four parts, and I was able to get the perspectives of both Nicolas [...]

    K's Kinky & Classy Books (Kaye Blanchard)

    This is one heartbreaking book I don t often cry when I read books but this one had me Jamie is a new romance author and if his next books are written as good or better than this, he definitely has a future in romance I wanted to hate Nicholas for keeping her secret, but I understand that he had to keep Sarah s trust I hated his mom even for most of the book Sarah s father was beyond redemption if you ask me.This book has all of the elements I look for in a romance novel young blossoming love, [...]

    Carlene Inspired

    3.5 StarsRead during the ShhMale Authors in Erotica event.Saint Nicholas is on sale for just 0.99 and it does not disappoint Who was I to question a young girl s attractions, even if it was to someone who was as damaged as I was Sarah Danniels is the girl that goes by unnoticed she goes to school, she goes home, and she tries to do what her father asks of her Nicholas Rossi, Saint Nicholas to his friends, has stepped up as the man of his household, helping take care of both his mom and younger s [...]


    This was my first time reading a book by Jamie Deschain and boy did it pack a punch no pun intended I used the text to speech feature on my Kindle and listened to this gut wrenching story while at work and several times I had to stop work and focus on the storyline because some things hit close to home and I wanted my attention on this young couple dealing with grown up problems Saint Nicholas is a lovely debut book where characters learn about themselves, gain strength, and transform over time [...]


    An amazing debut novel filled with undeniable emotion and angst and the kind of love we all dream about.It s a story of abuse, friendship, love, pain and acceptance.A must read Congrats on your debut.


    44% I m going to have to shelf this one The h is bout to become an heroin addict and start jonesing and doing crazy shit to score I ain t got time to read that shit, when I can drive downtown and see it I wanted fictional romance not junkies and rehab.

    beth myrick

    Very good story Yes, I ugly cried This book will do thatLY CRY It unleashed so many emotions and held me so captive that I didn t watch any football Sunday, and during football season that s unheard for me Read this book because everyone needs a good cleansing cry every once in a while Good for the soul Makes you realize how human you are Luckily as much as it breaks you down, bares your soul, unleashes your deepest emotions, and grips your heart in a vice grip, it will then turn and put everyth [...]


    Floored There is something about reading a love story where the only thing that gets in the way is life No lies, cheating, scheming or those other outside forces that make everyone miserable JustLIFE I LOVED this book Everyone deserves a Nicholas Rossi in their life What an amazing character to experience A strong lead character with an amazing heart It helps that he was good looking toolol What can I say about Sarah Her life was hard I mean, really hard But, she is strong I admired her strength [...]

    Kingston Westmoreland **Unbound Book Reviews**

    Unexpected Twists And TurnsI went into this book blind This was a new author and I had no expectations one way or another It had some dark moments in the first half of the book and I quickly realized this was no run of the mill love story Nicholas and Sarah met when they were 16 years old and lived in Hells Kitchen It was love at first sight but Sarah was hiding a terrible home life which eventually tore them apart.This is a story about second chances, forgiveness, pain, heartbreak and big love [...]


    This is a unique story that I really wanted to like but I just didn t sigh There are some things going on in the story that I just didn t like AT ALL, and they made it difficult for me to get into the relationship between Nicholas Sarah I typed that first paragraph out my stars were at 2.5 And then I decided to go back to about 60% and read again to see if I could get some different feelings As I said, this story is unique The way Nicholas comes back into Sarah s life was really something I like [...]

    Spunky N Sassy

    SNSBAH Rating 4.0 Shar s Review Sarah and Nicholas meet as teenagers and end up going through a ton of ups and downs together and apart Growing up in Hell s Kitchen can be tough to begin with but add in coming from a broken home and that s where the difficulty gets harder This is a story less about romance and about the struggles of growing up and becoming the person you want to be Character development was good I really found myself liking both of the main characters but I loved Carter The wri [...]

    Belinda Visser

    I absolutely loved Saint Nicholas This story brought me to a lot of tears and so many unleashed emotions Saint Nicholas is a beautiful love story, it s about second chances, pain, heartache, forgiveness that was a hard one for me to get pass on the forgiveness part of the story and strong love bond that s meant to be between to beautiful couple Nicholas and Sarah What Sarah went through was heartbreaking, her life was hard without a doubt but I admired her strength, willingness and strong to get [...]

    Andrea Britton

    Saint Nicholas is so damn swoon worthSarah is going through hell She has a rough life and one day she meets Nicholas Everything changes and she s happy but her hell is about to get worse Sarah is on a downward spiral Nicholas can t do it any, he can t let her waste away in front of him Years have passed and while one was getting better stronger, the other was in a darkness because of a lie that was told to him All it took was a FB message to start the light shining on both their lives Is there a [...]

    trisha rogers

    Rollercoaster of emotions Best book in a very long time I think the story of Sarah and Nicholas surprised me by heading in a different direction than I thought it was going every time I got my feelings with them settled Great characters with a fantastic storyline Amazing new author Really looking forward to experiencing everything yet to come and with Jamie you can t be sure

    Dyantha Bogerd

    This was exactly the book I was thinking it would be.I liked it, but will I re read it again no It did not stand out to me There were some moments I just wanted to skip because it became a little boring I did love the relationship the H and H had The Cover While hot, I def appreciate a hot half naked guy and the blurb for me were a little deceiving it is not a gritty and angsty as I believed it to be

    Cora Gold

    What a great debut novelWhat a great story Nicholas oh maaaaaan do I want a Nicholas in my life The story of Nicholas and Sarah was beautiful and raw I can t wait to see what else is this new author has in store for us.

    Tina *The Book Slave*

    Ok so I really liked this however I thought it could have been an epic read Imo.I thought what wAs written was great but had the book gone into detail about her life during those years and maybe even had a little bit back story would hAve made this book amazing But just my opinion

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