Oct 01, 2020
Filthy Dirty Secrets
Posted by Grace Morgan

My unique brand of kink has most women dropping their panties But not Lola.Which makes her all the interesting You know the old clich that men love the chase Hell yeah we do I want her to fight me Resist me Because when I finally take her, I ll have conquered not only her body, but her mind And to a Dom like me, there is no better victory This is book 2 in thMy unique brand of kink has most women dropping their panties But not Lola.Which makes her all the interesting You know the old clich that men love the chase Hell yeah we do I want her to fight me Resist me Because when I finally take her, I ll have conquered not only her body, but her mind And to a Dom like me, there is no better victory This is book 2 in the Filthy Dirty Alpha series, continuing the erotic journey of Lola and Burke, and the dark, and troubling secrets he s been hiding Book 1 Filthy Dirty AlphaBook 2 Filthy Dirty SecretsBook 3 Filthy Dirty Fate

  • Title: Filthy Dirty Secrets
  • Author: Grace Morgan
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  • Page: 438
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  • Filthy Dirty Secrets My unique brand of kink has most women dropping their panties But not Lola Which makes her all the interesting You know the old clich that men love the chase Hell yeah we do I want her to fight me Res


    3.5 Stars Filthy Dirty Secrets is book two in Grace Morgan s serial novella erotic series about a reporter determined to uncover some answers and a deliciously gorgeous sex club owner determined to loosen her up in ways than one Burke is a co owner of one of the most notorious and secretive sex clubs and the last thing he needs is a nosey reporter immersing herself in his club to try and seek out answers to an unsolved mystery regarding a woman who used to be a member of the club Lola is a repo [...]


    3,5 stars This part starts where the previous one left off Lola, after finding out about the connection between Burke and Hope, leaves him for a short period of time only to return to Second Circle soon after She got so invested in finding out the missing girl, that even Burke hiding out the truth won t stop her from searching further When she comes back, Burke decides to lay out the whole truth about Hope and offers to help with the investigation This one is written in both Lola and Burke s POV [...]


    This review is for book2 Filthy Dirty Secrets and also for book3 Filthy Dirty Fate Filthy Dirty Secrets 3 Stars Filthy Dirty Secrets is book2 in Grace Morgan s Filthy Dirty Alpha series and picks up right where book2 ends In book1 we met the two main characters Burke, who s the co owner of one of the most notorious sex clubs in Austin and Lola, who s a reporter investigating the disappearance of Hope, a woman who used to be a member in Burke s club Burke and Lola s arrangement it s not any for b [...]

    Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾

    3 StarsYou know the old cliche that men love the chase Hell yeah we do I want her to fight me Resist me Because when I finally take her, I ll have conquered not only her body, but her mind.The story of Lola, Burke and the mystery of Hope s disappearance continues in Filthy Dirty Secrets And the book is very appropriately titled since there seems to be a whammy of a secret at work here which finally hits you over the head like a two by four with that cliffhanger.There was quite a few revelations [...]


    Lola Burk s story continues as does Lola s search for Hope Hot as well but truly, too short This should have been condensed into book one Now, I wait for book 3.I loved it but it s barely a novella I get series cliffies, but the length of this pissed me off Would of gotten a higher rating but I can t justify length

    Heather Leigh

    WOW just WOW, I couldn t get enough of book 1 and I was pleased to see that book 2 was coming out yesterday inhaled it in a few sittings in the same day Next Monday please come soon cause holy shit.

    Dusti Hanrahan

    Hot as hell Way too short Totally not what I thoughtBut I m on the edge of my seat Gotta get answers now

    Maureen Nicholson

    3.5 Stars I didn t like this one as much as the first It just lost something for me I ll have to see where things go in the second book.


    This was just disappointing The story totally me hooked but this is so short that it s not worth it unless you have Kindle unlimited and I don t There is way too much sex and I understand this is an erotic romance but it leaves no room for the mystery and romance If this book had been longer I would have been completely hooked I have so many questions about the cliff hanger that I will probably sign up for kindle unlimited for a month and return the other installments You can basically pay a mon [...]

    Sultan * Baby Mama Smut-a-teer*

    ooo didn t see that coming

    Tracey W

    2.5 stars

    Alice Smith

    Filthy Dirty SecretsBook 2 of the Filthy Dirty Alpha Seriesby Grace MorganWhen trust is shattered, can a new love survive A great read in a great new series This writer was provided with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I really am enjoying this series It is quick paced, with well developed characters, and a mystery which will keep you guessing until the very end.Lola thought that she would be able to remain detached when she made an agreement with Burke to live with him in h [...]

    Books Laid Bare

    This may only a short book but it packs a whole lot in.Lola is still investigation Hope s disappearance and in line with their agreement she is still with Burke The reason behind Lola s determination to discover what has happened to Hope is revealed in this story and I have to say I understand why she gave in to Burke s demands in order to have the access to the people she needed She will honestly stop at nothing to find out what has happened.Told from both Burke s and Lola s points of view the [...]

    Carrie Renteria

    WowThis was the second book in the series and it left me absolutely stunned Grace Morgan had me on the edge of my seat the entire time Book 2 Filthy Dirty Secrets continues where the first book leaves off Lola is still searching for answers and trying to determine what happened to Hope Book 1 left off with Lola being shattered and feeling broken finding out that Burke had lied to her, the opening of the second book is her going right back into the lions den to face the monster so that she can tr [...]

    Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)

    Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review Fear is a cold knot in my stomach This kind of vanilla sex the kind that feels so much like making love is not part of our deal And if I let myself have this side of her, I won t be able to keep myself from falling for her.And falling for Lola would be the biggest mistake of my life Has Lola let her guard down too soon Has she let lust and her curiosity blind her to the truth of the situation After watching the security tapes she unco [...]

    LLEPBook Blog

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Another great piece of work from Grace Morgan This being the second book, it didn t feel as though it really deepened the lust and sexual chemistry between Burke and Lola In saying that, it wasn t lacking, it followed on perfectly from book one, but it could have been The story seemed to focus a lot on Burke Lola s thoughts about their arrangement and whether it was going to become anything The mystery surrounding Hope s disappearance was stil [...]

    Brianna at Renee Entress"s Blog

    5 Stars This is the second installment in a hot new series by this author This book picks up where book one left us, with tons of steam and mystery.Lola wants answers After the feeling betrayed by Burke, she doesn t know what to do or who to believe She has a job and that is to find out what happened to Hope Now she has partial answers and she wants them all.Burke wants Lola but he thinks he is bad for her so he keeps his heart and feelings at a distance He knows he is only good for their origin [...]


    Part 2 of 3 this one is significantly shorter than the first I borrowed this through Kindle Unlimited If I had to purchase this, I wouldn t have.While I m not opposed to serials in theory, I am opposed to bad writing and bad storytelling.These characters are unoriginal dom who falls in love but can t admit it yeah read that before Woman who doesn t think she s submissive but is but only for him yeah read that before too.We at least get a little dirty talk from Burke, but it s not substantial en [...]

    Jennifer Finn

    There are three books in the Filthy Dirty series Lola is a newspaper reporter who is on the verge of losing her job unless she can come up with a big story She has the perfect idea for a story, Hope has been missing for several months no one seems to care but Lola is determined to find her Hope was last seen at a private exclusive sex club called Second Circle, so that s where Lola decides to visit talk to the owners Burke is one of the club s owners he knows there is something Lola is hiding Lo [...]

    Hooked On Books

    Reviewed for Hooked On Books Forever 3.5 Hooked Stars I want to like this series so much, but Lola is fast becoming annoying She honestly feels like a very weak character to read She forgives Burke almost instantly, has no qualms that he s obviously hiding things, all because he s a good lay I just find that hard to swallow Also, Burke is just an a hole in this book He s not really sweet or caring, or even a good dom, he s just kinda there This book was extremely short, and just felt like there [...]


    I didn t enjoy this one nearly as much as the 1st I don t understand why authors don t just publish one complete novel I felt lola appeared weak in this book She just took Burke back almost no questions asked even though he lied dissapointing i also really hope im wrong in where this book seems to be heading Hope the 3rd one is better.

    Kim Ginsberg

    Follow Lola and Burke on part two of their journey What happens now that Lola ran from Burke Will she keep going after the truth What really happened to Hope Did Burke do something to her Did Carter Does Carter know anything about what happened to Hope Will the tapes and report show anything to help Lola find her Find out in part two of the three book series.


    Good second installment, we find out Burke lied to Lola about knowing Hope Lola forgives Burke and tells him she wants a realtionship Burke says its just sex but he wants her to stay then not because he us still hiding secrets, Lola still is uncovering the mystery of Hope and gets some answers.


    What the what absolutely brill story amazing hot scorching sex, but it was so much shorter than the first I don t understand why this couldn t of been collated with the first book But still great all the same now I m itching to read book 3 come on 25 May hurry the fuck up


    65 pages the story went downhill fast

    Belinda Whiting

    Much better that the first book, now I m really looking forward to 3.

    Michelle Cage

    Wow this book kept me on the edge of my seat Grest suspense story, and just a reminder to never judge a book its cover.


    Disappointing, I think this should have been just one book The story is just being dragged out.

    Deni Baby


    Michelle Eriksen

    Reviewed as trilogy

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