Oct 01, 2020
Filthy Dirty Fate
Posted by Grace Morgan

BDSM isn t just about sex, it s about laying yourself bare I m the Dom, and yet with Lola, I ve been stripped to the core and my secrets exposed for her to judge.I ve pushed her limits, and now it s time for her to make her choice can she love both the man and the Dom Only that answer will determine our fate.In this third and final installment of the Filthy Dirty Alpha sBDSM isn t just about sex, it s about laying yourself bare I m the Dom, and yet with Lola, I ve been stripped to the core and my secrets exposed for her to judge.I ve pushed her limits, and now it s time for her to make her choice can she love both the man and the Dom Only that answer will determine our fate.In this third and final installment of the Filthy Dirty Alpha series, Lola and Burke s passionate relationship is put to the ultimate test.

  • Title: Filthy Dirty Fate
  • Author: Grace Morgan
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  • Page: 334
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    Filthy Dirty Fate BDSM isn t just about sex it s about laying yourself bare I m the Dom and yet with Lola I ve been stripped to the core and my secrets exposed for her to judge I ve pushed her limits and now it s t


    3,5 stars I have to be honest, this one was the least liked by me from all three parts of this serial Everything wrapped up nicely in the end but it was just so short and everything happened so fast.After the huge reveal in the previous part, Lola again leaves Burke to hide in her apartment She finally found Hope and found out what happened to her She didn t find out who is responsible for that though She didn t find out and never asked, just assumed that the person responsible is Burke hence ru [...]


    This really is too short to give any info without completely giving it away.What started out as a great promise, didn t quite follow through Don t get me wrong, it s intense and seriously hot, but didn t quite grab me like the first one I m afraid the storyline didn t quite have the impact I anticipated


    Having really enjoyed the first two books in this trilogy, this final book was a disappointment It all felt a bit rushed, and fell short of what I was expecting to be a big twist to end the story All that being said, it wrapped the story up nicely, so I wouldn t have missed reading it.

    Dusti Hanrahan

    3.5 this should never have been 3 books starsThe fact this book was so short takes away from it in my opinion Yes the sex and Burke was hot as hell but I felt it was rushed Book 2 was by far the best, albeit too short as well I am happy w the outcome for Lola and Burke but the overall feeling was just EEH

    Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder"s Pet ✘

    Rate 2.5 stars.

    Maureen Nicholson

    3 Stars Out of all three the first was my favorite The actual mystery being solved was anticlimactic and the both Lola and Burke lack of communication in terms of their relationship was rather annoying.

    Tracey W

    2.5 stars

    Karen ♐

    Great ending to the series

    Sultan * Baby Mama Smut-a-teer*

    I heart alphas hard I should have this printed on a t shirt since its the Gods honest truth And I don t think I m alone in this, right ladies Let me just start by saying this Burke was one smexy hot alpha too When Lola first meets Burke at his super polish and classy BDSM club she knows she is in trouble Burke is sugar and spice and everything nice He is tall,dark, mysterious and oh so delicious Lola is investigating a missing women who was last seen leaving Burke s BDSM club and has not been se [...]

    Carrie Renteria

    Grace Morgan has quickly become one of my favorite authors I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the Filthy Dirty Alpha Series This was my first time being introduced to Grace Morgan and I must say it was Love at First Read I absolutely love the connections that come through with the characters Lola and Burke, Carter and Hope, Lainey and Lola s friendship all of them are just absolutely stunning to read and the as a reader you feel like you are part of the story which can be difficult for a write [...]

    Books Laid Bare

    I have loved this series, short quick sexy read but this hasn t been my favourite book, it was all concluded much too cleanly for me is it wrong that I was looking for a little bit angst Anyway Lola has found out what has happened to Hope but I was disappointed that she didn t get to the bottom of the whole story, I know when was happy to have her friend back but she had gone to such lengths to uncover the truth that I would wanted all the info But then again I m not Lola perhaps having Hope ba [...]

    Alice Smith

    Filthy Dirty Fate Book 3 of the Filthy Dirty Alpha Series by Grace MorganAn investigative reporter on a mission to find a missing person Is her hot Dom boyfriend to blame This writer was provided with an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review In this third and final installment of the Filthy Dirty Alpha Series, Grace Morgan delivers another steamy read with mystery and intrigue.Burke may be a Dom, and run a sex club, but when it comes to emotional intimacy he is a novice He thought th [...]

    LLEPBook Blog

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is the third in the Filthy Dirty Alpha series by Grace Morgan I ve enjoyed the series so far and this final installment did not disappoint The secrets discovered in book two are explained and I felt of a connection with the characters in this one, learning about them personally The sex was still hot, but there was really no bdsm and not a lot of alpha type behavior from Burke All in all, this is a great series, interesting scenarios with [...]

    Brianna at Renee Entress"s Blog

    5 Stars What an epic ending to a hot and short series This book picks up where the last book leaves off and dives right back into the world with Lola and Burke Picking up where book two left off, Lola as now made big discoveries concerning Hope s disappearance Now, she must decide what to do about her love life She wants Burke but is conflicted about her feelings and what he is feeling for her.Burke is lost without Lola He misses her but thinks he is bad for her so he doesn t chase her But when [...]

    Nadia Debowska-Stephens (Obsessed by Books)

    Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review My heart is smashed open on the floor and there s not enough duct tape in the world to put it back together again With the mystery solved and the secrets of Hope revealed can Lola survive the aftermath With an article to write what will she choose to remain faithful to Her life as a reporter or her new life as a member of the Second Circle With the revelation Burke has go face the consequences and decide whether he should chase the on [...]

    Jennifer Finn

    There are three books in the Filthy Dirty series Lola is a newspaper reporter who is on the verge of losing her job unless she can come up with a big story She has the perfect idea for a story, Hope has been missing for several months no one seems to care but Lola is determined to find her Hope was last seen at a private exclusive sex club called Second Circle, so that s where Lola decides to visit talk to the owners Burke is one of the club s owners he knows there is something Lola is hiding Lo [...]

    Hooked On Books

    Reviewed for Hooked On Books Forever 3 Hooked Stars This book is just long enough to make you mad This whole series, but especially the last 2 books, should be one book This book is an absoute throwaway The only purpose is a HEA and that s it End of I mean, the whole reason Lola Burke are even together, because she s searching for Hope, gets completely swept under the rug Really Just kinda annoying and left me feeling the whole story was a waste Lola still falls flat, only existing so Burke has [...]


    I m really disappointed The whole Hope story fell completely flat It s like the author wanted to put a mystery twist in her story and didn t know how to deal with it Could have been just one book only because that lacked of depth and development.


    I m not sure what to say here This thing turned from a mystery what happened to Hope into nothing what an anticlimactic answer Then it s a typical romance, all about Lola and Burke and how they can t admit their feelings and it gets a little schmaltzy There s an HEA but it s rushedDid three people write this series or only one


    It was a sweet end to the series but the story itself just lacked a little something Maybe it was because the books were so short and the characters not fleshed out enough It started off promising but the story sort of flat lined unfortunately.

    Kim Ginsberg

    Follow Burke, Carter and Lola through the end of their stories What happened to Hope Who is she in hiding from Who is the baby s father What really happened Will Lola and Burke stay together, or was this really for only 30 days Find out that and in the conclusion of this awesome series.


    Biggest cop out ever It could ve fit inside book 2 easily Why force a third book Actually the whole should ve been one book And the whole mystery about Hope A whole lot of nothing Stupid Wonder if I should change it to 1 star.


    Nice ending to the series.

    Michele Gantz

    review to follow

    Belinda Whiting

    Not all what I was expecting, but still a good read.

    Michelle Cage

    Out of all three books this was my least favorite, way to short and fast It tied everything up nicely just seemed rushed.

    Edith Maharaj

    3.5 stars




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