Oct 01, 2020
O Azul dos Teus Olhos
Posted by Mary Higgins Clark Alafair Burke

Quando o marido de Laurie assassinado, o pequeno Timmy, de tr s anos, o nico a ver o rosto do assassino do seu pai Passados cinco anos, aqueles olhos azuis penetrantes ainda o perseguem nos seus sonhos Laurie perseguida por mais do que isso a amea a que o assassino fez ao seu filho quando o menino fugiu Diz tua m e que a seguir ela a pr xima, e depois sQuando o marido de Laurie assassinado, o pequeno Timmy, de tr s anos, o nico a ver o rosto do assassino do seu pai Passados cinco anos, aqueles olhos azuis penetrantes ainda o perseguem nos seus sonhos Laurie perseguida por mais do que isso a amea a que o assassino fez ao seu filho quando o menino fugiu Diz tua m e que a seguir ela a pr xima, e depois s tu Agora Laurie tem de enfrentar novamente um homic dio, desta feita na qualidade de produtora de um programa televisivo sobre crimes reais A s rie vai abrir com o caso de Betsy Powell, por resolver h vinte e um anos Betsy, uma socialite, foi encontrada asfixiada na sua cama na sequ ncia da festa de finalista da sua filha e tr s colegas O caso tinha sido not cia por todo o pa s.Laurie reabre agora o caso com a coopera o dos convidados presentes nessa noite Mas quando os colegas come am as filmagens, torna se evidente que cada um deles tem os seus segredos pequenos e grandes.E h tamb m um par de olhos azuis a observar o desenrolar dos acontecimentos

  • Title: O Azul dos Teus Olhos
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark Alafair Burke
  • ISBN: 9789722529259
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
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    O Azul dos Teus Olhos Quando o marido de Laurie assassinado o pequeno Timmy de tr s anos o nico a ver o rosto do assassino do seu pai Passados cinco anos aqueles olhos azuis penetrantes ainda o perseguem nos seus sonho

    Susan Snodgrass

    I have been reading MHC since her very first book, Where Are The Children Came out in 1975 Ever missef a one She is my all time favorite mystery writer She never fails to buils the suspense until the reader is biting their nails, trying to figure out whodunitC builds a solid foundation fir her story, then deftly adds characters and sliwly adds and information about each one She does this so well that, at every announcement, the reader believes they know who the crook is Not so She totally conf [...]


    Mary Higgins Clark is my guilty pleasure read as I m sure she is for a lot of people who are generally giant literature snobs but occasionally want to go slumming to use the coloquial term I also enjoy the odd Amish romance I m weird that way.I think I like her because she s literally been writing the same book over and over again for years There s something oddly comforting about her constant recycling of the gorgeous, impeccably dressed, wildly successful at whatever she does but strangely unh [...]


    When you pick up a mystery by Mary Higgins Clark, it s a pretty sure bet it will read quickly and easily without lots of undue mess and mayhem That s certainly true in this case, but this time, she managed something I don t think I ve ever experienced before I didn t really like a single character in this book.Let me explain The woman I presume to be the heroine, Laurie Moran, is producing the pilot for a true crime TV show, during which a cold case will be re examined and the story told by fami [...]

    Linda Strong

    Because her husband was murdered and the killer never caught Laurie Moran is producing a cold case TV program First up is a murder that took place 20 years ago and was never solved At the center of the case are 4 women, who were college girls back then and they all had a reason to want the murdered woman dead Meanwhile the man who killed Laurie s husband is stalking her just waiting for a chance to kill her and her young son.This is a typical MHC book full of suspense with unforgettable characte [...]


    I was sad that this wasn t one of the better Mary Higgins Clark novels I have read It sounded interesting, a woman is murdered in her sleep while 4 recent college graduates are staying over after a party The murder is never solved 20 Years later, they get together for a reunion of sorts to go over their memories for a documentary show.The book takes place in first person of each character talking about their memories etc I was able to follow that part without problem, but they frequently restate [...]


    It just seemed to lack the spark of her earlier novels The mystery was lackluster.

    Fran Bernitz

    This is absolutely classic Mary Higgins Clark I woke up before 5 am to finish reading this superb suspense novel and was not disappointed.


    Whodunit Who cares What a disappointment What an awful book.For some time now I ve wanted to read Mary Higgins Clark She s been well known for decades and has numerous books on library shelves I finally decided to pick one up, I ve got You Under My Skin I really wanted to like this book I really was hoping to find a new author I enjoyed and stumble into a huge catalogue of novels I could peruse.I m writing this review without having finished the book, something I ve only done one other time I pr [...]


    I ve Got You Under My Skin by Mary Higgins Clark is a thrilling and beautifully written crime mystery about a widowed mother and her son haunted by a nightmare Five years after the death of her husband, Laurie Moran and her young son Timmy are still living in the shadows of that fateful day, always fearful of her husband s killer, who threatened to come back for them.When her professional work demanded something creative, Laurie settled for unsolved crime cases for her television show, hoping to [...]

    ☼♎ Carmen the Bootyshaker Temptress ☼♎

    Rated 3.5 stars

    Ellen Moore

    Excellent mystery I have read all of this author s books over the years and classify this one among her best There were plenty of suspects, several simultaneous story lines, and personal life stories of the characters revealed along with action drama and suspense It was written in Clark s unique style, and I found it a satisfying read.


    This book was very simplistic I was expecting something I feel disappointed Maybe I am just getting to picky in my old age.

    Farrah Johnson

    I am a huge fan of Mary Higgins Clark and I ve read every single one of her books I have to say, this book was written in her regular style but seemed to lack the sense that is found in 95% of her other novels The storyline itself was intriguing a windowed woman who happens to be a television producer is filming a new show that will reenact the night of the Graduation Party, where socialite Betsy Powell was smothered in her bed while she slept All the suspects from that night, including her daug [...]


    If I never pick up another Higgins Clark book it will be too soon Bland predictable writing Too many parts of the book are just ridiculous Lacklustre.

    Alex is The Romance Fox

    I know exactly to what expect from this author A good mystery, filled with many characters and many red herrings.She has a very unique style of writing which is pretty easy to read.As usual, this story is filled with mystery, characters with loads of secrets which are revealed throughout the story, different POV s which get you into the characters head.This book had a good plot a reality show based on reenacting unsolved murders with the actual persons involved in the case.I found it a bit hard [...]


    This was as disappointing as her last few books It was implausible and the culprit in the main story was obvious None of the characters in the Graduation Gala were likable and I semi hoped they d all go to prison In the second story line there is no way that Timmy would be allowed to go without documentation, contact with the parent or some other event The main character was undeveloped as was that story line It was as if she started with two book ideas, developed neither fully and decided to ma [...]


    What can I say Every year I wait anxiously for spring, when Mary Higgins Clark brings out a new, wonderful book This is her 33rd mystery and suspense book and I was pleased I haven t decided if I want the hard back or the Kindle edition, but I went ahead and borrowed my friend s copy and read it in one day I know her books are somewhat formulary,but they always leave me satisfied O


    Mary Higgins Clark n o desilude Gosto imenso da escrita dela, os livros dela s o entretenimento garantido.Gosto destes policiais levezinhos e mais uma vez li o a correr, nunca cansa e surpreende no final.onselho sem reservas


    This book started out pretty good It had a thrilling opener and seemed to have a good potential for a great story However, once the production of the TV show started everything just sort of got very dull I didn t connect with any of the characters and the four graduates who returned for the show to tell the world they were innocent of socialite, Betsy Powell s, murder all became very repetitive in their stories and that s all the reader read about for about 100 pages was not only their alibis bu [...]


    There was no mystery in this book I didn t find any of the characters interesting or like a bowl I really didn t like anything about it it was very bland The most interesting part is the brief description About the book which made me want to read it but in fact was the only interesting part of the book.

    Мис Марпъл



    Mary Higgins Clark s latest thriller, I ve got you under my skin, follows the story of a murder at a party celebrating the college graduation of four friends Claire Bonner at whose house the party was hosted , Nina Craig, Alison Schaefer, and Regina Callon Claire s mother, Betsy Powell is suffocated with a pillow by one of the guests at this party, which also includes Claire s rich stepfather Robert Powell, their sour faced housekeeper Jane, and rich family friend George.Twenty years later, prod [...]

    Stormi (Books, Movies, Reviews. Oh my!)

    I know this is crazy to say but I have never read a Mary Higgins Clark book before listening to this one I have watched the made for TV movies based on her books and I have always liked them, just never got around to the books.I ve Got You Under My Skin was an interested mystery suspense about Laurie Moran a producer who has had one to many flops and needs a good show to save her career She decides to try a true crime show about a graduating gala from twenty years ago that ended with the murder [...]

    Carrie Kellenberger

    This is the first and last Mary Higgins Clark book I ll read I struggled to get through it.

    Book Him Danno

    I read this book on a bus to New Orleans from Minnesota with a bunch of high school choir students the bus was noisy but I found I was able to concentrate on the story line as I worked at unraveling the mystery presented in this book It was fast enough to keep me interested in the book and not in the conversations all around me Teenagers can be loud I did have to answer a few questions from the needy teens here and there also glancing out the windows to see where we were along the way but I read [...]


    I started reading MHC s book back when I was a teenager, and I own them all I ve been a long time fan but have felt disappointed with the last few books.This one is great though It felt like the MHC of old although not my favorite.I love the way MHC weaves together stories, one strand at a time, making an intricate and detailed plot that had me darting back and forth, not sure who committed the murder 20 years prior that is now being featured on a TV show by a woman whose own husband was murdere [...]


    Somehow, I had the notion that Mary Higgins Clark was one of those romance authors that I really dislike But then I saw The Cinderella Murder and she was writing with Alafair Burke whom I do like So, I went looking for the start of the series, and found this book I must say, I was pleasantly surprised An excellent story Read this one on my kindle app, so there is no narrator to rate, but I m giving the story it s full 5 stars Really enjoyed this one.

    Michele Whitecotton

    I thought this book was good but for me it was oddly put together There were 2 different mysteries going on and they were both intriguing but they didn t have anything to do with each other I thought that somewhere near the end, they would combine somehow but that didn t happen The mystery of the Graduation Gala took up most of the book and it could have been stand alone because it was good and you wanted to figure it out but it seem like the Blue Eyes murder was just thrown in for some reason I [...]


    Excellent Excellent Excellent Mary H Clark has outdone herself once again Since I read one of her books in high school I was a fan I have read all of her books I loved this one Great introduction Makes you want to keep reading Character development was good How she tells the story from everyones point if view, wow.

    Uma Aiyer

    Well written Simple plot lines And captivating characters Murder mystery mixture perfected I m headed over right now to read by her

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