Mar 06, 2021
Crazy Days of Christmas
Posted by Jill Barry

Lucy Stephenson is facing a Christmas nightmare Her bistro, The Town Mouse , is in a bad financial way when her sous chef, Emily, drops the bomb that she s leaving her in the lurch just weeks before Christmas Lucy is in a rut, unable to see how she can turn her business around, without a head chef and at the busiest time of year She reaches out to Dustin at a cookery aLucy Stephenson is facing a Christmas nightmare Her bistro, The Town Mouse , is in a bad financial way when her sous chef, Emily, drops the bomb that she s leaving her in the lurch just weeks before Christmas Lucy is in a rut, unable to see how she can turn her business around, without a head chef and at the busiest time of year She reaches out to Dustin at a cookery agency to find a temporary chef In a stroke of luck, Dustin says he has the perfect man for the job In fact, this candidate seems too good to be true and Lucy doesn t understand why such a talented and experienced chef is without a job at Christmas and willing to accept a position below his station and salary But when James Drummond gets a call from the agency he signed up with a while back, he s intrigued by the bistro in Dexford Just back from New York, where he had visited his injured son Sam, James in unsure whether to accept a glamorous job in a London hotel or a stop gap job in a cosy bistro Drummond, professional and practical, never takes a job without scouting its potential and travels to Dexford to inspect The Town Mouse incognito But when he sees how busy the restaurant is, and how pushed the staff are, he feels guilty not doing anything to help Thinking on his feet, he charges into the kitchen and offers a hand Lucy is surprised to see a stranger in her kitchen, a gorgeous one at that, but she s glad of the help As the two work tog

  • Title: Crazy Days of Christmas
  • Author: Jill Barry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Crazy Days of Christmas Lucy Stephenson is facing a Christmas nightmare Her bistro The Town Mouse is in a bad financial way when her sous chef Emily drops the bomb that she s leaving her in the lurch just weeks before C

    Melissa Borsey

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review I really enjoyed this book, it was an easy, fun read with a touch of romance thrown in Lucy and James have a great chemistry and great food ideas Perfect Christmas reading.


    Jill barry has a lovely style that makes you want to keep turning the pages Great story and some realistic characters.

    Linda Strong

    The Christmas season is not turning out as wonderful as Lucy Stephenson had been expecting Lucy is the owner of a bistro, The Town Mouse, and her sous chef has just dropped a bomb stating that she is leaving today She s already short staffed as it is.Lucy reaches out to an agency to find a new chef, and lo and behold, there is one available.James Hammond Although Lucy worries about why a coveted chef would be available on a moment s notice, she isn t going to question anything at this point.That [...]


    Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for this review copy, given in exchange for an honest review.Lucy runs a bistro, and on the run up to Christmas her sous chef Emily announces that she s leaving What s a girl to do Lucy uses an agency to find her a cook to help her through the Christmas rush When James turns up, Lucy thinks her prayers have been answered, and in ways than one What a fun festive read A nice easy story to ease you into the festivities nicely Whilst it is Christmas themed, [...]


    A light romantic story of a bistro owner who is looking disaster in the face Can the arrival of a secretive, exceptional chef change the bistro s fortunes This is an easy to read enjoyable book A must read in my opinion.


    The first I ve read from Jill Barry, the Town Mouse is struggling and the owner, Lucy, just got bad news a week before the holiday Her sous chef and friend, Emily has just walked in to quit, effective immediately, as she is catching a flight Devastated and needing to find a new direction, Lucy promotes two of her remaining staff to fill in while she gets the Cookery Agent Dustin finds a new chef As if that wasn t enough, Lucy is already short staffed, and her newly promoted second in command is [...]

    Karen Whittard

    Thank you to Netgalley, Endeavour Press and Jill Barry for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review What a sweet, fun and festive read If you don t have a lot of free time to read and you want a quick, easy book, that is fun to read, has romance running through it, will leave you with a smile on your face and feeling in a festive mood this is the book for you The story follows a woman called Lucy Stephenson who runs a bistro called The Town Mouse the business is failing to make eno [...]

    Book Inspector

    When I read these long book descriptions it seems that half of the book is given away but in this case it is different This is cute love story with a lot of uncertainty I really enjoyed that this book was written taking in consideration both characters views and feelings That somehow makes the story attractive and romantic I think that the name A Spoonful of Love suited this book better, because it doesn t say much about the actual days of Christmas, it s about the period before Christmas I re [...]


    Food and romance go together like toast and jam as far as I m concerned that is, perfectly In Crazy Days of Christmas, Lucy finds herself suddenly short one chef at the restaurant she owns Chef James happens to be looking for a short term assignment, and is glad to fill in at The Town Mouse They both get than they bargained for a micromanaging restauranteur and a menu revolutionary who step on each other s toes and push back than expected I mostly enjoyed all the restaurant talk and menu chang [...]


    3 1 2 star The Town Mouse owner and chef Lucy was facing disaster when her friend and sous chef quits right before the Christmas season She was desperately looking for help and wiling to train anyone to help her through crazy holiday season When talented chef James shows up to help her, she couldn t ask for He was in between jobs and he was willing to look for temporary chef position and Lucy s restaurant was just it Lucy was feels strong pull to James and he feels the same way He has strong op [...]


    Thank you NetGalley for the book in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed this quick read It was quirky, charming and funny There were parts of the book that were predictable, but parts that were not Very similar to the holiday season This read lifted my spirits, made me smile and wonder what would happen next Although it might seem predictable, the characters are unique enough you have to keep reading The book didn t end quite as I had anticipated so it kept me guessing I would recommend to a [...]

    Grass monster

    This follows restaurant owner Lucy left in the lurch as her Sous Chef Emily leaves just before Christmas Without giving too much away as this is a short story, we see James the knight in shining armour turn up and work along side Lucy and her staff to get the business custom over Christmas with a new menu and delicious food i might add I love how this was based in London and i liked Jill s style of writing Will Lucy and James kiss under the Mistletoe Lovely feel good story just in time for Chri [...]


    Enjoyable, clean Christmas romance The story is of a struggling London suburb restaurant owner and the chef who comes to help her improve her business They both have issues in their past that keeps them at arms length I enjoyed the descriptions of the restaurant business and menus, and it all felt very real I do think the author is self published and could benefit from editing to clean up typos and comma issues, as well as other grammatical issues such as me vs I.

    Kathleen Gray

    Yes this is a bit predictable but it s also fun and cheerful Barry has written the perfect light romance to take your thoughts away it s a quick read but well written and the characters are entertaining Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC Try this if you are looking for a novella with bistros and happy endings and Christmas

    Gem ~ Bee

    A fairly short easy read perfect for curling up with and just escaping fot an hour or two in to the lovely world of the bistro called The Town Mouse Great characters, great plot and heaps of suspense and chemistry make it a fab plot Maybe a tad cheesy in places but if you love a romance, go all out on the cheese


    I do not understand the other reviews I could not get a feel of the writer s style.


    A nice little christmas read would try by this author just perfect for a lazy weekend.I enjoyed it recommended


    Crazy Days of Christmas reviewCrazy Days of Christmas is a sweet romance written by author Jill Barry It s about two chefs in the U K.


    Enjoyable ReadThis was a fun uplifting read for Christmas Treat yourself to this entertaining light read Jill Barry gives witty banter for this Christmas read.

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