Nov 30, 2021
Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1)
Posted by K.B. Spangler

[PDF] Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1) | by  K.B. Spangler - Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1), Greek Key Hope Blackwell Book All Hope Blackwell wanted out of her spring break was a quiet Mediterranean vacation Sun sand local cuisine and tracking down Archimedes ghost to learn if he s been tampering with the fabric of real

  • Title: Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1)
  • Author: K.B. Spangler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • [PDF] Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1) | by  K.B. Spangler - Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1), Greek Key Hope Blackwell Book All Hope Blackwell wanted out of her spring break was a quiet Mediterranean vacation Sun sand local cuisine and tracking down Archimedes ghost to learn if he s been tampering with the fabric of real


    This is somewhat confusing then the Agent Peng books, but I think that s because Hope s inner voice is like a squirrel on crack, so the writing was pretty much what I expected in case this is confusing, I liked the book but I don t like feeling lost There s a lot going on in this universe and it s sometimes hard to keep track of it all.

    Steven Erickson

    So, I have talked about the A Girl and Her Fed universe before If you read any of my reviews about the Rachel Peng books, then you will be running into some familiar faces here.We have Speedy and Hope as the primary protagonists this time around Rachel s not the focus here and we are, instead, introduced to the universe through Hope s eyes and seeing her try to solve a mystery that has a lot to do with the origins of how OACET and the ghosts work in the A Girl and Her Fed universe.I m not spoil [...]

    Niall Teasdale

    If you ve read any of the Rachel Peng books, then you know something about Hope Blackwell, but this is the other side of her, the side you see in the web comic, A Girl and Her Fed While the Peng books feel like police procedural sci fi, this one is far obviously fantasy, but with a bit of sci fi thrown in, along with a lot of martial arts, and a super intelligent, talking koala Greek Key is funny in ways the Peng books are not and that makes up for a good bit, but the story is first person and [...]

    Wetdryvac Wetdryvac

    Followed the comic for years Finally getting to sit down and read the novel rocks socks, even if I did come in on this book rather than on the first set Seriously impressed with the crafting on this, and very much looking forward to reading the other books Spangler s put together In correct order, henceforth I hope.


    Hard to get through Mostly because I kept stopping and couldn t bring myself to pick it back up again The main character is pretty Mary Sue ish, and the talking Koala sidekick just seems like a stupid idea that never really pays off.

    Mike W.

    Well written, great characters I really enjoyed seeing of Hope, Speedy and Mike Like a couple others mentioned, I learned stuff about Helen of Troy Sparta that I didn t know


    A little one dimensional than the Rachel Peng books maybe I m just biased but still plenty of fun.

    Heather Ross

    Lots of funI enjoyed learning quite a bit about Helen It made me want to do a lot research about her and about Greece, both modern and ancient.

    David Gillon

    I love Spangler s A Girl and Her Fed web comic, and absolutely adore the spin off Rachel Peng technothrillers Greek Key takes Hope Blackwell the Girl , protagonist of AGAHF, and gives her a novel in which to shine It starts with the maguffin from the latest Rachel Peng novel State Machine , a previously unknown fragment of the Antikythera Mechanism, which Rachel retrieves and Hope gets to see because her husband the Fed is Rachel s boss Despite that, the novel actually starts with Hope face down [...]

    Mary B. Grove

    less good than her Rachel Peng series, but adds to itPros book is well written and the plot is interesting and fast paced.Cons the main character I have a hard time with Hope I really like Spangler s Rachel Peng, but Hope s voice just irritates me I tried reading the Girl and Her Fed comic, but didn t get past chapter two as I hate comics the stylized art reads as crude to me, and the semaphore like expressions on the characters faces and bodies can t substitute for the nuance possible when desc [...]


    This was incredibly interesting, and I liked a lot of it a lot the characters were great, and I really liked Hope, Mike and Speedy and how they interacted The take on Greek mythological history was also neat and convincingly done I liked that aspect a lot too Some of the world building was a little tricky to grasp immediately I think part of that was a deliberate characterisation choice which makes sense but I did stop a few times early in the book with the feeling that I d missed something like [...]


    This was a bit slow at first but got better toward the end I felt a bit cheated, to be honest view spoiler We started with this deeply scary question of what Senator Hanlon is planning to do with the bits of the ancient Greek artifact he s collecting Our heroes putter around Greece for a bit and then say well, it looks like the artifact was invented by Archimedes, so it wasn t planted here by time travel Great Time to go home And I guess technically Ben had asked them, much earlier, to check if [...]

    Shayla Gibson

    Much as I enjoyed the Rachel Peng novels that I recently devoured, I loved Greek Key Hope and Speedy are, after all, my first friends in Spangler s universe and returning to Hope s ADHD fueled bounciness and Speedy s curse laden sarcasm was a bit like coming home The foot note comments were often hilarious, and definitely helped add to the feeling of following Hope s flickering attention.A couple other reviewers have mentioned being confused or feeling like they ve missed something I d recommen [...]

    Eileen Young

    If you have ever wondered what it is like to live with a person with ADHD, this book very much gives an idea of it Which is mostly excellent it contributes to characterization and voice without being entirely about the disorder.The ideas in the story about culture and imagery and identity is really fascinating, though it never quite coalesced straightforwardly to me which makes sense in that it s meant to be complicated and it s addressed in the comic after the time jump in which these novels o [...]


    Another fun installation in the A Girl Her Fed universe I quite enjoyed the here s what the Greek heroes of legend were really like aspect The first person narration sounded a little juvenile at times, but it worked Spangler has done a really good job shading in the world with the different flavors based on which series the comic has a different ton focus from the Rachel Peng books, which are also different from this one so it s fun to see other character s perspectives and insights into each ot [...]

    Kari Chapman

    This was a fun adventure from Hope s POV from the webcomic A Girl and her Fed I didn t find this book to be as good as the Rachel Peng books, but I think that was mostly because Spangler does a good job of writing in the voice of her POV character Hope is a lot ADD and scattered in her thoughts that Rachel is, so the story bounced around a lot as well Hope is easier to follow in the web comic format Still an overall enjoyable addition to the A Girl and her Fed world.

    Debby Allen

    I finished this book then went right back to the beginning and read it again It s that good, the story is that involved and Hope is that well Hope.Hope is like the Tony Stark of the agahf world I feel like a complete wuss can t outrun bad guys, turn a marketplace into a holding cell, channel Helen and I don t think I want to be Hope, but maybe yea, for a day Would love to spend a day with Speedy.


    I loved this story The characters especially the koala were vivid and felt like they all had their own thing going on outside of the story I was reading.I also liked that I wasn t immediately able to class it into a specific genre.The back cover isn t really descriptive of what s going on though, which was it would have been disappointing except that the actual story was SO MUCH BETTER.


    Forcing myself through the massive recap at the beginning was difficult But the rest of this book was lots of fun, just like Spangler s other Girl Her Fed novels I like her books even than the comic.


    This is part of a great verse of stories Hope is badass, Speedy shows his chops, and Greek mythology gets shown off to great effect If you like the webcomic or the Rachel Peng series, gonna love this book.

    • [PDF] Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1) | by  K.B. Spangler
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    Greek Key (Hope Blackwell Book 1)