Apr 10, 2020
Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs
Posted by Cheryl Peck

Cheryl Peck has many stories to tell of her naughty cat, her quirky family, and her experiences as a large gay woman in the American heartland Now in a potpourri of real tales by turns poignant and laugh out loud funny, Cheryl talks about family and growing up, love and loss With self deprecating humor and compassionate insight, she remembers the time she hit her baby siCheryl Peck has many stories to tell of her naughty cat, her quirky family, and her experiences as a large gay woman in the American heartland Now in a potpourri of real tales by turns poignant and laugh out loud funny, Cheryl talks about family and growing up, love and loss With self deprecating humor and compassionate insight, she remembers the time she hit her baby sister in the head with a rock, how her father taught her to swim by throwing her into deep water, and the day when while weighing in at 300 pounds she became an inspirational goddess at her local gym Filled with universal stories about a daughter s love for her parents and the eternal quest for finding meaning in it all, this book reveals many seemingly unremarkable moments that make a life the weighty events that, like fat girls sitting on lawn chairs, just won t let go.

  • Title: Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs
  • Author: Cheryl Peck
  • ISBN: 9780446692298
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs Cheryl Peck has many stories to tell of her naughty cat her quirky family and her experiences as a large gay woman in the American heartland Now in a potpourri of real tales by turns poignant and la


    Oh my If the cover doesn t clue you in to what kind of book this is check out the cat in the wig specks then you re in for a wild ride This book is a trip Ms Peck has a sharp sense of humor and isn t above poking fun at anyone, including herself.Originally self published for her friends, her family, and her cat a woman after my own heart , this book is a fun romp through someone else s life She pulls no punches in recounting the way she terrorized her younger sisters and peers by being driven to [...]


    some stories were entertaining but overall the collection didnt really grab me.

    Melanie Page

    Overall, Peck s Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs reads like a good candidate for a memoir class, one in which a smart teacher would point Peck toward the gold to be meaningfully mined and away from the you had to be there tales you tell friends at dinner.Full review at Grab the Lapels.


    If this book had not been stashed in my actual beach bag, it would have never gotten finished However, since I only take kind of beat up used copies of books to the beach and I was a couple of hours from home, this is what I read while tanning The title caught my eye in a thrift store and the price tag of 17 cents had me like why not This book wasn t very funny to me I think that Miss Peck might be one of those people that are funny in person, as they are telling a story but the humor doesn t tr [...]


    This is something I came across when I searched for fat in my library catalog A lot of the books that came up were obviously about losing fat, this was another that was about being fat It was not activisty, which is good and bad It started slow, but there are bits in there worth reading, like the title piece, as well as the one about the bat in her house, and the cat using Skinnerian psychology on her housemate I d look forward to reading her next offering Revenge of the Paste Eaters , but I don [...]


    In a word meh Which is quite a shame, because I was all geared up and ready to support the living hell out of this book Fat Girls and Lawn Chairs The gay Erma Bombeck SIGN ME UP But overall, the stories Cheryl Peck chooses to tell are neither worth your time nor delivered in a way that MAKE them worth your time You can tell she is a subtle funny, a funny that would make her a delight in person, but the humor just doesn t translate in this collection If you found yourself disappointed here, I can [...]


    Cheryl Peck is a middle aged, overweight lesbian with a sarcastic sense of humour In her first book, we have a collection of essays that recount vignettes from her own life These range from stories of her growing up living near a gravel pit to the imagined flights of fancy of her cat.This is a humourous collection that, while it have you laughing out loud, will leave you with a smile on your face Essays are very short, so they make a great bathroom read.


    Laugh out loud funny I was embarrassed to read this on the train as I thought people might be offended by the cover but I couldn t help it Every chapter is hilarious, light reading just what I need on a noisy train when a heavy read is simply impossible to get through.


    Lesbian Cheryl Peck is able to write about lesbian issues without getting up on a high horse or a soap box or whatever else one might get up on Her essays ring true Everyday stuff is hysterically funny when it comes from Cheryl s pen Fabulous




    Hated it Got 60 pages in and quit, expected to LOL but this book let me down in a major way.

    Educating Drew

    Okay to preface this post, I m not really quite sure why Fat Girls was on my TBR list I don t know about you, but I have an enormous ongoing list set up in an Excel spreadsheet, so if I m in the mood to read Literature I can scan those selections rather than general Fiction, or Young Adult, or even Non So, anyway, I m at the library with a couple of titles from the list and I pick up this one I barely glance at the back, because you know, I ve already at some point thought about it it had in the [...]


    the whole dont judge a book by its cover thing i got this book because i love that color green, and orange cats then i realized it was a memoir by an author i already didnt like her last book i enjoy short story memoir funny whatever books but didnt like cheryl s writing style i kept this in my work desk drawer for reading emergencies, when i had nothing else to read, but i finally realized i havent read it in probably a yr and im just not going to ever finish it, despite the cute cover somethin [...]

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance

    Maybe I was expecting too much, but Iwasn t crazy about the book An essay here and there was wonderful,but there were too many that just seemed like the ramblings of thattalkative person seated next to you on the plane who won t let youget back to your book Perhaps she needed a better editor.The essays I liked, however, I really liked My favorite essay fromthe book was questionably The Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company Inthis essay, Peck tells about her grandmother with such love that Iwish I d k [...]


    This was a book of Cheryl Peck s musings on her childhood and adult life, her family, her sexuality and other issues in the world She is subtly funny the book did not have me laughing out loud but I appreciated her light hearted humor and enjoyed her stories Conducive to reading a bit at a time as every vignette is only a few pages long I did not feel compelled to sit down and read straight through there wasn t a cohesive narrative in that way and wasn t supposed to be Would make a good bathroom [...]

    Sue Williams

    Being a pushover for animals and especially cats, I saw the cover and that was that almost I also used to be a fat girl For me, the cover was better than the book I didn t fine most of the little stories about her life funny I did love the parts about her cat I think perhaps she would do better writing a book about the cat I don t want to give the book away though because I do love the cover Maybe I will cut the cover in half and frame the picture of the silly cat.


    This book ended too soon I read her second book first, happening on it by chance, after only living in the Midwest for a few years Having been here now for almost 10 years, I can appreciate the life stories, the style, and the family portrait so much I think her second book, Revenge of the Paste Eaters, has laugh out loud moments, or, perhaps my family has gotten even ridiculous, so her adventures just aren t as zany.

    Sara Parker

    Funny autobiographical stories about a woman s past and childhood as an overweight girl It has stories about her cat that are hilarious, about sibling rivalry, forbidden parent stuff, imaginary friends, and the like Its by Cheryl Peck and is actually the second book of hers I have The other is called Revenge of the Paste Eaters and is the same set up Actually this one came before Revenge but I saw that one first in the book store.


    I have a thing for books about self proclaimed Fat Girls And humorous essays about these fat girls Even better.After reading about half ofCheryl Peck s stories inFat Girls and Lawn Chairs, I ve come to the conclusion that she s not quite as amusing as I wanted her to be, and I ve struggled with finding the motivation to pick up the book and read the rest of the essays However, Queen of the Gym was worth the price of the book by itself.


    Most of the book was funny and poignant, but after awhile Peck herself started to annoy me, and since the whole book is her personal anecdotes, that killed my desire to read the rest of the book I think it was the chapter after she goes off on some bizarre rant against vegetarians that I decided I d had enough and wanted to move onto something else.

    Jai Khatri

    I was inspired to read this because she is a first time local author and I too have been thinking of putting together a collection of shorts I really liked her poetry and her dry humor I did not find her stories to be all that entertaining It wasn t horrible but I don t think I will be on the look out for her future publications.


    Eh I m shrugging right now It s written in small bursts and some of the observations are very wry and maybe sometimes covering something sort of sad, but in a way that you don t really think about the sadness, so that s good It s just not as wacky as the packaging would have you believe I guess that s all.

    Beth Gordon

    Essays from the author s personal life There seemed to be quite a few essays on her cat, which isn t really my thing But there WAS a picture of a cat on the front of the book, so I should have known what I was getting into I found the essays about growing up on the family farm the most interesting.

    Anne Mulder

    This book is SO funny It is little pieces of her life each a short chapter and poems She shares her home with her cats and the black hole in her basement that eats socks The stories range from childhood memories remembered by the lesser siblings as happening differently to current life events The name of the story comes from her friend and the friends bargain lawn chair.


    I must fess up The reason I initially picked this book up was so I could have this cover on my page I enjoyed the visual humor that came across while reading Ms Peck s memories Some of the biggest smiles for me were Wounded in Action Frogs Batting a Thousand.


    Disappointing Loved the cover I know, I know, don t judge a book which is why I originally picked it up The author wasn t a bad writer and some of the stories were ok considering they were about places in MI I m familiar with, but overall not very interesting.


    This was a sweet and funny read, Peck s first book describing the adventures of a lesbian of size in the midwest, and although not the most compelling, definitely worth the read Great bedtime reading


    This was a good book of short stories about growing up in Michigan The writer is from a big family and she shares what it was like to grow up with her siblings Some laughs and some saddness but good stories about small town Michigan for someone who did not grow up here but lives here now.


    Yawn I think it was one of those you had to be there situations.I enjoyed the stories about the author s cat.


    Oh my gosh, all I can say is Ms Peck had me laughing so hard I cried Then I ran out bought her Revenge of the Paste Eaters.

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