Apr 08, 2020
Mind Secrets (Perceivers #1)
Posted by Jane Killick

Teenagers with mind powers fight for the right to survive in the thrilling first novel of the Perceivers series.Waking up without his memories and hunted by Agent Cooper, Michael finds sanctuary with a group of perceivers telepaths who sense the thoughts and emotions of others Drawn into their battle to stay free of the cure which threatens to strip them of their powers,Teenagers with mind powers fight for the right to survive in the thrilling first novel of the Perceivers series.Waking up without his memories and hunted by Agent Cooper, Michael finds sanctuary with a group of perceivers telepaths who sense the thoughts and emotions of others Drawn into their battle to stay free of the cure which threatens to strip them of their powers, he searches for the person who stole his past As the tension between perceivers and norms erupts into violence, Michael pieces together the shocking truth behind the origin of their power To save his friends from destruction, he must face Cooper and confront the painful revelations of his forgotten secrets A gripping science fiction thriller set on the streets of London, Mind Secrets takes an exciting and dangerous journey into intrigue, friendship and deception.Previously published under the author name Chris Reynolds and the title Perceivers.

  • Title: Mind Secrets (Perceivers #1)
  • Author: Jane Killick
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 470
  • Format: ebook
  • Mind Secrets Perceivers Teenagers with mind powers fight for the right to survive in the thrilling first novel of the Perceivers series Waking up without his memories and hunted by Agent Cooper Michael finds sanctuary with


    I like to read YA books as well In order to keep current with what my son and friends are exposed to and chose this as I love sci fi When first started it, I really wasn t sure if it would be a book I finished or not It started off with instant action and no intro whatsoever sometimes I feel like it works and other times, not so sure I started off thinking it was too much too quickly and that I wanted a little background on who Michael was and how did he end up where he was.t all of the backgro [...]

    Julie Powell

    I was asked to read this story for review and found it to be a good read.Bringing us straight into the action, we are instantly plunged into Michael s life and follow his journey into the unexpected He has much to learn, as he is thrown into a bizarre and scary world.He manages to find others to help his twisting life andI don t give spoilers.A reasonably well written story of power and those that have it and those that want itd of course those who are afraid of difference.Seen from a teenage po [...]


    A good read, but the concept was slightly interesting than the execution The idea of a small percentage of the population that can read or at least perceive minds was interestingly told through some good characters But I thought the author tried to introduce some ill fitting social commentary on top of the story The scope of abusing the powers was almost never explored, and anyone who had I thought not entirely unfounded fears was portrayed as a bigot The ending, in particular, feels like it sk [...]

    K. Bird Lincoln

    3.5 stars, actually.I downloaded this during a freebie promo As some mindless entertainment for a few hours perfectly acceptable Paranormal kid with powers pursued by gov t kind of story As an American, the British locale gave it an extra hint of interest for me Although everyone s use of what the skank and where s the skanking insert noun became a little too noticeable after a while.Michael wakes up with amnesia, lives on the streets, and then meets two youngsters, Jennifer and Otis, who are sq [...]


    3.5This was good I haven t read sci fi in a while, so it took me a little bit to get into, but I really enjoyed it The plot was very original, and there were enough twists to keep you turning the page The writing was really vivid, which also pulled you in It s set in London, which was a nice change since most of the books I read are placed in the U.S I appreciate the social commentary with the perceivers fighting for civil rights, as well However, I do think the characters could have been strong [...]

    Rachel Barnard

    Michael wakes up with amnesia, but he knows the agent in front of him is up to no good Trusting his instincts, he flees Getting away from the agent wasn t too hard, but living without memories, identity, money, or a place to go prove much harder The world he finds himself in is torn between those who can perceive emotions and those who are afraid of the Perceivers Michael falls in with one of those groups of Perceivers and wants to help them as much as he wants to find out who he was.This book w [...]

    K. Counihan

    Good book worth a readAction packed quick read This book takes place in England.Michael starts off the story as an older teenage boy with amnesia on the run Who is he running from Why are people shooting bullets at him Read the book and find out


    Teenagers continue to be the bane of our existence Percievers are no different They can read our minds, make us do things we don t want to do Teenagers are bad enough under the best of circumstances, what with ratting the roads, being obnoxious in fast food joints and everywhere else , roving in gangs, being disruptive and disrespectful, and all manners of mayhem Throw in the mind control stuff, and, well, they re a menace to be removed.Thus the general British public is probably thinking with t [...]

    Susan Kite

    What a ride This was an amazing book, a roller coaster of action and surprises I enjoyed every word of it Highly recommended.

    Donte McNeal

    I received a free copy of this book for an honest review The premise kind of reminded me of Sense8, the Netflix show about 8 mentally and emotionally linked people who are ultimately trying to stay away from those hunting them I enjoyed the show and was really excited to read a book with a similar set up Also, stories where characters, main characters especially, have amnesia are interesting if done right.One thing I will say about this author is that she knows how to create an immersive atmosph [...]


    I am a self admitted book worm, and I have been the majority of my life Here lately, I gravitate towards suspenseful books Although not always my first choice because of my age , I do also read YA novels The majority of the YA novels that I read are very science fiction leaning Because of this, I was very excited to get a chance to review this book Here are my thoughts on the beginning of the Perceivers series Pros I tend to be hesitant to read books from a new author, because it tends to take m [...]

    Crystal Rafuse

    I was given a complimentary pre release copy of this book by its author to read and give my honest review, so I will do my bet to honor that agreement There is really only one word on my mind after finishing this book WOW.Michael wakes up face down in a hallway with no recollection of who he is, or how he got there All he knows is a fear of the large man chasing him, known only as Cooper, but why After being homeless for a spell, Michael enters the underground world of perceivers, teenagers with [...]

    Charles Ray

    Michael wakes up in a strange hallway with no memories, with nothing but a knife in his hand and a strange woman calling his name or, at least, he presumes it s his name What he does know is that he must flee He encounters a man, Agent Cooper, who is chasing him, again, for what reason he does not know After a struggle in the stairwell of the building, Michael stabs Cooper and makes his escape Injured in the struggle with Cooper, Michael is afraid to seek treatment until a sympathetic nurse on a [...]


    When you wake up not knowing who you are and have no past what do you do You run Obviously you are missing something and until you can figure it out you best bet is to get out of the way With nothing and no ideas he ends up fighting a battle he had no idea how involved he really is In the end he has to figure out where he stands and how to stay safe while protecting others Can he make people see they are paranoid for nothing and hyping up the fear based on no facts before they all end up dead or [...]


    I received this book for free in return for an honest review.Michael s first awareness is of being hunted He quickly finds a group of teenagers who can fill in some of the gaps he has in his memory, but they are also being hunted Michael must piece together the scraps of information and follow the trail to safety for himself and his friends I often read teen books because I enjoy the vitality they hold and this book was no exception Michael s hope and strength and his incredible loyalty to his f [...]

    Sheryl Painter

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book This is a new author for me and I wasn t sure what to expect Very imaginative, very fast reading Lots of action, lots of suspense It was interesting taking the path the author led me down Nothing expected, interesting characters, and believable storyline By the end of the book, I was totally drawn into Ms Killick s world of mind control I cannot wait to read the second in the series Very much worth reading It is listed as teen young adul [...]

    Brittany Goodman

    History repeatsThis is a great story that demonstrates human nature in a science fiction way Characters born with an empathetic ability fared and hated for their ability Yet change is coming This story was a great way to show how humans can succumb to fear yet can rise to the occasion Michael is well fleshed out and the supporting characters are fleshed out well too although not so well I liked them and I felt their emotions Definitely worth reading.I received this book free from one of the book [...]

    Cynthia Wood

    Excellent ReadWell written Story flows keeping your attention Young adults will enjoy this as they still believe anything is still possible Adults will remember their own passions in their youth Thank you for a pleasant afternoon.


    This is one of the better books that I ve read recently Relatable characters Interesting story Not predictable Doesn t drag Gotta check out the next book to see if Michael gets the girl or if she remains desirable Good job.

    Lisa Autry

    Fun readI really enjoyed this book It had a nice place and the plot evolved well The characters stayed true to their positioning in the story which kept me enjoying it right up to the end Looking forward to the next in this series.


    I loved this book I don t find too many books on telepathy so this one was fun to read I loved the characters and the story Michael is a great character I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

    Donald E Rockwell III

    Could it happen Well written account of a country realizing there is a a minority of people with , and different mental ability than most Rather optimistic in how it is resolved but strong characters Plot could be stronger but lots of action to carry it through.

    Chester J.

    Interesting premiseThere are probably many telepaths out there who are fearful of exposing themselves to the general public, because of the way they were treated in the past We do not burn them at the stake any, but I am sure many people would try to harm them.


    This was an interesting book and I d love to have the perceived gene but I didn t love the writing style.


    This was a pretty good read I enjoyed the storyline, and really my only complaint is the overuse of skank in all its variations Surely there could have been other ways to swear.


    This was an enjoyable book, but it wasn t exactly uplifting Left me mildly depressed Probably was meant for a younger group of readers Still, I rate it 4.4 stars.


    In the beginning of Mind Secrets Perceivers, a boy named Michael wakes up with out his memories While being hunted by a man named Agent Cooper, Michael manages to escape the building and finds sanctuary with a pack of perceivers Perceivers are telepaths who can look into the minds of others and feel their emotion and, sometimes, read their minds Most perceivers are teenagers and are looked down upon

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