Oct 22, 2021
Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?
Posted by Kate DiCamillo Chris Van Dusen

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? : by Kate DiCamillo Chris Van Dusen - Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?, Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln What if timid Baby Lincoln broke free of her bossy sister and set off on an unexpected journey Kate DiCamillo presents a touching new adventure set in Mercy Watson s world Baby Lincoln s older sister

  • Title: Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?
  • Author: Kate DiCamillo Chris Van Dusen
  • ISBN: 9780763673116
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Hardcover
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? : by Kate DiCamillo Chris Van Dusen - Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?, Where Are You Going Baby Lincoln What if timid Baby Lincoln broke free of her bossy sister and set off on an unexpected journey Kate DiCamillo presents a touching new adventure set in Mercy Watson s world Baby Lincoln s older sister

    Henry Martin

    It is no secret that I adore Kate DiCamillo She is, by far, one of the most talented authors in contemporary children s literature Her recent Deckawoo Drive series consist of shorter, light hearted tales featuring favorite characters This volume, in particular, focuses on the established relationship of the Lincoln sisters, where Euginia reigns supreme while Baby never speaks her mind Well, not in this one It was about time Baby Lincoln put her foot down Going on a necessary journey finally rev [...]


    This surprised me I don t always love DiCamillo, but her Deckawoo Drive stories are very good They have the heart and philosophy of her longer books, but are lighter, concise, and funnier I really appreciate that the author respects of the wisdom of young characters, and young readers, and I highly recommend this series And this, the third, is the best yet, imo, with no distracting ridiculousness Now I really want to read the book Lucille writes.

    Cheriee Weichel

    You know those books that lift your heart into the sky and let it soar This is one of those.Two elderly sisters live together on Deckawoo Drive The elder, Eugenia, bosses and controls the younger sister Then one night Baby Lincoln dreams of riding the train and watching stars streak across the sky In the morning her ordinary life is revealed in it s depressing constraints and so she decides, much to the dismay of Eugenia, to go on a necessary journey This journey is necessary than either of the [...]

    Sierra Abrams

    Um Oh my gosh This book is PRECIOUS I can t even deal with it 3 3 3


    My 6 year old s rating and review I really liked that Baby Lincoln was meeting new friends on the train It was happy at the end when Baby Lincoln finally knew that Eugenia loved her.


    Perfect for my 2nd grader and just love Chris Van Dusen s illustrations.


    From the Mercy Watson children s book series comes this gem about neighbor Baby Lincoln who actually, but is the baby sister in her family Author DiCamillo continues in her witty, appealing style to explore the desires, dissatisfaction, and background of Baby Lincoln as well as her relationship with older sister Eugenia I enjoyed seeing Baby in the spotlight and meeting new characters along the way Van Dusen s illustrations were delightful and truly added to the story, as they have for othehr bo [...]

    Maren Prestegaard

    I m a superfan.

    Colby Sharp

    This book is so fun I loved each and every page.


    No words yet Definitely have to review this one.


    A cute beginning chapter book and Mercy Watson makes a brief appearance which was fun Baby Lincoln has a big sister named Eugenia Eugenia is a bit bossy One day, Baby determines that she must leave and go on a journeybut she doesn t know where to go or what to pack or what to do when she arrivese just knows she must leave She meets several interesting people on her adventurewhile also learning that there are people she loves and misses right in her very own town, even her very own home.


    We my kids and I choise this book because Kate DiCamillo is the author of Because of Winn Dixie and we loved Beacause of Winn Dixie The book was super cute My kids 9, 6, 4 were a little confused that Baby Lincoln wasn t a baby until we got to the point where she explained why her name was baby.


    Eugenia reminded me of my older sister Know it all, bossy, controlling, unpleasant all of that seemed very realistic.

    Virginia McGee Butler

    Should somebody tell Kate DiCamillo that the protagonist of a children s book should be a child Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln is the third book of her tales from Deckawoo Drive available from Candlewick on August 2 Illustrator Chris Van Dusen alerts us with his art, even before we begin, that it has been a long, long time since Baby Lincoln was actually an infant Baby Lincoln enjoys a very good dream where she is traveling on a speedy train through a night filled with shooting stars on a nec [...]

    Angie Schmidt

    My kids and I love the Mercy Watson series so when I saw this on the shelf at the library I picked it up for my 8 year old daughter She finished it in a couple of days and told me I should read it, Baby meets 3 people on a train Turns out, this just might be the sweetest little book I ve ever read Baby and Eugenia, they love each other as only sisters can.

    Michele Knott

    Baby Lincoln is my favorite character in the Mercy Watson series so I m so excited she got her own story Baby needs to go on a Necessary Journey A lesson will be learned and character growth made


    We should all take a cue from Baby and take ourselves on a necessary journey, pronto.

    Fritz Carmichael

    I received this book in a Giveaway I ve read a couple books in this series, so I am familiar with the main characters here This title is a slight offshoot from the others, moving one of the supporting characters, Baby Lincoln, into the main protagonist role It is also a chapter book, while the Mercy Watson books, even when they have chapter headings, are really just picture books with arbitrary chapter breaks added in my opinion, anyway I ll start with general impressions The story is solid and [...]

    Isis Uribe

    Summary This book is geared towards children in the second and third grades Baby Lincoln has always done what her older sister has told her to do until one day she had a dream that she had to go an a necessary journey With the help of a neighbor, Stella, she goes to the train station and buy a ticket to Fluxom because it was all she could afford on the train she met a few characters that introduced her to comics, jellybeans, and she even made up her own story These are all this her older sister [...]


    Baby Lucille Lincoln wakes up from a dream convinced that she must take a Necessary Journey This journey takes her away from everything that is familiar and dear, but exposes her to new people and possibilities Since Baby has always lived in the shadow of her domineering older sister, Eugenia, she finds the journey both difficult and liberating Readers will enjoy watching Baby come into her own Familiarity with the characters series isn t necessary, but fans will be especially appreciative Anyon [...]

    Lucy Dixon

    I don t even care for jelly beans but right now, I d love to have a handfulwhile riding a train There are several opportunities for questions and activities with young readers Why didn t Baby buy a round trip ticket Why do you suppose the man sneezed so much What was the terrible thing that happened to George What would you pack for a train trip Readers could create an imaginary map of a train line and corresponding road Or create tickets to imaginary towns, complete with times and fees Then cre [...]


    This is Tales from Deckawoo Drive 3 Baby awakens from a strange but inspiring dream While she isn t sure about the why or the where, she does know it is time for her to take a necessary journey It s about time she s no spring chicken Her bold move to pack her bag and head to the train station is how she begins the first day of the rest of her new life and this book made me so happy for her Happy for her ornery sister Eugenia too, actually A winner of a book I think it especially enhances things [...]


    Baby Lincoln has always lived in the shadow of her older sister Eugenia Then one day Baby awakens from a dream determined to take a necessary journey She buys a train ticket and meets a cast of colorful characters on her way For some reason we missed reading this one out loud, but we broke out the audiobook for a recent car trip This one mainly features Baby, but Stella, Eugenia and even Mercy Watson play their parts Baby s real name is revealed as well Another delightful tale in the Mercy Watso [...]


    This book makes my heart sing, like the stars Baby Lincoln dreams of Kate Di is such a genius to combine such humor with such heart to create such real and lovable characters and to write for both children and adults Chris Van D s illustrations, as always, add to the story in delightful ways I actually read the book twice today and picked up on several things the second time around that I glanced over the first time Most impressive for a beginner chapter book.

    Ruthe Turner

    Another really silly book that is sure to please any reader, meant for children but enjoyed by people as old as Lucille and Eugenia You ll understand when you read the book This delightfully silly book tells the story of two spinster sisters who still quarrel and don t seem to like each other In truth, they love each other dearly, and we all learn about it and about love and caring for people as we ride the rails with Lucille,

    A.E. Fuhrman

    My son read this aloud to me for homeschooling We both adore the Mercy Watson series, so were thrilled when we saw that Kate DiCamillo had sprung another series from those earlier books These focus on characters from the original series and are written at a slightly higher reading level This one was a touching story, well written, with the same vibe as the Mercy Watson books A nice way to jump into the school year.


    An old woman who has lived under the restrictive but protective hand of her older sister breaks away to take a train journey, learning about laughter, candy, and creativity And the warmth of family It s a good chance for kids to read about different sorts of people, adults whom they can emphasize with.


    I like the Mercy Watson stories Baby Lincoln appeared in those stories It was nice that she got her own story I liked the different cast of characters Baby met along her necessary journey A good read for 2nd and 3rd graders.

    Melissa Mock

    Cute book I enjoyed how Baby got a better since of herself by interacting with others on her journey However, it was a bit weird that she seemed to be repressed by her sister to the point where she is like a 80 year old child A little strange.

    Carolyn Fagan

    My favorite in this seriesBaby Lincoln finally asserts herself with unexpected consequencesjust love it

    • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? : by Kate DiCamillo Chris Van Dusen
      225 Kate DiCamillo Chris Van Dusen
    Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln?